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To a happy ending


I still can't believe that we are pregnant. A small part of me thinks that we are now in the right place in our lives. We had to wait to get all our issues sorted and then the one thing we had always wanted would come along.

Bella is now six months pregnant and glowing. The only sad part is the fear that neither of us can shake. What if it happens again? The day we passed twenty two weeks had both of us shaking.

I had nightmares all that week and nothing seemed to help. Twenty three weeks arrived and we breathed again.

Bells is now in her final trimester. The fear is now a nagging fear. In the background but always there. I imagine all parents who have lost a child go through this.

Rosalie and Alice are at home with her now. They have started talking about a baby shower. The tension is easing and we are all starting to have hope.

I am working in extra shifts already so that I can spend as much time as possible with him.

Yes that's right we are having a boy.


At thirty six weeks I am now officially uncomfortable. I feel like a whale trying to walk. Its truly ridiculous how fat I am.

Edward had to help me get up from the toilet this morning. Talk about the glamorous life. I don't think I have ever felt so embarrassed but I really couldn't get up.

Alice is downstairs getting everything ready for the baby shower and I can hear Rose in the kitchen.

I just hope I can get through this without getting too emotional.

Two hours later

I am sitting in a mound of baby things. Seriously I don't think I can get out of here.

"Alice really did you have to buy the whole baby store?"

"Yes I did now shut up and enjoy. I will do anything for my nephew so you will just have to live with it."

All I could do was groan from somewhere in a pile that included suit and ties for a newborn.

I do not plan to learn how to dress my infant son in Armani.

I heard a chuckle near me.

"Bells do you need some help getting out of there?"

It was Emmetts booming voice.

The next thing I know I was being hoisted up like I weighed nothing.

"Put me down this instant Emmett."

"In the pile or out?"

"Out you idiot."

I glared at my little brother as he plonked me down in a chair.

There is no dignity in pregnancy. Seriously.

I just huffed a thank you and looked away.

It took Edward and I three hours to get everything packed away in the baby's room. I can guarantee he will never wear half this stuff.

As I packed away a newborn onesie I started crying. After all we went through I never saw this in my life. I still can't believe this is really happening.

Edward put his arms around me and whispered "Its alright Bella. I know its scary but we can do this. I love you."

"I love you too."

I went up on my toes and kissed him softly.

"I guess it all just seems so unreal still."

He looked slowly around the room.

It was blue and green with a huge wooden cot in the corner. The cot had white netting over it and looked stunning. Next to the cot was a wooden rocker with a yellow and blue cushion.

The wardrobe and changing table sat on the opposite side of the room.

Next to the door was a blue nappy bag with teddies on it packed with all his things for the hospital.

The wardrobe was filled with all his little clothes and the changing table with nappies.

We were ready. We would be parents this time.

Edward leaned in and softly kissed the top of my head as we both surveyed the room.


Forty-two weeks now and its no longer fun being around Bella. Emmett and Jasper completely avoid our house. Rose and Alice check on Bells everyday but they also escape as first as they can.

I think today I have been yelled at about twenty two times and counting. I know she is hormonal but I am so glad that I am picking up extra shifts. Work is so peaceful.

Its an emotional rollercoaster that is not helped by the heat wave we are currently experiencing. The temperature has not dropped in four days and Bella is beyond uncomfortable.

I have to go home now and I just don't want too.

One hour later

"You put it in there you can take it out."

"Bells calm down he will come out when he is ready."

I gingerly try to comfort my yelling wife.

"Oh it was so much fun fucking in Spain but now you can't do it."

"Bella we are not making love now or fucking as you so wonderfully put it. Sorry if I can't get turned on by the yelling banshee."

"Well then think of something else. Maybe I should call Jasper I am sure he would be man enough to do the job."

"You are not screwing my twin and I don't think any sane man would come within a mile of this house right now."

"Fine you are a doctor. So since you know so much you think of a way to get him out."

"I am trauma surgeon. You can talk to you OB tomorrow at your appointment."

Bella stalked towards the knife draw.

When she turned around she had a carving knife in her hand.

"Fine then Mr. Surgeon. Cut him out."

I carefully took the knife away from her.

"Bella you are insane. Drink some of the herbal tea and have a long bath okay."

I pushed the cup of tea into her hands and slowly pushed her in the direction of the bathroom.

When she was finally in the bath and a bit calmer I went back downstairs and poured myself a glass of wine.

Please let that kid come out soon I can't take much more of this.


Bella's voice sounded frightened.

I nearly dropped my wine glass and took the stairs three at a time.

Bella had managed to pull herself out of the bath and was standing there in fear.

"My water broke."

She burst into tears.

"Its fine love. Come let's get your bag and go to the hospital."

"I made a mess we should clean it."

She was now sobbing.

"Bells I will sort that out later. Hospital now."

I got her dressed in yoga pants and a white t-shirt.

We went slowly out the house but I hit the gas on the way to the hospital.

Once we got there I got Bella checked in and started calling everyone.

I spent my whole day at the hospital working but now it seemed to be the most amazing place.

Our baby was finally coming.

The OB examined Bella and told us she was at 8cm already. She clutched at my hand through another painful contraction.

"It shouldn't be long now. Your baby will be here in the next hour."

The OB walked out and Alice walked in. She was bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Bella went between frightened, in pain and angry for the next hour.

My right hand was certainly paying the price. I had bruises and aching bones already.

Bella screamed and the OB ran in.

"Alright Bella its time to push."

Bella looked determined. She took a deep breath and pushed. I guess she thought that would be it.

"Where's the baby?"

"Bella honey it takes more than one push."

"I don't want to push anymore I am so tired."

"You can do this my love. I know you can."

Ten minutes and lots of swearing and pushing later our son was born.

I cut the umbilical cord with tears in my eyes.

He was wrapped in small blue blanket and handed to me.

"He's perfect Bella. Ten fingers and ten toes with the most perfect mop of reddish hair."

Alice held Bella's hand while she talked to her.

I was just lost looking at my son.

Two hours later.

Bella was showered and changed and looking comfy and happy.

Emmett was holding my son and cooing at him. It was a funny sight to behold.

The room was filled with people who understood what it had taken for us to get here. The room was filled with happiness.

Jasper leaned towards me.

"So what's the little guys name?"

"Garrett Edward Cullen."

"I love it."

Everyone smiled at tiny Garrett.

Bella and I held hands and watched as our families held and kissed Garrett.

It had been a long journey to hear but it was worth it.

Our journey as parents had only just begun.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I loved every minute of it. A huge thank you to the people who told me their stories of infertility and trying. I hope you all get your happy ending.