Title: Tony's To-Do List
Author Name: GibbsGirlAbby
Rating: PG
Series: None
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Gibbs and DiNozzo
Summary: Tony's tasks are finally ending.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: Boy on boy action. Don't like? Don't read.
Author's Note: This is for a friend who apparently has the worlds longest to-do list and is slugging through it like a true trooper. And it was supposed to be smexy and pwp, but turned into something with a bit more substance.

Tony's To-Do List

Tony pulled the paper off the printer, signed at the bottom, slipped it into the inter-office memo envelope, tugged the little string in place and scribbled Vance's name across the front before sailing it across to his outbox. With a sigh, he then peered down at the paper on his desk, crossing off one more thing from his to-do list.


He looked up, smiling as Gibbs slowly walked across the squad room from the elevator. "Hey, Boss," he said, leaning into the older man as they kissed. While Gibbs wasn't really his boss anymore, the name stuck, especially when Gibbs came to the Navy Yard. With regret, Tony ended the kiss. "What brings you here, Jethro?"

"Looking for my errant husband," Gibbs said, arms crossed across his chest. The light from Tony's desk lamp shone on Gibbs' wedding ring. "You were due home hours ago."

Tony checked his watch with a grimace. "Yeah, sorry about that, Boss," he said, moving his head to crack his neck. "Vance said now or never with these reports, staff reviews and expenses."

"How far behind are you?" Gibbs asked, his hand ruffling through the papers as he sat on Tony's desk.

"Only one review left," he said. "Probie's up for promotion, by the way."

"He's already Senior Field Agent," Gibbs remarked, his mind flying back to the early days of McGee's tenure with NCIS, smiling as he recalled the nervous but brilliant young man.

"Getting his own team, finally," Tony said. "And not a cyber unit."


"Here." Tony's green eyes locked with Gibbs' blue. "The Major Case team."

"Tony…" Gibbs growled.

Tony ignored him, reaching past into the Out box and handing Gibbs the envelope to Vance. "My retirement papers," he said.

"Tony…" Gibbs growled again.

"It's time, Jethro," Tony said simply. "I'm tired of being shot at, and I want to be with you." He placed a hand on Gibbs' thigh. "I miss you," he continued, thumb rubbing along the seam in Gibbs' jeans.

"Are you doing this because of me?" Gibbs asked. "Because of this?" he continued, holding up the cane he was forced to use after the small stroke he suffered last year.

"Yes," Tony said simply. "I'm not willing to lose any more time with you, Jethro. Face it, you're stuck with me."

"Been stuck with you since Baltimore, DiNozzo."

"I love you, too, Jethro," Tony said, returning to his paperwork. He bent to the task of McGee's review, giving the younger man high marks and a glowing recommendation to succeed him as leader of the MCRT. With a flourish, he signed his name and put the review in another envelope, sealed it up and addressed it to Vance. He was looking for his to-do list when he discovered something had been added.

Make Gibbs happy forever.

He looked up, catching a suspicious sheen in the older man's eyes. "This one's easy," he said, crossing off the task and taking Gibbs' hand.