This story will be updated slowely, but surely. Should have been an one-shot, but I couldn't stop myself ^^

Pedro observed his class. Pedro observed his class. Everybody, including Shinwoo, was looking at him expectantly, and even Rai had turned his head to the front. But that was no miracle considering he would announce what their class would be doing on the annual open day of Ye Ran High School. By drawing, each class was assigned with a charge like arranging games, opening a small café-like place where the visitors could rest for a bit, decorating the school, or even playing guide and leading the parents or future students to the right places.

"To keep the whole thing short, this class is in charge of the play." Here, Pedro's explanations were interrupted because the classroom erupted into both cheers and moans at the same time. The class threw out questions like "What are we going to play?" or "Who is the lead character?" but the students almost instantly quieted down as Pedro raised a script in his hand.

"I discussed the whole matter with your other teachers, especially your Korean teacher because she is going to help with rehearsing the play. We already chose the play and the roles so no discussions about this! We tried to fit the parts as well as possible to bring the best out of you. Some of you will be upset about it and some of you will be glad, but let's all work together to make it into an exceptional play. Even so, the chosen piece is a bit… Well, it's Snow White."
"But Teacher! That's something for kids!"
Of course, it was Shinwoo who was the first to make his opinion heard. Who else? But this time it was perfect because that was exactly what Pedro had been waiting for.

"Because you are so eager," Pedro said, letting his sarcasm be clearly heard. "You get to know what you are going to do first. You're going to play the prince."
There was a short – shocked – silence from the whole classroom before quiet snickers erupted. Ikhan patted his friend on the back.
"Huh? Me? But I'm bad with things like memorizing texts," Shinwoo wailed, earning a few nods from his classmates.
"That's exactly why you are going to do it. You have to make a greater effort in your school work. You're not as dumb as you pretend to be. Now, shut up and fetch your script," Pedro answered. Shinwoo wasn't dumb. He was just lazy. If he would put the same effort into studying as into fighting or playing computer games, then he could be good. Perhaps not the best, but still somewhere in the middle or front of the class.
Shinwoo slowly made his way to the front. His lacking enthusiasm couldn't be overlooked. Some of the other students made little jokes like asking if Shinwoo had to wear tights during the play. Pedro didn't waste any more time with the red headed youth and got to the next point, assigning the roles as they appeared in the play.
"Rai, you are going to play the father of Snow White …"
"I decline."
"That wasn't a question. You will only have one sentence so if you still aren't fluent in Korean, you won't have a problem."
"I accept."
Pedro sighed and ignored that strange behavior of the exchange student. He had gotten used to it. Whether Rai accepted because it was a small, one-sentence role or because his friends kept begging him would always stay a mystery, but he could live with that. In comparison, it was almost easy to explain to Seira that she had to play Snow White, what a wig was, and why she would have to wear one during the play.

"Suyi, would you play the queen? And because it would be interesting and make changing between scenes much easier" (and he had to get a few more roles out of the story) " Yuna is going to play the queen while in disguise as old woman. You two are good friends. You should be able to play the roles so that you still can see you are impersonating one person," Pedro described while selecting the right scripts out of the remaining texts. Only as he handed Yuna her script, did he notice that he perhaps made a stupid mistake. He had thought that he would do those two girls a favor to let them play together like that, but he had miscalculated. While Suyi was joking that she was married to Rai now, Yuna wore a carefully controlled face. Perhaps it hadn't been his brightest idea to give a shy teenage girl the role of a bad, ugly and hateful witch, but now that the choice had been made, it was too late to change the part.
Pedro sighed inwardly again. He would have to speak to Yuna later. There was little time until the class was over, and there were still the roles of seven dwarfs to be filled. With this thought, he turned towards Ikhan and Regis.

As soon as the class was over, Yuna disappeared with the excuse that she had to use the restroom. The other two girls and Rai were looking after her as if they knew something, but neither stopped her in her tracks. Only Suyi called after her that she would buy Yuna lunch so she should hurry to the cafeteria.
But Yuna had no intentions to meet up with everyone too soon. She hated her role in the play. Suyi and Seira had much better roles, and somehow she felt a bit jealous. And that was the biggest problem for her. She hated herself for the little envious voice in her head, while at the same time knowing that she loved her friends and shouldn't begrudge them for their roles.
But she didn't want to play an ugly, hateful and malicious person on stage. Even so, it was only a play. Everybody would be looking at her because she would have a hunch, rotten teeth and would do bad things to Snow White, aka Seira. She knew for herself that it was idiotic, but she didn't want to be seen like that from her parents, her friends, Ajussi and the two oppas. And the worst part was that the play would be held at the beginning and at the ending of the open day so that she would be running around heavily rouged and in tattered clothes all day long.
If she would be able, she would even trade with Ikhan, who wasn't exactly ecstatic about his role as dwarf either. But at least he would be cute and nice, not ugly and vicious like her. With a sigh Yuna sat down on the small staircase leading to one of the emergency exits.

Most of the time she was content with the way she looked. Yuna knew that she wasn't as beautiful or otherworldly gorgeous as Suyi or Seira, but she didn't grudge them their looks. And at least from Suyi she knew how annoying it could be to be famous as the idol seldom got to go shopping in town without being spotted and bothered.
But in situations like this she was allowed to feel jealous for a few minutes, wasn't she? She wanted to look beautiful, even if only for a short moment, and not like an ugly witch. And it had nothing to do with the fact that Ajussi would most likely watch the play, too. She wasn't too sure how she felt about him herself, but she was always self-conscious whenever he was in the same room.
Yuna hugged her legs and sighed as she laid her head on her knees. This whole thing was kind of complicated. All this confusion in her head and heart only because of a stupid play …

M-21 was on his usual round over the school compounds. Just a look at the small alleyway between two parts of the school buildings where only emergency exits and the big rubbish containers were located and he would head over to the east entrance. This alleyway was known for having students linger there to exchange secret kisses… or in the worst case scenario, to press money out of the weaker ones.
So it didn't really surprised M-21 when he saw a figure sitting on the staircase leading up to the entrance of one of those buildings. The girl was hunched over and hugging her legs. He needed a moment to figure out that it was Yuna sitting there and not some other random girl. As he got nearer and called out her name, she raised her head and looked at him with something between panicking and surprised …and as if she wanted to start crying any second. Whoever made that timid girl look like that would have hell to pay.
A part of him wanted to turn around, pretend he didn't see a thing, because he had absolutely no idea how to comfort another person, but he couldn't. Tao would really be better fit for this situation, but she looked like she was about to cry. Even he couldn't abandon her now. He was still in her debt for kidnapping her that one time, even though she didn't remember it.

"Is everything all right?"
"Sorry for bothering you. It's nothing."
"Yeah, that's why you look like this," M-21 answered and snorted. He wasn't a social butterfly like Tao or could read minds like Rai, but he could at least tell if he was lied to this inexpertly. A smirk tugged at his lips. Nobody would believe what Yuna just said, but he desisted from saying so because he didn't want to make her feel even more insecure. "If you want, I can listen. Even so I think Suyi would perhaps be a better choice."
"But I can't talk to her about this!"
M-21 raised his brows as he heard Yuna's outburst. She was hiding something from her friend? The way she looked away, clapped her hands over her mouth and flushed again, told that she was pretty embarrassed, but that didn't help him figure out what had happened. But before M-21 could ask something or finally decide to go, Yuna started to tell him everything about the play. At first slow and hawing, but then in a rush as if she couldn't stop herself and had to get everything off her chest. She told him about how she hated the role she had to play, the little jealous voice inside her heart and that she hated herself for it.
M-21 stayed silent the whole time, leaning on the wall and looking at her. He didn't really get the problem. Even so he understood that Yuna wanted another role, he didn't thought that it was such a huge thing to let it bother her this much. He was pondering the problem a few seconds after the girl stopped in her narration.
"The whole reason of this play is to show the story to the audience, isn't it?"
Yuna nodded, shyly looking at him for the first time since she started her confession. A bit of confusion crossed her face.
"It doesn't matter if you are the witch or the princess – you should keep it dear to your heart that you are able to do something like that with your friends and classmates," M-21 said, giving almost the same 'advice' to her as he had given to the two boys about their dating problems because he lacked any other things to say. How should he comfort Yuna if he didn't really understand what made her heartbroken like this?
"I'm sorry, Ajussi. You're right. I said something very stupid …"
Huh? That came as a surprise.
"I'm going to be a good witch for the play, and I'm going to do my best so you have to watch it," Yuna said almost psyched, and a smile lit up her face as he, still confused, nodded to promise he would watch the play.
M-21 frowned as his earpiece woke up and a voice could be heard. "Stop standing around. Two boys are arguing near the gym."
"Are you all right now?" he asked Yuna, keeping his eyes fixed on her instead of answering.
"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for listening." She was blushing and somewhat avoiding his gaze, but there was still a little smile on her face again.
"Hey! Answer!"
"I'm heading over there right now," M-21 said, activating his earpiece. Then he allocated his attention back towards the girl. Before he could tell her that he had to go, she already had drawn the right conclusions.
"The others are waiting at the cafeteria anyway. Sorry for keeping you this long."
M-21 nodded silently, and Yuna bowed before heading indoors in a hurry. He turned around to head over to the place where the two boys should be arguing.
She was smiling again. He still didn't understand in the least detail what her problem had been. She didn't seem to be sad any more but back to her cheerful side. It seemed that some of the things he had said had been the right ones, and somehow he felt good about that. The children were precious to him, and he wondered sometimes that he didn't protect them because he had to in order to survive himself but because he wanted to protect them even if his life would be the price.
Perhaps he should ask Seira later if Yuna was still all right and what had happened to trouble that kind girl into almost crying in a quiet corner. M-21 shook his head, smiling slightly. He was growing soft, but he couldn't say that it was a bad thing.

Suyi was sitting next to Seira with two plates of Ramen in front of her, but her thoughts were lingering with Yuna. She still wasn't back, and they were already half through the break. The boys finally noticed that something was amiss, but Shinwoo kept them entertained so that they were talking again about the play. Suyi thought that she should have gone with Yuna and should have asked what her problem was. It had something to do with the play, this much Suyi knew.
"She is coming." Suyi stopped staring at the Ramen bowls to looked up to Seira and followed her gaze. There she was. Yuna hurried over to them, wearing a smile. Suyi breathed a sigh of relief and slid a bit to the side to make room for Yuna between herself and Seira. Before Yuna could say something or was even properly seated, Suyi whispered eagerly, "Is everything all right? It's about the play, isn't it? Want to change the roles? If we explain it to Pedro he …"
"No, I don't want to. I don't care which role I have to play any more because it's going to be fun rehearsing and performing it with all of you."
Suyi looked at Yuna for a few seconds, searching for any hint that she just said so because she didn't want to cause any trouble, but she really seemed to be content with this. No, she was almost radiating with joy. Suyi had no idea what happened, but she was glad that she got her best friend back wearing such a smile. Perhaps she would ask later when the boys wouldn't be around. Everything she wanted to say was cut off as Shinwoo choked back a shriek, his face turning a deep shade of red.
He raised his head from the script where Ikhan had pointed out something and looked anywhere but at Seira.
"I… the prince has... to ki-kiss Snow White in the end o … the p-play!" stuttered Shinwoo. Suyi shared a glance with Yuna before both smiled at a slightly blushing Seira.