Chapter 6: flashbacks


After what happened at the Arashikage, on the way back to the Cobra base, Raven asked Black Flame to tell her what his relationship was with Storm Shadow and the Arashikage. Ian told her the truth would shock her, and started recounting his story.

"Let's say everything started on a cold, rainy day. The date was February 17 and…" Ian started

"Wait. I must recount the story; not you, young one," interrupted Storm Shadow.

"Father, but… I…"

"No…I will recount."


"Well, it happened at 9 pm on Friday the 17th of February about 20 years ago…"

Flashback, Storm Shadow's point of view:

I was sitting on the sofa waiting for my older brother Snake Eyes to finish his long bath. I was bored; I was grounded because I had failed in the math test for the first and last time, but I froze when someone knocked on the door. I wouldn't have been able to explain why, but I was suddenly scared. I still just had to know who was at the door, however, so I started walking slowly towards the door.

When I opened the door - quickly - no one was there, so I closed it right back.

While I started cursing, the sound of a baby's cries came from outside. I ran to the door and opened it again, but I saw no one except for a 1-year-old baby left by the door. I picked up the baby and pulled his blanket on him so he would not get cold. I then yelled for his parents, but I got no reply. That made me sad for both the little kid and me. What was I supposed to do with a little boy? I was only 14 years old; I couldn't deal with a baby. I quickly went back inside and out of the cold, and I put the boy on the sofa. He surprised me with his beauty and cuteness; I kissed his cheeks and forehead gently to calm him down, and he smiled at me.

"THOMAS ARASHIKAGE, WHAT WERE YOU DOING GOING OUTSIDE?" yelled Snake Eyes, which scared me to death


The baby started crying so loudly that it made Snake Eyes goes mad.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, what have you done?"

"I have done nothing, Snakes. I found him outside and I guess his parents didn't want him," I answered, not taking my eyes from the baby.

Snakes put a soft hand on my shoulder and sat with me. I held the baby to make him stop crying and it worked. Suddenly, Snakes hugged me and pulled me to his chest. I smiled and he did too, and asked me a question. "What are you going to do with this baby, Brother?"

I shook my head. "I have no idea, but I guess we must keep him until tomorrow to find his family."

Snakes nodded, smiled, and said, "Look; there is note written on the blanket. Read it."

The note said:

Please take care of my son. Tell him we loved him and that a man will kill us called Cobra Commander, and that my name is Gwen Delarosa and my husband is Kevin Delarosa.

Storm Shadow's eyes widened. The Delarosas were friends of his and Ian's parents. It explained why the baby had been dropped here and nowhere else.

a/n: that what happens and how Ian and storm shadow met and there is many more secrets will be reveled with many questions ready to be answered. Things going complex but with happy end, I promise that.