Alternate events! Zatch and Zeno!

Chapter 1 "Don't judge a book by its cover"

Authors note: I had this idea when I just woke up and thought nothing of it…then I thought this could be a great epic tail, mostly in the child years though.

A four year old boy was sitting in a tree which over looked a river. The boy had a white cloak with a broach that had a bluish hue, he was wearing white shoes; he had purple eyes, and silver hair, two lines running down each eye, his skin was as pale as snow. His name was Zeno.

Zeno's pov

"What a fool, he can't even tell that I'm watching him" Zeno mocked as he was a blond hair boy swim around in the river.

"I caught it!" the boy shouted happily as he caught a giant fish and dragged it back to shore.

For the most part the boy looked a lot like Zeno, but he had blond hair, one line running down from each eye, his eyes were light orange, a blue cloak and blue shoes was laid out on the ground…so the boy was actually naked, he had tanned skin, but it showed a bruise to his left ribs, it was the size of a adults hand.

Zeno didn't really care about that at all, for when he gazed upon the boy all he wanted to do is fry him.

"How easy it would be to simply make him suffer as I have suffered" Zeno said with a evil smile

Zatch began happily eating his large fish to himself not realizing that someone was watching him

"Look at him, without a care in the world. How can someone like him possibly deserve Baou?" Zeno growled to himself as he slowly started to aim at the child below him

Zeno took aim and was about to launch a spell but stopped, not out of fear of what would happen, not out of future regret, and not because he had any doubts.

Flashback of Zeno's

Zeno was training inside the palace with his private instructor once again, and again he was being pushed way past his limits.

"Zakerga!" Zeno shouted

Zeno unleashed a massive condense form of lightning at his instructor

The instructor countered by summoning a large shield that connected to his arm, putting the shield at a tilt, the instructor was able to deflect the spell and send it spiraling into the ceiling.

"Damn it!" Zeno shouted as he summoned a large lightning yo-yo and sent it at his instructor with the intent to kill

"All forces in the universe feel my wrath" The instructor called out as he tapped on his spear

The instructor summoned a large spear that spun at an insane speed making it look more like a drill

The two spells collided and cancelled each other out

Zeno dropped to his knees exhausted

"This was your 5 battle today Zeno, you're getting stronger" The instructor stated as he walked up to the boy

"…why…is it…that…you…are last person….I fight every day?" Zeno asked

"Why? Well today the first person you fought had to have medical care that's why" The instructor explained

Zeno laughed a little

"My prince, tomorrow will be your birthday, so what do you have planned this time?" The instructor asked

Zeno looked up to his instructor and smiled a little. "What else would there be for me? All I want is either Baou or a two week vacation from all of this" Zeno explained

"Last time you asked about your brother it didn't go well for you, and you lost your birthday privileges" the instructor responded

"I won't ask father about Zatch anymore, but that won't stop me from finding him" Zeno said bluntly

Zeno got up and started to walk out of the training hall

"My prince, what should I get you?" The instructor asked

Zeno turned around "Tell me where my fool of a brother is at, that's all I want from you" Zeno stated

"You know I can't do that" the instructor responded

"Then don't come to my birthday party" Zeno shouted then walked away

"My lord! That's unfair!" The instructor responded while waving his arms about

"You think I care?" Zeno retorted

One day later, Zeno's fourth birthday party

The party was being taken place inside the throne room where there was a large table with all sorts of food laid out

But being a kids party there was absolutely no kids running around

The only child at the party was Zeno, the rest of the group was a bunch of adults in fashionable uniforms

There were about 50 of them all talking to each other, having conversations about the mamodo world and most importantly business and further advancement in ranks.

No presents were laid out on the table for the birthday boy; there was a huge cake but no song of "Happy Birthday". The cake didn't even address who it was for.

There was a band playing a song that you would usually hear for a slow kind of dancing.

Even Zeno himself was forced to wear a tuxedo, the bow on Zeno neck felt so tight that it was choking him.

This was a party yes, but it was a party for the grownups, to be here at the party only meant one of the greatest of honors since you could further your career, to be left out you were a fool. The richest of mamodo came here on this day.

Some people would greet the birthday boy, wish him the best of luck and what not, but not to make Zeno happy, it was to impress the king who was sitting in his throne watching Zeno silently

Zeno was sitting in a chair just silently eating, there was nothing else to do honestly.

"Damn it, this is so boring" Zeno said to himself silently as he ate some of "his" cake.

"Zeno" A voice called out which was right behind him

(Great another rich mamodo who wants to impress my father…what should I do? Grin or smile? It would be easier just to say piss off) Zeno thought to himself as he turned around to see his instructor.

"My lord, you're stuffing yourself already?" the instructor mocked

"I told you not to come here, I can get the guards to kick you out you know" Zeno threatened

"I have a present for you though" the instructor responded

Zeno's eyes lit up but he didn't want to give in…Zeno looked at the throne room's table which had nothing but food for him and guests, nothing that he could unwrap.

Zeno sighed "Fine you can stay" Zeno surrendered

The instructor started to walk away and head toward the door

"HEY I said you can stay!" Zeno yelled out, Zeno still wanted that present.

"Not here you fool" The instructor responded and walked out into a hall way where the thick wood doors would separate them from the rest of the party

Zeno followed his instructor outside into the hallway

"You better have a good reason for making me look like a fool" Zeno demanded

"Well it's not like I could be left out, so I did what you asked of me" the instructor explained

Zeno's eyes widened

"…y…You didn't" Zeno halfway mumbled

"I can lose my job over this Zeno, but then again I can get a pay raise…but first you must promise me something" The instructor demanded

"Promise? Hell I can just take it from you" Zeno retorted with a smile

The instructor took out a sealed envelop "I can just burn this Zeno without a seconds thought" the instructor responded

Zeno froze knowing that his instructor wasn't bluffing

"Fine" Zeno gave in again

It was hard for Zeno not having a single card he could pull out on the table.

"When you do find Zatch promise me that you won't out right attack him, give it a couple days…no this entire vacation of yours to see who Zatch really is" The instructor demanded

"How do you know that I won't just break this promise?" Zeno responded

"Because then I will make your life more hell then it already is, and I can keep an eye on you, remember us adults have our ways Zeno" The instructor warned

"And after these two weeks?" Zeno asked

"If you still dislike him, do whatever you please" the instructor responded and gave Zeno his present

Zeno snatched the envelop and opened what was inside his brother's address, what school he went too, even some of the locations were Zatch would normally play at, and surprisingly his favorite fishing spot.

Zeno had a large smile on his face, one that you really couldn't tell if it was for evil intentions or just he finally got what he wished for so maybe he was happy?

"Fine, I'll keep this promise" Zeno said with his smile still not disappearing from his face.

Zeno put the envelop into his pocket

"Now all I need is that vacation" Zeno said with a determined look

After the party Zeno was able to convince his father to give him a 2 week vacation.

"Thank you father" Zeno said with a bow, Zeno then stood back up and walked away determined to find out the reason why Baou was given to his younger brother.

End of flashback

"The only reason you're alive Zatch is because of my instructor's wishes" Zeno said to himself as he lowered his hand, but he still kept an eye on his brother wondering why Baou would ever be given to a child that couldn't even sense a mamodo's presence.