I do not own Nurarihyon no Mago. This is in Tamazuki's Point of View.

It's Your Own Fault

By wonderlandisanillusion

It is honestly your own fault, Inugami.

You became worthless to me once you begun to fear your opponent and became unable to transform. It such a shame that I had to get rid of you for I put in effort into tormenting you and having those humans bully you until you reached your breaking point.

After a time those humans did more than bully you and beat you to a bloody pulp. Ah, you had purposefully forced yourself to forget what those human boys did to you, the human girls that were cackling as you screamed, and in the end you killed them all for you couldn't take it anymore. I had watched as you killed them in an instant. The humans were just pawns and I was not saddened by their deaths for there will always be more of those weak humans.

You were the one to suggest killing Rikuo right here and now. I know why you deeply hate him and wanted to kill him as soon as possible. However in the end you failed and became unable to transform due to fear towards your opponent.

It was a pity that you started to fear your hated opponent for your ability is where the more you curse and hate humans the stronger you become…Oh, well it was just not meant to be..

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