Charlie Bucket's Field Trip:

Note - This takes place after Charlie's stay in the Junior Woodchucks' and Scrooge McDuck's protective custody in the Duckburg world as far as the Pinocchio series continuity is concerned. In the Pinocchio series he is still under Junior Woodchuck and Scrooge McDuck protective custody.

Chapter 1, Charlie's Silver Tickets:

It was not every day one saw a Wonka truck park in front of the school yard to let a student out. However this student was Charlie Bucket, the apprentice, co-owner and eventual heir of the Wonka Industries factory and fortune. Even though Willy Wonka was no longer keeping Charlie in undisclosed locations because of it the danger of Veruca Salt's, Arthur Slugworth's and the Black Triangle's plots against him was still ever present so Willy demanded as much protection for him as possible. Hence the use of Wonka trucks to transport him between the factory and school. While Veruca Salt depended on Vermicious Knids (the name Willy Wonka gave to the former Pleasure Island Minions now working for Veruca Salt) to do her factory work at Salt's Nuts she did have out of the factory employees, mainly from the Mafia and assorted "spook" agencies tied into the Black triangle who were willing to implement any outside the factory schemes against Charlie that her "bad nut" brain might conjure up. Not only that but a lot of children in the school were tied to the Salts and the Slugworths in some way. This led to a lot of bullying where Charlie was concerned. There were four particular bullies that were particularly rough on Charlie. These were.

Barrigan P. Salt, A male cousin of Veruca Salt and just as much of a "bad nut" as her cousin. Like Veruca he was highly well known for his arrogance and attitude of superiority over others tied to his own membership in the Black triangle even including teachers like the Math and Science teacher Mr. Turkentine who was presumed to be of Charlie Bucket's "inferior" class.

Collin Ridley, A well known "potty mouth" and hallway lunch money mugger bully. (Author's note - During this story we will be using various censorship symbols and words for much of this character's vocabulary in order to keep things within the G / K rating requirements.)

Joseph Tedler, Known to be the son of a prominent Slugworth employee, Roland Tedler, Vice President in Charge of External Affairs for Slugworth Chocolates inc. Specializes in practical jokes and other types of "sneak attacks" in his bullying.

Daniel Freidler, A track and field star who constantly tripped other runners including Charlie in order to win running races during the school's physical education classes.

Needless to say these four were also the school's prominent detention collectors and seemed to spend more of their recess and after school time in classrooms or the detention section of the administration office that out. They were also considered a royal headache to the teachers and administrators of the school.

Charlie bucket left the passenger side of the truck dressed in what looked to be a Willy Wonka type coat but with a Civilian ship's officer visor cap rather than a top hat. Once in the school yard he did not bother with the recess playground but made his way quietly to the locker room. Once there he removed his wallet, something he had only since he won the Golden Ticket contest. He opened it and inside were five more tickets, only this time they were not gold but pure shiny silver. Charlie decided to use silver tickets for what his favorite teacher Mr. Turkentine, Willy Wonka and himself had in mind for the four bullies. The fifth silver ticket was for Melenie Halverson a girl who was also frequently picked on by the bullies and one that Charlie quite frankly liked a lot. Therefore Charlie decided that she had a right to be a part of the new proceedings at Willy's and his candy factory.

Charlie carefully placed the five tickets in the appropriate lockers and was finished just as the class bell rang. With that Charlie headed directly for Mr. Turkentine's classroom.

Needless to say the four bullies were already in Mr. Turkentine's room serving another of their assorted detentions. The arrogant Barrigan P. Salt seemed to lead the group. "He will soon be more high and mighty then he ever could have imagined." Charlie thought about the Veruca Salt related leader of the bullies.

Then there was foul mouthed Collin Ridley with a roll of duct tape on his desk which was clearly a threat from Mr. Turkentine to seal his mouth if he continued to use profanity in class. "I think that Mr. Wonka's father has something far more effective than that duct tape for Mr. Ridley's filth mouth problems." Charlie continued in thought.

Next was Daniel the tripper as Daniel Freidler was called. "The next race you try to cheat at will end in a big surprise for you." Charlie thought.

Finally there was Joseph Tedler, the son of the Slugworth executive Roland Tedler. His thing was practical jokes and other sneak attack bullying. "Well we will see how you respond to the ultimate sneak attack designed by one of my best friends from the pervious golden ticket tour that he, myslef and Mr. Wonka put together." Charlie continued in thought

Once his thoughts were finished regarding the bullies Charlie took off his Wonka coat revealing his full First Officer's uniform for the Wonkatania and took his normal seat beside Melenie Halverson's. The golden joined WW symbols on both the cap and the shirt shined even more brilliantly in the classroom's overhead lights.

When Mr. Turkentine entered the room he Immediately announced.

"Before we begin today's lesson in percentages Charlie Bucket has a special announcement and this is why the school is tolerating him looking like a walking commercial for that factory he co owns with Mr. Wonka for today, Charlie."

Charlie went to the front of the room and made his announcement. "This concerns a second tour of the Wonka factory that Mr. Wonka personally gave me his permission to conduct. Like the last time this tour which will take the form of a School Field trip is for only five kids and all five kids are in this class. Five silver tickets have been placed in the lockers of those who have been chosen for this field trip. However this time you will not be taking any parents with you. Mr. Turkentine has graciously accepted the position of guardianship for all five of the silver ticket recipients. A Wonka delivery truck is waiting outside the schoolyard at this very minute for the transport of the silver ticket recipients and to the factory the rest of you are going to have a substitute teacher. I know that you usually need signed permission slips for a field trip but Mr. Wonka and Mr. Turkentine have already taken care of that detail by contacting the parents of the five kids involved before the Silver Tickets were printed."

"Thank you Charlie." Mr. Turkentine said and then said. "Class, you may now go to your lockers and see if you have one of the Silver Tickets. "Those who do will accompany Charlie and I to the Wonka truck out front. Those who do not will get their arithmetic books and wait for the substitute teacher for this period's lesson."

The class filed out of the classroom and opened their lockers. The five who found silver tickets were the four detention gathering bullies, Barrigan P. Salt, Collin Ridley, Joseph Tedler, Daniel Freidler, and the girl that nearly everyone suspected was Charlie's girlfriend Melenie Halverson.

"What's this all about." Daniel Freidler whispered to Barrigan P. Salt.

"My guess is some kind of revenge scheme cooked up by the Bucket brat, Willy Wonka and Mr. Turkentine." Barrigan returned, also in a whisper. "As you know my cousin Veruca has been through one of these so called "tours" and "field trips" that Wonka sets up, the original Golden Ticket tour in fact. Just don't touch or eat any thing in Wonka's and Bucket's house of horrors and you should be okay."

"You can bet I'm not touching a (blanketyheck *!(%#)% censored +!&%*!^$#&*$) thing in that place." Collin Ridley said momentarily forgetting about Mr. Turkentine's duct tape.

The party was escorted to the Wonka truck which had a ramp extending from its open back. "We will find seating in the back of the truck as it was outfitted to function as a temporary bus." Mr. Turkentine told the four bullies. "Melenie will accompany Charlie in the front.

Once she was inside the truck with Charlie Melenie was rather shocked to see who the driver was. It was a rather orange colored man with green hair about half her size for whom the driver's position had to be rebuilt, an Oompa Loompa.

"You don't have to worry about the Oompa Loompas." Charlie told Melenie. "They are very nice to people who are nice to them in return. However with those who AREN'T they can be very mischievous and full of songs and jokes. I think we are going to be hearing a lot of songs today. By the way I think its about time I look in on my other guests."

Charlie pushed a button on the passenger side dashboard and an LCD screen slid up form it. "Closed circuit television." Charlie told Melenie. "The system was installed in all Wonka trucks and factory rooms by one of the Golden Ticket winners, Mike Teavee who is very good at that sort of thing. We will be seeing a lot more of his work during the field trip."

"Are you sure that you should be spying on the others?" Melenie asked Charlie.

"Certainly." Charlie answered. "Some of those kids are tied to the Salts and Slugworths and would like nothing better than to spy on or sabotage this truck or some part of the factory therefore Willy and I will be keeping our own special eye on them during the field trip."

"But Mr. Turkentine is here to prevent any such activity isn't he?" Melenie asked.

"Yes," Charlie answered. "But he can't be everywhere at once. The closed circuit TV system can."

"Just one more question." Melenie asked. "I really don't understand why you picked those four for a factory tour. They are detention gathering bullies and tied in with the Salts and the Slugworths. In a way the remind me of the four kids that accompanied you on the original Golden Ticket tour."

"I think you got the idea." Charlie returned. "Because of all the bullying those four have done to us Mr. Turkentine and Mr. Wonka have arranged for me to be able to deal with them in my own home environment the chocolate factory using the method he used on the four original kids that did not win the golden ticket tour."

"You mean there are traps in there to test their characters and punish them if they fail the test again?" Melenie asked.

"Yes," Charlie returned. "But you don't have to worry about them, none of them are set up for you."

"Then why was I given a Silver Ticket?" Melenie asked.

"Two reasons." Charlie returned. "1, I like you. 2, You were under attack from these four bullies too and I felt you should be in on seeing them get their just "desserts" so to speak. However you must not tell them anything. Just present yourself as a member of the field trip with no knowledge of what will actually be going on."

The truck entered the factory grounds through the now open great gates which closed once it was through.

Charlie left the truck first and entered the factory by one of the three small doors that were built into the two main doors. Soon his voice could be heard over the same horn intercom system that was used during the Golden Ticket tour. "You may now leave the truck and come to the main doors."

Once the five kids and Mr. Turkentine arrived at the factory main doors they opened to reveal a candy background similar to the one Willy Wonka used on the Golden Ticket tour. Only this time live Oompa Loompas and not mechanical puppets were performing the welcome show both instrumentally and vocally.

Charlie Bucket Charlie Bucket,

Our Apprentice chocolateer.

Charlie Bucket Charlie Bucket,

He's the one we love so dear.


He's, honest clever and so smart.

He really can't restrain it.

With so much generosity,

There is no way to contain it.

To contain, to contain, to containnnnn!

Hooray!, Wheee!

Charlie Bucket, Charlie Bucket,

He's the one you are about to meet.

Charlie Bucket, Charlie Bucket,

The apprentice who just can't be beat.

This factory's next chocolate whiz,

Best little boy who ever lived!

Charlie Bucket, here he IS!

At this point Charlie appeared behind the show still dressed in his first officers Uniform for the Wonkataina but now with a top hat similar to Willy Wonka's and a purple vest over the shirt.

"Welcome to the Wonka Industries factory, Mr. Turkentine and company." Charlie announced.

"Get on with it, you little (&%&#^$ blanketyheck $&*%^& cookoobird *%^#!&^%#$ censored)". Collin Ridley shouted.

"Sorry Collin," Charlie returned. "But Mr. Wonka does not allow that kind of language in the factory. I will have to insist that Mr. Turkentine duct tape your mouth if you keep it up from here on in. Okay, now lets get moving, we have a lot to see today."

With that the kids and Mr. Turkentine following Charlie passed the show stage and entered the long corridor leading to the Chocolate Room. (Charlie dropped the fireworks from the welcome show this time because of the use of live persons in it rather than puppets). Melenie quickly assumed a position to the side of Charlie with the four boys and Mr. Turkentine following.

Barrigan suddenly reminded Charlie. "I remember this corridor well from what Veruca told me. It leads to the Chocolate Room and the chocolate river where Augustus Gloop was removed from the contest for this factory. Well don't think you are going to drown any of us in your's and Wonka's Chocolate River of doom.

"That can't happen this time." Charlie said. "The Chocolate River must never be touched by human hands and therefore for this field trip it has been fenced off from any access by any of you. It is also known that some of you are tied to the Slugworths and the Salts so that fencing is also designed to prevent any of you from contaminating or poisoning it."

"Do you really think my family would resort to that?" Barrigin snapped.

"If the shoe fits." was Charlie's only answer to Barrigan. He then unlocked and opened the door to the Chocolate Room.