Fallon Antilles- Outlaw Introduction

It was a starry, yet pitch black night, for the dark gray clouds had been trying to hide the stars' beautiful, bright shine. Fallon Antilles crept silently through an alley of an immense city. Her eyes were set straight ahead when she was approaching the factory-like artillery shop. People of Corellia usually are unable to see in such darkness, but Fallon was gifted with the a spectacular present; silver eyes that were as pale as a ghost. They allowed her to see fairly in the blackness of the night. She had movements of a sleek, lean cat. Her steps were quiet enough so that the animal with the most sensitive hearing cannot hear her. Fallon's crossbow was getting too weak and wimpy for her liking. She wanted something stronger, more durable than a crossbow...a laser gun. Fallon had to hurry, for the artillery shop was to open up at dawn. She didn't want to be caught.

Antilles found an open window at the side of the shop. She stacked boxes and crates under it so she could crawl in. It was no use, she was too big. Fallon thought very deeply through all of her techniques,until, suddenly, it hit her. She slipped her pack off and tried again. Her body barely made it through. She had landed in a pile of old machine parts and scanned the room for any sign of people. The stealth outlaw ran through the artillery shop until a shine caught her eye. The gun that Fallon was looking for lay before her very eyes...but why was it shining in the dark? She snagged it and ran, ran as fast as her two legs would carry her, right out the back door. Infuriated shouts of the shopkeeper yelled for the police.

Fallon stopped after she reached the vast, arid desert. It was her home, the dry, barren place. By this time, Corellian troopers were everywhere, searching for the wanted outlaw. She caused trouble throughout her life and was often on the go. It was too much now, she couldn't stay in Corellia much longer without getting caught. Fallon was only 16 years old, but looks are deceiving , mind you. She stood at about 5'6" with long sand colored hair pulled back neatly into a ponytail. Her silver eyes darted everywhere, searching for a leeway. They stopped upon an aircraft, one that she had never seen before. It was a fighter aircraft, not just any fighter aircraft, but an X-Wing. She snuck past many of the troopers until she was close enough to make a break for it. Actually, it was quite easy for Fallon to get into the X-Wing without getting caught, for the troopers' slow reflexes were an advantage to her. This was it, she was leaving the only place she knew, the planet Corellia.

At first, she had no clue what she was doing, but soon enough, she was an expert. Outer space was vast, but pretty. There were billions of stars, standing out in the total darkness of space. Fallon had heard something that she couldn't quite explain to herself. The sound came again, but this time, she could see it. A thin, green laser whizzed by the cockpit of her X-Wing. Then another. And another. This time it was a red one. Fallon was amazed.

A crackle from the radio awoke her from her daze," Pilot 6, come in, over."

Fallon picked it up and responded, "Pilot 6 here, over."

"Women aren't supposed to pilot! Pilot 6, report to home base immediately."

"Roger that, ov-...wait, where is home base? Over."

"It's on Tatooine, Miss. Now vamoose! Over."

Fallon piloted the X-Wing gracefully to the rather large planet of Tatooine. Her landing was perfect...perfectly in the middle of nowhere. She picked up the transmitter and reported," This is Pilot 6 to home base, over."

A man at the base responded quickly, "Pilot 6, what seems to be the problem? Over."

"I'm in the middle of the desert and my aircraft is out of fuel, over."

" I'll have troopers over there to retrieve you. Over and out."

Fallon looked around, the desert of the strange planet so serene. It was definitely quieter than the desert of Corellia. The duration of the wait was about two hours. The troopers shoved her harshly into an aircraft.

Since that time, she has been on the planet of Tatooine...