Love Sickness

Rating: T for swearing

Summary: Kaidoh's sick, and the last person he wants to see, is that idiot Momoshiro.

A/N: Nothing to say, except, I love writing these awkward guys.


"Wow—what the hell, what's that doing there? Mamushi, you need to learn how to clean up your room, I almost broke my neck over that sock!"

Kaidoh digs his face into his pillow. It's Momoshiro, of all the people in the world, Momoshiro decides to visit him when he's sick. Not only that, the first thing he does when he walks into his room is slip up over a sock that he just took off of his feet, and complain how dirty his room is in his annoying loud voice. That voice that sounds like nails scratching on a chalk board, it's simply painful to listen to.

"Go away," says Kaidoh in a sore voice. It hurts to talk. Why did his mother even let the idiot in? What was she thinking? He's not friends with him or anything, and he certainly doesn't feel like seeing him when he's sick.

Momoshiro makes his way across his spotless clean room, and stands in front of his bed. Kaidoh's back is turned to him, with his face in his pillow, and wrapped in his blanket like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

"So the snake got sick, huh?" says Momoshiro in a smug voice.

"Shad up you idiot, go away."

"You sound funny, haha. Say that again."

Kaidoh hisses, but since his nose is plugged up with snot, so that doesn't quite work out, and it simply makes Momoshiro laugh at the sound he produces instead. Why can't that idiot just leave already.

"I said go away—you'll get sick from me too."

Momoshiro arrogantly pounds his chest. "I'm immune to your pathetic sickness."

Kaidoh's just about to retort to that, when Momoshiro turns around. "Well aaaanyways, I came to visit you! How nice of me, am I right? A vice-captain should check if the captain is alright! So, Mamushi, are you alright? You don't sound alright to me. Want some oranges? Oh wait, I forgot to buy them, well then, never mind! Haha!"

Shut up, is what Kaidoh wants to scream out loud, but his throat feels sore, and his nose is stuffed up, and his body feels hot and tired. Even more so with Momoshiro in the room.

"Oh right, some guys in your class actually came over to me—I mean, why me of all people—and they handed me your homework. They said something about being too scared to visit you, and something about you being a vampire living in a haunted house. Heh, I wonder where they got that idea from?"

Kaidoh presses the pillow against his head, hoping it will drown out the idiot's voice.

"Oh wait, that was me! Haha! Sorry about that buddy, one time I sort of joked about you being a vampire living with your vampire family in a haunted mansion, where you eat nothing but snakes all day long. Maybe I took it a little bit too far."

Kaidoh gathers up all his remaining strength to throw his pillow at Momoshiro. Maybe that will give him the hint. It hits him on his legs, very softly, because Kaidoh's throw is weak and his aim is terrible.

"Yo, Mamushi, don't exert yourself, you're sick."

Oh for god's sake.

"Get out of my house," Kaidoh mumbles against his mattress, back turned towards him again.

"Oh right, need to give you the homework. Hmm, where did I put it." He hears Momoshiro dig through his bag, and he's just counting down the seconds until he opens his big fat mouth again. "Hmm, I could have sworn they were in my bag. I know it's in here somewhere."

Kaidoh sighs.

"Uhh, don't get mad, but I think I lost your homework."

If Kaidoh had another pillow on his bed, he'd have shoved it up Momoshiro's ass by now. If he had another pillow that is, and maybe a little bit more strength.

"Well, no worries, I'll just give it to you tomorrow when I find it again!"

"No, don't come!" Kaidoh yells out, but it sounds muffled and nasally.

"Hehe, you really do sound funny," says Momoshiro with a snickering laugh.

God, he just wants to find something sharp and shiny and cut out Momoshiro's tongue, then throw it over a pit of fire so he can never hear him talk again.

"Oh right, I left your homework at school, that's where it is. I was kinda busy trying to eat my lunch, while at the same time annoying the girl who was sitting in front of me. She has this weird shampoo in her hair and I tell you man—that stuff reeks. I tried telling her, but she got all offended and stuff, and then all the other girls in the class started yelling at me for hurting her feelings. Can you imagine it? Me? Being yelled at? It was like the Twilight Zone, I tell yah. I'm usually the guy everyone likes, maybe everyone's just being nice to the girl by not telling her the shampoo smells, so they took it out on me instead. I'm sure they get irritated by the smell as well, I mean, the windows weren't even open today and we all had to sit in that stench. It was suffocating, really."

"Shut! Up!" Kaidoh finally yells. He sits up straight in his bed, breathing as best as he could through only one nostril, while trying to stay upright and not collapse because he really has no strength left anymore.

"Well, I can see when I'm not wanted," says Momoshiro with a huff as he folds his arms over his chest.

"Yes!" says Kaidoh while nodding his head. "Finally, you understand—"

"So, as I was saying, it was like the Twilight Zone, and I was gonna tell you that during practice, except you weren't there, so here I am! You better not skip school tomorrow too, Mamushi, if I have to live through another day of that stinky shampoo, and you're not there so I can rant about it ... I will ... I will ... oh is that a Playstation 3!" Momoshiro flies towards his entertainment center.

Please, someone—anyone, kill Momoshiro. Preferably with a lightning bolt, or just plain fire, and roast him until there's nothing but ashes of him left. Kaidoh groans out loud, then coughs a few times and sneezes right afterwards.

"Fuck off Momoshiro," he decides on saying.

Momoshiro is already pulling out the Playstation controller, and turning the thing on. Ugh, why is he being so damn annoying!

"What kind of games do you have for it?" he asks excitedly. "My mom won't let me get one. She says they're too expensive and a waste of time, and it corrupts little children's minds or something like that. I know, she's stupid, at least your mom lets you have one. I'm jealous. Can I come over to play sometimes? I promise you I won't break it."

"No. No. No. A thousand times no. Just no."

"Great! I'll come over tomorrow too!"


"Oh, this will be so awesome!" Momoshiro turns on Kaidoh's TV this time and he sits on the ground, holding the controller in his hands.

And Kaidoh can't do anything but watch, because that idiot is ignoring everything he says. It's like he's deaf or something. Well, maybe he is.

"Momoshiro. If you don't get out of my room, right now ... I'll ..."

"Oh don't get up Mamushi, you need rest! Get better! I want you to be there again tomorrow. It was so annoying having to direct everyone at practice, they kept bothering me with questions, and training schedules and some of those first years really suck. Man, how did you ever let them into the club? Don't we have some requirements or something?"

"Anyone can join," he says flatly.

"Seriously? Well alright then, tomorrow I'll make a requirements list for joining the tennis club. You must have at least three years of experience of tennis—hold on—Mamushi, what channel do I need to press to get the game to show up?"

"Channel 3—no wait, don't play! Get out of my house!"

Momoshiro happily punches in the number on his remote control, and he sees the Playstation logo appear on his TV. Ah fuck.

"So, as I was saying, three years of tennis experience, do you think that's enough? Should we make it four years?"

"Stupid, if that's true, then you and I wouldn't be able to play," says Kaidoh with a roll of his eyes.

"Hey now, I was into tennis way before middle school you know, ever since I was old enough to hold a racket did I play tennis."

"So, ten years old?" snickers Kaidoh, except it sounds like a gurgled noise because of his stuffed up nose.

"No, of course not, you idiot. I was five."

"You were mentally challenged when you were a kid, weren't you?"

"Hey, that's not a very nice thing to say."

"Right. I'm sorry. I forgot you never grew out of it."

"Mamushi!" Momoshiro stands up, showing him his fist.

"Come and get it, moron!" yells Kaidoh weakly, and pulls up his own fists as well, but it looks so pathetic he just lies down in bed again.

"Sorry, I keep forgetting you're sick," mumbles Momoshiro and he sits down on the ground again. "Kaidoh, how do you play this game?" he asks, staring at his TV screen confused.

Kaidoh sighs loudly. "Give me back my pillow and I'll tell you."

Surprisingly, Momoshiro scooches over his wooden floor to reach out for the forgotten pillow and flings it back at Kaidoh, which hits him on the head. He's too tired and achy all over to yell at him for it, so he just grabs it and puts it back on his bed, then lays his head on it.

"So? What do I do?"

"You get out of my house," he says with a sigh.


"Just get out already, you've been in here for fifteen minutes, my brain cells are starting to rot from too much exposure of your stupidity."

Momoshiro slams the controller against the ground and he finally stands up. "Fine. I hope you don't get better, you asshole." With that, Momoshiro finally leaves his room, but not before almost slipping up over his sock again.

Ahh, silence.

Except the game is still left running and he has to get out of bed to turn it off.


It's worse than yesterday; his entire body feels hot and all his muscles ache, and then he's cold all over again, and his headache is so painful he feels it might explode from the pressure. He's sweaty like hell and it hurts to even move his body. Both of his nostrils are stuffed and completely blocked, so he breathes through his mouth, and, well, Kaidoh is just really having a bad day.

"Ma-mu-shiiiii!" exclaims Momoshiro as he throws the door of his bedroom open.

Okay, he's having a horrible day.

"Thought you got rid of me, didn't yah?" he says as he gets closer to his bed. "Your mom let me in. She's so nice. I can't believe you're her son sometimes, you should learn some manners from your mother."

Want. So. Badly. To. Punch. Face. In.

Kaidoh pulls the blanket over him and tries to not pass out from not having enough oxygen underneath it. Maybe Momoshiro will think he's asleep, maybe he'll leave then—and why the hell did his mom let him in again even after he specifically told her not to? There's a sudden shift of weight on his mattress, and he knows, that Momoshiro is sitting down on his bed.

"Don't pretend to be asleep, I can hear you breathing, you know," says Momoshiro smugly.

Well no shit, of course he's breathing, it's what every human on the planet does! Even when asleep! What a fucking moron. Kaidoh wants to kick Momoshiro off, but sadly, everything is disagreeing with him today, and his head is throbbing painfully.

"Anyways, get this—I was at the convenience store, and I was gonna buy you some oranges because you're sick and all that, and lo and behold! There was some chocolate right next to it, and it was on sale! So I said, screw the oranges, and bought the chocolate."

Kaidoh tries to kick Momoshiro underneath his blanket, but it's hard, and he's feeling all hot and achy again, then coughs for good measure. Ugh, he feels horrible.

"I was gonna give you some of it, but I sort of already ate it all when I rode my bike here. I got hungry."

Momoshiro's voice is so loud and painful, it's ringing through his ears like a very loud beatbox. It hurts so much, but Kaidoh can't do anything, he's got no energy to yell, nor the strength to hit Momoshiro like he's been wanting to do since yesterday.

"Hey Kaidoh, are you dead?" asks Momoshiro and he leans over Kaidoh's body that's hidden underneath the blanket. "You're not really asleep, are you?"

Kaidoh hopes that by being silent that perhaps Momoshiro will think he is asleep, and then leave. Leave forever and never come back. Agh, everything aches too much, and his forehead feels like it's on fire. Then all of the sudden, his blanket is pulled off of him, and his messy black hair gets exposed to the surface. Kaidoh tries to subtly hide his not-so-healthy-looking-face in his pillow. He growls at Momoshiro, which makes some of the snot from his nose spill out on his pillow. He shamefully tries to cover it up with his cheek.

"You look like crap," notes Momoshiro cheerfully.

Please go jump in a pit full of large pointy spikes. Preferably now.

Instead, Kaidoh coughs painfully. "Geez, you don't look so well, Kaidoh," he says, a bit less cheerful this time. The idiot leans even closer, and he brings his hand to his sweaty forehead and uses the back of his hand to press it up against him. He immediately pulls back. "Wow, you're burning up! I uhh—I'll be right back!" Momoshiro stumbles out of his bedroom, leaving the door open.

Kaidoh can't complain, only inside of his head, but even that is giving him trouble what with that splitting headache and all. Damn this stupid cold, or fever, or whatever it is—and damn that moron for annoying him even more when he already feels like crap. He doesn't need someone there to point it out to him, and prod and laugh at him when he's down.

A minute later and Momoshiro is crashing through the door again. He's carrying something, but Kaidoh can't really tell, his eyes feel heavy and he's shivering because he's cold and hot all over again. He wants to tell Momoshiro to close the door at least, but he does nothing and simply lies in bed, shivering and breathing through his mouth. Everything just hurts so much, and he feels so damn sick and uncomfortable. Kaidoh gasps out loud when he feels something wet and cold touch his forehead. He opens his eyes, barely, and he sees Momoshiro's hand on his head. Is he holding a wet rag or something?

Ahhh, but it does feel good and cold, it's making that hot pressure on his forehead dwindle down a little bit.

"There we go, feels good, doesn't it?" says Momoshiro. "I know I said I hope you don't get better yesterday, but I was just joking, you know? You should take better care of yourself, Kaidoh. I mean, I can't keep running the tennis club alone!"

Kaidoh tries to slap his hand away from his face because he's a pompous douchebag that should just piss off, but all he succeeds in doing is grabbing Momoshiro's sleeve, and holding onto it, like a sick little kid. Momoshiro simply snickers at him, he probably thinks this entire thing is funny. Well, you know what else is funny? Momoshiro getting his ass kicked—as soon as he gets better, that is. Momoshiro shakes Kaidoh's grip off of him, then takes the rag off, and the cold air of his room brushes against his damp forehead, which feels slightly better. Momoshiro plunges the rag inside a bowl of water—where'd that come from—and puts it back on Kaidoh's forehead. He breathes out a sigh of relief; that feels much better.

... He's still going to kick his ass though.

"So anyways, I ended up making some requirements for the tennis club yesterday, after you kicked me out."

You kicked yourself out, he wants to say, but his throat is sore and the cold rag feels good, so he says nothing and lies still while Momoshiro brushes away a few drops of water that were threatening to fall into his eyes.

"And this is all I've got so far: you need to have at least one year of tennis experience to join the club. To become a regular, you need at least three years of experience—or you should be really damn good at it."

Momoshiro takes the rag off of Kaidoh again, and puts it back in the bowl, then starts pressing it against his forehead, his cheeks, his neck—it's refreshing and it makes him feel a lot better. But when he starts to think that it's Momoshiro who's doing this, he feels sick for an entirely different reason, with the palms of his hands sweating and his heart racing.

"And anyone else who wants to join, but doesn't meet the requirements, can just stand on the sidelines and be cheerleaders or something."

What, cheerleaders? What the hell is he thinking?

"Or should we just force them to follow your personal training schedule?"

Nobody could follow his own training schedule, not even the moron himself. That would be suicide for the club.

"Well, never mind, people would probably die if they attempted it."

Damn right.

"So, what do you think?" he says this as he puts the rag back on his forehead again.

Kaidoh thinks nothing, he's feeling sleepy and less sick and he doesn't really want to talk.

"Right, you're sick. I keep forgetting that," he says with a laugh.

How can he forget when he's the one who's putting the cold wet rag against his forehead to cool him off?

"Seriously though Kaidoh, get better. It's no fun when you're not around."

Kaidoh wipes his sweaty hands against his mattress.

"I mean, sure, I can make fun of Arai and stuff, but it's just not the same with you hissing at me constantly."

He wishes he could hiss right now.

"Besides, it's way too much work getting everyone to practice and all that. We should have a back-up captain or something for when you get sick."

That's what a vice-captain is for, you fucking idiot.

"Oh wait, that's me. Haha!"


"So get better, okay?"

If he could, he would have by now.

"Oh right, I brought you your homework. I did leave it in class after all! Ahh, but you're not really in the state of working on it right now, are you? Alright then, I'll do some for you! But only if you make my homework for a week in return, 'kay?"

Kaidoh wants to hiss so badly.

"I'll just do it when I get home, along with mine—you better be grateful for it, Mamushi. Oh hey, can I play with your Playstation again? Yes? Okay! Yesterday I looked up online to see what game you had, so you don't need to tell me how to play, I already read all the cheat codes and stuff." Momoshiro changes the rag one more time, then leaves it on Kaidoh's forehead as he sits down next to his bed and starts playing his stupid video game. Kaidoh tries to not pay attention, his eyes closed, and the wet rag slowly heating up from his hot forehead.

"No way! Did you see that, that was total bullshit! I clearly won that round," yells Momoshiro loudly.

Kaidoh tries to tune out his stupid annoying voice, and even though he feels horrible still, with his headache being intensified by the loud noises coming from his TV, and there's mucus dripping from his nose onto his lips, he's sort of comfortable enough to fall asleep.


Kaidoh never realized he had fallen asleep yesterday, nor was he awake when Momoshiro finally left. At least he had the decency to clean up after himself, turning off the TV, and changing his wet rag too. He's feeling better, a lot better actually, yesterday was just hellish for him. Not to mention embarrassing because he had Momoshiro take care of him like he needed taking care of or something, that's just stupid.

But he should probably show his gratitude or something.

No way, screw that—he'll never do that. That stupid moron, he never asked for him to make him feel better! And he certainly didn't ask for him to visit again today.

"You've got snot all over your face, Mamushi," says Momoshiro with a grin.

"Shaddap," says Kaidoh as he wipes his nose with his pajamas. Momoshiro chuckles at his funny voice. "Why don't you just leabe."

"Because I'm being nice, stupid," says Momoshiro with a roll of his eyes. He leans his back against the edge of his bed as he fools around with his Playstation controller, playing that stupid game again. Kaidoh is starting to consider selling his Playstation.

"Whe're my oranges?" asks Kaidoh sully. He coughs a few times into his hand.

"Riiight. Oranges. Uhhhh. I forgot."

Kaidoh creeps closer to the edge of his bed and he smacks Momoshiro's head. It's not that hard, because Kaidoh still feels limp and his muscles ache. Nonetheless, that felt good, he's been wanting to do that since Monday.

"Hey! It's not my fault! I was distracted you know. After I left school, I was being followed, followed I tell yah! So I tried to shake them off, going into alleys, quickly crossing streets, but they were right on my tail the entire time! By the time I had passed the convenience store, they were still after me."

"Who bwas it?"

"Oh, some stupid dog who smelled the chocolate I still had stuffed in my pocket from yesterday."

Kaidoh hits Momoshiro again.

"Stop doing that! I won't go easy on you just because you're sick!"

"You said you ate it all yesterday, you boron."

"Haha, say that again," says Momoshiro as he laughs a few more times and pokes Kaidoh's arm with his finger.

Kaidoh flushes redder than he already is, and hits the idiot one more time. Fine, he'll just stop talking if he sounds so funny. Stupid annoying moron, he should really just leave already.

"Oh right, I finished your homework yesterday, no promises on whether it's correct or not," he says as he returns to playing the game. "Did your teacher give you extra homework or something? Because it was a lot more than mine. Or maybe the teacher just thinks you're stupid, and thus gives you more in the hopes of raising your grade."

"Nyo he doesn't. He gives bme extra for bore credit, you idiot."

Momoshiro simply laughs at him again, and Kaidoh buries his face into his pillow. Now, for sure, he won't talk anymore. No matter what Momoshiro flings at him this time.

"Hey, when do you think you'll get better?" he asks after a while of silence.

Kaidoh says nothing, but merely rolls over his bed and stares at the wall.

"'Cause I'm going crazy at the club, you know. It's hard to do everything on your own. And no one even cares that you're sick, those little bastards. All they care about is the monthly rankings, which I said I'd postpone until you're back. Oh, and I set up the tennis club requirements. They were not happy about that ... Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all, but seeing some of them forced to be a cheerleader was quite a lot of fun. You should have seen it, they were even performing handstands! So funny!"

Kaidoh sort of wants to see that.

"Well alright, I'll be a bit more lax with the rules. But there's still gotta be some sort of requirement to join! They really do suck. Maybe you should just give them a better training program or something. Train them till their arms fall off. Sounds good, right?"

Maybe a little. He rolls back to the edge of his bed and stares at the back of Momoshiro's head.

"Oh, and I just have to rant about this. Today, that girl who sits in front of me, she changed shampoos. I guess I did hurt her feelings and all that—but she changed it to one that smells even worse! I was fanning myself with my notebook the entire time and begging the teacher to open up a window or five. It was seriously suffocating. I can't believe the rest of the class didn't notice this, and if they did, they do a pretty damn good job at hiding it alright. They were yelling at me again, saying I was hurting her precious feelings, and god—just shut up already and let me breathe."

Kaidoh hides his secret smile and slaps the back of Momoshiro's neck.

"Wha—hey! You think I treated her badly as well!"

No, he just felt like hitting him for no reason.

"Ah man, I can never get anyone on my side. It's seriously the Twilight Zone. You should really come back to school already, I blame it on your absence."

Kaidoh sneezes right into Momoshiro's hair. He immediately gets up and stumbles away a few steps, pointing a finger at Kaidoh who's got snot running down his nose. Ahh, his right nostril just opened up—he can breathe!

"Bastard! That's disgusting! Keep your sneezes to yourself!"

"I'm sick, you idiot. I can't control when I sneeze," he says in defense. "Hand me some of those tissues behind you."

Momoshiro looks behind him and sees the tissue box right next to the TV, then grabs it and gives it to Kaidoh. Kaidoh pulls out a tissue and stuffs it into his nose to soak up all the mucus. He knows he looks stupid, but it's better than having it drip all over his face.

"Hehe, you look like a one-fanged walrus," notes Momoshiro.

Kaidoh tries to look mean and menacing, but with a tissue stuffed up in his nose, his eyes red and swollen, his cheeks flaming red, and his pajamas sticking to his body like it's drained in sweat—he only serves to make Momoshiro laugh out loud.

There's a knock on his door, and his mother walks in, carrying a tray with two plates on it. "It's dinner time, boys. I brought you some too, Momoshiro-kun, since you're keeping Kaoru company and taking care of him. That's so sweet of you."

What's so sweet about that guy being here and annoying him!

Momoshiro watches his mother with a big dumb smile on his face as she puts the tray on the table. "Smells delicious, Kaidoh-san! Thank you very much."

"Oh, you're welcome! Now Kaoru, try to eat something, you need to stay healthy if you want to get better."

"Yes, mom," says Kaidoh politely.

His mother finally leaves the room and Kaidoh looks at his curry with disdain. He's not hungry, in fact, he hasn't felt hungry ever since he got sick. That's what being sick does to you; it takes away your appetite, and your energy to do anything at all. Momoshiro however, has plenty of energy and a huge appetite, so he sits down at the table, grabs the spoon and starts eating the curry.

Remembering Kaidoh's still in the room with him, he turns to him, spoon in mouth, and says, "are you not going to eat?"

He should, he knows he should, so Kaidoh struggles through his blanket and slips off of his bed, with his blanket still wrapped around himself, and he sits next to Momoshiro. He looks at the curry with blank eyes; it just doesn't look all that great to him, in fact, it looks rather disgusting. Kind of like Momoshiro.

"Not hungry?" Momoshiro asks after swallowing.

"Not really," says Kaidoh with a sigh. He picks the spoon up and prods the white rice with it.

"I'll finish it for you," suggests Momoshiro.

"Stupid. You'll only get fat if you do that."

"No I won't, I'm not fat at all—I can eat anything I want," he says proudly and rubs his stomach, which Kaidoh is sure has some sort of fat on it. He strains his eyes to the side to judge how much fat there really is, but shakes his head then stares at the TV, which has the paused game on it that Momoshiro was playing before his mother interrupted them.

"This is really good!" Momoshiro comments. It sounds like it is, judging by the enthusiasm in his voice. Kaidoh is strangely aware of how close he's actually sitting next to the idiot, with his arm is pressed up against Kaidoh's blanket.

"You should eat too, I will really eat it for you if you don't," warns Momoshiro.

Kaidoh hisses, this causes the piece of tissue that was stuck in his nose fly right out of it, and land on top of his curry like a feather.

Both he and Momoshiro look at it with the most incredulous look on their faces.

Until Momoshiro starts laughing out loud, pieces of rice flying around everywhere, and he slams his fist on the table, rolling around with laughter. Kaidoh wobbles on his spot and he hisses again—which makes Momoshiro laugh even more—and his cheeks are now burning red for another reason than simply being sick. Kaidoh tries to control his anger and embarrassment, but that idiot is just being so loud and annoying, and his headache is returning.

"Shaddap!" he yells. Great, his nose is stuffed up again. Ugh, can nothing go right today?

Momoshiro wipes away the corner of his eyes; he's tearing up and his entire face is red from laughing too much.

So Kaidoh sneezes in his face. Ahh, his left nostril opened up now!

Momoshiro, obviously not amused, grabs Kaidoh's pajamas and butts his head against his forehead, which is sweaty and hot, and Momoshiro's face is making him feel sicker. Then he lets go, sighs and goes back to eating his curry, after wiping off his face with his sleeve. Strange. Usually he would have yelled something by now, or hit him, or sneezed back at him or something. Something. Anything.

"Once you get better, I'll punch you in the face," says Momoshiro after a long silence.

Kaidoh's looking forward to it.


Kaidoh never ate that day, he was simply not hungry, and was disgusted by Momoshiro, as well as the piece of tissue that flew into his food. Even today, he can't bring himself to eat his mother's breakfast she made for him, he can't even smell it. He stares at it as if it's poison, and doesn't touch it, not at all. He leaves it sitting on his nightstand.

He's still completely sick, with his nostrils plugged up, and his head feeling all hot again. It almost seems like there's no end to it, he's never been sick this long. He really wants to go out and play some tennis again, and train once more—he's sure his muscles are now completely out of shape. He wants to see the tennis club again, and, though he doesn't really quite want to admit it completely, he really wants to fight with Momoshiro. Not because he's particularly angry at him (he always is), but just because. And because he kept bothering him every day while he was sick, he could do without that.

Though it did make his day a little less boring. Just a little bit. He starts to wonder why no one else has visited him, and why it's only been Momoshiro, and if he's ever going to get those oranges the idiot promised.

Kaidoh's not surprised at all when he hears the sluggish footsteps walk up the staircase; he can recognize them by now, they're Momoshiro's. He's come to bother him again, and Kaidoh wraps his blanket around himself and sits on his bed, staring at his door. For once, Momoshiro knocks. Kaidoh is not quite sure why, because he's been falling through that door as if he owned the place since Monday, but this time he actually knocked. That's just weird, and strange, and Kaidoh shuffles on his bed uncomfortably.

"Mamushi, you asleep?" he can hear him say through the door.

"Yes," he responds, his throat hurts as he does.

"Asshole," Momoshiro mutters. He sees him trying to slide open the door, but it's locked—Kaidoh has been prepared. "Hey, why'd you lock it. Open up."

Kaidoh snorts, then quickly sneezes inside of a tissue. "No, go home."

"Yeah, but I got you something."

Is it the oranges? Well, it's not like he'll eat anything right now, since nothing looks tasty to him, so he leaves Momoshiro stand outside his door so he gets the hint.

"Oh come on! Don't leave me hanging here!" yells Momoshiro as he bangs on his door. Then he stops. "Or I'll just go downstairs and bug your mother and brother or something. I'm sure they'll love hearing stories about their little Kaoru-chan and his potty-mouth."

Kaidoh growls, and he finally rolls off of his bed, dragging the blanket with him as he stalks towards his door. He unlocks it, and Momoshiro happily opens it.

"I knew you'd be happy to see me," he says immediately.

Kaidoh pulls the blanket over his head and glares at him. "What do you want." His voice is coarse and scratchy.

Momoshiro pushes past him, and settles himself down on his bed with a wide smile. A smile that says 'I'm going to be bugging you until you die today', and Kaidoh is not looking forward to it. He wishes he had the strength to punch the idiot now, then he'd be happy. Kaidoh closes his door and shuffles closer to his bed, he stands in front of Momoshiro and narrows his eyes at him.

Kaidoh clears his throat. "Well?" he urges on when Momoshiro isn't saying anything. A quiet Momoshiro is a dangerous one, a plotting one, one he doesn't want in his room—that's not to say he'll want any type of Momoshiro in his room.

"Oh right. Yeah, I got you this," he says as he pulls a small metal object from his pocket. It's round and fits in the palm of his hand. "It's some type of medicine or something. You smear it out on your head and on your neck, and it helps you cool down—that's what the store clerk told me, at least."

Kaidoh snarls at him; he doesn't need his stupid medicine. "I don't want it," he immediately says.

Momoshiro frowns at him, then he puts the medicine on his table. "Fine, be a dick. I just bought it for you, you know. You've been sick for way too long. Everyone misses you at the tennis club."

This makes Kaidoh snort and laugh at the same time. "Yeah right."

"Yeah, I knew you wouldn't buy that either," chuckles Momoshiro. "But I do, at least. I don't know about the rest of them, they seem to not care and are a bit more happy with you not around. Oh, and that stupid Horio, Kato and Mizuno were so annoying today! First, they knocked over the casket full of tennis balls, and everything simply went flying over all over the place—and then I stepped on one and fell back on my ass—and it took them half an hour to gather everything, stalling everyone's practice. When they were finally done, Arai had to prove just how manly he is by bullying them for pulling a stupid stunt like that, and then they came whining to me, as if I'm supposed to help them solve their stupid problems. Can you believe it? God, they were so annoying today. I was so pissed off today, I just wanted to punch something." He looks at Kaidoh's face suggestively. "Can I?" he asks lamely.

Kaidoh slowly shakes his head, a bit overwhelmed when Momoshiro just spoke about a 10 words per second, and it sounded like bullets firing off in his head. He's also a bit shocked that Momoshiro admitted he misses him. Him, Kaidoh, his arch rival. What the hell is wrong with him? Maybe he's getting sick too, Kaidoh wouldn't be surprised, because he's sneezed in his face so many times already. It's a miracle he's not coughing up a lung on the floor as it is.

"Well fuck, hurry up and get better. You're sick for way too long," he says annoyed.

This just pisses Kaidoh off, as if he's choosing to be sick all this time, and even more so that Momoshiro thinks he's entitled to a healthy Kaidoh or something, just for the sake of having a punching bag. The stupid clueless idiot. Kaidoh whacks him on his head, but it's soft and bounces off immediately since his arm was wrapped in his fluffy blanket.

"Yeah well, fuck you too," says Momoshiro indignantly.

Kaidoh sits down next to Momoshiro, still wrapped in his blanket, which he knows is bugging Momoshiro since it's up in his face. He stares at the metal container on his table; maybe it would help to try it out. It'll make him feel less hot, perhaps, if it's meant to cool him down at least. Especially now, he's feeling really hot, and he's starting to sweat on his hands again. Maybe it's his blanket, trapping in his heat. But he doesn't feel like throwing it off of him, then he'd be touching Momoshiro and that's just awkward.

Not that this isn't awkward already.

Kaidoh coughs into his blanket a few times before he speaks up. "And the oranges?"

Momoshiro laughs. "What excuse will you believe this time?"

"That you're an idiot," says Kaidoh.


"Dumbass. Can't even get me my oranges."

"Oh, so now you want them, huh?"

"I didn't say I did," he huffs. "Just that you keep promising to take them with you and you haven't."

"Fine, I'll give you your damn oranges. Tomorrow."

Kaidoh wants to protest and say that he's not going to allow him to come by again as much as he pleases, but is interrupted by a knock on his door. His mother slides the door open, carrying a tray with two bowls on it—he can see steam emerging from them.

"I've made some soup for you, Kaoru—and brought some extra for you too, Momoshiro-kun," she says sweetly.

Kaidoh tries to hide his leftover breakfast that's sitting on his nightstand by standing up and taking the tray from her hands. If she sees he hasn't eaten anything since yesterday she won't stop bugging him until there's something shoved down his throat.

"Thanks, Kaidoh-san!" says Momoshiro gratefully, and he's already seated at his table.

"You're welcome! Now Kaoru, please eat some soup, you need to get better," she says as she looks worriedly at her son.

"I will," he says and bows his head.

His mother leaves the room and he puts down the tray on the table, but then crawls back onto his bed.

"You're not eating?" asks Momoshiro with his head turned to Kaidoh.

Kaidoh pulls the blanket over himself again, making a little hut. "I'm not hungry."

Momoshiro sees the leftover breakfast behind him and frowns at him, as if he's worried about him. Hah, yeah right, the only reason why Momoshiro even comes by is to bug the hell out of him, and it's working, too. "Did you eat the curry yesterday?" he asks thoughtfully.

Kaidoh grunts at him, wishing to not talk about the subject of food anymore.

"You know you need to eat, right? This is probably why you're still sick." Momoshiro shakes his head as he grabs his spoon and drops it into his soup. "Come on, sit, eat some soup." He takes the spoon out, an air of steam evaporates off of it, and Momoshiro softly blows against it.

"I said I'm not hungry," Kaidoh says more determined this time. His eyes are strained on Momoshiro's spoon, and the way he puckers his lips to blow.

Momoshiro puts the spoon full of soup in his mouth. "Tastes pretty good!" he compliments. "You know you want some."

"No, I really don't."

"Ah come on, just stuff a few spoonfuls worth of soup in your mouth and you'll feel a lot better already."

Kaidoh wrinkles his nose, then pulls the blanket tighter around him so only his face is visible. "No."

Momoshiro huffs at him, then leaves him alone for a while as he eats his own bowl of soup. Kaidoh rocks back and forth on his bed, and sniffs loudly a few times, then wipes off his snotty nose against his blanket every once in a while. He watches Momoshiro scrape his spoon inside the bowl, then coughs a few times, and returns to staring again.

"You're being annoying," says Momoshiro.

Seriously? He's being annoying? "Shut the hell up, you moron," he immediately replies.

"You're just doing nothing on your stupid bed. At least sit next to me or something."

Yeah, he'll sit down next to him, so he can punch him in the face—sounds good to him. Kaidoh crawls across his bed, and sort of falls down onto the ground, taking the blanket and all with him. He's trapped inside of his blanket, and he futilely tries to break free from his prison. Kaidoh sneezes a few times as he tries to find the opening, but it's Momoshiro that pulls the blanket off of him, his hair now even more disheveled, and his face extremely flushed. There's even some snot running down his nose again, which he quickly wipes away.

"You okay?" That's got to be the first time he has asked that ever since he came over. This sort of makes Kaidoh feel hotter. Stupid idiot, it's not like he really cares or anything ... his eyes land on the small metal container, the one Momoshiro brought for him to make him feel better.

"I'm sick, of course I'm not okay," he decides to say in his snappy voice. He sits up straight, using his blanket as a make-shift chair.

"You're really no fun when you're sick, did you know that? No fun at all."

Kaidoh hisses, which fails and sounds like snot spluttering out of his nose, so he quickly stops.

Momoshiro leans over, holding his hand underneath he spoon, and forcing its way into Kaidoh's face. "Now, say 'Aaah', Mamushi."

Kaidoh looks at him perplexed; is he serious? "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

Momoshiro scoots closer, some of the soup spilling off of the spoon and landing on Kaidoh's blanket. "Actually, no, I'm not—so open up that trap of yours or else I'm going to shove it down there myself."

"Like hell I am!" he snaps and leans backwards, away from the spoon.

Momoshiro zones in closer, this time leaning entirely over Kaidoh's lap and pressing him up against the bed. Momoshiro tries to put the spoon to Kaidoh's mouth, but like hell will he ever let him spoon feed him, so he ends up dodging it over and over again. Kaidoh tries to squirm away, but his blanket is trapping his legs, so he flails all over the place, and Momoshiro grabs his wrist to hold him still.

"Eat it!" he demands.

"No!" Kaidoh bites Momoshiro's arm. The idiot shrieks, and unfortunately drops the spoon full of soup in the process, and it falls down on Kaidoh's chest. It burns and stings like hell; Kaidoh scream out loud and pushes Momoshiro off of him, who crashes against his table, causing both soup bowls to topple over and spill soup everywhere.

Momoshiro is leaning on his hands, which are pressed into the soup, looking absolutely flabbergasted.

The soup reaches Kaidoh's blanket, and that's it. He loses it. Kaidoh stands up, clenching his fists by his side.

"You asshole," he breathes out dangerously. "You fucking moron." Momoshiro looks up at him with wide and insulted eyes. "Get a fucking clue already and get the fuck out of my room." His voice is dark and deadly serious, as much as can be when he sounds nasally. Momoshiro looks a bit fearful, but he's not moving or saying anything. Kaidoh loudly sniffs his nose and he stares at the floor. "You're making me feel worse, so get out already, you absolute moron."

Momoshiro shifts backwards, his hands dragging through the spilt soup. "Oh," he says, very unenergetic, and Kaidoh feels a pang of guilt stab his chest. Momoshiro gets up. "Sorry. I'll stop coming by then. Hope you feel better soon." No sooner has he said those words and Momoshiro is already out of the room.

Kaidoh stands with his bare feet in the now cold soup with snot coming out of his nose.


While his body isn't sweating as much as it was, and his headache has cleared up, and sometimes both of his nostrils are unplugged—Kaidoh feels worse than yesterday. He lies in bed all day long, staring at the wall, staring at his blanket, staring at his feet; he feels guilty.

Yeah, he said it. Guilty.

Before going to bed, he used that stupid medicine Momoshiro gave to him, which was some very smelly icky white stuff, and against his better judgment, he smeared it on his forehead and on his chest. And it helped, it cooled down his skin, relieved some of the pains in his muscles and actually cleared up his nose for a while. Knowing this made him feel so much more worse for kicking Momoshiro out of his room.

But it's all his fault anyway. He tried to feed Kaidoh, as if he was some incompetent baby. Not only that, he never listened to him when he told him to leave and go home—except for yesterday of course. Asshole, his stomach feels tight and nauseous and it's all that idiot's fault. He's going to come again today, isn't he? Kaidoh knows he is. For sure, Momoshiro will disregard anything he's said, and simply come back with that stupid smile on his stupid face and trip over his stupid feet as he stupidly crashes through his door.

Yeah, that's exactly what will happen.

Kaidoh stares at his door for the entire day until he falls asleep.

Momoshiro didn't come.


Kaidoh's feeling better, physically. He's eating breakfast and dinner again, but he doesn't really feel like it after all. Both of his nostrils are clear and he can easily breathe through them again. His headache has all but dissolved, and the only thing that reminds him that he's still sick, is his red cheeks and racing heart, and sometimes sweaty hands.

He wonders, if perhaps he should apologize to Momoshiro. Regardless of how much of an idiot he was, he was an idiot with ... good intentions. Yeah, sort of. In a Momoshiro kind of way, that is. He did bother him for four straight days, and Kaidoh hates him for it—but looking at it afterwards, Momoshiro is the only one that expressed concern about his health. No one else did.

He didn't think he was that friendless.

Which makes the whole thing even worse, since he doesn't think of Momoshiro as his friend.

But he is a good rival though. He's really good at annoying him, he could win awards for that. Momoshiro just knows how to bug him, and for some reason, even if he doesn't really want to admit it, he really knows what Kaidoh's thinking. Yes, he has constantly told him to get the hell out of his room and leave him alone, but Momoshiro knows that Kaidoh actually didn't mind that much. That he didn't mind a diversion of his cold, that he'd have someone to talk to and not feel so craptastic and lonely. After all, Momoshiro tried to cheer him up with his endless, mindless babbling about unimportant and mundane things, which was the perfect opportunity for Kaidoh to give snide remarks and feel a bit better about himself.

Except, of course, he sort of got really angry at Momoshiro, and like hell will he ever admit to liking Momoshiro's visits. If he really knows what Kaidoh is thinking, he should already know that.

Which is why he's so angry at the fact that Momoshiro hasn't visited him still.

Kaidoh stares at his cellphone, wondering if perhaps he should send him a text message. Maybe 'sorry' or something or 'why didn't you come over?' or 'you're a douchebag'. Though he's sure he won't appreciate the latter. Why should he even have to send him anything at all? The idiot should just get over himself and get back over here and play his stupid Playstation already.

He opens up his cellphone, then begins a new message. He doesn't know what to send. He can't send 'I'm sorry' because that's stupid—and he's not. He's just sort of guilty over having said some things to Momoshiro that scared him off.

Isn't that just a round-about way of saying he is sorry?

Crap, Kaidoh can't even argue against himself anymore.

Fine, he's sorry. But he can't tell Momoshiro that. Not straight out. He quickly types in a few letters in his cellphone.


Yeah, that's what he'll send him, because Momoshiro is an idiot. Plus, that's code for 'I'm sorry' isn't it? Whether it is or not, he's decided that yes, it means sorry. And if Momoshiro doesn't understand that, then, well, he's simply an idiot, and his message makes even more sense, and he doesn't know Kaidoh all that well after all.

Kaidoh stares at his phone for another 2 minutes; should he really be sending this? Sure, he's got guilt eating him raw on the inside, and a slight sense of remorse, but again—Momoshiro is an idiot. He probably threw a little fit, went home, then forgot all about it. That's probably exactly what he did. Kaidoh closes his cellphone and puts it down next to him on his bed; forget about saying sorry to him. He's not sorry. Sorry for what? Hah, he already forgot!

Another minute passes, and Kaidoh quickly grabs his cellphone and sends the message.

The moment he does, he hears a ringtone go off right outside his door, followed by a bunch of objects falling to the floor and rolling around, one-by-one. Kaidoh flings himself out of his bed and runs towards his door, he slides it open.

There are oranges, big ones and some oddly shaped ones, rolling all across the hallway, while Momoshiro is desperately trying to pick them back up while pretending he's invisible. Kaidoh stands in front of him, leaning against his doorframe. One of the oranges rolls up and stops by his foot.

"This is, uhh, not what it looks like," Momoshiro hastily says as he reaches for the one by his foot.

"How long have you been standing there?" asks Kaidoh, as nonchalant as he can, while nudging the orange with his toes.

"Maybe ten minutes," Momoshiro mumbles under his breath and he grabs the orange and puts it back in the plastic bag he's carrying.

Kaidoh's heart starts to race again, perhaps he's still pretty sick after all. He bends down and picks up an orange as well; it's the last one. Momoshiro stands up, along with Kaidoh, and quickly takes it out of his hand, stuffs it into his bag, then offers the bag to Kaidoh.

"Uhh, for you," he says, looking away.

His hands start to sweat again, but he takes the plastic bag off of Momoshiro's hands anyway. He stands aside, his back flattened against the doorpost. "Get in," he says.

Momoshiro shuffles inside, his head still bent down. Kaidoh closes the door behind him, and takes out one of the oranges from the bag.

"So uhm, I was going to drop by yesterday after you didn't show up for school still, but you seemed really angry the day before yesterday, so after lingering around your house for an hour, I just went back home. And uhh, then I bought some oranges on my way over here ... I didn't break the bowls, did I? If I did, I'll pay you back for it, it was just a stupid accident. Did you get a burn on your chest? Did you use the medicine I gave to you? I read online that it really helps out, but hey, it seems you're already looking a lot better. I guess you didn't really need the oranges after all. And, uhh—hey, who's the idiot!" he says, his hand holding his cellphone and reading the message Kaidoh has sent him.

Kaidoh is sitting on his bed, peeling the orange, and while he looks like he doesn't care, he's listening very carefully to whatever Momoshiro is rambling about.

"Oh, that's code for 'I'm sorry' isn't it?" he asks, grinning at Kaidoh.

Kaidoh rips off some more skin off the orange and tries to look dignified with red cheeks. At least he understood, like he always does.

Momoshiro sits down next to him on his bed. "You look a lot better. Your cheeks are still flushed though."

"I know." Oh, he knows. "Thanks for the oranges. And the medicine. It helped."

"I see, good thing I bought it, huh? So, I'm guessing you'll be back again on Monday?"

Kaidoh takes out one of the segments from the orange, and pops it into his mouth, sucking the juices out of it. It's bitter. "Of course."

Momoshiro sighs in relief, then falls back on his bed, his arms spread out. Kaidoh tries to ignore how close his arm is near his butt. "Good. I was going crazy without you."

Kaidoh sucks harder on the piece of orange, the juices having all disappeared and left the fruit dry. His skin feels hot, with his heart beating faster, and his hands getting sweaty again. He shifts uncomfortably on his spot.

"Uhh, at the tennis club, I mean," Momoshiro says, a bit embarrassed, sitting up straight again. "Yeah, without you, it's just a mess. You do things much better than I do."

"That's because I'm the captain, you idiot."

Momoshiro gives him a slight push against his arm with his fist, he's smiling a little. They're quiet for a bit, Kaidoh tries to concentrate on his orange only, he's strangely aware of how close Momoshiro is.

"Did you really hang outside my house for an hour yesterday?"

"No," Momoshiro lies.

"Idiot," snickers Kaidoh and he pops another segment in his mouth. The sour taste of the orange makes the inside of his cheeks pinch a bit. He can feel his heart thump against this chest, sending vibrations to his ears.

"Dumbass," says Momoshiro. He then leans over Kaidoh and takes an orange out of the plastic bag. "Mind if I take one?"

Kaidoh wishes he could tell him off, how he's already gotten one out of the bag without waiting for an answer, but his breath kind of hitches in his throat, and he feels his face heat up even more. Damnit—he thought he was done being sick already! Momoshiro is being surprisingly silent as he peels the orange too. Kaidoh tries to ignore his sickly feelings, and sucks on one of the orange segments again.

"Oh," says Momoshiro all of the sudden that it startles Kaidoh. "I finished all your homework. So when you go back to school, you should have everything done and stuff."

"Except for notes," points Kaidoh out.

Momoshiro huffs. "Yeah well, I couldn't exactly sit in your class the entire day and take notes."

Kaidoh says nothing, but wedges his finger inside the orange to pop another segment out. It's quiet, a bit too quiet, the sound of oranges being peeled is magnified and Kaidoh's feeling hotter by the second. Momoshiro simply sucks on one of the segments, some of the juice trickling down his lips. Kaidoh reaches forward, to his table, to put the excess skin away, Momoshiro does the same.

Why isn't that idiot saying anything? Usually he can't shut up, but now it's quiet, and Kaidoh's feeling a bit awkward all of the sudden. He blames it on being sick.

As he stares at the orange in his hand, his thoughts wander to Momoshiro, back when he took care of him on the crappiest day he had lived through yet. Should he thank him for this, too? It's a bit embarrassing, because he was really out of it back then, but Momoshiro did help him out. Or perhaps he should just come out and say; thanks for everything. For keeping him company, for not letting him get bored too much, for annoying the crap out of him, and just for being there and trying to make him feel better—when no one else did.

But that sounds cheesy, and this is Momoshiro he's talking about. He's an idiot. Kaidoh swallows the piece in his mouth and looks down at his lap, fiddling with what's left of the orange. But he's an idiot that he allowed in his room.

"Uhm," he starts, his cheeks getting more red.

Momoshiro's eyes dart over to him, but doesn't stop playing around with his orange.

The thumping in his chest gets louder. "I really hate you coming over," he says with a gruff voice. This makes Momoshiro frown at him, one of the orange segments popping out and falling to the ground. Kaidoh lowers his head. "But, uhh—thanks."

Momoshiro picks up the fallen piece of orange and sits up straight again, wiping any dirt off the piece.

"Anytime," he replies, and his voice sounds oddly high pitched.

Kaidoh glances at him from the corner of his eyes, and he can see him prop the fallen piece of orange in his mouth—that's just nasty. But he also notices something else; Momoshiro's cheeks are slightly pink. Is he finally getting sick too? Before he can stop himself, Kaidoh is already raising his hand and touching Momoshiro's cheek. Momoshiro didn't expect that, and swiftly turns his face around towards Kaidoh, and the orange segment drops from his mouth.

"You're getting sick," says Kaidoh, focusing on the warmth of Momoshiro's cheeks, which are growing hotter. "Idiot, I told you you'd get sick from me too."

Momoshiro sits still, staring at Kaidoh with a very intense and slightly trembling gaze. Kaidoh's fingers trail down his cheek, slowly pulling away. He looks into Momoshiro's eyes as well, at his pupils which are dilated, and he can feel his heart race again. It's sort of painful. Momoshiro blinks once, twice, then averts his eyes downwards, and now Kaidoh's feeling a bit lightheaded.

Someone moves, maybe it's him, or maybe it's Momoshiro, he doesn't quite register it—but the distance between him and Momoshiro has shrunk, and Momoshiro's lips are pressing against Kaidoh's.

Kaidoh jerks back, eyes bulging out of his sockets, Momoshiro looks shocked and surprised himself as well. Kaidoh sucks in a breath, not daring to look away from Momoshiro, he can really hear his heart thump loudly, and his fingers are shaking. Momoshiro takes in a deep breath as well, his cheeks red and hot, and then he's leaning closer again, capturing Kaidoh's lips. The oranges that were once in their hands simply roll off of the bed. The sound of fabric rubbing against each other rings through Kaidoh's ears, and he leans back even more—away from Momoshiro. He fists Momoshiro's shirt, to push him away.

But it's not doing anything, Momoshiro simply crawls forward, grabbing Kaidoh's arm and pulling him back, so that their lips crash uncomfortably against each other. He desperately tries to push Momoshiro off of him, but he still doesn't quite have his strength back, and Momoshiro takes advantage of that. His lips are hot, they're burning him, his skin feels like it's on fire, and Momoshiro pushes Kaidoh down on his bed, hovering above him, not letting him escape.

Escape is suddenly not an option in his mind anymore. His heart is running a marathon, and his voice refuses to get out of his throat. Kaidoh wants him to stop, to get him off of him, but Momoshiro sucks on his lips, angrily, gnawing, and Kaidoh doesn't know what he's thinking anymore.

The sour taste of the orange is exchanged between them when Momoshiro parts his lips and suckles on Kaidoh's bottom lip. It's so hot, so warm, and nghh—this is hellfire. Kaidoh's hand, which was on Momoshiro's chest, pushing him away, is now running along his side, underneath his shirt, touching his sweaty and hot skin. Momoshiro briefly pulls his lips away, which gives Kaidoh a chance to take in a deep breath, and he looks at his molester, with eyes half-open and lazy, and completely overwhelmed. His body is shaking, trembling at Momoshiro's hot touch, and then they're back again, pressing their lips against one another, and sucking hard. Sucking all the feelings through them, making Kaidoh's heart run a thousand marathons at once, and he's breathing, exhaling, gasping, squirming underneath Momoshiro.

Haa ... Ha ...

Momoshiro suddenly sneezes violently and unexpectedly, causing their foreheads to clash against each other painfully, and they both groan out in pain. Momoshiro pulls away, his body not trapping Kaidoh on his bed anymore, and he's clutching his head.

Kaidoh raises his body, breathing harshly through his mouth, and trying to not pay attention to the fact that his entire body is shivering, there's even goose bumps on his arms and legs.

As if Momoshiro suddenly realizes what he's been doing, he stands up from Kaidoh's bed, his face flushed with red, and wiping his sweaty hands against his pants. "I—uhh," he starts uncomfortably. "I'll see you Monday."

He quickly bolts out of the room, without even waiting for a goodbye or anything from Kaidoh. Kaidoh's lips feel raw and hot to the touch, and his thoughts are swimming in an ocean of fire. The beating of his heart pulsates through his head, painfully, completely aware of every little thing his body is feeling right now. It's hot, and it's uncomfortable, and his chest feels tight and warm, and he lies down on his bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering if he's ever going to get better from this sickness.


Kaidoh gets a text message from Momoshiro, which sends his heart into his throat as he reads it with sweaty hands.

Got sick 2, not going 2 school on monday.

Kaidoh snaps his cellphone shut and pulls the covers over his head as he tries to sleep again.


Kaidoh stays home, blaming it on a new sickness he contracted from Momoshiro.