Hey guys! This is my very first story and I really hope you guys could give me some advice on how to improve my writing (I'm an aspiring writer) :D

Phineas woke up one summer day. The sun outside was just about to break through the horizon, but it was already extremely hot. It was going to be a scorcher. That was when inspiration hit.

"Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today," he said brightly. "We're gonna make it snow!"

Ferb looked out of his blanket and stared at Phineas before replying, "We already did that earlier this summer, remember?"

Phineas smiled. "Right, I remember." He looked out of the window again and as he did this, Perry's chattering made him grin. "Why don't we build a translator so we can figure out what Perry's saying?"

Ferb stared at him again, but this time didn't respond. Phineas knew what his silence meant.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, we did make a translator," there was a hint of worry in his tone. "Why don't we build Niagara Falls – oh wait, we did that too already too didn't we?" He bit his lip. "How about we make a circus – no we did that too." Phineas began to panic. "Ferb, what if there is nothing else for us to do this summer? What if we're gonna have to spend the rest of the holidays doing . . . " he flinched before saying the cursed word, "nothing?"

Phineas was anxious by now practically biting his nails. "And if we're doing nothing we're not doing something, and Ferb I can't handle not doing anything." He sat on the floor and rocked forward and back while wrapping his chest around with his arms. "So cold. . . ."

All of sudden Candace ran into the room and looked at her brothers angrily. "Listen you two, I don't want you messing around today because I have this huge date with Jeremy that I cannot-" she stopped when she saw her upset brother on the floor. "What's going on?"

Ferb looked at Candace. "Phineas can't think of something to do today," he replied simply.

Candace looked at her brother again and began to get excited. Yeah sure, Phineas was a huge mess, but who cares! Afterall, when was there ever gonna be another day like this for her for the rest of the summer? She had to get ready for her date with Jeremy and a completely Phineas and Ferb free day.

"Well then, I'll be in my room getting ready," she said dreamily walking out of the room.

Phineas looked up, he hadn't noticed Candace walking in and out of his room. "I just remembered! We already had a do nothing day this summer!" he yelled at Ferb, he looked down again, "What if this is the day I have been dreading this entire summer?" he whispered. "What if this is the worst day ever?"

And behind them, Perry began slinking away from them.

Well, what did you think? I'll accept any critcism, good or bad, but if you guys want to read the rest of the story you'll HAVE to comment. I dont like writing stories for people who wont read :)