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"Give this to Karin for me." Sasuke commanded me out of the blue, shoving an envelope into my hands. Curious, I turned it over in my palms. It was light, the flap tucked in instead of sealed. I wondered why no one sealed envelopes anymore. Sealed envelopes gave the contents more importance, adding a personal touch.

"Why?" I asked, dubious. Sasuke wasn't the letter writing type. Moreover, why couldn't he give it to her himself? "What is it?"

He shrugged and turned away. It was just like him to walk away with no answer. It was those anti-social habits that made me question why I was wildly in love with him. Five years of close friendship and unrequited adoration left my situation virtually hopeless, specifically when you factor in that he was the most desired boy in the state. I could have fallen in love with Brad Pitt and had better chances.

As he turned around the corner of the school hallway, I directed my thoughts back to the envelope. It was addressed "Karin" on the front in awkward penmanship; the generic handwriting of most teenage boys. I wasn't especially close to Karin, despite our running in the same circles. Her constant passes at Sasuke turned me off to the idea of kicking off a friendship. She was the only member of our group of friends besides Sasuke (who hadn't uncovered my secret obsession for him). I suspected all our friends were rooting for me anyway. Her obnoxious flirting was an annoyance to anyone within ten meters once she flipped the whore switch on. Sasuke's discouraging her was the last hope I clung to. At least he wasn't interested in anyone else.

Still, Karin's crush made me that much more interested in the letter. Curiosity nibbled at my moral code, begging me to open it. After moments of lip biting and mind reeling, I hurriedly dug the envelope flap out of its pocket, forgetting the time and place altogether, and smoothed out a folded notebook paper with the fringe still fraying off the side. It was crude, but gave the note raw emotion and unedited personality. I was prickling with jealousy before I started reading.


Fuck, what do I even write? Stop avoiding me. I'm sorry, okay. You have me writing a fucking love note. I don't do love, I don't do notes. But you're killing me, because I fucking need you to stop ignoring me. I love you, okay. This is breaking my balls and I couldn't say it before but I'm saying it in some sappy note because I'm letting you get away and fuck if I' m gonna stand and watch. Don't do this. Come back.


Every word—syllable—punctuated my despair, a fresh blow to reopened wounds.

He didn't love me. I knew this and still my hands were trembling and my palms were damp. My eyebrows tensed and I bit into my lip to keep tears from spilling over. However, it didn't force the lump in my throat down or settle the twists in my tummy. It was a mortifying experience to go through in the middle of the hallway. Trying to keep my heartbreak contained in the subtle fight or flight symptoms instead of a full on mental breakdown in public, I took a few deep breaths. They came out ragged and uneven, forcing me to acknowledge there was no hope left for me in the world.

What to do with the note? I could do the right thing and give it to Karin as planned. I could picture watching the exalted look spread over her face as she read my crippling heart. But I wanted to be a good friend to Sasuke if I could be nothing else to him, even if his happiness was at my expense. Instead I took a few swift, cowardly strides to the nearest garbage can. I hardly like Karin that much.

Just as I was about to drop the note, it was snatched up out of my hand. My frantic, automatic gasp resounded through the air. A brunette girl with muddy eyes scanned the note at the speed of light.

"Weren't you supposed to give this to Karin?" Her friend asked, wearing a slathering of freckles and a self-righteous half smile. Interfering, eavesdropping bitches.

"Give it back, slore." I gave the girl the most menacing glare of my lifetime. She was completely unaffected, thriving on the misfortune of my situation.

"What?" She cooed, the picture of innocence. Only from the grin she was having trouble hiding could you tell her malicious intent. "I thought you didn't want it anymore."

"What is it?" Her friend asked impatiently, starving for gossip. My god, she was the scum of the Earth. I had the seething urge to spit on her.

"It's a confession." She spoke superiorly. "Looks like Sakura doesn't want to hand Sasuke over."

"I knew she liked him. No one who knows him can resist him. But you guys were all no." I would have rolled my eyes if I wasn't plotting their homicide. The only thing that protected me from the scorn of the female population for being too close to Sasuke is their mistaken assumption I was the only girl on Earth immune to his good looks because I didn't whore off whenever he looked my way. Unlike girls like these, I saw him as an actual person rather than premium eye candy with aloof charm and a nice ass.

"Leave her alone. It's pitiful really, loving your best friend, to have him confess to someone else." The brunette feigned sickeningly sweet sympathy. "It must be so frustrating."

If she wanted frustrated, I'd damn right show her frustrated. All my emotional disarray tunneled into livid rage. I cuffed her square between those muddy eyes of hers before haughtily turning over my shoulder and stalking away. The last thing I saw was her friend's horrified expression like a lion had escaped its cage and the sneer of straight up loathing from the other girl as she held her nose to stop the bleeding.

I knew this wasn't going to end well. I couldn't care less.

I slinked away with an icy block in my gut, leaving to defrost it with tears.

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