Lionblaze Stole the Stars

Hello readers! Just letting you all know this is the SEQUAL to my other story, Lionblaze has a Shadow. So yeah, read that one first! IF you want this one to make any sense, that is.

Part 1: Lionblazes Birthday

"Drinks on me!" Lionblaze yelled, and downed the shot of rum he had been holding. Everyone cheered, making Lionblaze grin like crazy. He picked up another shot and downed it too, this time his face screwed up from the taste.

"For god's sake don't throw up," Jayfeather snapped from behind him.

"Hey, Jayfeather!" Lionblaze said stupidly. "Come and take some shots with me!"

"I think you're done," Jayfeather replied. Lionblaze groaned.

"Look," Jayfeather started. "I know it's your birthday and all, but seriously. You're acting like an idiot."

"Well excccuuuuuse me," Lionblaze said, then skipped away, humming a song out of tune.

"He's gonna regret this tomorrow morning," Hollyleaf sighed. Jayfeather nodded in agreement, rolling his eyes as he sipped his drink.

"I feel so disgusting!" Lionblaze groaned. He sat up and looked around. "Jayfeather, come here," he whined. "Make me some soup!"

No reply.

Lionblaze rolled his eyes and flopped back down into his bed. Well, Cloudtails bed. Wait what? Lionblaze shot up and looked down. Why the hell am I in Cloudtails bed? He thought, confused. And why the freaking hell am I wearing Hollyleafs knee high socks? AND WHY IS THERE SPAGETTI ALL OVER MY SHIRT? Lionblaze scratched his head, trying to remember what happened last night. Okay, first I was at the bar. Then I met up with Firestar… Lionblaze realized he couldn't remember anything that happened after he met up with Firestar. Goddamn… Lionblaze felt his insides heaving. I haven't felt this nasty in a loooong time.

Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Firestar had flown to New York to visit Jayfeather and Cloudtail for the weekend. Yesterday was Lionblazes nineteenth birthday, so they all went to the bar. Lionblaze couldn't believe how drunk he'd gotten. Lionblaze sighed for the sixth time and stripped off Hollyleafs purple socks. I feel like I'm gonna puke, Lionblaze thought. Stupid hangovers!

"Jayfeather!" Lionblaze whined as he walked into the living room. He yawned and scratched the back of his neck. "Can you make me some OH MY GOD!" Lionblaze froze on the spot, mouth hanging open like an idiot.

"What the hell Lionblaze!" Jayfeather hid his face with his hands. "Get out!"

Lionblaze charged out of the room, trying to process what he just saw. Jeez oh jeez what just happened, Lionblaze thought, his face bright red. A few minutes later, Jayfeather walked into his room, buttoning up his shirt.

"Don't look at me," Lionblaze squeezed his eyes shut so he wouldn't have to look at his brother.

"Oh give it a rest," Jayfeather snapped. Lionblaze didn't open his eyes still.

"You could have knocked!" Jayfeather cried, face turning red again.

"I didn't think I had to knock to go into the living room," Lionblaze whimpered. Jayfeather snorted.

"Well it's my house so I'll do what I want in it. Get the picture?"

"Getting the picture isn't the problem, its getting rid of it," Lionblaze said.

"Where's Hollyleaf?" Jayfeather asked, trying to change the subject.

"I don't know. Why?"

"Doesn't your plane leave soon?" Jayfeather said. "You should start packing."

"I already did. I'll call Hollyleaf right now," Lionblaze pulled out his phone and dialed his sisters number.

"Hello?" a male voice answered.

"Uh, hi," Lionblaze said awkwardly. "Is Hollyleaf there?"

"One sec," the voice grunted. A few minutes later, Hollyleaf answered.


"Hey, Hollyleaf where are you?" Lionblaze asked. "We have to start getting ready to leave."

"I'll be home soon," she promised. "As soon as Tigerheart makes me some soup. You want me to bring you some?"

"Oh god yes," Lionblaze said, relieved that he was finally going to get some soup. Then it hit him that he had no idea who Tigerheart was.

"Who is Tigerheart?" Lionblaze growled into the phone. "And why are you with him?"

"God, Lionblaze, stop acting all defensive. I've known him since high school, and we met up at the bar last night."

"Did you guys do anything inappropriate?" Lionblaze howled.

"Oh shut up. See you soon."

Lionblaze snapped his phone shut as the line went dead.

"So?" Jayfeather said. "Where is she?"

"With Tigerheart apparently," Lionblaze huffed. "She said she'll be here soon."

"Why do you sound so resentful?"

"Because I don't know who the hell Tigerheart is and I don't like the thought of him hanging around my sister!" Lionblaze cried. Jayfeather grinned. "You thought of them doing the nasty didn't you-"

"Shut the hell up!" Lionblaze cried.

"Hurry, we're going to miss the plane!" Hollyleaf cried. Lionblaze tried to run faster, the soup he was holding sloshed in its container. I knew I should have eaten this before we left, Lionblaze thought crossly.

They finally arrived at the airport ten minutes early.

"If we missed the plane it's your fault," Lionblaze said.

"It's your goddamn fault we're late," Hollyleaf snapped. "No one asked for you to throw up all over Jayfeathers couch."

"Well, excuuuse me," Lionblaze growled. "I'm hung-over.

"Yeah and it's no one's fault but yours," Hollyleaf sighed. "Oh my god, look at how full this airport is. We're gonna have to sit on the floor."

Lionblaze immediately sat down on the cold concrete with no objection, and started tearing into his soup. His slurping attracted disgusted glares from other people waiting for the plane.

"What?" Hollyleaf snapped at them, making them look away awkwardly. Hollyleaf pulled out her soup container and started eating it slowly.

"Do you think they'd get mad if I had a smoke?" Lionblaze asked between bites.

Hollyleaf sarcastically pointed at the no smoking sign. "No, not at all."

"Damn," Lionblaze proceeded to shovel his soup into his mouth like there was no tomorrow.

"Will passengers of Hawkair in the 10.3 region please enter the terminal."

"That's us," Hollyleaf said, snapping the lid back on her container. "Let's go."

"Do you think they'd let me eat this on the plane?" Lionblaze asked. Hollyleaf rolled her eyes. "I highly doubt that, Lionblaze."

Lionblaze sighed dramatically and shoved his container in his suitcase.