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The Trio weren't always this mean and disagreeable, especially Stretch, but what caused this? How did the three of them die?

Chapter Two

I Let it Fall


By the time James and Stretch left the library, the rest of the Trio and Kat were in the kitchen with Casper for breakfast.

Stretch was able to get to his bedroom, and was sound asleep by the time James peeked in before heading down to the loud laughter.


"Hey Doc! Where's Stretch?" Fatso bellowed around a mouthful of food.

James didn't answer until Casper had set his plate in front of him and taken Kat to the back patio to eat outside.

"Can ghosts get sick?"

The two froze.

Stinkie sighed, "Stretch is sick ain't he?"

James nodded, "He's throwing up, ice cold, and his ectoplasm is almost solid-"


The two looked panicked until Fatso calmed enough to explain once they made sure Stretch was no where near them.

"There's only two ways a ghost can be sick, either we ate something that we couldn't eat when we were alive and are allergic to it...or we actually get sick with what's simply called Ghost Flu..."

"So what can we do to make Stretch better?"

The two shot back and almost slid through the wall, "We ain't doin' nothin' Doc, Ghost Flu can kill a ghost, sendin' der soul inta Limbo or whateve' 'n dey neva get out." Stinkie argued, actually looking scared.

James Harvey sighed, "Alright boys, what do I need to do?"


Doctor Harvey was glad he took plenty of notes, even if they were a jumbled mess. Whenever Kat got sick after Amelia died he'd sit with her for hours, rewriting session notes to be legible for future use. This took hours to do, which since Stretch had been confined to bed until better, James had time to spare.

Ghost Flu was highly contagious for the spirits, and if Casper got it he'd most likely die a second time and be sent into oblivion. All the other three ghosts could do was let Stretch rest and keep the sound down to a minimum.

Stretch moaned in his sleep, rolling to lie on his side, the usually white tinged ectoplasm was a darker gray, forcing the ghost to be nearly completely visible.

Harvey flipped through the pages of a neat, organized, and accurately dated notebook. Filled with notes from Stretch's (few) private sessions, most were a week or two in between what should have been every two to three days, but the last few had actually been in order.

Either the ghost was "warming-up" to the doctor, or just screwing with him.

James was dozing off after completing half a stack of notebooks needing to be rewritten.

Stretch woke blearily, blinking before glancing at the shoe covered feet propped on the edge of his bed next to a notebook, opened to the Doc's clean handwriting of the ghost's sessions.

The doc was still asleep, head tipped a bit awkwardly and his neck was probably stiff, looked like he'd been out for a few hours.

The ghost sighed softly, which triggered a round of rather painful coughing, his chilled ectoplasm wouldn't bend enough to absorb the shocks of the coughing, meaning it was almost as bad as having lungs and ribs.

James woke up at that, finally coming to in time to watch the ghost ease through the top cover of the bed, the blanket barely lifting to conform to his semi-solid shape.


James nodded as he stretched a little, rubbing at his neck, "Yeah, how are you feeling?"

The ghost shrugged, "Can't rememba' if I's ben wurse."

"Can I get you anything?"

Stretch shook his head, "Nah, jus' gotta sleep; make ser Short Sheet stays outta 'ere."

"Will do." James said with a nod, picking up his notebooks and leaving as Stretch oozed comically into the mattress, sighing softly and falling back to sleep.

The ghost remained in bed for several days, sleeping off the Ghost Flu until while dozing one evening, he literally fell 'through' his bed, landing on a desk below in a back study of the house.

Doctor Harvey was in the library/study he used for sessions, and looked up as Stretch slipped through a wall, yawning slightly.

"Hey Stretch, how're you feeling?"

"Nuttin' betta' doc, what's it to ya?"

James rolled his eyes, "Obviously you're recovered, and just in time, got a question for you."

"Aw Doc, not 'nother session, can't a fella eat ferst? I'm starvin'"

James shook his head, "It has nothing to do with the sessions, at least totally, Casper has been coming to me privately and after a few times I noticed a trend and asked if I could share some of it with one of his uncles. He picked you."

Stretch rolled his eyes but settled onto the settee, waiting (mostly) patiently.

"Casper's been coming in here after and each time he's further distressed than the last, he's worried about you three...I know none of you particularly enjoy these sessions but you three are just getting worse. I know I've said this office is a haven where everything's positive, but Casper uses it during the day without Kat to stay away from his uncles, I really don't want to see that in a family, dead or alive."

Stretch sighed rather heavily, either in boredom or realization, James didn't press, but waited until the ghost met his gaze again.

The doctor moved around to lean against the front of the desk, arms crossed casually, "I...*sigh* I researched some family counseling techniques and have an idea, I'll completely give up the "crossing-over" work until your family is healed and you three, especially you Stretch, work on anger management."


"If you try for one week, a therapy technique a colleague suggested."

The ghost groaned obnoxiously, "n' what's that Doc?"

James glanced at the papers behind him, "A fellow psychologist comes and works with you and your siblings while I work with her similar case patients at the same time, if you agree you give her and I consent to look at each other's findings to better help you."

Stretch rolled his eyes, "Short sheet know 'bout dis?"

"No, just that I would talk privately to you about your anger issues."

The ghost wanted to retort, but that would just be proving the Doc and Short Sheet right, he was a bit easy to piss off.

"So? What do you say?"

"Buzz off Doc."


The kitchen was empty when Stretch raided the fridge, he was able to eat in peace before glancing out the window, not surprised with what he saw.

Stretch had a soft spot for Casper, he truly did, but hid it well since he was so far trapped for eternity with his nephew and brothers.

Casper was curled on the lighthouse roof's edge, staring at the relatively calm waves off the shore, so different from the time he'd hit them that winter.

"Whatcha doin' out 'ere alone Short Sheet?"

The little ghost shrugged, sitting up but keeping away from his uncle, unconsciously shivering in the cool night air.

Stretch sighed as he settled onto the roof next to Casper, waiting a moment before leaning back against the slant of the roof, grabbing Casper and hugging him against his chest, smirking when the soft chill of ectoplasm melted into his.

One thing ghosts could feel were other ghosts, and right now Casper was thoroughly enjoying the fact that the warmth he was feeling wasn't imagined, it was real...

Stretch let Casper relax, his form calming and stretching out to be comfortable as his uncle's fingers gently rubbed his "back".


"Yes Uncle Stretch?"

The older ghost chuckled a little, "You ben okay? Doc wuz sayin' youse a bit unhappy..."

Casper shifted again, not answering right away, "You and uncle Stinkie and uncle Fatso are so angry all the time, what did I do...I thought I've been doing everything like you wanted, I-"

Stretch shut him up by hugging him tighter, humming softly until the panic died down in the little ghost.

"You have nothing to worry about Casper," Stretch murmured, accent disappearing, "This has nothing to do with you alright?"

Casper nodded against his uncle's chest.

"Now what's this about Doc bringin' 'n a new fleshie?"

"It was an idea, since you don't seem to like Doctor Harvey that much...Will you at least think about it?"

"I don' know..."

Casper held back a sigh, shrugging instead and floating away as Stretch shifted to head back to the house, "Come on Short Sheet."


Casper drifted into Kat's room, settling onto the bed and waving to Stretch before falling asleep next to the human girl.

Stretch knew what he had to do, Short Sheet's pleading eyes told him all he needed to know.

The oldest uncle drifted back to the Doc's office, slipping inside as the man was looking over notes or something.


"Call yer buddy Doc, but if she puts even a toe outta line I'll scare her outta 'ere!"

James nodded, smirking as the ghost left before picking up the phone, the human would have to thank Casper later...

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