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[Narrator's POV]

Nier awoke, having no idea how long he had slept for. All that really mattered in his still very tired mind was that he was incredibly comfortable in the position he was in….It seemed to be real late into the night….past midnight? Who knows…He felt something very soft and very warm curled up in his arms, held tightly to his chest. His incredibly weary mind was slowly starting to realize what it or who for that matter was lying so comfortably and so closely to his body. He shifted to move slightly only to brush his hand across a what he embarrassingly realized was the very large chest of the woman who had slept in the bed, who he had held in his arms until she had cried herself to sleep, until they both had fallen asleep. She was turned facing him and his inadvertent touch elicited a soft moan from the sleeping young woman. Nier closed his eyes as she shifted against him, moving her body against the entire length of his own body, him trying to think nonsexual thoughts but unable to repress the incredible feelings her movements were giving him. His mind once again started thinking about the fantasies he had thought of when Kaine was sleeping on the hotel couch, which only fueled the complicated feelings and thoughts that were racing throughout his entire body

"Nier..." Her eyes never once opened, his name barely heard, but she had said it with such sensuality, with such raw sexuality, that he found his more basic instincts scrambling toward the surface, trying to take control of this slowly getting out of control situation. He tried to force his body to operate, tried to will his arms to move to gently shake awake the dark girl lying next to him who he was starting to realize was probably dreaming, and that dream was not entirely wholesome….That much was obvious. "Uhh…Kaine…" Nier pleaded. This has to stop before…. Nier felt his eyes widen in shock as kaine's head moved forward slowly in some type of dreamlike trance and he felt his mind shut down completely as his eyes went from wide to rolling back into his head as Kaine began to gently kiss, lick, and suck on the side of his neck which she somehow knew was one of his most sensitive spots….He barely stifled a groan from his own body at this action, proof that he was still in somewhat of control, and when he felt increasing pleasure as she rubbed tightly up against his body again…And that's when he felt it. Her penis at this point, was hard, and it was plastered against his leg. That alone made him come to his senses, remembering what Kaine was… he knew this needed to end now before he lost control himself. He gently pushed Kaine away and shook her lightly just as he had intended to do when this all started, finally gaining enough sense to stop all this. It took a few shakes before Kaine's eyes opened. They were still slightly red from all the crying she had done before but there seemed to be a strong look of concern in her eyes.

"What's wrong Nier?" She must have been wondering why she had been awoken up so abruptly, thinking something was wrong. Nier responded with the first thing that came to mind.

"You were…you were dreaming Kaine, and I had to wake you up." His words somehow came out hastily and hesitantly at exactly the same time which was no small feat, well for any verbally communicating creature, but the sensations that were still shooting through his mind and body had put Nier in a very interesting place. Kaine seemed to ponder the words for a second before her eyes widened and her face flashed bright red. She starting speaking quickly, a nervousness that Nier never associated with the often vulgar young woman.


Kaine couldn't help but shout, "FUCK…! Did…please tell me I didn't do THAT…while I was asleep?"

"Well..." That was all he got out before she closed her eyes with a strange look on her face.

"I'm sorry, Nier….I tend to be this way in my sleep…I sometimes lose control….It's something I've learned to deal with. I'm sorry you had to see that…" She looked down, finding the floor a very interesting spot. Finally, Nier managed to give her a reassuring smile.

"It's okay Kaine. Don't worry about it." She smiled tentatively before finally returning to a blank face.

"If everything is okay then, I think I'll take a walk…after everything that's happened…"

Kaine looked a little worried, but nodded, "I understand…. And Nier?" I was about to walk out when she called out to me, I turned around, "Thank you for last night, for holding me while I cried, it...it meant a lot." I couldn't help but smile at Kaine's words.

"Anytime Kaine." I walked out…I needed to clear my head for a bit…

I wandered around the hotel…I didn't care where I went, I just wanted some time alone…So much has happened in the past few hours, and It all revolved around Kaine. I cached her in the middle of masturbating, saw her naked, with a Penis to boot! Just when I was staring to develop feelings for her, THIS happened…

I just wasn't sure what to say….I'm certainly not gay…Though I have feelings for her….Wait, HER, that's right. I need to remember that before, I was falling for HER, a WOMAN. I fell for her thinking she was all women, so questioning my sexuality than is completely pointless… But now…

It's just different.

I wandered around a bit more till I realized something

"Wait a sec…" I pondered, "Where's Weiss?" I said aloud. I haven't seen Weiss since we all took our separate ways at the lobby…Is he STILL at the library in the hotel? It was worth a shot…Maybe talking to him about this would make me feel better…

I walked down stairs into the lobby, where I asked a worker where the library was, he pointed me the direction, and with a quick thank you, I headed straight there.

After a few minutes, I made it by the entrance; The library's entrance stood a massive oak door, and I couldn't help but gaze at the design's. I open the door to see an impressive sight: The library was massive, and I mean MASSIVE, bigger than the one back in the village. It was similar, The walls were covered with books, but the difference was the floor level Also had rows and rows of bookshelves, and the room reeked with age.

By one of the tables, I immediately saw Weiss, with all these books propped open. It seemed he was reading them, but he wasn't alone, he was also with….

"Emil? Is that you?" I wondered aloud

Emil looked up from the book he was reading, "Nier! Weiss told me you guys were around!" He looked at Nier, All smiles.

I couldn't help but smile back. It was good seeing him again, "Emil! I was just looking for Weiss, what bring you around these parts?"

"Sebastian & I occasionally shop at Seafront. We'd gather supplies and other essentials for the month, that takes us about 3 days. We booked a room together. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to come by the library. Imagine how surprised I was to run into Weiss! He told me everything, so I'm up to speed. Also-"

Emil was cut off my Weiss, who shouted "CAN YOU FOOLS KEEP IT DOWN!? I'm trying to read…"

I couldn't help but chuckle, "You've read for nearly a full day, Weiss. I think you had enough"

Even as a book, Weiss somehow looked annoyed…If that were possible. "I'll tell you when I had enough! It's never enough! Reading is essential to keeping your mind working"

Emil looked horrified, "but you'll waste away!"

I couldn't help but laugh. It really IS good to see them again.

Weiss signed, "seeing as how you two won't stop rambling, I guess I'm done for the day" He finally looked up at the two of us, "So how were thing, lad? Did you find our room alright?"

I stayed silent. I wasn't sure if I should talk about how I feel, or just keep it to myself.

Weiss, however, noticed my discomfort. "Are you alright, lad? You seem paler than usual"

Now Emil looked at me with interest. I looked down…The ground looked very interesting to me at the moment…

Realizing something was amiss, Weiss pressed on, "What happened?"

I decided to not tell them EVERYTHING, just enough to get them off me for a bit…

"Well…" I began, "After I looked around the hotel, I decided to go back and get some rest, and I walked in on Kaine…" I gulped. Both Weiss and Emil looked at me with suspense… "I walked in on her…naked" Emil gasped, "Did…did she do anything horrible to you!?"

I smiled at Emil, "Well, let's just say things will be a bit awkward for awhile…"

Weiss seemed satisfied with my answer, "Ahh…So how are you going to fix this one, boy?"

"I sort of already did. We talked it out. She isn't mad, but…I need to say away for a bit"

Emile brightened, and said "You can stay in my room! I got two bed's, and Sebastian's out all night"

Weiss looked up as well, "That seemed like a capital idea, The further away from the hussy, the better!"

"Alright" I said, "Sounds like a plan. Don't know about you guys, but Im tired. Call it a day, everyone?"

The others nodded. Before we went to Emil's room, I stopped by and told Kaine the change of plans. She accepted, but she seemed sad…She's probably worried things are awkward between the two of us now, but that won't happen. No matter what I think of her, were a team…nothing's going to change that…

Im going to have a serious talk with her one of these days about everything…