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Chapter 1

Where's your head at?

"Caroline," Klaus whined, "I'm asking you again. Let's go out for a drink."

It's third time this week, Caroline thought. She almost felt sorry for him. Almost, because she actually didn't feel anything for him.


They were standing on her porch, because she didn't let Klaus in this time.

"How many times-" She started huffily, shaking her head, but Klaus cut in.

"It's not a date. It's..." He cleared his throat and tried to came up with a credible excuse.

Caroline raised both eyebrows, waiting to be enlightened.

"It's an ice-breaking party!" He seemed to be so proud of the idea.

"For two?" Caroline blinked twice, obviously amused.

"Why not?" He kept on smiling, but not sure when she was going to get him down and stab him with a malicious answer.

She took a deep breath.

Surprisingly, the killing blow never came.

"This evening, at the Grill, at 7 o'clock. Don't hope for too much, though." She threatened him with a finger.

It was a nice Saturday in Mystic Falls.

Although it seemed to be a peaceful, little paradise for young couples, this small town had stolen more lives than any other place in Virginia. After all this time, a dead body in the woods should be perceived as another case to label as 'animal attack'. And it would be, but something was a little bit off about this death.

"What do you mean headless?" Caroline gasped at her mother's words as she sat in the kitchen after fobbing Klaus off. The day had been so good so far. She had been feeling prettier than usual thanks to a new turquoise dress she bought on sale. She felt smarter than usual thanks to Klaus' attention and her sarcastic retorts she invented to bring him down a peg or two.

"A decapitated body has been found in the woods this morning." Liz Forbes had never looked so anxious. And thanks to being the Mystic Falls sheriff she'd had many, many occasions to worry.

"A vampire's work?" The young Forbes asked warily. Her mother shook her head.

"No conclusive evidence yet." She countered.

"So who's dead this time?" Caroline sighed.

"A schoolgirl, Amanda… Reynolds, yes."

"I didn't know her."

She couldn't believe how easy it was to get used to death in Mystic Falls. Even after her father's death she didn't grieve much. The memory had stayed, of course, but she waved the grief aside after a short period of time, and moved on.

Every one of her friends had lost their loved ones. Elena was no longer mourning her parents or Jenna, Matt had let Vicky go, Bonnie moved on after her Gran's death, and Tyler didn't speak about his father or Mason anymore.

Are we all losing our humanity here?

She snapped back to reality as she heard her mother taking the keys and leaving the house.

Was she going to lose her mother one day, too?

Klaus was waiting for Caroline by a small table at the Grill. He decided not to dress up too much. A black leather jacket with a gray long-sleeve cotton shirt and matching grey trousers should be enough casual, but still Klaus' villainy-camouflage style.

Not that it mattered so much because he knew he had to win her over with his smarts and sense of humor.

And his charismatic personality, of course.

Somehow it had stayed hidden when he had been around her, but never mind! He was going to charm her, he'd sweep her off her feet with his... Klaus-ness.

She entered the Grill with an air of insecurity enveloping her.

Was she going to surrender to him already? He wondered.

She almost didn't notice him as she kept thinking about something Klaus' was soon to hear.

"Caroline," he called after her.

"Oh, you're here." She stated like they'd met by a pure coincidence.

"And I'm ready to break some ice" He ventured.

She didn't seem to get the joke this time.

"OK." She sat down and stared at him blankly.

"Caroline," Klaus said, "is everything alright?" He was actually worried about her.

"How could you just move on?" She asked, her eyes observing his every move and expression.

"What do you mean?" He frowned, not knowing what to say not to upset her moody self.

"How could you just forget about the loved ones that are gone?" She clarified.

"I don't have to think about it. My siblings are still alive." He shrugged.

"What about your mother? And father? Didn't you feel any sorrow after his death?"

"Maybe. I regretted not having killed him earlier."

Ominous clouds of doom and gloom came upon them and he knew their honey-bunny time was up.

"What's wrong with you?" Caroline raised her voice, drawing attention from the people around them.

And what's wrong with me?

"Did you come here to kick up a row over nothing?" Klaus was irritated and disappointed.

He had hoped for a nice little chat.

A long chat, maybe.

A few drinks, hopefully.

A romantic walk home, perhaps.

A kiss... not really, but you never know.

And here she was, attacking him without any good reason. Women. He thought he knew now what killed off the dinosaurs.

"Nothing? What about the people in Mystic Falls then?" She pressed.

"What about them?" Klaus felt cornered.

"That's what I am asking you." She pouted. "People are getting killed by a murderer on the loose, and what is the most powerful person in the town doing? Not. A. Thing."

She was getting more and more frustrated. At what, he didn't know and was sure she didn't know either. A neurotic control freak on crack, that's what she is!

Klaus opened his mouth to say something but noticed Kol who was playing pool at the other side of the bar. If he hadn't known his brother well, he'd thought that Kol was following them and eavesdropping.

Kol made use of all his vampire senses to make out what the pair at the table was talking about. He wasn't spying on them, oh no.

He was... checking up on his dear brother.

Klaus had seemed so off lately that Kol began to wonder if the hybrid wasn't on drugs. But it turned out that the destructive drug Klaus was addicted to happened to be the (most probably mentally unsteady) blonde baby vampire.

"How fucking cute." Kold muttered to himself while pointing with the stick at a black ball.

After a while Kol saw that the blonde just stood up and left Klaus behind. They must have had a fight. Both were fuming with rage.

"Problems in paradise, brother?" Kol almost danced to the table and sent Klaus the most fake smile he could manage.

"Shut up, Kol, or I'll tear out you liver." He spat.

Caroline stormed out of the Grill and run towards the woods. What a heartless... Man! She was seething.

She crossed the road and all the hustle-and-bustle faded away. When she was out of earshot, Caroline slowed the pace a little and tried to enjoy the summer breeze. The woods calmed her mind. Leaves were swinging on trees along to the inaudible music played by the light wind.

She loved this comforting quietness of the woods.

No city buzz, no noise, no uproar.

The silence didn't last long, though.

A high-pitched, blood curdling scream shot through the woods.

Caroline's head turned in the direction of the terror and the vampire sped there.

But it was too late.

A headless female corpse was laying by a tree, covered in blood.

"Did you know," Kol poked Klaus in the arm, "that there's a new killer out there?"

They were sprawled on the sofas in their living room. The soft, expensive curtains were closed, and the fireplace next to Klaus' couch was the only source of light there. Talk about gloom.

"So?" His brother grumbled and focused back on the sketch he was drawing. His temples were covered with charcoal smudges that were reaching right under his eyes as well, which looked totally grotesque when light from the fire was cast upon his face. A grim, sulky, and twisted Klaus-panda.

"So maybe the town needs a new hero?" Kol wiggled his eyebrows.

"And let me guess. The new Mystic Falls Superman is going to be… Kol Mikaelson?" Klaus couldn't keep the comment to himself.

"The one and only." Kol stuck his tongue at Klaus. Then shrugged. "Maybe."

"Then please reveal this secret to me, brother, where does this generosity of spirit and altruism come from?"

The hybrid was genuinely curious. Also, he imagined Kol in the Superman's costume, with red underwear over navy blue tights. He snickered inwardly. And the cape!

"It's so simple you wouldn't even think about it. I just haven't got laid for... a bit. The town is on vervain 24/7 so compulsion doesn't work. " The soon-to-be hero coughed significantly. "And you know what they say. The winner takes it all." He winked and smiled suggestively, then left the living room.

Klaus was staring at the fireplace, fire dancing playfully around the wood, devouring it.

Maybe he himself could do something for the town community?

Clearly not for the sake of redemption (well, if getting into certain girl's pants is one, then surely he wants to redeem himself, over and over again...), but as long as he wins, his reasons don't matter, right?