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[Narrator POV]

As our three hero's entered Seafront, Kaine couldn't help but star out into the city and marvel. This was her first time into Seafront, after all... Nier, noticed Kaine's bewilderment, however.

"Welcome to Seafront" Nier said to Kaine, with a smile, "big, isn't it?"

Kaine only nodded back, her eyes were still on the ocean in the distance.

"We should keep going, were supposed to meet with our benefactor who'd be taking us in for the week…Someplace called 'The Spring Palace'…Huh. Wonder what that's like?" Nier said in wonder…

Weiss, being the vast dead knowledge that he is, exclaimed, "I believe that maybe a hotel. It used to be a temporary stop for hundreds of people before this world went into ruin. It was not only used as simply a place to rest, however. There were even buffets, theaters, restaurants, even hot springs. Many would go to these for…"

"So…" Nier cut Weiss of, "It's basically an Inn, but way bigger, right?" Nier simply grinned at Weiss.

Weiss couldn't help but stare at his companion. "…sign…If you MUST call it that, than yes. It's a bigger Inn"

Nier's grin grew wider, "Nice! I can wait to see what kind of beds they got…I hope they are nicer than the ones back home…some nights my back just kills me, you know?" Now it was Kaine's turn to stare at Nier.

"Speak for yourself, at least you GOT a bed. I sleep with the fucking sheep" Nier and Weiss just stared at her.

"Anyway…" Nier began, "The place is at the center of the town, near the port, so let's go"

The three adjourned and were off. While walking, there were a few people who couldn't help but stare at Nier and his companions, particularly at Kaine. I'm used to it, she thought, no big deal. While this did bother her immensely, it melted away as they walked farther and farther into the city. There were a variety of stores, lined up, selling various wares ranging from fish, to fruit, to weapons. The vendors themselves shouting to passerby's and veers them towards their individual store, competing with one another and slashing prices. Various townsfolk talking in groups and huge numbers, spouting about the latest gossip in the area.

The three walk further and further into the city, and they pass by various restaurants, bars, bookstores, and even a little toy store. It was a lot to take in for Kaine. She couldn't help but smirk seeing the kids playing tag in the corner of the road, and marvel at the site of the various homes littered around the city. Some were small, many were big, and a lot in between. In some ways, it was a mess, but it was one of those city's where to someone who had lived their whole lives here would know this place like the back of their hands. The town's folk were happy. Hell, even the beggars looked fairly healthy. In a world nearing its doom, this place seemed like a paradise to many.

The trio finally reached the center of the city, and they saw many streets, roads, and a lot of townsfolk. In the middle of this massive port, stood a fountain, and various things were happening all at once here: kids playing, parents talking, dogs chasing cats, people laughing. Indeed this was a lively place, and the three couldn't help but have high spirits as they passed by all of this. Eventually, they reached a massive building with yellow bricks. It seemed to be as tall as the lighthouse and had the diameter of 4 homes. The upper levels had balcony's that gave a view of the sea, and the ground level had lush vegetation. It was a sight to behold for any traveler.

The three entered the building, the first floor itself had the reception desk in the center, and many little stores surrounded it, all within the hotel. While our hero's looked around the room, and a man with a mustache walked towards them, "Welcome~! From the looks of you three, you must be the travelers Popola has wrote about!" said the man, happily.

"We are" responded Nier, "I take it you must be Tom? You're the person taking us in, right?" the man looked at each of Nier's companions, than to Nier himself, "Indeed, Young man! I am Tom, proprietor, and mayor of the city! I welcome you all to Seafront!" he beamed at them.

Kaine couldn't help but think this guy was a weirdo, Tom had on a gold vest with black buttons, a red shirt, and gold trousers. He had white hair that looked like an ice cream swirl. Kaine looked at him dejectedly. "Anyway" continued Tom, "Id likes to brief you on your tasks, may I speak with you in my office?" Nier looked at the others, "You guys go on an enjoy yourselves, I'll be right back" Kaine and Weiss nodded, and Nier left with Tom.

"where are you off to now, hussy?" Weiss said

"Fuck off, book" Kaine sneered. "Im going to lie down on that couch. It looks fucking comfortable…" Kaine proceeded to lie down.

Weiss couldn't help but shake in disapproval, "Rude…" Weiss, on the other hand, decided to wait by the office door.

[Nier's POV]

(30 minutes later….)

I finally left Tom's office with a few things in hand, and I walked towards Weiss, who apparently was waiting by the door for me "I think we're ready. Have you seen Kaine anywhere?"

Weiss looked somewhat flustered, "the hussy is sleeping by the couch. Others have been staring at her since we got in. She can be so embarrassing…" The sacred tome finished.

I couldn't help but chuckled as I walked towards Kaine, and indeed, people were gawking at her from a distance. I think now is a good time to wake her up. As I walked towards her, something seemed different about her…I stopped just a inches away from her. She was fast asleep…and she looked peaceful. It was nice…Come to think of it, I've never seen look this vulnerable before…It made her look different… My mind started to wonder…to her sleeping, to her outfit, and how she looked. Eventually, for the first time, I began thinking sexually. She was sleeping face up, her chest pointing to the ceiling. The sight of her wasn't helping…and her ass was…

"Nier?" Weiss finally spoke up "are you alright, lad?"

I wasn't sure how to respond. "Uhh…yea, I'm alright Weiss. Say, lets leave her be for a few more minutes. Don't want her killing us if we wake her up"

I was really hoping for Weiss to buy into my suggestion, and thankfully, he did.

"Agreed. The less of her causing damage to this establishment, the better" Weiss explained.

I signed with relief. As I sat at the couch across from Kaine's, I just realized that my… Dick was erect. Holy crap…I took a look at her again…Im noticing how good she looks now…? Whoa.

It's a weird feeling. Its like I never looked at her before. I mean REALLY looking at her. She's downright gorgeous…I guess ive been too busy focusing on Yonah that I never really paid any attention to Kaine or the others…That makes sense… have I neglected her this whole time…? I need to think…


"Whats wrong, Kaine?" I looked up at her

"Nothing's…wrong" Kaine looked away from me, eyeing the ground. Then suddenly, she replied "You wouldn't understand…."

I just had to say something to her

"Maybe not…But I can try" I looked at her, with conviction. She looked up, doubt written all over her face. I decided to speak up. I had to let her know that I cared.

"We both know im no fans of shades…But If it means anything…I know about you being part shade, and you may not like yourself about it…." I paused, thinking my words carefully. "I like you" I gave her my biggest grin. Finally, she looked up. We both stood there in silence, until she finally spoke up.

"I…don't know where to start" Kaine started to falter.

"Start from the beginning. Wherever you think is appropriate"

"…it started a long time ago…with grandma…"


…No, I never neglected her…I just never noticed how beautiful she looked until now. After that, she started opening up. Telling me more about her past, and what makes her….her. It took a while, but she finally told me about the shade living inside of her, and it even had a name. Tyrann. I was shocked to learn why she whore the bandages on her arm and leg: She lost them years ago in a shade attack. Tyrann's the reason she's even still alive, and Kaine's bandaged arm and leg are jet black: She had the limbs of a shade…This info she never told me. I saw her change her bandages one night. She thought I didn't notice….but I did…

I never neglected her. Not for a moment…I guess I like her. I like her a lot, actually. Is that okay? She's a shade….She's a beast…


She isn't a shade. She's Kaine. She fought for me, laughed with me, swore at me (mostly swearing, of course). Someone who'd I'd truly call a friend…and now, maybe more. I don't care if she's a shade. I…I love her. I'll do anything I can to be there for her…That won't ever change.

"It looks as though she's finally stirring from her slumber" Weiss commented. I looked up; she was indeed getting up. She started looking around, than finally she settled her eyes on me.

"What the FUCK are you two looking at? You both look like someone spunked all over me with their filthy fucking dick cheese or something. What up?"

Both Weiss and I couldn't help but be bewildered by her comments….what's THAT mean?

Kaine walked towards Weiss and I, "So what's the plan? Nier?" I kept staring at her dumbfounded

Crap. I just remembered what Tom said to me in the office. Because of a shade attack 3 days ago, part of the palace was damaged, meaning the three of us have only… 1 room…

It's now or never… "Uh…about that. I got good and bad news. The good news is we don't start our mission for another 2 days…"

Kaine nodded… Alright…I got to do this. You can do this, Nier!

"The bad news is…part of the hotel is in the middle of some renovations…which means…We got to share the room…?" Im dead. Im so dead.

Kaine looked at Nier and Weiss with wide eyes, "WERE WHAT!" she shouted. Many of the hotel guests looked at Kaine with fright. Weiss panicked, and tried to talk sense, "SHHHH! Keep your voice down, hussy! If we get kicked it, than we may kiss this venture goodbye!" Nier decided to add his own take on their new situation,

"D, Don't worry, Kaine. You'll take the bed! I'll take the floor! Think of it as a role reversal…You always had to sleep outside, and I had a bed. It will be… Fun!" Nier looked at her, with pleading eyes.

Kaine visibly softened seeing the look on his face… "Fine, but if you so much as touch me, I'll…"

Nier understood, "it's fine, Kaine. Let's all let of some steam. Weiss, you wanted to check out the library, right?"

Weiss looked perplexed, but then realized, "Ah…Yes, that's right! I'd like to see what kind of reading material Its library has….I heard it has over 3000 different kinds of…"

"Nobody cares, book" Kaine interrupted, "Im going to take a look a bit of a walk…" and as promised, she walked off. Weiss took offence for Kaine cutting her off that way, but decided against going after her, and instead decided on heading to the library. "That low class…whore. She dares to cut me off, wielder of…" Weiss floated off.

Nier stood in the middle. He looked to his left and saw Kaine walking towards a little store within the hotel; he then looked to his right and saw Weiss heading towards the library. Nier just stood there…

"…Sign…Guess I better take a look at the swimming area for now." Nier decided on, and walked toward the staircase.

[Kaine's POV]

I can't believe my fucking LUCK! Im still so confused with my whole fucking issue with him and now…this! Fucking shit is what this all is… And FUCK, weather I like to admit it or not…Nier's been kind to me since the picnic... Maybe…Does he like me? Part of me…hopes so. I'm still confused about this whole thing…fuck, I actually want to fuck him so bad….I need to relieve myself. I need to masturbate someplace….cant with all these fuckers around… But I got to be patient. Nier's right, though. I should just walk this off….may as well see what this place got around here…maybe if I'm lucky I'll score some booze…hey, what's this?

I walked toward what appears to be a store with a lot of…something, not exactly sure what it is. The store's got tons of bookshelves, but there aren't book on display, they look more like black, plastic…boxes? What the fuck is this shit…?

Decided to ask the fucker in charge of this god forsaken establishment, "hey, shopkeep, what the heck ARE these things? They don't look like no books to me…" The fucker started to stare at me. Probably checking me out, maybe. The little piece of shit. Finally, he answered with a shit eating grin, "why, these are video cassettes, mam. VHS tapes from ages past. They're like moving pictures that move, and a lot of them have a wide range in story telling: some have adventure, romance, action, a whole bunch of things….and with the way you look, it's even got naughty stories" This got my attention…This actually seems kind of cool. The dude ended us showing me this thing called a "TV" and it had a "movie" playing. I was mesmerized. Some action thing, but it looked BADASS! There were chainsaws, a shit ton of blood, gore, a ton of swearing….It's got my vote for approval. Fuck yea. Too bad it only lasted 10 minutes. The shop owner looked at me, and said "So, what did you think?" I finally looked back and replied, "That was FUCKING AWESOME". He couldn't help but look at me funny.

"I got to admit, these things are cool…If only we had one of those things around here…to bad its all junk now…."

The shop keeper replied, "Actually, despite how old some of these are, quite a few still exist. They're rare, but It's one of the things this hotel is famous for: We have the most TV's in the world. We have about 67 working TV's. They mostly just sit there, but you can watch VHS tapes, that have been found buried in older civilizations, where this type of medium was abundant. You're a guest here, right? You can borrow these, you know?'

I than turned my attention to the vast amount of…tapes were displayed…there were THIS much of em? …..Who knew?

I decided to take a look around. From the looks of these covers there were actually a lot of cool VHS story things… there were stories filled with gore….Fucking awesome. Horror, romance, drama, a whole bunch of stuff…but then, I noticed a closed off section…huh.

"Hey, VHS guy, what's with this area closed off? What's over there?" He looked right at me, he smirked, and said, "hehe, that all of our inventory of...well, none of its suitable for kids. We save those for some of our higher ranked guests, but since your new around these parts…Your more than welcome to them…If you'd like" he finished with a smile.

…Not for kids…? Then it hit me what he meant. I must have had a surprised look on my face, because the fucker lit up, "With the way you're dressed up, you seem to be the type that would enjoy this stuff…Oh, and the best part?" I looked up, now staring at him in the eye.

"…There ALL Kinds of porn, too" My eyes widened. All….kinds? Even…Even the fucked up shit I LIKE? N…No way…

The dick just smiled and continued…. "You heard me, all kinds. Straight, gay, lesbian, stuff involving furniture, animals, you name it, we'd have it!" He was absolutely beaming.

I…I couldn't help but look at the ground when I asked, "…Anything…?"

He smiled. He knew he got me. Damn him. "ANYTHING. Go ahead and ask. It's strictly confidential here. We do what we can to please our guests." He finished.

"D…Do you have anything…involving hermaphrodites?"

"why, of course we do…is that all?"

"No...There's more…anything involving a hermaphrodite having sex with…men?"

The dude looked somewhat surprised at first, but he immediately went back to normal, and said, "Well…That's and interesting taste, I must say. I don't have anything like that….but I DO have videos of Shemales having sex with men… It's the same thing, is that alright with you?"

I…I don't want this…this is wrong…

'…whats the matter sunshine? Can't keep your urges in check?'

No….not him again.

"I…I'll take it" I reached out for the tape and grabbed it.

"Good girl. We will expect the tape being brought back within two days"

I nodded and started to leave, when the guy called out for me

"Oh, and miss? Enjoy yourself, wont you?" he smiled back.

That fucks his grandmother loving piece of shit. He fucking creeps me out…I'm out of here…

Fuck….I can't believe I got something like this…I…Im getting really HARD just thinking about it. FUCK. I need to watch this NOW. I can't fucking STAND it. Im going straight to our room…We should have one of those TV things in our room to use…And with the others gone, I'll have it all to myself….I need to fucking rub this off, I just GOT to….

[To Be Continued]