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Season 4, Episode 22, Lucifer Rising.


The brothers are becoming distant, with Sam's betrayal to his brother and and Dean's unwillingness to forgive him, though that changes when he's sent to an alternate universe to a badly abused Sam whose been abused by the (AU) him.

Chapter 1

Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester managed to make their way out of the convent and ran as fast as they could to Ruby's car, away from the convent, away from the bright white light flashing out from every corner of the convent, the light that indicated that Lucifer has indeed, arisen.

They got inside the car, Sam in the passenger seat, Dean in the driver seat and drove away on full speed.

Dean stared straight ahead, not even risking one glance at his little brother because he didn't want Sam to look at the betrayal in his eyes, to see how much it actually hurt to be chosen over by a demon despite him always choosing Sam. Hell, he had even chose Sam over himself.

Sam stared absent-mindedly at Dean. He wanted so bad to apologize to his brother, to tell him how sorry he really was, even he didn't know that.

But that just wouldn't solve anything, it was clear and he knew it was true. He betrayed his brother, his very own flesh and blood, his protector, his world, his life, the man who gave up his childhood for him, the man who loved him despite his imperfection, who forgave all his mistakes.

And then Sam made a decision. He will apologize to his brother, right here, right now, perfect time for it. Dean couldn't get away from this conversation. Although he didn't really expect him to forgive him, and it shouldn't really surprise him. But whether he forgave him or not, he just wanted him to know that he was truly sorry.

Just that moment, Dean's phone rang out. He took out the phone from his pocket and stared at the screen, Bobby's name flashing on the screen. He answered and lifted it to his ear.

"Hey Bobby." Dean said tiredly.

"Where the hell are ya stupid idjit, did ya find Sam?" Bobby asked in his gruff voice.

"Yeah... I found him." Dean told him, sighing softly.

Bobby heaved out a sigh of relief, "Good, now I want you damn idjits at my house, right this moment." Bobby said, and by the tone of his voice, Dean knew Bobby wouldn't take 'no' for an answer so he went along with it.

"Thanks Bobby." Dean smiled half-heartedly.

"No worries, now get your butts here, hurry."

"We're there in a few hours." Dean said, smiling.

"Okay, bye."

"Bye." the other line started beeping and Dean put his phone back inside his pocket.

Sam stared at Dean, "So, what does he want?"

Dean stayed silent for a minute, "He was asking us to come to his house."

No further explanation needed. By the sound of their conversation, Dean accepted the offer, apparently Bobby would've kicked their butts if they said no.

Sam took a deep breath and spoke.

"Dean.. I'm-"

"Don't Sam.." Dean cut him off, "I don't wanna talk right now, I.. I don't wanna talk to you.." He sighed, "Sam, I forgave every single mistake of yours, all of them.. From small to great ones, but you betrayed me, you chose a demon over me when I chose you over everything, everyone, including myself, I'm sorry.. I just.. I can't forgive you for this one."

Sam nodded slowly, the puppy dog eyes he was staring at Dean with filled, his throat going tight.

"Yeah.. I.. I understand that." he managed to get out. and looked out of the window.

Dean's eyes were filling with tears but Sam didn't notice at all.

Two months later, Dean wouldn't talk much to his brother. In fact, he'd barely talk at all. Sam wouldn't push. He and Bobby would read books and try to know more about the apocalypse. They didn't go on a hunt these past weeks either because Dean wouldn't be in the mood. He'd tell Sam he's not ready, but the truth is that it's getting hard to trust his brother, though he didn't tell Sam that.

Sam came out from the bathroom after taking a shower in his sweats and t-shirt, his eyes drifted to Dean who was sitting up on his bed and flipping through channels.

Sam walked to sit on the edge of his bed and dried his hair off from the towel that was on his shoulders.

Dean turned the TV off and just sat there silently.

"I need you to find a hunt for us tomorrow morning before I wake up." he said, expressionless, blank face.

It wasn't exactly an order or anything and he just felt the need to hunt to get his mind off things. He knew Sam was a morning person as he always woke up before Dean, getting breakfast and then getting on his laptop looking for hunts.

Sam nodded, "Alright."

Dean laid down on his bed, no 'good nights' like the old days. Sam stared at Dean as he turned on his side, his back to Sam. He then laid down on his own bed and curled on his side, facing Dean's back.

What they didn't know was that there was an invisible figure watching them sadly.

The figure showed himself visibly and walked to Dean, rested his hand on his forehead.

"I hope you understand the reason behind this... you need to forgive your brother if you want to stop the apocalypse, Dean."


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