-Welcome to School-

How did I end up here? Somehow, when I was supposed to be taken to my new private school, I ended up in this creepy looking house that was supposed to pass for a school. Yeah, it is a private school, but it is a private school for GIRLS, which I am clearly not. Oh yeah, and just as an added twist, it's also a school for monsters. I know, hard to believe right, but I swear it's true. Now I have to live in the same school as a bunch of little girl ghouls, a seven year old mummy, a ten year old werewolf, a thirteen year old ghost, and a fifteen year old frankenteen, which just happens to be how old I am, but that's besides the point.

Well, I'm sure you're wondering how a fifteen year old boy could have ended up in an all girls private school. To answer that question, you have to first understand that my parents are idiots! It all started when I got kicked out of my most recent school two months into the year. I had gone through three different schools in the last two years because kids have a tendency to try and pick on me for some reason. The problem with that is that I have a tendency of punching the people that try to mess with me in the face. I was never good at school anyway. All I was good at was lying, fighting, and picking locks (There's a long story behind that one so don't ask about it.)

"Nervous," my mom asked as we drove through the middle of nowhere.

I didn't answer her. I wasn't too thrilled about going to this new private school. At the time, I was told that it was an all boys school. Not much fun, especially since it was probably full of those snotty rich kids. Plus, I left behind a lot of good friends back in my old school. I wasn't in school very long, but we lived in the neighborhood all summer before school had started. I made a couple of really good friends back there. And it wasn't like I was a bad kid either, okay; I was just always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Something bad would happen and I would show up after it happened, and then I would be blamed for it. Completely unfair, but my parents were the only ones that ever believed me.

"Well, we don't have much choice, so you're going to have to deal with it for a little while," my mom said.

"Why should I," I asked.

"Because this was the only school that would accept you," she said.

I didn't say anything that time. I know it sounds like I don't like my parents, but I was just frustrated at the time. My parents were the best. I know that they were only doing this to help, because they loved me, but that didn't mean that I had to like it. I felt bad knowing that I was wasting their money, but I couldn't help it. I hated when people tried to take advantage of me. It was the one thing that pissed me off more than anything.

I looked out the window at the world around us and watched the forest go by. The trees were a beautiful bright green. We rushed past them, giving the appearance that they were moving and we were sitting still. I saw a tunnel in front of us. It seemed really weird. There was no reason for it to exist, but it was there all the same. The car sped into the tunnel and things kept getting weirder. We were immediately surrounded by darkness, and I mean pitch black, can't see a thing, darkness. There was no light entering the tunnel from either end of it. Our only light was the cars headlights. The strangest part, though, was that my parents never seemed to notice it.

We came out of the tunnel and the weirdness continued. What was a bright and sunny day when we had entered the tunnel, had turned into a rainy, creepy, cloud covered day in the matter of a few seconds. The trees around us all seemed to have died in a matter of seconds as well. A beautiful, almost summer-like day had just turned into the worst fall day I had seen in a while. And yet, my parents had still not noticed the strange shift.

That was when I first laid eyes on my new, "school," if that's what you want to call it. To be honest, the place just looked like a rundown old mansion. The weird part, though, was that the storm clouds seemed to be attracted to the old place. As we approached it, the storm got even worse. The rain came down harder and faster than ever, lightning flashed all around us, and thunder sounded loud in the distance. And my parents still didn't see it.

We pulled up to the house. I didn't want to get out of the car, but I forced myself to do so. I looked up at the mansion. To sum up its appearance in one word, the place was intimidating. To put it into five words, it was intimidating, creepy, old, rundown, and downright scary…..Okay, so technically that's six words, but whatever. That should give you a pretty good idea. To give you the best explanation, it looks like that old scary house on the corner of the street in every horror flick you've ever seen.

I said my goodbyes to my parents and they left me there, in the rain, to enter a scary looking house that was surely abandoned. I don't know what was wrong with them, but something definitely was. I walked up the steps of the mansion. Each one of the steps creaked under my weight. I half expected the porch to collapse in on itself when I stepped up onto it, but it didn't. I looked at the door. The wall above the door looked like it had been broken and replaced several times. There was a window on each side of the door, which seemed pointless to me since both of the windows were shattered.

I approached the door and knocked on it, and thinking that it would fall over at the slightest touch. It didn't, but it still looked like it would. "Hello," I yelled.

There was no answer.

However lucky, or unlucky, it was, the door was unlocked. I opened the door and walked into what I was now completely convinced was an old abandoned house. The foyer was a complete wreck. The walls were falling apart, the wood was rotting all over the place, the floor was covered in dirt, everything was covered in spider webs, and everything else was covered in dust. The room was pretty much empty other than two wardrobes, both covered in spider webs and both falling apart. One wardrobe was in the left corner and the other was in the right corner, both of which on the side of the room opposite of me. The wardrobe on the left was missing its legs, so it was just sitting on the ground. The one on the right was missing both doors, which didn't matter since it was empty anyway. There was a staircase on the left side of the room and on the wall directly opposite of me was a doorway that opened up into a hallway that led to who knows where. There was also no light in the room, no chandelier, and no lamp, no anything.

"Hello," I called into the mansion, though, I was sure that no one would answer me.

"Just a minute," a strange feminine voice answered me.

I was amazed to hear someone else's voice. I was even more amazed to find out that someone actually lived in that house. I pictured myself trying to tell them that I had been dropped off here by mistake, my parents thinking that it was my new school. I mean really, who could mistake this place for a school?

After a few minutes, a short woman entered the room through the doorway on the other side. She was wearing a short, pink, strange looking kind of outfit that looked like it was from ancient times. Her hair was pure black and had a sort of afro style to it, though; it was something that I had never seen anyone do before. Well, I give her points for originality anyway.

The woman eyed me somewhat suspiciously. "And who might you be?"

"Yeah," I said, "This might sound crazy, but, my name is Ethan Kramer, I was supposed to…"

"Ah yes," the woman said, cutting me off mid-sentence, "You are the new student. I am proud to be the first to welcome you to Ms. Grimwood's finishing school for ghouls."

Wait did I just hear her right, I thought. "Finishing school for ghouls?"

"Yes," the woman said, "Ghouls, you know: vampires, phantoms, werewolves, and such things."

"Yeah okay," I said, "So who's the master mind behind this joke?" Really, I thought, who had ever heard of a school for ghouls. Even thinking about it made me laugh. And how could anyone think that anybody could fall for such a lame prank. Really, some people just have no imagination. But the woman was either really persistent, or I really was in a school for ghouls.

"Oh, I forgot," Ms. Grimwood said, "You are a mortal. You creatures are so very difficult sometimes. Well, I assure you that this is truly a school for ghouls, girl ghouls more specifically. You are the first mortal to ever attend the school, and the first male student as well. This should be very fun, don't you think."

"Yeah sure," I said, "Then who does that make you?"

"I am Ms. Grimwood quite obviously."

Oh great, I thought, so the owner of this house, or school, or whatever the hell it is, is a psycho and expects me to believe that this is a school for monsters. I was sure that I had just found the most insane person in the existence of the entire world. My first instinct was to get out of there as fast as I could.

"Yeah well," I said trying to be casual, "Since this is a monster school and a girls school, which I am clearly neither, I'm just gonna go ahead and go back home." I started to move towards the door, but Ms. Grimwood stopped me. She grabbed my shoulder. When she did, one of her fingernails, which were longer than they should have been, scratched my neck, causing a small wound that bled a little.

"Sorry dear," Ms. Grimwood said trying to sound like she actually was, "But you have already been enrolled in the curriculum. Once that is done, you cannot leave. Now, if you need to be convinced that this is a school for ghouls, then let me introduce you to the other students." Miss Grimwood turned towards the staircase on the left side of the room and called up to the second floor, "Girls, come down and meet our newest student!"

Miss Grimwood wasn't kidding. Within a few minutes, four of the scariest looking kids I had ever seen came down from the second floor and all stood in a line. My first thought was, what kind of school only has four students, my second thought was, my god they really are monsters, and all of them are girls too, and my third thought was, hey, that one's kind of cute.

It was clear that all of the girls really were monsters because none of them looked like normal kids. There was this little girl who would have been the cutest little thing you've ever seen if it wasn't for the fact that she was wrapped head to toe in pure white bandages. The only other thing she wore was a red bow on top of her head. She was completely covered in bandages otherwise except for her eyes and her mouth, which both looked normal enough. She looked like she had been in a bad accident, but, in reality, she was a mummy.

The other girls weren't much better. There was another rather short girl, a little taller than the mummy girl, but only slightly. She was covered in light brown fur, though she had curly orange hair for some reason, and she wore a little blue dress. She had very sharp teeth that could easily kill someone if she bit them in the right place. She seemed like the kind of person that you didn't want to mess with. Especially since she was a werewolf

The last two girls were about twice the size of the shorter girls. The taller of the two, well, she wasn't really taller actually, she was floating about a foot off of the ground and it made her look taller than the other girl next to her. She was completely blue all over. Everything, her skin, her torn up dress, her eyes, all of it was the same icy blue color. She even glowed that color for some reason. The only thing on her that wasn't blue was her hair. It was pulled into a ponytail except that the ponytail was in the front so it covered up half of her face. Her hair was pure white, like winter wonderland white, with an icy blue streak going down the center of it. She would have been cute, if she wasn't a phantom that is.

The last girl was the tallest of all of them. Again, she looked shorter than the phantom girl, but she was really taller than her. The phantom girl was floating so she looked…well you get the picture anyway. The last girl had light brown skin that looked like it had been stitched together in certain parts. Her hair was black with white highlights and it stuck straight up in the air as if she had been electrocuted multiple times. She wore a dark green dress with a purple sash tied around her waist. She wore big wooden sandals that probably raised her up a good foot as well, though; I could tell that she would still be taller than the other girls without them. The strangest part about her, though, was the two small metal bolts sticking out of the sides of her neck. She had to be a teenage Frankenstein, a frankenteen if you prefer.

Ms. Grimwood introduced the girls one by one, starting with the little mummy girl. "This," she said, "Is Tanis." She moved on to the werewolf girl, "Winnie." The phantom, "Phantasma," the frankenteen, "Elsa," and then she pointed to an empty space which I thought was kind of weird. "And, oh dear," she said realizing that whoever she was going to introduce wasn't there, "Where is Sibella?"

"Oh yeah, she's…" Phantasma started to say. Whatever she said next was drowned out by a very strange, very loud screech that seemed to be sounding right next to my ear. It sounded like a very angry bat trying to get to its next meal. None of the others seemed to be able to hear the screech.

That was when someone grabbed my shoulders and whispered in my ear. "Can I bite you," a very soothing, sensual voice said to me.

"Sibella," Phantasma yelled. I wasn't sure what was going on, and I had no idea what that voice wanted, but Phantasma was clearly trying to stop it. I tried to break whoever's grip was on me, but it was too late. Suddenly, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my neck where Ms. Grimwood had accidentally scratched me. It felt like I had been stabbed in the neck by a couple of pushpins.

I tried to break away from whoever was attacking me, but I had no hope. Really, I thought, I can take down the biggest, toughest guys at my old school, but I can't take down a student at an all girls school? I later found out that the girl attacking me was a vampire, which has strength six times that of a normal human, so it was more like I was being attacked by a body builder, perfectly reasonable that I couldn't break her grip right. Anyway, my strength started to leave me after a few seconds. I could feel blood being pulled out of my neck from the spot that the pain had come from. I started to feel light headed and my vision started going blurry. After a minute or two, I blacked out and hit the floor face first.

I woke up about an hour later with Tanis, Winnie, Elsa, and Phantasma standing over me. I tried to sit up, but my head started to spin when I did and I hit the floor again. I had never felt so weak in all my life. It was probably the worst I had ever felt in a long time.

"Oh good," Phantasma said, "You're awake." Then she started laughing for some reason as if the fact that I was awake was somehow hilarious to her. Her voice was very strange. She kind of giggled whenever she talked almost like she was laughing at every word she said. I really didn't understand it.

"You okay," Winnie asked. Her voice was kind of scruffy, almost like the kind of voice you would expect a dog to have, if a dog could talk of course.

I sat up very slowly, afraid that I would pass out again if I tried to strain myself too much. "Yeah," I said, "I am now." I reached up to feel the scar that should have been left on my neck where I had been bitten. I wasn't sure how I knew, but I somehow figured out that I had been bitten by something. I didn't know what at that point, but I had a few guesses. Instead of feeling the puncture wounds I had expected, I felt a small square bandage over the wounds.

"Who," I asked still in somewhat of a daze.

"Don't worry," Phantasma said, "I patched you up really good." She started laughing again like someone was making a joke. I don't know what was so funny because I was freaking out at that point, but Phantasma seemed to find some kind of humor in just about everything.

"Thanks," I said, still feeling awkward about the fact that she was laughing at me. Phantasma turned from icy blue, to bright red. It was weird; her whole body was glowing red. It must have been hard for her to hide when she was blushing, but she still tried her best to do so. Another thought I was having at the time was that Phantasma must be really bad at hide and seek, but that really didn't matter at the time.

"Now, now," Ms. Grimwood said in order to get everyone's attention, "That's enough excitement for one day. Phantasma, why don't you show our new student up to his room, but be quick, curfew is at eleven o'clock tonight and its eight-thirty already."

"Alright," Phantasma said, she laughed, then grabbed my hand, which I cannot figure out how that's possible to save my life, "Come on!" She ran up the stairs, dragging me along with her and laughing hysterically the whole way. We stopped in front of a very old door that looked about ready to fall off.

"Is this my room," I found myself asking.

Phantasma looked at the door suspiciously and then started cracking up. "No," she said trying to catch her breath and stop her laughter, "I just wanted to introduce myself properly since I never did get your name anyway." Phantasma held her hand out. "Phantasma, of course, there's no point in telling you, since you already know my name."

"Ethan Kramer," I said a little skittishly since I was shaking hands with a phantom and was still trying to figure out how I was able to touch her. However, part of me was actually starting to feel happy since Phantasma was being so friendly. Maybe, I would be able to make some friends here. Maybe, I could get something a little more out of this as well.

"Come on," Phantasma said while continuing to giggle. She was cute when she laughed. "Your room is this way." Phantasma turned and started walking down the hall. She stopped running and pulling me along, which was a relief. I followed her down the hall and thought a lot about what was going on. I found Phantasma somewhat difficult to follow since she was transparent. I would have gotten lost if she wasn't glowing so brightly. I still thought that Phantasma was kind of cute except for the fact that I kept reminding myself that she was a phantom.

The halls in that place seemed to go on forever. I was amazed when Phantasma finally stopped. She stared down the hallway in front of her. I looked down the hallway and I saw a girl dressed in a dark purple dress that was torn up at the bottom. It looked like the sleeves on her dress had been torn up too. She had long dark purple hair that matched the color of her dress and came all the way down to her ankles.

"That girl is Sibella," Phantasma said. "She's the one who bit you earlier." I looked at Phantasma and wondered what she was thinking. All she did was stand there and stare at me with a huge smile spread across her face. "I'll just let you introduce yourself then."

"Wait," I said, but I was too late. Phantasma sank into the floorboards until she disappeared completely.

With Phantasma gone, I didn't have much of a choice. I turned towards the girl who was still standing in the hallway completely unaware of my existence. She was standing in front of a very plain looking door that looked newer than the rest of the house.

I walked up to Sibella feeling very awkward. "Hey," I said as I came up to her.

Sibella looked up at me and smiled. My first thought was, wow! She was; how do I describe it? Oh yeah, beautiful. She had the prettiest green eyes I had ever seen, which somehow went perfectly with her light purple skin and her purple hair. I probably would have flipped for her instantly if it wasn't for the fact that I could see her fangs when she smiled. That just reminded me that she was a vampire.

"There you are," Sibella said when she saw me; "I was waiting for you. Oh, this is your room." She indicated the door that she had been leaning against. "I figured you would come by here eventually."

"Yeah," I said, "That is a pretty good assumption to make." I stood and stared at Sibella feeling as awkward as ever. All the people I have ever met, all the friends I had ever made, they all said it was surprising that I didn't have a girlfriend and had never had one for that matter. They said that I seemed like the type of person that would be able to hit on any girl I wanted, but the truth was that I was a wreck when it came to talking to girls. And the fact that this girl just happened to be a vampire didn't help matters much.

"So, anyway," I said trying to come up with something to talk about, "Why exactly were you waiting for me." I hadn't meant for it to sound bad, but, again, bad at talking to girls. Plus, I was nearly to the point of having a seizure.

Sibella seemed to take the comment kind of hard. Her expression saddened and she looked down at the floor as she spoke. "I, well, I just wanted to apologize for what happened earlier."

"For what," I asked a little bit confused.

She indicated the bandage on my neck as she said, "For that."

I felt the bandage on my neck. I had nearly forgotten about it, and about the fact that Sibella had bitten me and caused the need of that bandage. I pulled it off and felt the wound. I was surprised to find that it had already healed somehow. I don't know how it happened, but the bite mark, the puncture wounds, had already disappeared. "Oh, that," I said pretending like it didn't bother me, "No problem. See, it already healed."

"Well," she said, "I still wanted to apologize. Normally, I can control my urges, but, for some reason, when I smelled your blood, I just, I couldn't control myself. I'm not sure what it was, but something just compelled me. I guess that isn't much of an excuse, but I hope you'll forgive me."

"Yeah," I said, "No problem."

Sibella reached up for my neck. I panicked. I figured that she was going to try and bite me again. I moved fast and grabbed Sibella's wrists before she could get anywhere near my neck. Sibella jumped, being startled as she was, and nearly fell back, being saved only by the fact that I was still holding her up. I suddenly realized that she had only been making sure that the wounds really had healed already. I let go of her and we stood staring at each other silently.

"Sorry," I said after a moment.

Sibella stood holding her wrist as if I had hurt her. I felt really bad. I thought that I might have actually hurt her and I felt terrible about it. She seemed to be okay however. "Its fine," she said, "I wouldn't trust someone who bit me either."

"Well," I said still feeling bad about what I had done, "That really wasn't a reason for me to grab you like that. I'm sorry." I really was feeling bad at that point, but I wanted to get into my room more than anything else at that point. Sibella wouldn't let me though.

"Something wrong," I asked.

"No it's just that," Sibella paused, "Well, I know that you're probably going through a lot right now. I'm sure that you never expected to be thrown into an all girls school." And don't forget monsters, you can't forget the monsters, I thought, but I kept that part to myself. "But please stay. I'm sure that we could be friends. Everyone at this school is really nice, and kind, and friendly, and, well, I'm rambling now, but please stay."

I thought about what she said for a moment. I was still freaked out about the fact that I was in a school for monsters, but, in all honesty, I was starting to get over it. The girls all seemed really nice and some of them were kind of cute, aside from the fact that they were monsters. I thought that maybe I could stay here and not get myself killed, maybe. Besides, Ms. Grimwood already said that I couldn't leave.

"Okay," I said, "I'll stay."


"Okay, I promise."

Sibella's expression brightened. She threw her arms around me and hugged me, which was kind of nice, but a little scary at the same time. I wasn't sure if staying was the right decision, but, at that moment, it seemed like the best choice I had ever made in my entire life.

"Thanks," Sibella said. She ran off after that leaving me standing there wearing a blank expression.

I opened the door to my room and went inside, shutting the door slowly behind me. The room was, I don't know, how do I put it, okay, here's a good one, plain. There was a very old, very dusty, window on the other side of the room, which I couldn't see out of so I doubted that it would let any light in during the day. Under the window was a very plain looking bed, and by plain, I mean that it had no sheets, no blankets, no pillows, no anything, and since I forgot to bring my own stuff, other than a pillow that is, I was starting to regret the way that I had packed my stuff. To the right of the bed, there was a single nightstand with a lamp on it, a lamp with no lampshade, or light bulb, which meant that this room was pretty much darkness twenty-four seven. It was lucky that the window let in just enough light to let me see. Great, I thought, not even a day here and I'm already starting to hate it.

I sat on my bed and thought about what had happened. This is perfect, I thought; leave it to my parents to put me in a school like this. Not only did they put me into a school for girls, but also a school for monsters. I couldn't believe that anyone would enroll there child into a school for monsters. I mean, wouldn't the application have some kind of giveaway on it, like a question that says, what kind of monster is your child? Would someone really look at that and think, oh yeah, that's a normal question for a school enrollment form. I knew that I had to get out of there, I couldn't stay, there was no way; I would be eaten alive if I did. I looked over at the dusty old window. I thought that I might be able to escape through the window, but I quickly cast the thought aside when I suddenly remembered my promise to Sibella. For some reason, I didn't want to break it. Guess I was there to stay then.

I suddenly realized that I was grasping something in my pocket. I realized that it was a knife. My friend had given it to me just before I had left for this place. Actually, it was mine in the first place (I found it out on the street okay, FOUND IT). Anyway, I gave to him because, well, he wanted it, simple as that. But, before I left for this "school" he gave it back to me saying, "Here, you might need this to scare of those snotty rich kids." I knew that he really just wanted me to have something to remember my old neighborhood with. It was just a reminder that I still had friends back home no matter how many people hated me here.

That was when I heard a very familiar laugh that seemed to be coming from the room below me. I looked down at the floor and between my feet I saw the head of a transparent girl staring up at me with a very quizzical expression. I probably jumped about twenty feet in the air, which would have been an amazing action since my room was only fifteen feet high. I landed on my bed and tried to catch my breath since I felt like I could barely breathe anymore.

"Phantasma," I screamed as I realized who the girl was, "What the hell! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!"

Phantasma rose up from the floorboards so that her whole body was in the room now. At first I began to think, Awesome, hot chick in my room, and on the first day too, not too bad if I do say so myself. Then my senses came back to me and I thought, HOLY SHIT! THERE IS A FUCKING GHOST IN MY ROOM! On a completely unrelated note, I also wondered how sex with a ghost girl was supposed to work, I mean, wouldn't I just like fall through her or something? And besides that, if I walked through Phantasma would that count as me getting laid? You know what, forget I said that.

"Sorry," Phantasma said. She stared at me with a very quizzical look on her face.

"What," I asked.

Phantasma started laughing at me, as if I was expecting anything different from her at this point. "I was just wondering how things went with Sibella," she said.

"Oh," I thought about it for a moment, "Well, she apologized for biting me, and then we talked for a little while, overall, I guess it went pretty well. Sibella is actually pretty nice, aside from the whole biting me thing."

"So, are you going to stay then?"

I had to sit and think about that one again. I really wanted to leave this place. I knew that I couldn't stay, not if I wanted to survive the night anyway. But, then I had made a promise to Sibella. Plus, Phantasma and Sibella both seemed pretty nice, and I emphasize the word seemed, that it kind of made me want to stay.

"Yeah," I decided, "I'll stay."

Phantasma stared at me for a long while and then began laughing at me once again. She then began to sink down into the floorboards until she disappeared from my room completely. I was alone now, confused, and a little bit angry, especially since I had just realized that Phantasma came into my room without my permission.

I was starting to think that everything that was happening was impossible to believe. How could a school like this even exist? I tried all of those cliché things that people do in movies when they think that they're dreaming. I closed my eyes, I pinched myself, and I told myself that it was all a dream, but none of it worked. I even considered jumping off of the roof of the house, but I realized that doing that might be bad for my health.

I was suddenly startled by the sound of someone knocking at my door. It wasn't so much the sound of someone knocking that startled me, but more the fact that someone in the house was actually considering the other people in the house. I honestly thought that all the girls would be as rude as Phantasma.

"Come in," I said, "The door is unlocked." It had to be really; there wasn't a lock on the door for me to lock it. I made a mental note to fix that later. It might be the only thing that would save my life.

The door creaked open and I saw Sibella walk into the room. I was kind of happy to see her, but I once again reminded myself that she was still a vampire. I would be keeping my distance so long as I remembered that fact.

"Hey," Sibella said.

"Hi," I said, though; somewhat awkwardly, "Did you need something?"

"Well," Sibella said, "Actually, I just thought of a way to apologize for what I did earlier."

I reached up and touched the spot on my neck where the bandage had once been. Sibella seemed saddened by the fact that she had reminded me of what had happened, but I reassured her with a quick smile.

"You know you don't have to," I said.

"Yes, I know," she said, "But I want all the same."

"Okay then," I said, "What did you have in mind."

"Well," Sibella said, "I thought that, since you're new here, I could show you around the school, at least get you used to the rooms you'll be using most often anyway."

"Oh," I said. I didn't really mean to sound as if the idea depressed me. Actually I really liked the idea. It sounded like a good idea, and I would be able to spend some more time with Sibella. It sounded like a good chance to get to know her better. The thing is, well, maybe I was kind of hoping for something along the lines of…you know what, forget it just forget it.

Sibella looked down and lost her formerly glowing expression. "Well," she said, "If you don't want to."

"No," I said, "I think it's a great idea."

Sibella smiled, I think she may have been blushing too. She grabbed my hand, said, "C'mon," and then pulled me out of the room and broke into a full sprint.

Sibella showed me the whole house, which included all of the other girl's rooms. There was Tanis' room, which looked to me like something that was taken right out of one of the pyramids of Egypt, Elsa's room, which looked like a laboratory straight from Frankenstein's castle, Winnie's room, which seemed to be a very large, indoor forest, I actually thought that we had accidentally stepped outside, and Phantasma's room, which was in the basement and looked like, well, a basement, though; there was a pipe organ in her room that caught my attention. Oh, and Phantasma's room was directly under mine, which probably meant that she would be bugging me 24/7.

Sibella also showed me the rest of the house, which included the dining room where we would eat, the kitchen where Ms. Grimwood would prepare all of our meals and such, and other rooms that I did not particularly care for. I really didn't pay much attention to the tour though anyway. What I was really interested in at the time was that I could spend some time with Sibella. She was a really nice girl despite what my first impression of her was. I could see that she would make a really good friend, though; I was still keeping my distance since she was a vampire. I was also glad that I was able to talk to some of the other girls while we were touring the house. Even though they were monsters, they were all really nice, and they all seemed eager to become friends with me. Maybe, I thought, just maybe I can stay at this house and not get eaten alive.

Eventually, Sibella lead me back to my room. I had gotten a pretty good feel for the layout of the house, but I still needed help getting back to my room. I was about to turn in for the night, I hadn't even realized how late it was, when I thought of something that I had forgotten about before.

I turned to Sibella. "By the way," I said, "I almost forgot that I haven't introduced myself yet." I held out my hand in a friendly gesture. "Ethan Kramer."

Sibella took my hand and shook it. "Thanks," she said, "I didn't even realize that I never learned your name."

I smiled as Sibella let go of my hand. "So," I said, "I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Yeah, goodnight," Sibella said.


I closed my door behind me. I listened to Sibella's footsteps as she walked down the hall. I looked up and stared into the darkness of my room.

I stumbled through the darkness, having barely enough light to see by, and finally found the edge of my bed. I sat down on my bed and found my traveling bag that I had left there earlier. I shuffled through my stuff until I found my cell phone. I turned my phone on and used its light to look through my bag. With a frustrated grunt I realized that I had forgotten to pack my Mp3 player. Music was the most important thing in my life. I felt like such an idiot for forgetting something so important.

I fell back and let my frustration subside. I looked at my phone. The time read 11:17. I knew it was late, but I didn't fell much like sleeping. I thought about staying up, especially since there was no one to tell me that I had to turn in for the night. But, after thinking about it, I realized that there was no point in staying up.

"Lights out," I said as my phone's backlight shut itself off. Then I lay down and allowed myself to drift off to sleep.