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Harry Potter's Vegas Vacation Challenge!

Shifting Destiny

Chapter 1

A Shift in Destiny


Harry James Potter caught his moan full of pain before it was fully coherent and snuggled deeper into the covers, and feeling her happily snuggle closer to him. He pulled her subconsciously deeper into his strong grip, feeling her soft naked body square with him.

His eyes flashed open and bloodshot. It hurt his head but he paid that no heed as he looked to see he really wasn't alone. He would have groaned again if his throat wasn't almost as sore as his head, and drier than a desert.

He wasn't as surprised as he should have been as he knew he couldn't have an uncomplicated year at school (magic or not), so a stress free holiday wasn't going to happen, no matter how far away from all his problems he was, and that did not bode well when looking for a new place to live.

He was in a huge bed with a girl-a girl he felt guilty as he couldn't remember her and he was sure he should have remembered a beauty like her.

Her hair was an unusual shade of light candy purple-pink, and she had a soft face with small nose and cute pouty lips. She was possibly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen-or he was likely still a little tipsy. She was so soft and cute and-how did he end up babbling inside his own head to himself? He sometimes wondered whether all of the crap he had to put up with made him kind of crazy.

The girls' eyes were gently closed with a light red tint to her eyelids, and her head was gently resting on his chest. She looked so peaceful, so content. Her skin was pale, and felt flawless. She looked so relaxed and carefree. She looked so innocent he couldn't imagine her having ever done something like-well like this-though he couldn't imagine being so-so-daring before either.

He wasn't sure how old she could be but knew if she was older than him it couldn't have been by much as she looked so young and innocent. He felt thankful she's with him and not some disgusting old guy who took advantage of her drunkenness. She had to have been drinking too, right?

"Oh, you're awake looover!" sang out an amused voice suddenly starting him, but not enough to make him dislodge the girl in his arms, her soft naked skin felt lovely to his fingers.

He dreaded looking up but did so anyway. His bloodshot eyes widened as he felt his checks stain bright crimson, and his headache was momentarily forgotten. He should have probably figured that it wasn't going to be that simple.

There stood another girl. She was a little older than either him or the other girl with her deep blue eyes shining with laughter. Her deep blonde hair hanging loose over her shoulders to her shoulder blades.

She was totally naked. Her lightly tanned body was fit and firm with firm but soft looking breasts that looked bigger than he could feel of the other girls on him. Her body was smooth and firm leading to a completely shaven - area, and long smooth legs.

Harry's heart was pounding in his chest so hard he felt it might crack a rib if he didn't calm down, but it was harder (pun intended) keeping his member from going hard than that as he felt it twitching against the pink haired girls thigh.

Her full lips smiled at them in amusement. "Well, it seems your minds a little slow this morning… well alcohol can do that to a guy," she laughed quietly. "You should think about cutting down, but then for your first time at the liquor you sure can hit them back," she said rolling her eyes and laughing more.

"Err," he didn't know what to say or think as strange flashes of Elvis swam before his mind-no, not Elvis, but a really bad imitation, or really good if the real deal was ever that corny-but-other than that and-yes-yes he remembered the two girls being there too. He didn't remember anyone else there, but they kissed-all three? Or just him and the pink haired girl? He couldn't quite remember that much.

No, wait. There was that girl with brown skin and long black hair; he remembered thinking she was cute but she wanted none of their extra games.

She had looked a few years older than them, and she-yes, Harry remembered that she complained a little and left soon after. She had been drinking but not with them, and she was…? Harry just couldn't remember much about her, but she went off with some of her friends, so that was good that she was not with them too, or bad, he wasn't sure. He could possibly deal with the two girls, but three! He had never been greedy, and certainly not that greedy.

"M-Megan…?" Harry asked the blonde girl quietly as that was the first name to come to mind. He hoped he at least got one of their names correct.

His voice sounded croaky and dry as he spoke sounding uncertain, and feeling even more embarrassed that she just didn't care about modesty as she laughed at him softly. He didn't feel she was being mean or anything, just teasing him with her body and the secrets she knew.

"Almost," she spoke rolling her eyes, and finally he noticed the American accent as she was speaking a bit louder now, her accent-it kind of reminded him of some people he has seen on TV from New York.

"I'm Tabitha," she continued, rolling her eyes. "She's Megan," she finished nodding towards the pink-purple haired girl. "We're your new wives," she added as if an afterthought showing off the golden band on her ring finger causing him to pale significantly.

Time seemed to freeze up for him as his heart pounded painfully in his chest. How the hell…? Okay, so he got that he could have drunkenly married one girl, but how did these people let him marry two? Why would they not stop two-no-three drunk kids from getting married? Were these people really that stupid or senseless?

His decent into this messed up situation happened roughly fourteen years ago when some giant douchebag of a dark wizard had decided to murder him-why…? Harry didn't know. Voldemort the giant douchebag was after a fifteen months old baby he couldn't say, and no-one was talking, especially the only man (other than Voldemort) who knew the truth, Albus Dumbledore.

Harry still didn't know what the dark wizard wanted-or at the time why he wanted to murder a defenceless baby boy. Dumbledore never would tell him. He would likely wait until something big and messed up happened first. He always tried to justify this by prattling on about wanting Harry to have a happy and very normal childhood. The old man never saw that Harry never had such a thing, because of him as he had dumped Harry with his hateful, racist, and jealous aunt and uncle after his parents were murdered by Voldemort.

After the 'incident' Harry was dumped on his 'relatives' doorstep on a cold November morning with nothing but a note. Harry wouldn't claim they mistreated him as they would have had to have give a damn first. They were more indifferent. Sure, when something he now realised was magic happened he got a beating; they gave him clothes, fed him (scraps and whatever after he cooked them meals), and gave him a bedroom and everything a young boy needed (after he joined magic school through fear they found out he had been sleeping in a cupboard).

They gave him "everything" except what he needed, affection, love, friendships and happiness. It was almost as if they taught their son to make sure that Harry had no friends or life in the muggle world, which thinking back on it maybe that was Dumbledore's plan to make sure Harry worshiped him and the magical world full of primitives that squandered their potential.

Harry's relatives ignored him for a large part of life while they spoilt his cousin, and he felt quite thankful for that though, as Dudley Dursley turned out to be a jerk-and worse-super obese and unfit.

However, Harry has a tone body and strength. He had only ever learnt a little martial arts but it was enough to advance on his own. He had always liked watching Kung Fu movies whether they were dubbed (which turned most into comedies because of crappy voice actors-taking the piss) or subbed, and that included anime too.

Then after the Dursley's he discovered who he was. It turned out he was a wizard, and had magical powers, which quite honestly gave him some relief as he had been worried all the time he had heard his relatives call him a freak behind his back that there was something wrong with him. He would prefer being a freak to being a moron racist like them and others like them. He quietly pitied fools who hated for stupid jealous reasons.

Magic school was pretty cool-well okay-it was more interesting than cool. After all, he had a computer in his room hooked to the net at his 'relatives'-just because the school expected it and they didn't want child services involved. So his computer wasn't much of a machine but still, he found the lack of tech in the Wizarding World crazy stupid, and a waste of so much potential.

But he just played the diligent saviour of the magical people and shrugged it off. After all, he was supposed to be some awesome hero or something, so given time, maybe he could change things eventually.

Then he went through the motions of waiting until he could just up and leave the Dursley's, maybe even the idiot wizards as it seemed they were really stuck in their ways and forced muggle-borns down with them, but he wouldn't have that. He would hopefully find his happy-ending away from them all.

You see when the dark wizard (Voldemort) attacked Harry, the killer spell back fired and kind of-but not quite-killed him instead, but not before the bastard Voldemort had killed Harry's parents leaving him alone in the world.

Harry could just wish people wouldn't treat him lightly when it came to his mother and father and then happily praise him for surviving while they died. They didn't seem to understand that while they praised him for surviving and getting rid of Voldemort; he sees them praising the loss of his family and his happy childhood.

When he was eleven the magical world suddenly wanted him back after years of exile, and he made two great friends-well honestly he found the girl annoying and a mindless nagging banshee and the boy-he turned out to be a jealous moron.

He was forced to complete stupid challenges all set up by the 'great' and 'awesome' 'white' wizard Albus Dumbledore, 'cleverly' hidden as some nefarious plot against the school or Harry. But most of the time Harry felt like he was the only person smart enough to see the old man for what he was. He was a douchebag of the highest order. Though, Harry sometimes saw him as a giant turd sandwich when he looked to the old man.

It was around second year that he started noticing-something odd. He could see-not into the future or something, but it was as if the world slowed down occasionally when he felt good-excited, like the world was slow compared to him.

He found out that it was actually him just moving faster-or his mind working overtime. It was when she died, Ginny Weasley during the Chamber of Secrets episode. It still upset him because nobody else seemed to care.

He truly discovered his speed in the yellow light, but something else happened, a blast of crimson light and he crushed a seventy foot serpent with his bare hands, he had been so angry with desperation, needing to save the girl.

He didn't remember much but bits and pieces and didn't know whether he could ever be that strong again. However, though he stopped the monstrous snake and killed the memory of a young Voldemort that controlled it, he was too late and Ginny died crying in his arms, crying because she was so sorry that she had been controlled at that he had risked his life for her.

Harry had carried her body out of the Chamber of Secrets and got a shock that they were more concerned about him than Ginny's lifeless corpse in his arms. It really made him take notice of the so-called light that her parents didn't care. They were so poor he figured they were just glad for one less mouth to feed.

He hadn't even been allowed to attend her funeral. However, he used his invisibility cloak to sneak out of the school where he found he was the only one there. It wasn't even a magical cemetery but a muggle one miles from the Weasley's home.

Her funeral was cheap and nasty, and he had revealed himself to the muggle pastor/minister to pay for something so much better. He hadn't been surprised by Harry's appearance and in the end she had gotten a worthy cremation where Harry would spread her ashes over what was left of Avalon-a heroes sending. She had fought so valiantly, but in the end, she lost, but she deserved so much more.

He had wondered why the school hadn't compensated the Weasley's and paid for the funeral, but it was a few months later that he discovered that the school had. The Weasley's just never gave Ginny the proper send-off she deserved, that was left to him. The Weasley's just used all of the money for themselves, wasting it all.

If Harry didn't think that people like them or Dumbledore would take advantage he might have started a fund for people like Ginny in her name. Though, a part of him realised Dumbledore would have stopped him by any means necessary. To him Harry could not show such mercy to the 'underserving', it could bring hope to the hopeless and with that civil war in that hope.

Harry's power over speed was exciting, as if it accelerated every essence of his existence (and he always thought of it with fond memories of Ginny as she cuddled in his arms dying-he didn't know her well, but he loved her more than anyone had).

His speed was a wonderful and free feeling, to be able to run at such unimaginable speed as if he was taking a leisurely jog. It became his ultimate advantage over everyone and anyone, over the world.

He hadn't told anyone about his speed, and after Ginny's funeral knew he wouldn't-he couldn't trust them anymore. He started distancing himself even though Ron and Hermione kept by his side he only spoke to them if he had too. He spent so much time just ignoring them he was surprised they didn't get fed up and get lost.

He could tell they both knew he wanted nothing to do with them anymore, but they stuck to him stubbornly like glue. He just left them be, as he felt Dumbledore wouldn't like him telling them where to sling their hooks, rather rudely, possibly with some hexing involved. There had always been something creepy about the old man.

His third year was the year he found some freedom, he found a godfather, Sirius Black, falsely accused of murder, and come this Christmas holiday, 'dead' man with a fucked up plan to send him and his former teacher (and Sirius' best bud) Remus to Las Vegas to have a much needed holiday.

This all led Harry to this predicament-well there was more during the years but all that was needed was that Dumbledore was a douche, a giant: 'I'm right everyone else is wrong obey me douche wearing a turd sandwich robe'.

The worst part was nearly everyone did obey the old basket case and whatever this Greater Good was supposed to be as he only ever seemed to trust the 'ex'-Death Eater, and hateful, bitter, lousy potions 'teacher, Severus Snape.

Dumbledore was like Voldemort in too many respects. However, whereas Voldemort killed and ruled by fear. Dumbledore gave everybody infinite second chances and 'ruled' by manipulation and his fucked up beliefs, fucking up everyone else's choices as he cried evil if someone questioned him.

"W-wives…?" he asked worriedly as he looked at Tabitha after shaking himself clear of his thoughts, trying not to look below her face as she drained a bottle of water and looked so freaking hot and his dick was already semi-hard.

She threw her empty water bottle into a wastebasket and nodded with a smirk. "Don't be so coy, Harry! I can see from those gorgeous green eyes of yours you might not remember everything… but you know what you've done you naughty boy!"

He sighed as he leaned back on the bed with Megan, as she was still sleeping. He looked at her, his checks tinted as he remembered being-well-being between her legs. He was munching on her and enjoying it. He remembered her taste; it reminded him of a sweet shop. He gulped and pushed those thoughts back quickly.

"Megan Potter. It's got a cute ring to it," she said smiling in amusement. "You made her very happy-she doesn't have a family either, and now she does. She was too shy to go and chat you up when she saw you. So I helped her out, and well, things got a little out of hand."

However, he thought about it while blushing and she smiled widely as she came closer swaying her sexy hips. She slid up onto the bed the other side of him looking highly amused and satisfied that he couldn't keep his eyes from wandering over her beautiful body as she shamelessly sat up against the headboard with them. He could see her nipples were hard and that her vagina is damp.

"So Harry… you have the luck of the devil," she spoke in amusement. "In fact I doubt that someone with a command over probability could really be this lucky."

He just let his eyes roam up to her, his checks still red. "Um… sure… err… by the way… I can't for the life of me remember getting a…" he looked around the spacious room to the open double doors into a lounge. "Penthouse suite…?" he said in confusion.

She rolled her eyes and allowed her right hand to slid under the covers causing him to tense up a little before relaxing as her hand slid along his strong chest. She let her hand pass Megan's face, over his strong body, a little lower over his abs before she exceeded her reach. She even pouted but kept her stroking hand in place, and he wasn't complaining.

"You were winning pretty big," she finally answered shrugging her shoulders a little. "The casino compt you this room. I guess they wanted you to stay so they could try winning back their money…" she said with an amused air about her.

"Oh, great," he muttered blinking his eyes several times to clear his head. His headache was certainly lessening with every passing moment, but then he had always been a fast healer.

"Yeah," she laughed in amusement when they both jumped a little as Megan started and her tired looking eyes blinked open pure black swallowing Harry up and he couldn't look away from them.

He had always associated beautiful eyes with green, blue, or even grey or brown, but never black/onyx. They seemed to capture him, drawing him in with their beautiful depth before a soft smile broke him free.

"S-so it wasn't all such a weird yet wonderful dream," she spoke softly before a look of concern graced her features with a large blush as she finally realised it was all real. Her long pink lashes blinked several times as she tried to ignore her softly pounding head from her first-ever drinking session, and hopefully her last.

"No dice Pixie!" laughed Tabitha, smirking from where she sat stroking her fingers along Harry's abs.

Megan looked at her with large beautiful eyes, shrieked in surprise and sat up into a kneeling position showing off her small breasts and giving him a flash of her pink/purple lower hairs.

However, he hadn't the room to think much on her nude state as she had wings on her back. They were mostly transparent rainbow coloured wings like a fairy's or pixy's wings that caused him to just stare in shock. He couldn't help it. It was not every day that you saw a girl with fairy wings, but then…?

"Oh crap you're a fairy…" he couldn't help but say shocking her and causing an embarrassed yelp and her to pull the covers from him revealing his large semi-soft member (keeping it soft-ish now being a strenuous effort in will power) to hide her nakedness.

"I… I…" Harry stuttered too confused to know what was going on. "I-I mean, come on… when Remus brought me here, I planned to stay and meet up with my godfather later, to stay away from magic. I don't want anything to do with them anymore. I freaking snapped my wand and dumped it before getting on the plane. I haven't even told Sirius or Remus yet and… oh fuck…"

He paused and looked at the confused 'fairy' girl. "Wait… you're… well fairies aren't supposed to be normal people sized," he said looking her over while Tabitha got a good look at him with a grin licking her lips as she finally got to see him while sober.

"I-I'm not a real fairy," she said in embarrassment while Tabitha started laughing as she looked away from 'him' to her. "I'm a… I'm a-a m-mutant." She just barely managed to blurt out those last few words.

"W-wait," he muttered in shock, his eyes widening. "T-those rumours are real… b-but that means."

"Oh god you hate me now," Megan said with her lower lips quivering and tears forming in her incredible eyes.

"Us," interrupted Tabitha looking at Harry in annoyance.

"Err, well…"

Tabitha created some kind of small yellow ball out of thin air in her hand and went to drop it on him but he disappeared in a flash of yellow light and the little ball just sparked in a fizz as it landed on the bed with a small boom where he had previously been lying.

"Whoa… that could have… stung… or hurt or something," he spoke from the other side of the room with his black trousers on having pulled them on to hide his growing arousal from the girls, his cheeks lightly stained.

"You're a mutant too?" Tabitha asked as she ignored the glare Megan sent her way for using her power on him since she really did like him still. Though, it was also obvious that Megan was happy again.

"Umm… I guess," he replied sheepishly smiling. "I… I had always just thought it was some kind of odd magical power, but I guess not huh?"

"Yeah, most certainly not magic," she agreed while nodding her head. "I think you're as fast as Pietro."

"Err, who's he?" he responded as he looked around for the rest of his clothes and ended up picking up a black dress and a pair of skimpy white panties that Tabitha snatched off him with a smirk as she jumped off the bed.

"He's a mutant with super speed and a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants... I'm all down with the kicking human butt and teaching them who's superior," she said with a smug grin while she pulled on her panties and dress while grabbing her bra from the floor and stuffing it in her handbag before slipping on her shoes and smiling a little as he had watched her every movement.

"Oh shit I married a fucking racist," he sighed after a few minutes where he shook off the memory or her naked body, but his eyes flickered to the blushing fairy-mutant, as she may be naked, she was still covered by the bedding she held around her body.

Tabitha just laughed and rolled her eyes in amusement while hiding the slight hurt, but at least Megan seemed on his side as she glared at the blonde girl. Her glare was just so cute Harry couldn't help but smile at her.

"Wait magic?" Tabitha suddenly spoke. "What do you mean magic? Are you a sorcerer as well…? If you are that's kind of messed up and not fair."

"Umm… well… yeah, I guess, but… but, that's in the past," he said with a sad look gracing his eyes. "… they can go fuck themselves for all I care the self-centred pieces of filth, always expecting kids to save the day because they're too shit scared of some dark fuckers name to even try fighting him! The bastards have messed up my whole life."

He hissed out his words in anger before disappearing in a flash of yellow light. The girls had thought he had just up and left them for a moment when he reappeared moments later wearing his white tee shirt with his black shirt left undone and his shoes on. He found them in the other room along with some of Megan's clothes as he placed them on the bed for her.

It was a few moments of silence later that he heard a beeping sound and looked round when Megan picked up a small mirror on the bedside table and carefully passed it over to Harry with a small smile, blushing while keeping her body hidden embarrassed and frightened he wouldn't like her now he was sober.

"It's bleeped a lot. It woke me up once, b-but I don't know what it is," she said with a radiant smile that was contagious. He loved it, and if he was going to get drunkenly married to someone. Well at least it was her. He was still not sure about Tabitha. She seems somewhat nice in a not quite nice-person way, if that made sense. "Is… is it a magical mirror?" she asked in curiosity, her cheeks a light pink.

Harry grinned and laughed while he nodded. "Yeah, it's just my somewhat not quite uncle calling… umm… it's like a cell phone but not quite as good," he agreed with a smile as he brought the mirror up to his face looking in at his reflection. "Remus…" he called into the mirror where his reflection blurred into the image of the greying brown haired older man looking at him, worried.

"Harry, dam, where have you been!" the older man complained. "I've been looking everywhere for you… I've been in contact with Sirius and he'll be here as soon as he can. What the hell happened with you, your room has some new people in it and the hotel say they moved you but won't say where!"

"Err, apparently I was winning too much money and they compt me a penthouse room hoping I'll stay and loose it all," he said chuckling sheepishly. "A-and I may have… well gotten married…?!"

"W-what…!?" Remus cried out in shock, his eyes wide. "Y-you… oh crap I knew Vegas was a bad idea. I said why not Florida… we could have gone to a Theme Park like Disney World or something, but no…" he trailed off actually looking as if he expected it.

"A-actually I got married to two different girls," he spoke fast causing Remus' eyes to widen impossibly. "Yeah… um… well, I'll see you later, I have to see to my wives and see what we're… well you know!" he said cutting off the mirror with a tied sigh as he slipped it into his pocket.

"So, are you planning on annulments?" Tabitha asked with a laughing expression on her face, but he found himself frowning as he detected something else-loneliness?

"I… don't know," he replied honestly. "This is all new to me… what about you two?"

"I… I want to stay married," Megan suddenly spoke up shyly blushing. "I know you're a good person, it's written in your eyes. So you're running away from evil and stuff. I think… in the end you'll do the right thing."

"I guess…!" he began thoughtfully. "But… we don't even know each other, and can I really legally be married to two girls? And heck, I'm not even sixteen yet," he complained nervously. "We were drunk that's all, just sloshed on too much drink," he nodded his head.

"Well I haven't got time to mess around with all this anymore," Tabitha said with a feigned wicked grin as she seemingly took the band off her finger, and it glowed multicolours before melting and dropping on the floor in a blob of melted plastic. "You only married, Megan you idiot… I just helped things along to amuse myself, and when we got here," she shrugged, smirking.

"Can't stay a virgin forever," she said before frowning. "Well unless you're like a super prood, or Rogue, poor girl can touch someone without sucking up their power and memories. I bet she would kill then if she touched for too long. Hmm… hey, maybe there's some magic or something to help her out. At the very least let her control her power to some degree."

She smiled slightly while thinking about her. "Rogue was my friend when I was taken in by the X-Men!" she said while leaning back against the wall near them. "I did something stupid for my arsehole step farther, stealing, and… everything went to pot and I joined the Brotherhood and Rogue stayed with the X-Men-.

"I guess I sometimes miss her," she said while looking away. "I met Pixie-umm… well, Megan after I joined the Brotherhood; girlfriend thinks I'll come back and join the X-Men-oh, the good guys I suppose if you're wondering. They believe we can live in harmony with humans.

"I suppose we could-or not. I don't know," she mumbled more to herself than them before turning her full attention back. "I guess in the end all humans will have powers, but there are so many normal humans right now that want our power, want weapons, and hate us because they're jealous no matter what good we do in the world!

"I don't think they care!" she declared while 'trying' to make them understand. "Look at the Avengers, praised because they're not mutants like us-well except the Hulk-he gets treat like crap and he saved the world, twice. Spiderman-and others; they're proven heroes and yet bastard humans like J. Joana Jameson use their media capability to spin these things so the hero comes off as the bad guy."

"I understand!" Harry said slowly while stepping over to her and taking her hands. "But just imagine you're in a hidden world of mage, and everyone are like you. But you survived the unthinkable while you were just a baby, but your parents died, and something happened to the murderer; his curse backfired from you.

"You were dumped by the benevolence of a Merlin wanabee!" She flinched slightly as he sneered this out. "On a doorstep on a freezing British November morning of your witch mother's racist human sister and her husband.

"Then suddenly you come to their world, misinformed, and a 'hero, saviour of them all because you discover they're such weak bastards they can't even say the name of the man who murdered your father, and to hear it they quiver.

"They expect you to be their hero while telling you nothing, leaving you in the dark to stumble time and time again where people, friends die. Then they tell you that they do this so you can have the childhood that they constantly steal from you, praising you one second without a thought of your personal loss and then hating you the next because you're different, blameable when something goes wrong, or even just because you have a gifted language to speak snake!"

"A-and yet you still choose to be the hero!?" she demanded and didn't wait for an answer she knew he wouldn't give. "Why-why not just fight against them all, the bad and the 'good'!?"

He stroked his hands up from her hands, sliding them up her arms and to her cheeks, kissing her forehead. "I'm not a hero, Tabitha!" she spoke quietly. "I just do what I can-what I want-not because I have to, but because I can-because if I do nothing then I will become what I hate the most. I would become a coward too afraid to lose, to die that I wouldn't say my enemy's names, but if living means I will give up, Tabitha, then it isn't worth it because if I live and fight, and win, Tabitha, then the world will change!

"If we give into our hate and desperation, Tabby! Then we have lost, and I-I refuse to lose to anyone, especially the bastard that took my parents, or the bastard that took any chance of me having a happy childhood with a loving and doting family.

"These are things now I will build for myself!" he said while she had tears in her eyes and Megan was sniffling on the bed. "And now, I will not listen to what other people say is best; that killing is wrong when some bastard wants to kill me or my family, because there is worse things than death.

"To die for my family as my mother did me was a noble, selfless gesture," he said coldly. "But to have killed for me would have meant she would have been around to protect me from the 'lightest' of mage!"

"I'm sorry!" she said quietly.

"Why did you stay with us?" he asked softly.

"It was just-just-I wanted to-I don't want to be alone, and Rogue won't even talk to me, so Megan's my only friend. How sad is that?

And then… well, watching you both together, and-well it was really hot watching you both all over each other, so I joined in-well okay, kind of a lie since I was already all over you both, and you me, and," she paused with a small smile as she stroked something on her finger before hiding it away and smiling.

"Hey…" she said with a wider smile. "As I said before. A girl has to lose her virginity sometime. Anyway, the guys I hang with are just… augh, well some of them are hot I guess, but personality wise… no way," she finished off smugly in amusement as she wiped tears from her eyes before licking her plump lips.

"Umm… why did you get that plastic ring then," Harry asked while blushing as he had a few images of the three of them flash before his eyes.

She shrugged while keeping her expression neutral as she walked passed him to the door. "I just thought it would be funny I guess, and it was. You should have seen your face when you thought you married us both. Anyway, I have to leave, places to go, people to see… see you later Pixie," she said as she took the exit out of the suite and blew them both a kiss each before winking and closing the door after her.

Harry turned from the door Tabitha had left through to see Megan still cuddling the covers close to her body with red cheeks as she wiped her eyes clear. He smiled at her, as he couldn't help himself, he liked her, and he wouldn't admit it right then, but he liked Tabitha too as he knew she would come around and do what was right by her friends.

Smiling he could honestly say that he didn't know of anyone who could claim to be married to a girl with natural candy pink-purple hair, especially one this beautiful and sweet with wings.

"Umm… if you… you know, really want to stay married; I'm OK with that," he said blushing while her eyes widened and watered again.

He started as she dropped the covers and threw herself to the edge of the bed, keeling into his arms snuggling into him. He held her soft and warm body feeling light in his chest. He realised, with her; he actually had family now, real living family. He let his fingers stroke through her hair and gently caress her wings as she rested her face in the crook of his neck with a light purr sounding from her chest and throat, soft and sweet.

Harry shifted her in his arms and grabbed her tight firm butt as he carried her to sit down with her naked and cuddled on his lap. He couldn't exactly remember much yet about that night, but his body did feel well pleasured, even if half of that would be attributed to Tabitha, he was sure he could make this work.

"I'm sure over time we'll get to know each other," he said with his fingers running through her hair. He just couldn't get over how soft her hair was and how it sparkled like an energy version of pixy dust where he stroked it.

She pulled away a bit blushing brighter than ever as Harry could feel her naked body pushed up to him, and she could feel his rucked up erection through his trousers pushing hard up against her round butt. However, she smiled brilliantly as they both leaned into each other staring mesmerised into the others eyes longingly as their lips touched.

Their lips moved as their eyes slowly closed. They held each other tighter as they kissed, their tongues touched. Harry savoured her sweet taste like a chocolate bazooka exploding on his taste buds. His hands explored her floorless skin rounding off at her firm butt, sliding his fingers within her crack, feeling the puckered star within while he leaned them down moving her to lie back on the bed with him on top of her.

He pulled back from her sweet and moist lips breathing heavily as his left hand stroked along her smooth and firm stomach. She was blushing as he looked down at her body, her breasts weren't very big but they weren't tiny either with long hard pink nipples contrasting deeply against the pale milk of her skin.

Harry looked further as his hand slid up her body, he felt her quiver as she groaned when his left hand reached her right breast and squeezed, feeling her nipple he got a louder groan as her eyes drifted closed when he gently pinched her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

He could see her pubic hair between her legs, thin and downy and not much and it made her swollen and dripping wet area more prominent between her delicious looking thighs. He couldn't help but grin as his member was trapped in his trousers harder than he knew it could get, throbbing with anticipation.

However, Harry ducked down and took her left nipple into his mouth causing Megan to gasp out quivering as she arched her back in pleasure.

Her taste was sweet and captivating. He would say it was addictive if he didn't know he was just a horny teenage boy who married such a beautiful and willing girl, and she was all his.

Her wings floated round and folded around them both, surprisingly strong as they pulled him tighter to her as his teeth slid off her nipple and his lips quickly returned to her welcoming plump and stimulated lips, his tongue returning to hers, tasting her, enjoying her warm wet mouth and her powerful embrace.

He could have never imagined kissing anyone like this before, and he knew no witch could come close to this girl. Her lips were soft and inviting; her warmth flowing through his everything, and he could smell her scent, delicious, perfect. It was strong and arousing, irresistible. He let his left hand travel from her breast, sliding it down to her soft, smooth, tone tummy.

They both stopped for a moment to stare into each other eyes, captivated. Their eyes were wild as they widened when they were interrupted as in moments the building shook in a mighty explosion.

Harry and Megan had stayed still, on the bed, holding each other for a moment more, listening as the world was that kind of quiet that was so quiet they knew something bad was happening. Then there was another explosion from downstairs. The building shook again. Then there were more explosions one after the other in the distance with the faint sound of screaming that finally caused Pixie to let Harry free from her wings and for him to slide out of her arms to stand, looking around in worry.

Megan sat up looking confused and scared. "I… I think the hotels under attack," she muttered out quietly as they heard the soft faraway sound of gunfire.

Harry could only nod as he went to the phone but it got no dial tone. "Nothing," he said placing it back down.

The ground shook again and this time the lights flickered on then off again, and the flat panel TV flickered on and then off in several flickers of nothing but static from a shockwave that cracks the hotel windows and shattered some wine glasses.

"I guess we should finish this later," he suggested reasonably, "we should get out of here and soon… Megan, you should get dressed, and fast. This doesn't seem good, and I know when something doesn't seem good, especially since this is obviously bad."

She nodded as she grabbed her underwear and pulled on her blue panties and bra as her wings folded firm and flush with her body. She then pulled on her pale blue cocktail dress (that looked like it was made so her wings could fold out without tearing or ruining her dress) with matching shoes and using some clips to hold her hair from her eyes. Harry assisted her a few times, as she had almost tripped as the building shook a little more with flickering and sparking lights with anything electronic flickering and fizzing too.

"I-it looks like something's interfering with the electronic," she said in a worried tone as she held Harry to keep from falling but he was only too happy and able to hold her in his arms, especially in a time of peril, to look after her; he just hoped Tabitha had gotten out safe, or that she was safe.

Harry started glowing with a yellow mist-like light flowing through and around him as he picked Pixie up bridal style to her surprise. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck in preparation for their escape as he held her tight as the building shifted with the floor moving. They could see huge cracks forming terrifyingly along the walls and floor; the floor was sinking with jolts and crunches.

"Oh shit," Harry said while Pixie looked at him in worry, his hair glowing brightly with his yellow mist-like energy swirling around him.

"This is going to be one hell of a ride," he said with a small smile as he kissed Megan's forehead just as the building started moving, falling backwards. "I guess I'm stuck being the hero for now… lets settle down later."

"Let's," she readily replied with a trusting and loving smile and nod as they were surrounded by yellow mist-light prepared their daring escape.