Freya and a black rose

A/N: This is the new version of 'The New Members'. This time, it's set in a Sigma Six universe. Storm and Snakes are real brothers in this story.

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Chapter one: The Last Night Alone

Black Cat's point of view:

It was night time; my most active time. My name is Black Cat, and I am an assassin: I kill anybody who gets in my way. My partner Black Flame, who would do anything for me, is just the same.

But Black Flame had gone missing. I had received a message saying that I would see him again at the old martial arts school, but that I needed to bring something very important to me: a necklace that had belonged to my mom, who had given it to me when I was five.

I couldn't give it up. What if whoever had sent the message had been lying?

I decided that if he was, he would pay for it with his life. Therefore, I took a necklace I had been wearing constantly for three years, climbed on my motorcycle and went to the meeting place.

I parked my motorcycle in the parking lot when I arrived and went to the meeting room. I knocked on the door, but no one answered. I opened the door and didn't see anybody there. I didn't understand; this was the right time and the right place.

Suddenly, the lights went on and I saw a man with a strange outfit and a metal mask so polished you could see yourself clearly in it. He walked up to me, but I was faster; I aimed my pistol at his heart.

"Who are you?" I said angrily. I felt like a tiger ready to kill its prey. "What do you want and where is Black Flame?"

"No no… this is a terrible way to communicate. Calm down, Raven," he said calmly.

"Answer my question! And how on Earth do you know my name?" I said, surprised.

"Calm down. Your partner is in a safe place, waiting for you to come, and this is no way to treat your commander," he said as he ran to me, taking the pistol from my hand and throwing it to the floor.

"Hum, my commander? Why would you think that I'd work for you?"

"Because I want you to fight for me."

"This is it girl, the offer that you were waiting for. Come on, accept!" I thought.

" That sounds good, but I don't even know who you are," I said, taking another good look at him and his suit. What grabbed my attention this time was the cobra sign on his chest.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm Cobra Commander, and I want to control the World, and I would be very happy to have you in my organization," he said, taking both my hands.

"Um. Interesting, but where is Black Flame?" I said while taking my hands away from his.

"Yes… he's with me, or rather at my base, waiting for you. So! Do you accept my offer?"

"Yes I do," I said while taking my pistol from the ground.

"Good," he whispered. He took my hand and walked out from the room and up to the roof. I saw a helicopter, and he took me to it.

"Um… but there's only room for one." I looked at him, hands on my hips.

"I know. I will sit first, and you will sit on my lap," he said, entering the helicopter.

"No way," I thought. "This is impossible."

"Raven...I'm waiting," he said, looking surprised at my expression.

I took a long breath and entered. Words can't express how angry and embarrassed I was.

I sat on his lap and leaned back against his muscled chest. I blushed bright red; I could feel his huge abs.

"Something wrong, sweetie?" he whispered in my ear.

My eyes suddenly felt heavy and painful, and started closing on their own.

Cobra Commander's point of view:

Raven was sleeping. I wasn't comfortable, but she was sleeping like a baby on its mother's lap.

My phone rang, making me jump. It was Destro.

"What is it, Destro?" I said, annoyed.

"Commander, I was worried for you," he said. There was worry in his voice.

"I want you to tell all our members to meet in the main room; I have something special," I said, looking at Raven. I then closed the phone, not caring what Destro may have to say.

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