Written on 3-4-12
100 word drabble
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A/N: More of Peter's thoughts after Diana tells him Neal cut his anklet
A/N: Besides Judgment Day, I reference 5 other episodes, from seasons 1 and 2, more episodes than you would think would fit in 100 words :)

Ironically, the day I finally trusted Neal Caffery, he cut his anklet and ran.

Kramer would tell me that it was inevitable; once a conman, always a conman, but Kramer doesn't know Neal.

Not the Neal trapped with me in Phillips's vault, or drugged at the Howser clinic.

He never met the young man that sobbed in agony the day Kate died.

Kramer didn't hear the fear in Neal's voice when I was poisoned, or feel that desperate hug after I'd been kidnapped.

And Kramer doesn't know the biggest irony of all about Neal's disappearance; I told him to go.

A/N: I had a terrible time finding out how to spell Howser; I couldn't find a single reference to it, other than as 'the clinic', in any of the episode guides. I finally decided to rewatch the scene and spell it by ear, but I couldn't resist rewatching Neal drugged, which is when I discovered that right before that, Peter pulls out the business card and there it was, all written down :)
A/N: If anybody is paying attention to the dates of my stories, they may notice that this one was actually written before Without. I hadn't planned to write anything like this about Judgment Day but while getting ready for bed, the first and last lines of this just popped into my head. Later, while trying to figure out what went between the first and last bit, Peter just randomly started talking about Kate in my head, and Without was born.
Deleted Scene: Intro: Normally when I write a drabble, editing it is more a process of finessing, cutting or adding a word here and there to make it come out exactly at 100, but since the muse only gave me the beginning and the end on this one, I had to try and figure out what went in the middle. My first attempt, when I reread it, didn't seem to flow right, but I felt bad about cutting Mozzie, so here's a bit from the cutting room floor :)

He never met the young man that sobbed in agony the day Kate died.

There's something that only Neal and I know.

(Ok, and maybe Mozzie; the little guy is smarter than he looks.)

On the day Neal disappeared; I told him to go.

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