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Jade's POV

I woke up to someone lightly kissing my forehead.

"Bec-Beck." I asked foggily as I took a deep yawn.

"I'm here babe. I'm so sorry to wake you up but you need to take your medication now. Also Tori's dad is here to see you, are you ready for him to come in?" He said while rubbing my back.

I nodded my head in response signalling for Andre to get up and open the door letting Mr Vega in.

"Hi Jade. How are you feeling?" He asked, but I could sense he wasn't here for a cosy catch up.

"I'm alright." I lied. To be honest I was still in pain. My back was hurting me and I felt as if there were dynamites going off inside my head.

"Good, good. Now Jade I'm really sorry to do this but we're going to need to discuss your living arrangements for once you leave the hospital. Would you like everyone to leave?"

I looked at Cat who was staring guiltily down at her lap and Tori who was twisting her fingers together avoiding my eye. Oh great, Cat must have told them all about my mum.

"Well by the looks of things nearly everyone in this room already knows about my personal life so seeing as I can't trust anyone to keep it a secret anyway, you might as well let them stay." I snapped bitterly. Cat squeaked and took a few steps back.

"Alright then. Now I'm sure you're aware that your father will no longer have any rights in taking care of you and providing the court case goes smoothly, he'll have a lifetime imprisonment anyway."

"Speaking about that, I don't want to go to court. My life is already too much of a mess for me to go getting involved in a stressful case."

"That's fine Jade, there will be enough evidence for you not to go especially since most of the men who hurt you last month have already confessed. What we actually need to take care of is who you'll live with in the mean time."

"I'll stay with Cat or someone." I sighed bored. This really wasn't an issue, I could sleepover at anyone's house couldn't I?

"Well actually you can't do that. You need a legal guardian since you're under eighteen."

"Can't she stay with her mum?" Robbie asked. Oops, I thought Cat told everyone about my mother. It seems that she only told Tori.

"Yer Jade stay with her. Hey wait a second, where is your mum Jade? Why hasn't she visited you yet?" Andre piped up.

"Actually Jade that's what we'd like to know. Apparently your mother has disappeared without a trace on the night you got injured. Do you know anything about that? Did she tell you anything before you went to your dad's house?" Mr Vega asked looking serious.

"No she didn't say anything to me about leaving. But it's not necessarily uncommon for her to just take off and leave without telling anyone. She'll be back in the next few months." I muttered angrily. I hate my mum. Ever since the divorce with dad she's become a horrible person and I can barley stand her.

"So she's done this before. What do you do when she leaves?"

I glance over at Beck who was listening to the conversation with a frown on his face. He knew that I didn't like my mum but he had no idea how serious it was, the same with my dad. I never told him any of this. I was going to tell him everything the week before my 'accident' but he never let me. He was always either distracted or angry with me.

"I usually stay with Beck." I admitted.

Beck looked shocked at that and asked, "What? Why didn't you tell me any of this when you were with me? You should have Jade, I could have helped you!"

"I tried too but you wouldn't listen to me. Remember how I kept telling you how I needed to say you something important? But you always stopped me from speaking by snapping at me for being so mean to everyone or saying that you were busy." I yelled accusingly. Well tried to yell, my jaw still felt funny.

Beck's mouth dropped open for a few seconds, then he did something surprising. He let out a frustrated yell and kicked the chair beside me, then sunk down to his knees and pulled at his hair.

"God, you're right. You tried but I was so bloody stubborn and annoyed that I ignored you. This is all my fault." He cried.

"It wasn't your fault. I get it, you were stressed and tired that week. It's not a big deal."

"It's a huge deal! If it wasn't for me you'd-"

"Listen I'm sorry to interrupt this argument but I really need to talk to Jade." Mr Vega cut in.

Beck's eyes were glassing over with tears but he nodded his head and sat down. I muttered to him quickly, "We'll talk later."

"Ok Jade. Let's get this straight. It's common for her to take off and leave without saying anything to you, and you usually spend time at Beck's house when she's gone. But she always ends up coming back in the end. Do you think you could remember a recent time when she left?"

"It was about three months ago. She was only gone for about two weeks though."

"Three months ago. Wasn't that around the time where she released herself from a rehabilitation site?"

I blushed as all the boys eyes widened at that information. "Um yer. It's usually after she comes home from one. Look like I said you don't have to worry about this, she'll be back soon and hopefully she'll let me move back in." Whoops, the last bit kind of slipped out.

I was hoping he wouldn't pick up on it but of course he asked, "What do you mean by hopefully she'll let you move back in?"

"Well she kicked me out the day I went to my Dad's."

"I don't mean to intrude on your personal life but can I ask why you didn't go to Beck's house. Isn't that were you usually go when she leaves you?"

"Well I was there for a while but we kind of... err... we had a bit of a fight and the only other place I could go was my Dad's since the rest of the gang was hanging out at your house."

"Right, but you don't usually go to your dad's do you? Let me guess, this wasn't the first time he hurt you was it?"

I looked around uncomfortably at everyone who was watching me with wide, sympathetic eyes. Beck had a look of sheer pain written across his face and his hands were clenched in tight fists.

"No, it wasn't the first time. My dad and I have never really gotten along but when he split with mum when I was ten he became physically abusive. It wasn't too much of a problem though because I avoided him at all costs. I only saw him sometimes"

"Right. Now Jade it's pretty obvious that neither of your parents are suitable in looking after you and even if we do find your mum, she's going to be locked up for a long time due to neglect of her child and drug abuse. So we're left with two options here, you either move into a foster home or we find another capable relative of yours to look after you."

I gasped at the prospect of going into a foster home. There was no way I was going to live there.

"I-I have an aunty on my mum's side. I don't know who she is or where she lives though. Mum never got along with her so I never met her. I only know about her because of some family albums we own. Please don't send me into a foster home." I begged.

"Foster homes are a last resort. I'll go down to the police station now and start up an investigation in finding your aunty. No promises we'll find her but I hope for your sake that we do. Goodbye Jade, I hope you feel better soon." He said with a friendly pat on my shoulder and started to walk out.

"MR VEGA!" I yelled, stopping him in his tracks. "I never thanked you for saving my life. So, umm, thanks."

He smiled at me and finally said, "No problem Jade. I'm just glad you're ok."