Here is the final chapter. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read and review my very first Hawaii Five O story. I so much appreciate the responses and critique which I hope will help me improve in my writing.

"Commander McGarrett your daughter is healthy and there were no complications from the delivery" the nurse said as she walked into the private room and handed Steve his daughter.

"Thank you, you are sure she is ok" Steve asked? "Yes she is, if you need anything just buzz us" the nurse said as she left the room.

"Steve" Catherine whispered as she slowly opened her eyes. "Hey there is someone here who wants to see their mommy" Steve said as he walked over to the bed and placed the little girl in her arms.

"Steve she is beautiful" Catherine replied. "Just like her mommy" Steve said as he kissed Catherine's forehead.

"Where is Danny" Catherine asked? "He went home to check on Gabby and the kids but said he would be back shortly to check on you and the baby" Steve said.

" Steve I need to thank him for everything he did, who knows what would have happened if he hadn't been there" Catherine said.

"I know" Steve replied as he sat on the bed next to her and wrapped his arm around her and the baby.

"Steve I wanted him to go home and be with Gabby and the kids but he wouldn't leave me alone in the office" Catherine said. "I am glad he didn't, he really knew what he was doing" Steve said.

"I can't believe she is finally here" Catherine said as she looked down at the little girl sleeping peacefully in her arms. "She is perfect, I still can't believe we created her" Steve said.

"We aren't interrupting are we" Danny asked as he came in with Gabby, Grace and little Steven.

"No not at all, please come in and meet the newest member of the McGarrett family" Steve said with a huge smile on his face.

"Uncle Steve Danno said you had a baby girl" Grace said as she walked over to the bed with a gift bag. "Yes I did" Steve replied.

"Umm excuse me, who had a baby girl" Catherine joked. "Catherine they are all like that we do all the work and the guys take the credit" Gabby laughed.

"Uncle Steve we have something for the baby" Grace said as he handed Steve the gift bag. "Well what do we have here" Steve asked? "It is from me and Steven" Grace stated proudly.

"Well Gracie thank you she is going to love it" Steve said as he pulled a small pink teddy bear out of the gift bag. "Uncle Steve what is the baby's name" Grace asked?

"I would like you all to meet Danielle Doris McGarrett" Steve said as he looked at Danny. "That is a beautiful name" Gabby said as she sat down in the chair with Steven.

"Catherine and I talked about it and because you are my best friend I wanted to name the baby after you and since it was a girl this was the best name we could come up with that was closest to Danny" Steve replied as he looked at Danny.

"I don't know what to say, I am honored" Danny said.

"Now I have two babies I can help take care of" Grace said as Danny sat in a chair next to Gabby and she climbed up on Danny's lap.

"Is that so" Danny laughed. "Yes, I can babysit and everything" Grace said seriously. "Well we will keep that in mind" Steve laughed.

"Steve and I would like you and Gabby to be Danielle's godparents" Catherine said as Steve took the little girl and handed her to Danny to hold.

"We would be honored" Gabby said as she watched Danny with the little girl.

"Your Uncle Danny is going to teach you the finer things in life" Danny said as he ran his finger gently along Danielle's face. "Danny" Steve said as he looked at him.

"What this little one here is going to be well educated in appropriate music such as Bon Jovi" Danny laughed. "You wouldn't dare" Steve said as Catherine and Gabby both burst out laughing.

"Oh and Grace just didn't bring a gift for this little bundle of joy, I took the liberty of getting something when I found out you were expecting" Danny said with a big grin on his face.

"Oh my god Danny what have you done" Steve asked as Grace handed him another gift bag. "Danno didn't even let me and Gabby help with this, he did this all by himself" Grace said.

"I don't know if I want to know what is in this bag" Steve said. "Come on open it" Danny said with a smirk on his face.

"No way, Danny there is no way my daughter is going to wear this" Steve said as he pulled out a little white T-shirt that says I Love NJ on it. "Danny you didn't" Gabby laughed.

"There is more" Danny laughed as he looked at the expression on Steve's face.

"Seriously Danny there is something wrong with you" Steve said as he pulled out a New York Yankees child size jersey with McGarrett on the back and a baseball cap. "Come on I know you love it" Danny laughed.

"All joking aside, Danny thank you for everything you did to help Catherine deliver the baby" Steve said quietly. "Danno you delivered the baby" Grace said as she looked at him.

"I helped and it was nothing" Danny replied.

"Danny, Steve is right I don't know what I would have done if I would have been there alone when I went into labor" Catherine said. "I am glad I was there and I am glad that the baby is healthy and there were no complications" Danny said.

"You know what Grace said" as she looked at little Danielle and then over to little Steven whose eyes were open and he was staring at the little girl. "What Monkey" Danny replied.

"Danielle and Steven could get married someday, now wouldn't that be cool" Grace said.

"Oh I don't think that is something we are going to have to worry about for quite some time" Steve said. "Steve's right marriage is a long way off" Danny added.

"Or even better they both could be running Five 0 when you both retire" Catherine joked as Gabby laughed at the expression on Danny's face.

"I don't think so" Danny and Steve both said at the same time as Catherine and Gabby burst out laughing.

"Well I think little Danielle already has an admirer" Gabby said as she noticed her son looking down at the sleeping little girl in Danny's arms.

"They are going to best friends just like Uncle Steve and Danno are" Grace said.

"I think you may be right Grace" Danny replied .

"Danny I never thought looking back that a little over a year later we would be sitting here like this starting families of our own" Steve said.

"We have come along way since that day at Headquarters" Danny admitted.

"Yes we have and I think everything we have gone through has made us stronger and we are better people because of it" Steve said.

"I would agree with you on that, because for awhile there I honestly thought you two wouldn't be able to repair your relationship" Gabby replied.

"Either did I" Steve said quietly.

"Oh I knew they would" Grace stated.

"It is all in the past and we have the future to look forward to" Danny said.

"The future" Steve said as he looked at his partner, his best friend, his brother and everyone else in the room, thankful for everything he had, thankful for the family he had.