Love Sickness

Rating: T for swearing and vomit

A/N: Oh Momoshiro, you can be so adorkably childish sometimes. Gosh, it's so much fun to write him. Last chapter.


Momoshiro is hiding in his fort made out of blankets, huddling a warm blanket around himself. He did something bad, something incredibly bad. Well, it didn't necessarily feel bad, it was just a really stupid thing to do. Really, really, insanely stupid. Momoshiro pulls the blanket tighter around him; he feels cold and his body is shivering. He finally got sick, but whether he's shivering because of his sickness, or because he ... Momoshiro shakes his head and buries his face into his hands.

He hadn't meant to do it, he really didn't. It wasn't even on his mind, really, not like he ever thought about it. Alright, maybe once or twice, but that's about it—honestly! Kissing Kaidoh was just something he'd never thought he'd do—but he did it anyway. His cheeks sting with heat just thinking back on it; it had been awkward, and a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. Momoshiro forced himself on an unwilling and sick Kaidoh, who had sort of kissed him back at the end there, which makes Momoshiro's heart do flippy flops all over the place, but he chalks that up to Kaidoh being delusional at the moment, and not to mention sick.

That doesn't mean it's alright though, no far from it—everything was definitely not alright. Momoshiro was, for lack of better word, completely fucked. How is he going to face Kaidoh again? Are they going to pretend it never happened? Is Kaidoh going to beat him up so badly he'll land in the hospital? Or maybe he'll send him to jail on sexual assault charges? Or maybe ... they'll do it again.

Yeah, like that will ever happen, thinks Momoshiro with a loud scoff.

Seriously, what's he going to do now? The good thing is, he doesn't have to face Kaidoh for a while, since he's sick and hiding in his fort at home, wearing nothing but duck printed pajamas, but that's going to have to come to an end after some time. Momoshiro is sweating bullets just thinking about it; confronting Kaidoh. Whyyyy did he do that. Why did he have to make a complete and utter fool out of himself and kiss Kaidoh?

It's not like he even likes the damn snake, and he's not even a girl! Not even a pretty one at that.

Yet Momoshiro can feel those little jittery feelings bothering him at every angle, and being sick isn't the only reason why his cheeks are red anymore. He doesn't know what's going on with him.

Maybe he's just really sick—that's why he kissed Kaidoh, out of sheer insanity. Yup, that's what it was, a moment of insanity, and that's all it ever will be. Isn't there like this kissing disease that sounds like his name? Yeah, mono something. Momoshiro is sure he's got the kissing disease, hence why he kissed Kaidoh. Makes perfect sense to him. It wasn't his doing, it was his stupid kissing sickness, he had absolutely no control over it. Regardless of what it is, he won't do it again, and he certainly isn't looking forward to do it again either, not even the slightest bit. Not in a million years. Not ever.

Well, maybe in his dreams. But that's it!

Momoshiro's heart leaps out of his chest when he hears the ringtone of his cellphone go off, indicating he's received a message. This reminds him of the time when he was outside Kaidoh's room and ... Momoshiro crawls out of his fort and strains his arm over towards his desk and reaches for his cellphone, not getting off the ground, and not unwrapping the blanket around himself either. He opens the new message, and when he sees Kaidoh's name, his hands start to sweat and his stomach is doing that flippy floppy crap again.

You still have my homework. I'll pick it up later today.

Oh no—is he serious? Coming over? Today! Right now! No, no, no—Momoshiro is not prepared for that yet! Fuck! Why did he forget to leave Kaidoh's homework behind! He conveniently ignores the fact that it was him that bolted straight out of there, taking the homework with him. Still, Kaidoh can't come over now! Momoshiro retreats into his fort; he's not home! There's just no way he's going to let Kaidoh in his house today, give him a little more time to collect himself or something!

Argh, man the fort! Load the cannons! Kaidoh can't come in!

Momoshiro is making quite a big fuss inside of his blanket fort that one of the blankets slips away from his desk, and everything collapses in on itself, with Momoshiro in the middle. He sneezes a bunch of times, trying to find his way out of his fort, while yelling shit a bunch of times, but manages to crawl outside of it. He watches with sad and defeated eyes at what's left of his fort.

Fine, he guesses this is a sign for Kaidoh coming over and commandeering him or something.


Momoshiro stomps all over the rubble from his fort, and looks for his backpack, which has Kaidoh's homework in it. He pulls it out and lays it down neatly on his desk. He stares at the notebook with fearful eyes—and shit, he's getting palpitation. Momoshiro tries to calm himself down by rebuilding his fort, but his stack of tennis books aren't agreeing with him, and they keep letting the blanket slip out and everything is ruined again. He throws a little fit, by jumping up and down on the pile of blankets, but then his foot gets caught inside of a fold, and he falls flat on his face, right on the part of his floor that isn't covered by blankets.

Oh that's just great.

Momoshiro picks himself up, and now his nose throbs from the impact, and it's plugged up. Nothing's going right today, seriously nothing is.

After an hour of nervous fidgeting and trying to rebuild his fort (using a glass filled with water to hold it down), Momoshiro is finally hidden away in his new 'Ultra Awesome Momo Fort'. He's drawn a little sign on one of the papers he's torn out of his notebook, and it says 'No snakes allowed!' complete with a sword stabbing a snake, and he hangs it up outside at the entrance. Yeah, that'll scare Mamushi off.

Bring it on Kaidoh, Momoshiro is prepared. He can take him on, he's got a fort! Hah! Let's see him infiltrate that!

The doorbell rings and Momoshiro turns cold. Oh shit, that's him. Shit, shit, shit, that's Kaidoh! Momoshiro pulls a blanket over him and pretend he's not home. He sends ESP signals to his mother to not open the door.

He hears the door opening.


He hears his mother greet someone, but hears nothing else, and then the door closes again, and Momoshiro's heart is racing a thousand miles per hour. He quickly closes the entrance of his fort, so that he's now completely engulfed in darkness. Well, almost entirely, his glow-in-the-dark watch is giving him a little light. Momoshiro wipes his nose on his pajamas, and stares at his entrance, his ears perked up and listening to any sounds coming from outside of his room.

Footsteps are climbing the staircase, and now Momoshiro's back starts to sweat like crazy. He crawls towards the furthest dark corner in his fort and keeps still. Maybe Kaidoh won't see him there if he's quiet. Maybe he'll think he's dead or something, and he'll leave him alone. Momoshiro really wishes his fort had cannons.

The footsteps become louder and louder until they're echoing in Momoshiro's ears, and his breath is quickening, and his entire duck printed pajamas is soaked in sweat. The footsteps stop right in front of his door and Momoshiro sucks in a breath; too scared to let out a sound to let Kaidoh know he's there. He hears two small knocks on his door. It's so quiet, Momoshiro would have missed it if he weren't so hyper aware of every sound entering his ears right now.

Wait, did he lock the door? Shit, he can't remember locking the door! No! Don't come in! He's got cannons, honestly! And he's not afraid to use them!

"Momoshiro." Kaidoh's voice rings through Momoshiro's body, and his stomach is doing flips and shit, and his face is exploding in colour. "I came for my homework." Ah, well, uhhh, ahh ... uhm ...

Stop shaking you stupid fingers!

Momoshiro pretends he's asleep by not saying a word.

"Your mother said you were awake."

The traitor.

"Just give me the homework so I can go home."

Oh hey, he can give Kaidoh his homework by just shoving the notebook underneath his door—that could work, and he wouldn't even have to face the stupid snake. Yeah! Momoshiro makes a hole in the wall of his fort so that he can reach the desk, then grabs the notebook and crawls through the fort, out the entrance. Momoshiro stares at the door as if it's some kind of black hole that's going to swallow him whole if he touches it. He gulps loudly, then shakes his head; it'll be fine, he won't have to face that snake. He nods his head confidently, then gets up and walks towards his door.

Just to be face planted by said door as Kaidoh opens it.

Mother of—! He starts cursing the day that his parents decided for a western styled home instead of a Japanese one.

Momoshiro's foot gets trapped inside his own pajama pants, and he stumbles backwards a lot more than necessary. He crashes into his fort, dragging the entire thing down, and the glass filled with water that was holding it all up, is now spilled on top of him, right on his pajama pants. The notebook he was holding is wet too.

Kaidoh looks at him, blinking with a blank stare.

Well. There are no words to describe how awkward and humiliating this is.

He can go ahead and die now.

Momoshiro tries to cover his pants with the notebook, so it doesn't look like he's completely wet himself down there, but the notebook is wet too, and someone-please-kill-him-now.

Kaidoh stuffs his hands in his pants, standing there awkwardly, like one of those Easter Heads statues, doing nothing but stand there silently and never go away. But he's not as awkward as Momoshiro is feeling though, if his face is any indication.

"You're too old to be making blanket forts," the statue mumbles.

"Shaddap, I don't want to hear that from you," snarls Momoshiro straight away.

Kaidoh hisses at him, and Momoshiro tries to glare with all his might at him, the stupid prick. He slammed a door in his face, made him destroy his own fort, caused him to pee himself—and the snake has the audacity to hiss at him? Well, fuck you too Kaidoh.

"Just give me my homework."

Momoshiro flings the wet notebook at his face, but he (unfortunately) catches it before getting smacked with it. Kaidoh holds it between his index finger and thumb, far away from his face. It's all wrinkly and soggy, and Momoshiro feels this slightest bit of gleefulness at the fact that Kaidoh ruined his own homework. It's all his damn fault. Kaidoh tries to shake the notebook a few times to get rid of any excess water, but it's all soaked up in there.

Which reminds Momoshiro; he's got a really wet and cold pajama pants right now. He should probably change into something dry, something that didn't have stupid duck prints on it and made him look even dorkier than he already is in front of Kaidoh. Momoshiro suddenly sneezes three times in a row, right in his hand. He wipes it off on his ruined fort.

"Here," says Kaidoh, and he takes something out of his pocket.

Momoshiro watches as he tosses whatever it was at him, and this time, Momoshiro was unfortunate enough not to catch it in time, and gets hit with it in the head. It's hard, and made out of metal, and it makes a loud 'thong!' sound on impact.

Kaidoh sinks his head into his shoulders, now resembling those Easter Heads even more. "Sorry," he mutters lowly, looking at anything besides Momoshiro.

Momoshiro growls at him, while rubbing his forehead. He picks the object up from his wet lap, and sees it's the same metal container he gave to Kaidoh several days ago, that white sticky stuff. "What, you don't want it anymore?" he asks with a sneer.

"No, stupid, I'm giving it to you so you can use it," replies Kaidoh.

Oh, he didn't think of that ... well, what should he say now? Thank him for giving back the gift he bought for him? Dumbass. God, this is awkward as hell. Momoshiro stares at the container in his hands, his cheeks never once returning to its original colour ever since Kaidoh knocked him in the face with the door. Well, he's sure he probably already looked pretty red before that even happened as well. Stupid Kaidoh. Stupid sickness. Stupid kissing disease.

Kaidoh still stands there, like the stupid statue he is, not moving a muscle, nor opening his mouth to yell something at Momoshiro. At least then he wouldn't feel so awkward, but with this silence, Momoshiro's thoughts start to wander back to what happened two days ago. He clears his throat and stares at the floor, at his glow-in-the-dark watch, at his duck printed pajamas—at anything but that uncomfortable statue in front of him.

Then the stupid statue moves; he bends down, to pick something up from the floor. It's the drawing he made that says 'No snakes allowed!'.

"Uhm, I drew that one for my fort," says Momoshiro sheepishly. He feels so stupid right now, and he's sure Kaidoh's thinking he's stupid as well. Probably something even worse than that.

Kaidoh crumples it up in his hand—and hey, he spend fifteen minutes on that—then turns around, flinging the ball of paper behind himself. "I'm going," he says.

What, going already? But, but, he hasn't even mentioned anything yet! Is he seriously going to ignore it? He's not even going to punch Momoshiro's face? Nothing at all? He can't just leave and pretend it never happened!

So Momoshiro stands up and leaps forward, grabbing Kaidoh's shirt, which is a bit hard, since it's very tight and there's not much room to grab, so he ends up pinching his stomach fat. Kaidoh tilts his head sideways, and he glares at Momoshiro—hey, is he blushing? Well, maybe he's still sick, just like Momoshiro is, that's why his cheeks are red right now, it has nothing to do with Easter Head Kaidoh. It's because of the kissing disease. He got it from Kaidoh, that's why he kissed him back. Yeah. Probably.

"Ehm," he stammers. Well, now what? What's he going to say to him? He's sorry for kissing him? Sorry for forcing himself onto him while he was sick? Say it'll never happen again? It was a moment of pure insanity? Say that the kissing disease made him do it? Tell him to hit him as much as he wants? Momoshiro has no idea what he wants to say to Kaidoh, and there's this blank expression on his face as he continues to pinch Kaidoh's skin.

"I'm—" he starts half-assed. But he doesn't finish it; Momoshiro has no idea what to tell Kaidoh. For once in his life, Momoshiro is speechless, and that's quite a feat, since he prides himself on being a blabbermouth. But not this time, not right now, not when Kaidoh's staring at him with the whites of his eyes huge and expanded, his pupils tiny and scary—he's pretty damn sure Kaidoh hates his guts right now.

"Let go," Kaidoh growls and he yanks himself free from Momoshiro's pathetic grip.

Momoshiro looks at him with his mouth open and wide. There's even some snot coming out of his nose, trickling down slowly, towards his upper lip.

"Get better, idiot," says Kaidoh and he finally stomps his way downstairs, and out of his house.

Momoshiro changes pajamas, one with planet prints on them.


Momoshiro's not feeling all that well. Yesterday it was just some annoying snotty and running nose, but today, it's a splitting headache, and he's shivering because he's hot and cold. That's not the worst part though; he's feeling nauseous as well, like he could throw up any moment now. He's got a bucket stuffed underneath his arm in case he does feel the need to throw up. He's sitting in his newly built fort (Super Special Awesome Momo Fort II), with a ton of blankets wrapped around himself, along with his bucket.

The last time he remembers throwing up, it had come out through his nose, and ugh, he felt like he was drowning in his own puke. He does not want to experience that again. Ever. He hugs the bucket closer to his body.

Momoshiro starts to think that maybe it's a good idea to use that medicine, the one he bought for Kaidoh. Then his thoughts are back thinking about Kaidoh again. That sneaky kissing snake. Momoshiro looked up online yesterday, when he was still feeling better, about that kissing disease, and all it says that it transfers through saliva. Momoshiro doesn't remember exchanging saliva with Kaidoh, not before that day anyway, maybe he did it on accident? Kaidoh did bite his arm that one time ... maybe it transfers through blood as well? Then where did Kaidoh get it from?

There's a knock on his door, probably his sister or something, wanting to play with him.

"Go ewey," Momoshiro tries to say, but it sounds nasally, and a wave of nausea takes over him.

The door opens, and someone walks inside. They're heavy footsteps; those definitely didn't belong to his little sister, or even his mother, and his father is at work.

"I brought your homework."

For a few seconds, Momoshiro entertains himself with the idea that he's experiencing a hallucination, one caused by the kissing disease. Hence why he's imagining Kaidoh's voice right now, telling him he brought his homework. He wonders if the kissing disease works like imprinting or something, since he kissed Kaidoh first, and now he's stuck with him or something. Like penguins, they're together for life, aren't they? Shit, he doesn't want to be together with Kaidoh at all, let alone forever.

The entrance of his Super Special Awesome Momo Fort II opens up, and hey, hallucinations shouldn't be able to infiltrate his fort like that. Nor should they look that ugly either.

"What are you doing in there?" asks Kaidoh, who is certainly not a hallucination.

Drool drips from Momoshiro's mouth as he pointedly stares at Kaidoh, blinking his eyes just to make sure he's really seeing reality.

"Wah are yu doin' here?" asks Momoshiro stupidly. Oooh, he feels whoozy.

Kaidoh sits down on the floor, right at the entrance, and he throws a notebook inside of his fort. Momoshiro grins to himself as he temporarily imagines it to be a cannon ball, and Kaidoh has just claimed war on his fort. He's going to steal his precious glow-in-the-dark watch, that's why he's there right now, shooting cannon balls, to try and steal it. As well as his bucket. Hell no, it's his precious watch and bucket, not that pirate's.

"Homework," says the pirate.

"Humwork, smomewurk, get out yah piiirate," says Momoshiro as he tries to snarl at Kaidoh, but it only makes saliva drip from his lips, like he's on some mad cow disease now as well.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" asks Kaidoh.

The contents of his stomach are sloshing against the walls of his stomach, and Momoshiro feels like he's a pirate at sea, standing on a ship that keeps rocking back and forth. And oh crap ... he's gonna ... he's gonna ...

Kaidoh pulls his face into a disgusting grimace when Momoshiro ducks his face into his precious bucket and throws up last night's dinner. Some of it even manages to come out through his nose, and Momoshiro is drowning in his vomit again, and he's coughing and puking and trying to gasp for air. He spits out everything he can from his mouth, and when his nostrils are clear again, he takes a huge breath—and then vomits again. Momoshiro hardly even registers how Kaidoh is rubbing his back, and making sure he won't drop his bucket. Momoshiro lifts his face from the stinky smelly bucket and is panting heavily, the vomiting finally having stopped. He can feel a bit of half-digested food on his lips, and before he knows it, Kaidoh has it wiped away with a tissue he's holding.

Oh hey, it's Kaidoh. Since when has he been there?

"Feel better?" asks Kaidoh, who has not stopped rubbing his back. It's sort of soothing, but sort of uncomfortable as well, since his back is really sweaty.

"A bit," says Momoshiro weakly.

"Fresh air is better for you, I don't know why you're sitting in this ridiculous blanket fort."

"Shut up," Momoshiro breathes out with all the strength he has. Remembering what Kaidoh came in here for, he pulls his bucket close to his chest. "My bucket." Then he gets a whiff of what's inside of it, and offers it free-of-charge to Kaidoh after all.

Kaidoh grabs it and puts it away, far away from the both of them. "You look like crap."

"Funny, you look like a pirate." Momoshiro reaches forward, towards the tissue that Kaidoh's been holding, and rips it out of his hands. He wipes his nose clean with it. Ahhh, that feels much better.

"You're deranged," says Kaidoh.

"Arr," says Momoshiro. He flings the tissue away, he doesn't care if it'll end up on his pillow. "It's your fault," he says after sneezing once. "You gave me the kissing disease."

"What?" asks Kaidoh confused, and he finally stops rubbing Momoshiro's back.

"You. Gave me. The kissing disease."

"What the hell is a kissing disease?"

"Well, you see, it's were you end up kissing. I think it's rather self-explanatory."

"You dumbass, there's no such disease."

"Oh yeah? Watch this."

Momoshiro falls on top of Kaidoh and slobbers his vomit-smeared lips against Kaidoh's puckered ones. Kaidoh reacts by kicking him off of him, and then he rolls over, and his fort comes crashing down on the both of them.

He's being swallowed by blankets, and it's getting really hard to breathe, and he's feeling nauseous all over again, and his bucket is nowhere in sight. Crap, where's the exit! Momoshiro's head gets exposed to the sunlight streaming in from his window when Kaidoh finally pulls the blanket off of him. He stands there, like a statue again, holding the edge of the blanket in his hands, his cheeks flushed with red, his bandana almost falling off—staring at Momoshiro who is sitting down on his ruined fort.

"See," says Momoshiro, and he hiccups like a drunken sailor. "Kissing disease."

Kaidoh throws the blanket on the ground as he grows more red in his face. "Asshole! Don't kiss me when you just vomited!" And then Kaidoh's not in his room anymore.

All that's left is Momoshiro, his glow-in-the-dark watch, his bucket filled with vomit, and his ruined fort.

So, does that mean it's okay to kiss when he hasn't vomited?


Shit has just gotten serious.

Momoshiro remembers everything from yesterday, in painstakingly detailed memories. He was sort of, uhm, delusional yesterday. Thinking back on it, it all looked like a funny pirate dream to Momoshiro at the time, and he was feeling really crappy and ill. Oh, and he kissed Kaidoh.

This just can't be happening. He can't have imprinted himself on Kaidoh and be penguins with him and kiss him all the time, can he?

Momoshiro is entirely convinced that he does have a kissing disease, and everyone should stay away from him in case he tries to jump on them or something. Well, it's mostly Kaidoh who should stay away from him, because his mind is filled with wanting to kiss him. It does turn him off a bit when he remembers how it happened yesterday; puking through your nose is not a fun experience. Kissing someone after puking is not really all that ideal either.

Either way, he should probably quit the tennis club and go to a different school and never see him again.

Which is sort of hard to do when Momoshiro can see Kaidoh, still in uniform, standing outside of his house as he peers through his curtain. What the hell is he doing here? Again? Hasn't he learned his lesson yet? Momoshiro is dangerous to be around! He presses his face up against the window, staring down at Kaidoh who has no idea he's being watched, his heart starting to race again and his back feels all sweaty. What's he doing anyway? Why isn't he walking up and ringing the doorbell? Not that Momoshiro wants him there or anything, especially after all that ridiculous kissing.

Kaidoh continues to stand there, like the stupid Easter Head statue that he is. They could build a monument out of him, he's that stiff and rigid. Well, what's he waiting for? To turn into stone for real?

Momoshiro pushes himself away from the window and rolls over his still ruined blanket fort to reach his cellphone on his desk. He opens it up and starts typing in a text message to Kaidoh, and quickly sends it. Then he presses his eye up against the window again, watching as Kaidoh suddenly jerks back into life, like a robot booting up again, and he nervously looks around, then fishes out his cellphone from his pocket and checks the message. Kaidoh finally lifts up his head as he looks straight at Momoshiro.

Momoshiro waves like a retard.

Kaidoh, surprisingly, gives him a little wave back.

Momoshiro points his finger down at the door while raising his eyebrows.

Kaidoh walks up to the door and rings the bell.

He sits on his bed, arms folded over his chest, over his planet printed pajamas, and he gazes at his door. The western styled door, that should probably be replaced by a sliding door, just so he won't ever get hit in the face by it again.

So ... Kaidoh's coming up. Any second now he'll be in his room, and he'll see sickly sweaty Momoshiro, with tissues stuffed up in his nose, and Momoshiro might just kiss him again. He'll try to restrain himself of course, as much as he can, since kissing isn't something he should do. Especially not to Kaidoh, who for some reason, keeps coming back to him, despite knowing they had kissed. Kissed sickly sweaty Momoshiro. Maybe he has the same kissing disease as well, except it's reversed for him. Yeah, something like how he can't stop himself from being kissed. That's sort of lame.

Kaidoh doesn't even bother knocking on the door as he opens it, but he does do it rather gently, to make sure Momoshiro isn't standing in front of it to be face planted by it anymore. Seeing that the coast is clear, he turns around and closes it, then carefully places his backpack on the floor.

"Stalker," is the first thing Momoshiro says to him. It's also the only thing he knows what to say to him, because everything else sounds stupid, and reminds him of kissing Kaidoh. Reminds him of his clammy hands and racing heart.

Kaidoh shoots him a nasty glare, well, it's hard to tell, since his face always looks angry like that. Momoshiro sometimes can't tell if Kaidoh's simply angry, or if he's just looking at something, or if he's just really constipated.

"I didn't want to wake you up," says Kaidoh with a nod of his head.

"Yeah, I'm sure that's the reason you were too chicken to walk up to the door," says Momoshiro.

Kaidoh hisses, and Momoshiro snorts back at him, which causes one of the tissues stuck in his nose to fly out, and land on his lap. Well, that's nasty.

"My mother made soup for you," says Kaidoh. He opens his backpack and takes out a small plastic cup. "It's still hot." He puts it on Momoshiro's desk, and turns back into stone again, standing in front of his door with his head bent down, staring at the floor. "How are you feeling?" he asks.

Momoshiro stuffs another tissue in his nose, so that the both of them are plugged up once more, and no more mucus can escape. "A lot better than yesterday." Should he convince Kaidoh of his kissing disease? Or is he already pretty much convinced, hence why he's so stiff and statue-like and standing far away from Momoshiro?

He doesn't really feel like eating the soup Kaidoh's mother made for him.

"Well, that's it. I'm going again," says Kaidoh in a squeaky voice.

The visit is over already? He hasn't even punched Momoshiro or anything, for kissing him with vomit on his lips. Maybe he's too scared to approach Momoshiro now, maybe he thinks he'll just kiss him again, and honestly, Momoshiro doesn't blame him.

"What?" Kaidoh's face is suddenly close, and he's got these rosy coloured cheeks, and his eyes are twitching from agitation. Momoshiro barely even registered that he walked across his room to reach him, to prevent him from walking out the door, holding onto his school uniform.

Uhh, what's he trying to do again?

Kaidoh's eyes keep staring at him, waiting for him to say something, those darkly coloured eyes. Those rosy cheeks, and full lips ... what-the-hell-is-he-thinking.

"Yesterday," Momoshiro starts, figuring he'll just wing it. "Yesterday you said ..." He said something alright. What was it again? "Not to do it after I threw up." Yeah, that's the one.

Kaidoh just continues to look at him pointedly, as if he's grown another head on his shoulder.

Momoshiro plucks at Kaidoh's uniform, feeling like an Easter Head statue himself. "So ... it's okay—when I don't throw up?"

The colour in Kaidoh's face drains, real fast, as if he's seen a ghost, and his pupils are so tiny Momoshiro can barely see them. He hisses loudly, like a teapot boiling over, then rips his uniform out of Momoshiro's hand and dashes away from him, as fast as he can.


That snake can run fast.


Momoshiro is feeling a little bit better, not as nauseous as two days ago, but not entirely better either. He feels hot and sweaty, but at least he doesn't have a headache anymore, and he's not throwing up. He got back on the internet again to look up some more information about that kissing disease, that Mono thing. But no matter how much he read about it, none of the articles said they would actually cause a person to kiss someone spontaneously. It's mostly how Mono makes you feel tired for months. There's no kissing symptom at all. Momoshiro is not convinced, and he knows he's got something alright, something that makes him kiss people.

Which is why he's staring at his family with watchful eyes during breakfast. He's not eating though, a piece of toast sitting on his plate, something his mother made for him. He looks at his mother, staring at her for a minute, until he concludes he has no intention whatsoever to kiss her. That would be disgusting and plain wrong. Not that kissing Kaidoh felt good and right. He looks at his sister, and that creeps him out even more—he's definitely not going to kiss her, nor will he ever feel like it. Ew. Then he looks at his father, and Momoshiro sighs and sinks into himself; who's he kidding, he doesn't feel like kissing anyone at all.

Except for Kaidoh.

So maybe he is a penguin?

"Takeshi," says his mother suddenly. "Are you not hungry?"

"Oh, sorry. I don't feel like it." Momoshiro, not eating food, and kissing Kaidoh—the world has certainly been flipped upside down.

"You know, you should invite Kaidoh-kun to come over for dinner. He's been so nice to you these past few days, always coming to check up on you, the least we can do is let him stay over for dinner."

Momoshiro sort of wants to tell his mother that that's not really a good idea, because he's being penguins with Kaidoh, and has a kissing disease, and who knows what else he'll try on that unsuspecting snake in his room?

"Okay," he says after all. He's not looking forward to it though.

Momoshiro excuses himself from breakfast and goes back up to his room. He builds a new blanket fort since he's got nothing else to do all day long, and his entire room is clad in blankets (he stole some from his sister's bedroom) and pillows. He dubs it Super Extra Special Awesome Momo Fort III.

While inside of his fort, he plays around with his cellphone, wondering if he should invite Kaidoh or not. But if he doesn't, he's sure his mother will be disappointed, and try again anyway. So he opens up a new message and types in a bunch of letters.

My mom wants u 2 stay over for dinner 2day, at 5 PM.

Momoshiro sighs loudly, then sends the text message to Kaidoh.

He manages to fall asleep, and stay asleep, for most of the day, until his sister wakes him up because it's time for dinner. Wow, he certainly slept a lot, but he still feels hot and sweaty, and he's still not really hungry. Remembering that Kaidoh is supposed to be there a well, he tips downstairs as if he's walking on eggshells; is that snake already there? Not seeing him sitting at the dining table, Momoshiro breathes a sigh of relief. Maybe he's not coming over today, he wouldn't mind, in fact, he'd prefer it by far.

"Takeshi," says his mother, who is putting down food on their plates. "Did you tell Kaidoh-kun to come over?"

Momoshiro takes a seat at the table. "Yeah, I don't know if he's coming or not though."

"Oh, that's too bad, I made extra and everything," says his mother sadly, and Momoshiro feels a pang of guilt.

Not a minute after those words had left her mouth, the door bell rings, and Momoshiro turns to the door with huge eyes. Crap, that snake came after all.

"Oh, that must be him!" says his mother cheerfully. "Takeshi, would you please go open the door?"

Why him? He's the one who's sick, let his sister go or something. Then again, his sister might get nightmares seeing Kaidoh's creepy and constipated face. Momoshiro pulls his chair back and gets up, sluggishly walking towards the door with his heart thumping in his throat. He wipes his sweaty hands off on his pajama pants before he grabs the doorknob. Stupid western styled home. He opens it, and Kaidoh the Easter Head statue is standing in front of him, with his hands awkwardly at his side, and his head bent down—hey, he's not wearing a bandana.

"I almost thought you weren't going to come," says Momoshiro. He rubs away some mucus from his nose with the sleeve of his pajamas. His body is growing hotter just seeing Kaidoh in front of him. Luckily, he's not attacking him right now, he doesn't feel like kissing him. That's good. Not that he ever did feel like kissing him, but it was sort of a compulsion caused by the kissing disease.

"Shut up, I only read the message half an hour ago," says Kaidoh.

"Seriously?" Momoshiro steps aside, to let Kaidoh in. "What were you doing all this time then?"

Kaidoh steps inside his house, his hair bouncing by Momoshiro's view and he's sort of captivated by it, and starts to take off his shoes. "None of your business."

That certainly makes Momoshiro more curious. "Whatever, we're just about to eat anyway. Dumbass."

Kaidoh swats at Momoshiro's legs as he walks up the step and goes back inside where his family is dining. Kaidoh soon follows after him, entering the room as well, and there's this uncomfortable air surrounding him, as if everyone's attention is on Kaidoh, which makes him turn even more stiff. Heh, it's kind of fun to see him squirm like that.

"Hello, Momoshiro-san," says Kaidoh politely to everyone as he bows. Momoshiro can tell he's feeling shy though, what with his cheeks coloured pink. "Thank you for inviting me over."

"It's great to have you over, Kaidoh-kun! We almost thought you weren't going to come."

Those pink coloured cheeks turn into red, and he hangs his head down even more. Momoshiro sort of wants to snap a picture of it, then photoshop him onto Easter Island, next to those statues. That'd be funny.

"I apologize, I only knew about it half an hour ago," says Kaidoh in a squeaky voice.

His mother gives Momoshiro an angry look, as if it's all his fault the snake read his message that late. Momoshiro shrugs, then sits down at the table again, with Kaidoh sitting next to him. Momoshiro tries his best not to pay attention to their close proximity to each other, and the way his pajama pants are brushing against Kaidoh's shorts. Don't pay attention to it, Momoshiro—just don't.

His sister stares at Kaidoh with big, curious eyes. Perhaps she won't get nightmares about him after all. "Where's your bandana, Kaidoh-kun?" she asks.

Kaidoh clears his throat. "It's not appropriate to wear bandanas during dinner," he says quietly.

Momoshiro laughs out loud, which turns into a cough fest. Since when did Kaidoh have manners? Did he learn them from his mother after all? Or is it he just forgets all about them when he's alone with Momoshiro? Thinking about it sort of agitates him; being polite to everyone else but him. What a dick.

His mother finishes up plating everyone's dish, she made tonkatsu, Momoshiro's favourite pork cutlet dish. What can go wrong with deep frying a piece of meat? But right now, even though it looks really, really good, Momoshiro still doesn't find it in him to eat it. Everyone wishes each other a good meal, and Momoshiro simply prods the piece of meat with his chopsticks, not hungry at all.

Kaidoh, seeing this, kicks Momoshiro's leg underneath the table. Hey! Momoshiro quickly kicks him back.

"Eat your food," hisses Kaidoh softly, low enough for him to hear, but only him. It sends shivers down his spine, and he's growing hot all over again.

Momoshiro picks up one strip of deep fried pork in between his chopsticks and brings it close to his mouth. It smells good, but there's no will in him to eat it. Plus there's something about the way Kaidoh is staring at him, making sure he's going to eat it, that makes him feel all hot and bothered. The piece of meat touches his lips, he's trying really hard to eat it, despite having no appetite whatsoever, and Kaidoh's stares are driving him nuts, to the point of paranoia. He finally puts the entire thing in his mouth, and chews slowly, it feels like he's eating sand, it has absolutely no taste.

Kaidoh, after seeing Momoshiro attempt at least one small cut of meat, returns to his own food and quietly eats it.

Momoshiro kicks him underneath the table again, just because.

His family engages in some mundane chit-chat conversation about the weather, with Kaidoh piping in every now and then, while Momoshiro tries his best not to stare at the boy seated next to him. But he can't help it; it's his sickness, he's compelled to look, to look at the way Kaidoh's hair falls on the back of his neck, the way the tip of his ears are slightly red, the way he puts his tongue out just the slightest bit when he eats some rice ... Momoshiro should probably stop staring.

One of the chopsticks slips out of Momoshiro's fingers; they're sweating like crazy. It falls down on the floor and rolls underneath Kaidoh's chair. The snake notices this, then bends down at the same time Momoshiro is, and their eyes meet, their faces directly in front of each other, bent down far enough that the table covers them from the view of everyone else. Kaidoh's hair barely touches his forehead, and Momoshiro can't stop staring at him. An urge inside of him creeps up, it feels hot, and it swirls around in his stomach, much like the previous two times that it had happened. Against his own will, Momoshiro leans forward, but he stops himself in time when Kaidoh's eyes grow large. Momoshiro quickly pulls away, sits up straight and covers his face with his hand. Without a word, Kaidoh grabs the chopstick from the floor and hands it over to him, there's no more eye-contact between them.

Momoshiro's entire body feels hot and sweaty; he can't believe what he was just about to do. That stupid sickness, it's really making him want to kiss Kaidoh. It's insane, why him of all people? Why is he so compelled and lured in by those creepy looking eyes, those stupid fish lips, and his boring black hair?

Overcome by crude feelings he does not wish to experience anymore, Momoshiro excuses himself from the table, saying he doesn't feel well. Which is a complete understatement, because he's feeling horrible, and has no idea how to cure himself from this stupid urge to kiss Kaidoh. Momoshiro walks up to his room and hides out in his fort, and hopes Kaidoh is smart enough to go home and not come up in his room. It's really dangerous to be around him now.

Except, fifteen minutes later, Kaidoh knocks on his door and he walks inside.

Momoshiro pulls a blanket over him, and hopes that Kaidoh will understand the sign of 'No snakes allowed!' hanging outside of his fort. Don't come any closer Kaidoh; Momoshiro is seriously sick, and he'll lose it again if he gets close enough.

"You have way too much free time, you idiot," says Kaidoh.

Momoshiro rolls his eyes; so what. Leave him be. "Go away," he says instead. Somehow, this kind of feels like the time when he went over to Kaidoh's place, and their roles were reversed, with Momoshiro happily bugging the hell out of Kaidoh, and Kaidoh wishing he'd go away.

Instead, he hears Kaidoh sit on his bed instead, which is right next to his fort, and more importantly—right next to Momoshiro. There's nothing but a blanket separating them now.

"You didn't have any homework today," mumbles Kaidoh.

Momoshiro tries to move away from his spot, but finds it very hard to do so, since there's this magnetic force that's attracting him to Kaidoh. So instead of moving away, he creeps closer, until his shoulder makes contact with Kaidoh's leg, through the blanket. Already he's getting palpitation, sweat oozes from his back and his hands, and more mucus drips out from his nose.

"Kaidoh," he says.


Momoshiro wipes away the snot. "I'm sick."

Kaidoh gives Momoshiro's shoulder a slight shove, one that sends him into a battle of hot shivers. That urge is growing bigger again, taking hold of him. "Dumbass, I know."

"No, no you don't," points Momoshiro out urgently. Kaidoh needs to know he's sick. He needs to know it's not safe around him, not when there's only a stupid piece of cloth standing in his way. Especially not when Momoshiro's fingers are lifting up the edge of the blanket with his heart beating out of control.

"Are you saying I'm stupid?" asks Kaidoh angrily.

Momoshiro lifts the blanket up, and hoists is above his head, and now he's directly in front of Kaidoh's knee. "No, stupid, I'm saying that it's ..."

Their eyes connect, like an electrical device plugging into a power outlet, and suddenly Momoshiro's brain zooms with electricity and it gets overloaded with sparks and finally shuts off.

There's a yank, a pull—blankets go flying, emotions go haywire, his back is soaked in sweat and his skin is burning up.

Momoshiro's knuckles turn white from holding onto Kaidoh's shirt with a very strong grip, not letting him escape as his lips crush against Kaidoh's. Momoshiro sucks the ever living daylights out of Kaidoh, then snakes a hand on the back of his neck and roughly pushes him even closer. They're pressed against each other, in the darkness of his fort, with only his glow-in-the-dark watch casting a slightly neon glow on Kaidoh's shiny face.

Momoshiro's lips, which were squashed against Kaidoh's warm and big ones, finally pull away, and he's breathing as if he's just run a race—a thousand races, and he came in first, holding a big trophy in his hand. Kaidoh's pork-stained breath hits his lips as well, they're still close, Momoshiro's hand is still on the back of Kaidoh's neck, his fingers grazing against his long black hair, and his other hand still holding a grip on his shirt.

"...dangerous," Momoshiro finally finishes his sentence in a whisper.

Kaidoh's head bumps against Momoshiro's, and he takes in a deep breath, a breath that sucks out all the shivers from Momoshiro's body and replaces it with a warm liquid.

"Idiot," Kaidoh mutters, and he kisses Momoshiro.

Momoshiro is pushed onto his back, and Kaidoh crawls on top of him, and he's kissing Momoshiro. He's kissing him back, and Momoshiro's rational thoughts have abandoned ship.

They move together on the pile of blankets, kissing each other, sucking harshly. Their lips move across each other, inexperienced, fast, sort of awkward, but most importantly, hot, hot, hot—and oh so good. Both are breathing loud and fast, and Momoshiro's skin just keeps growing hotter, and it feels fantastic when their bodies meet. When their bodies touch it's like an explosion of colour. Momoshiro's hands run down Kaidoh's back, and he drags his nails down his shirt. Kaidoh responds by pressing his body further into Momoshiro, so that he sinks deeper into the blankets, and he his wet lips slide across Kaidoh's in the process. There's a lot of scuffling going around in that dark fort, and some strange noises arise from the back of their throats as they move, touch, suck and in general, fondle each other.

Momoshiro suddenly sneezes, which throws Kaidoh off of him. Fear instills inside of him as he remembers exactly what happened last time he sneezed while kissing Kaidoh. It had ruined the mood and made them both realize they were kissing. Are they going to stop now too? But it feels so damn good and Momoshiro doesn't want to stop.

Kaidoh grunts and grabs a handful of Momoshiro's spiky hair and yanks it back—hard. Momoshiro yelps out loud and Kaidoh forces his lips onto Momoshiro's mouth to muffle any sounds. He forgives Kaidoh straight away, that hotness inside of him back in full swing and throwing a party. Throwing a damn fiesta.

Things are growing hotter between them, and it's not just Momoshiro's body temperature that rises. Certain parts of Momoshiro are growing hot as well, but he can hardly pay attention to the severity of the situation when Kaidoh decides now is a good time to experiment sucking on the side of his neck.

Momoshiro gasps out loud and he raises his body against Kaidoh's, who simply holds him down even more. Kaidoh's lips are big, warm, and sort of painful as he sucks, sucks, sucks. All the blood rushes to that spot on his neck, while a large wave of hot emotions pour out of it in return. Momoshiro shivers real bad and his skin gets covered in goose bumps. After five more seconds of sucking, Momoshiro is starting to feel numb, but sore, and he tries to get Kaidoh to stop it already, by pushing at his chest. Kaidoh finally gets the hint and his lips finally leave that delicate sore spot on his neck, and Momoshiro breathes out a sigh of relief, it's full of odd pitches and jitteriness.

They stare at each other for a few seconds, until Momoshiro kisses him again, and Kaidoh kisses back.

Their make-out is abruptly cut off when his bedroom door opens up, and in walks his sister. Momoshiro pushes Kaidoh off, and Kaidoh crashes against his bed and the blanket shoots loose and his fort comes down crumbling again.

"Oniichan, I brought you some candy—oh, you didn't tell me you guys were making blanket forts! How mean, I want to join too!"

Kaidoh turns into a stupid statue again, with a face resembling a very red carp, and Momoshiro is buried beneath all the blankets, with only his head sticking out, his hair unkempt—much like Kaidoh's. That's what he gets for not wearing a bandana.

Mr. Easter Head hisses, then he walks out of Momoshiro's bedroom with a very red face.

He ends up having to play with his sister and make blanket forts with her.


Early in the morning, Momoshiro joins an online forum that talks about new discoveries of diseases. He writes down the symptoms of his disease, how he's always wanting to kiss a certain person, how his skin grows hot and starts to sweat, and he gets palpitation. But instead of Mono, he dubs it Momo—the real kissing disease.

He forgets about the entire thing as soon as he finishes posting it.

So, now that Momoshiro knows he's got Momo, and he's infected by Kaidoh, and Kaidoh doesn't seem to mind, he texts Kaidoh and tells him he owes him something in return for those oranges he gave him last week. Which is simply code for 'come over and let's kiss', so that he can satisfy his hunger for now.

He's still got a runny nose, but other than that, Momoshiro is feeling pretty good. Especially when he remembers yesterday, then he's feeling really good. Even his mood has improved tremendously; he's feeling happy, fluttery, and he's built an awesome sturdy fort with his sister that he's pretty damn proud of. He even made a new sign for the entrance, that says penguins are welcome.

Breakfast is something he manages to eat this time, it doesn't feel like sand in his mouth anymore, and Momoshiro is looking forward to what Kaidoh will bring with him today. Instead of boring things like fruit, maybe he'll bring some fast food with him. Then again, this is Kaidoh, he's somewhat of a health freak when it comes to food, so that idea is already shot down. Well, maybe he'll go for a delicious healthy cookie instead. Sounds good to him.

His cellphone beeps twice, and Momoshiro flings himself towards it, he's sure he looks stupid right now, but doesn't care. He opens it up, and sees he's gotten a new message from Kaidoh. Feeling all giddy and happy, he opens it up.

Can't today. Need to finish setting up the monthly rosters for the club, and finish my training.

Momoshiro frowns for what seems like forever. Kaidoh's not coming by today? What an absolute dickhole. And he was looking forward to it too! He angrily snaps his cellphone shut and throws it on his bed. What an asshole, ditching him. He should be coming over every day to check up on him! That's what Momoshiro did when Kaidoh was sick! Fucking asshole.

He reaches for his cellphone, which is wedged between his mattress and the wall, and types in a new message after prying it out of there.

Asshole. Send me a picture of yourself.

Momoshiro sends it, and waits for Kaidoh's reply. Several minutes later, and his cellphone beeps again, which jolts him awake as he had almost fallen asleep holding it.

Momoshiro opens up the text message, which contains nothing but a photo. It's Kaidoh, slouching his shoulders while he's in his uniform, and stretching out his arm so that he could take a picture of himself. He looks as ugly as always, with his lips pulled into a snarl, and Momoshiro can't stop smiling. He didn't realize Kaidoh would be so obedient as to actually send a picture of himself like that, but hey, he doesn't mind.

He quickly downloads it to his computer, and starts photoshopping him into a picture of Easter Island, putting him right next to an Easter Head statue. Or as it's called, after looking online, a 'Dunnet Head'. After he's done a crude job of pasting Kaidoh's blurry cellphone picture on the Easter Island picture (as well as turning his skin brown), he e-mails the picture to Kaidoh's cellphone.

Momoshiro laughs evilly when he clicks the send button. Take that, Kaidoh.

Kaidoh takes too long to reply, and Momoshiro has fallen asleep inside of his new fort, which he has yet to name. When he does wake up again, and checks his cellphone, there's one message that reads:

Fucking asshole.

But at least he didn't say he wouldn't come over tomorrow.


It was an unspoken rule almost certainly; if Kaidoh didn't come yesterday, then for sure, he would come today instead. Which is why Momoshiro is waiting inside of his fort, waiting for Kaidoh, because they need to do some kissing. He's going crazy just thinking about it, and he really, really wants to kiss again. So badly he's starting to think that kissing Kaidoh's ugly picture will help for now, but rethinks it after seeing his dirty cellphone screen. Stupid Momo disease. Stupid Kaidoh.

He better come today, or otherwise Momoshiro will kill him. Or at least not allow him in his fort anymore. He will come today, right? Momoshiro decides to call him up instead.

"Yo, Mamushi," he says cheerfully when Kaidoh picks up his phone.

There's a slight noise of jostling as Kaidoh puts the phone to his ears. "What do you want," he says.

Obviously, he wants to kiss, so he says, "you still owe me some fruit." Which is code for kissing.

Kaidoh sighs. "Are you still sick?" he asks.

Yes, obviously, he's got Momo. "Of course."

"You don't sound sick. In fact, you looked a lot better already two days ago, dumbass."

Yeah, Kaidoh should know, he was up close and in his face after all. "Hey, I sneezed two days ago," he defends. He's not sneezing today.

"Fine," says Kaidoh. Heh, he wins.

"Don't buy oranges," says Momoshiro. Which is code for buying fast food instead. Like hamburgers. Delicious hamburgers.

"I won't," says Kaidoh. Hey, maybe he does understand his secret code. They could play spies inside his fort when he gets here. And do some kissing of course.

"Don't take too long," says Momoshiro. He doesn't even need to explain what that means in code. It should be pretty obvious.

"Obviously," says Kaidoh. See? He understands.

Kaidoh does take too long however, forty minutes to be exact. Momoshiro is the one who opens up the door, since he's feeling a lot better, and there's no one else at home since they're all out on some family picnic—and insisted Momoshiro stay home to get better. He gleefully notes how the only sickness he has at the moment, is Momo.

"Asshole," says Momoshiro as he stares down at Kaidoh, who's not wearing many pieces of clothing. But he is wearing a bandana though. "You're late."

"It hasn't even been an hour," replies Kaidoh. He steps inside his house, holding a plastic bag, and Momoshiro is disappointed to know it doesn't smell like fast food. He slowly takes off his shoes, so slowly it's torture, and Momoshiro is thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to push him against the wall right now and kiss him right there.

However, Kaidoh finishes up before Momoshiro can accidentally fall onto Kaidoh's lips. Well, at least there will be kissing in his room.

"Where are your parents?" asks Kaidoh, noticing how quiet it's inside of his home.

Momoshiro is already walking up the stairs. "Everyone's gone for now." Then he turns his head back to Kaidoh and gives him a grin. "My sister won't bother us today." This makes Kaidoh's face turn red, and he stammers something incoherent and he quickly follows Momoshiro up the stairs.

There's a slight spring in Momoshiro's step as he makes his way back to his bedroom and opens up the door.

"I'm going to punch you if you break this one," warns Momoshiro, and he's referring to his awesome fort, which still needs a name.

"Why would I break your dumb blanket fort," mumbles Kaidoh as he steps inside.

Momoshiro hits Kaidoh's arm and closes his door. "Because you did it three times already." He's ready for some kissing now.

"Oh," says Kaidoh and he turns red again. Heh, Momoshiro sort of wants to pinch his cheeks. But fuck that when he can be kissing instead.

Momoshiro is just about to grab hold of Kaidoh's shoulder, when he sidesteps him and walks towards his computer. Fucker, come back here!

"Why the hell did you do that?" asks Kaidoh, and he's referring to the picture that's set as Momoshiro's desktop wallpaper. The one with Kaidoh on Easter Island. Momoshiro shrugs.

"Because you're a stupid statue. It made sense to me."

Kaidoh throws him back an angry glare, which really only makes Momoshiro want to force himself onto Kaidoh so that he'll stop looking at him like that. "Idiot," says Kaidoh.

"Easter Head statue," says Momoshiro.

Kaidoh takes a step forward to Momoshiro, the plastic bag swinging back and forth. "I bought your damn fruit."

Momoshiro tries to see what's inside, but since the bag is milky white anyway, he can easily see through it, and sees the shape of a banana. Ah fuck, he hates bananas. Why'd Kaidoh have to go ahead and buy that? Momoshiro then stares at the bag, as a stupid dirty joke enters his mind and he starts to laugh out loud.

"What's so funny," snaps Kaidoh, clearly agitated he doesn't know the joke.

Momoshiro pats his hand on top of Kaidoh's shoulder. "Sorry, sorry—I was just thinking of a really bad joke," he says while grinning still.

"What kind of stupid joke."

"Well," says Momoshiro as he straightens up. "Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you ju—"

Kaidoh throws the bag on the ground and kisses Momoshiro.

Or that. He could do that instead as well. Finally, this is something he's been wanting to do since yesterday, and Momoshiro presses his lips back against Kaidoh's. There they are again, exchanging saliva. It feels less awkward than two days ago, and more exciting, more thrilling. It's probably because Momoshiro's nose isn't stuffed anymore, and he's not throwing up. Nope, instead he's letting his hands wander all over Kaidoh's back, and Kaidoh sucks his lips so hard that it starts to hurt. But he's not complaining, not when they're kissing again. Maybe having Momo isn't that bad after all.

Kaidoh starts to push him back, further and further, until Momoshiro's heel touches the entrance of his blanket fort. He quickly pulls his lips away from Kaidoh.

"No—" he sounds completely out of breath, "don't ruin it."

Kaidoh rolls his eyes, then places his hand behind Momoshiro's neck and pulls him in again to kiss. Well alright, if he keeps sucking at his lips like that, making him feel hot and sending shivers and goose bumps down his arms, then it's alright if he ruins his fort. As long as he continues kissing him that is.

Somehow, Momoshiro manages to trip as they scuffle around with each other, and he falls back on his butt, yanking Kaidoh with him, and now they're kissing on the floor. They should be doing this every day, every hour, for the rest of their lives, it feels that good. Kaidoh leans over Momoshiro's body, and it's forcing him back into his fort. He leaves Kaidoh's lips again.

"You can't come in," he says, wanting to defend his fort.

"I don't want to go inside of your stupid fucking fort," hisses Kaidoh.

"Good." Momoshiro kisses Kaidoh and yanks him inside.

They spend a good hour inside of there. It's the best hour of Momoshiro's life. But unfortunately, it's only an hour, because his family has returned and Kaidoh runs away again. What a prick.


Momoshiro doesn't even need to send Kaidoh a text message this time, and the snake voluntarily drops by. This time, they spend two wonderful hours inside of his fort. It still hasn't broken down, and he should probably thank his sister for that. Kaidoh leaves again, but not before giving Momoshiro a hasty sloppy kiss on his lips and walking out the door.

He decides on a name for his fort: Secret Awesome Momo And Snake Fort.

Momoshiro checks back on that online forum he posted at. His topic has gotten two replies:

Trolll0ololl said:
Fag, just admit u wanna bang sumone.

DivineSparkles said:
I think it would be a good idea to confess your feelings to that person. We all have to go through this love sickness at one point in our lives. Good luck!


Momoshiro is back at school again, and he spots Kaidoh, sitting underneath a tree, eating his lunch alone like a loser. He walks up to him to inform him about his sickness. That he still has it.

That he's Momo for Kaidoh.