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Chapter 18

Tony stood outside the door and took a deep breath; Gibbs put his hand on his SFA's shoulder. "You don't have to do this you know." He said.

Tony pulled his emotions together, "Yes I do, if not for me then for Tonia and the families whose lives he ruined." He turned to Gibbs and smirked, "I'll be ok." He said and went in the room.

Senior looked up from the desk he was sitting behind. "Junior." He said flatly.

"Well, I'm here what do you want?" Tony asked sitting in a chair.

"Why?" Senior asked it was all he wanted to know.

"Why, what?" Tony snapped back at him.

"Why did you go against the family, against me?" He asked.

"Seriously you're going to spend your last five minutes with me asking THAT question. God!" Tony sat shocked, "OK I'll tell you, because you I hate you, you were a lousy father and an evil son of a bitch and I wish that I had never been your son." Tony spat at him.

Senior got up and grinned. "Finally, I can see you do have some of me in you." He took a step closer and tried to goad Tony into taking a swing at him.

"I'm not gonna lay a finger on you." Tony took a step back and turned around, "You're not even worth five minutes we're done." He said and started to walk away.

Senior picked up the chair he'd been sitting on and hit Tony around the back of the head. Tony staggered blood pouring from the back of his head as Senior grabbed him by the hair, "You always were worthless boy, It's a wonder I let you live biggest thing I regret is not killing you when I killed your mother. I may spend the rest of my life in prison but you should know at least I had the foresight to kill your son even if I did let your daughter live."

Tony looked at Senior shocked, "My...my son?"

"You think I was going to chance another boy becoming a useless cop. At least with a girl if she wasn't useful we could whore her out." Senior spat and Tony finally snapped.

He grabbed Senior by the throat and hauled him up against the wall. Tony hit him once as Gibbs came in to tell him his time was up.

He pulled Tony off of his father and called for the guards to grab Senior.

As senior was hauled off Gibbs grabbed his SFA who was slowly sliding down the wall and hyperventilating.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Gibbs yelled at him.

"Boss...I..." Tony sat there and Gibbs noticed the blood from the back of his head.

"Oh Geez Tony, what did he do?" Gibbs said and called for a paramedic.

"I don't ever have to see him again right Boss?" Tony asked.

"Nope, at least you attacked him in self defense so if he was planning on getting you charged he can't" Gibbs told him.

"Didn't..."Tony started sobbing sat on the floor with his head in between his knees.

"Didn't what?" Gibbs pushed gently.

"I wanted to kill him...he said...He..." Tony couldn't finish the sentence as the pain in his head was too much and he passed out.

Tonia sat with Abby and Gibbs as they watched Tony sleep.

"Will he be ok Abs?" Tonia asked.

"The doctor says he had a concussion," She told her. Tonia held Abby's hand needing the extra comfort having walked around the corner with Abby after lunch to see Gibbs and her father being loaded into an ambulance.

"Gibbs what happened?" She asked

"I don't know, we came in and Senior had hit your father over the head with a chair and your father was defending himself."

"Wasn't..." Tony said

Tonia's face dropped, "He told you didn't he...about Dino?" She asked.

Tony nodded, "Why didn't you?" he asked crying

"Papa, I wasn't allowed, I only knew because I heard them talking about him and what they had done, I didn't want to hurt you anymore than they had done...It couldn't bring him back you know." Tony held out his arms and Tonia cried with him, "But I never forgot him." She told him.

Gibbs and Abby looked questioningly at the pair of them.

"Senior told me, Tonia had a twin brother, he had him killed." Tony told him. That was all he was going to tell him, maybe sometime in the future he'd tell him the rest of what Senior had said, but not while Tonia was there.

"Tony, while you were out the judge sentenced Senior to life. He's never getting out and you never have to see him again, all seniors' assets have been seized and are to be distributed amongst the victims named in the files you gave."

"I wish I had seen his face." Tony smiled and Tonia gave exactly the same grin.

"Awww that's so cute." Abby commented and they both smiled wider.

"Also the judge had sealed all records on Tonia Colomba, you are now Tonia DiNozzo and all records pertaining to your past and yours with your father, Tony are now sealed." Gibbs loved being able to make his SFA smile.

"Great so when can I get out of here, I think we need a family cook out at my place." Tony said.

"Just waiting for your papers now." Gibbs told him.

Tony looked at Abby, "Can you do me a favor Abs, Call the others include Fornell, Vance and his family and get them round to my place for six."

"Sure," Abby smiled and went to make the calls.

"What ya thinking dad?" Tonia asked.

"Full disclosure kiddo, and also I want to introduce you to everybody as a DiNozzo and I have a surprise for you" Tony's eyes sparkled as Tonia looked at him questioningly.

At six they were all gathered in Tony's back garden around the grill eating and drinking, when Director Vance and his wife walked up to Tony who was having a beer with Tim.

"You have a lovely home." Jackie Vance said to Tony and Tony smiled back at her.

"Thank you, I'm glad you like it, you and the kids are welcome to use any of the facilities at any time, I already gave the director the gate codes." He said.

"But Tony, don't you have to give this place back to the FBI now?" Tim asked.

Gibbs grinned and Ziva looked up interested.

"No, Probie, This is my home, I own it." Tony said grinning at the look of shock on Tim's face."OK while you're all here I'll tell you all together, that way I don't have to repeat myself. Sit down please." He said and waited whilst they all sat down.

"You all know about my father, well, my mother was rich too, I inherited $65 million dollars from my mother's estate which she had hidden for me and the FBI helped me release it."

"So are you quitting?" Ziva asked with a hint of worry, but Tony grinned at her, "And leave you two to the wrath of Bossman without me, NEVER!" He laughed.

"Dad?" Tonia asked still wanting to know what her surprise was.

"Oh honey, I meant to tell you, I sent off the application I found in your room for Georgetown, you got in!" He grinned as she grabbed him around the neck in a hug to rival one of Abbys' and squealed with delight, "Thank you."

Fornell walked up to her "The only other thing you need is your new Identity as of right now you are officially Antonietta Sophia DiNozzo." He told her.

Tony mouthed a thank you to Fornell as Tonia hugged him too.

He sat back in a lounge chair as Gibbs settled into the one next to him.

"So back to normal Monday?" He asked.

"Yeah, finally I get to go to work as me, really me Boss and no more secrets I promise."

"I should hope not," Gibbs smiled, "Although you still need to talk to Tim about stealing his car."

"It's in hand Boss," Tony smiled as Tim opened an envelope Tonia handed him with the keys to a brand new Porsche Boxster.

"Tony I...Thank you!" Tim said thrilled.

"So are we good about me stealing your car?" Tony asked.

Tim nodded "Sure as long as you don't do it again."

Gibbs looked as Tonia, Abby and Vance's kids played in the pool.

"D'ya know what Tony?" He said and Tony looked over at him, "I think, just maybe, you're gonna be ok."

Tony nodded, as he looked at his family enjoying themselves. No more senior, No more nightmares.

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