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Me: Okay, everyone don't be so brutal, this is my first fic ever!!! So don't be too-

Leena: Shut up Tempest!!! We all know you'll get plenty of flames!!! Because you-

Bit: Hey Leena!!! Shut it!!! He's writing a story about you and ME, not you and Harry!!!


Me: *sniff* Just for that I'm going to blow up your Gunsniper!!!

Leena: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorry!!!!!!

Me: Heh, you better be!!!

Bit: *cough* PHYCHO!!! *cough*

Me and Leena: WHAT WAS THAT!!!!????

Bit: Ummmm, I gotta go! Seeya!!!

Leena: GET BACK HERE YOU!!!!!!

Me: Stop flirting you two, it's pathetic.

Bit and Leena: We are NOT flirting!!!

Me: Whatever dorks, on with the story!!

Fleeting Fury

Bombs erupted in flames as the remaining Back Draft Group engaged in another unsanctioned battle with the Blitz Team, hoping to avenge their defeat at the Royal Cup. Bit with Liger 0, Brad in his Shadow Fox, Jamie with his Raynos and Leena with her Gunsniper opened fire upon the Back Draft Zabots. The black, flying bats unleashed volley after volley of missiles, forcing the Blitz team to give ground and play defensive. The Hovercraft was disabled after a bombing run so escape was impossible and they were up against overwhelming odds. Their zoids were badly damaged and nearly out of ammo. The desert floor was covered with craters and ashes as the sound of explosions and gunfire filled the air. A formation of Zabots fired their missiles, aiming straight for the Gunsniper. Leena barely dodged them in time as the impact threw Leena's Zoid onto the ground.

"Dammit!!!!! I'll make you pay for that you jerks!!!" Leena screamed.

And with the new rush of adrenaline, Leena pulled her Zoid up and charged towards the advancing enemies.

"Leena, what are you doing?! You'll be a sitting duck out there in the open!"

"Jamie's right Leena, you're going to get yourself killed!" Brad shouted.

"Leena, quit being so stubborn and get back here!!! You won't do any good recklessly charging out like that!!!"

"Shut up Bit!! I know what I'm doing!" Leena snapped back.

As the enemy zoids closed in on Leena, she stopped her zoid and rapidly hit buttons. The targeting system locked on all of the Zabots. All of her weapons aimed at the enemy zoids. The locking system turned red.

"Heheheheheh!!!!! Get ready to DIE!!! I'l teach you jerks not to mess with ME!!! WEASEL UNIT TOTAL ASSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Gunsniper fired every weapon it had. The rail guns blazing, dozens of missiles were launched out of the missile pods. The air was filled with so many explosions and smoke clouds, nothing else could be seen. Finally, the weapons overheated, the system shutting down. Leena finally stopped firing. She was panting; her energy burned up in a single moment of fleeting fury. She scanned the sky. Nothing but smoke remained. "YEAH!!!!!! LEENA SCORES ANOTHER ONE!!!! Was THAT good enough for you Bit?!?! Hahahahahah!!!! Those jerks will think twice before messing with m- "

A bomb exploded right in front of the Gunsniper, throwing it onto its back. Shrapnel hammered the zoid, the explosions scorched the armor, metal burst apart everywhere. A lone zabot swooped past the fallen zoid, turning around for another past.


And Leena's voice was cut off by static.

"LEENA!!!" shouted Doc.

"Leena must've missed that last zoid." Brad yelled.

"It's heading towards Leena again!!!" a hysterical Jamie cried.

"Quick!!! Somebody shoot it down!!!"

"Damn it Leena!!! I told you not to be so reckless!!! Jamie!! Brad!!!! You two take care of that zoid, I'm going to go help Leena!!!" growled a very aggravated Bit.

"Right Bit."

"Roger that."

'Leena,why did you have to be so stubborn!!!'

Liger 0 sprinted towards the fallen zoid while Brad and Jamie fired at the last zabot. Brad shooting from the ground, and Jamie pursuing the zoid with his Raynos. However, the enemy zoid dodged their fire, determined to fire the finishing blow on the Gunsniper. It locked on the Gunsniper and fired a barrage of missiles.

"It's firing its missiles!!! They are locked straight onto Leena's cockpit!!!" yelled a panicking Jamie.

"Bit, whatever your going to do, do it fast!"

'Dammit!!! Sorry Liger, this is going to hurt but Leena needs our help'

Liger 0 roared and leapt in front of the Gunsniper. The missile barrage hammered Liger 0, tearing apart its armor. After a few seconds, the explosions died down, leaving two badly damaged zoids.

'Shit!!!!! Leena, you better be happy'

The zabot turned for another run only to be shot down by a well-aimed shot by Brad. The black zoid tumbled down to the desert floor. Brad and Jamie headed towards the fallen zoids.

Bit Cloud jumped out of the scorched Liger 0 and dashed towards the Gunsniper. Or what was left of it. The entire frame looked like it was rolled into a ball and pulled back out again. Metal pieces and shrapnel littered the ground. Smoke rose from the engine. The weapons were crushed, the metal plating scorched with black burn marks. The cockpit window was shattered and electricity sparks sprung from the cockpit. Leena...

Bit ran up the battered zoid and looked inside the broken glass. He saw her. Leena's head was leaning to the side. Parts of her clothes burned, her hair slightly singed. She was covered with cuts, bruises and a few burns. She was surrounded by charred control panels and broken machinery. The cockpit smelled of ash and burned flesh. Bit crawled inside the broken machine.

"Leena!?! Leena!?! Can you hear me?!? Leena, speak to me please!"

Bit grabbed her wrist. Her skin was cool, and her pulse was weak. Then he noticed something dripping from her forehead. It was a deep scarlet, oozing down the side of her forehead, some of it drying onto her hair. Blood. Bit, without thinking ripped a piece of his sleeve off and wrapped it around her head. He unbuckled Leena, lifted her up with his arms and sprinted towards the Raynos, which had landed near by. Bit looked down at the sleeping form of Leena Touros. Her head leaning against his chest, her weak body limp in his arms. Her breathing was shallow. Bit had never seen her vulnerable like this.

'Dammit Leena!!! Why the hell didn't you listen to me!!!'

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