A/N: A new story inspired by the film that created the musical I'm auditioning for this summer. For the record, Kurt does not exist as Blaine's boyfriend in this story.

Jeffrey Silas Sterling was a simple young man; he had an amazing boyfriend, Blaine Anderson, and they were going to the same school, Dalton Academy, but Jeff had no idea what was in store for him when college applications began to circulate.

"Jeff, we've been together how long?" Blaine asked one night as the two were out to dinner.

"Eighteen months," Jeff replied, biting his lip, waiting for Blaine to propose. All of his fellow Warblers were placing bets on the proposal.

"Yeah, eighteen months, wow. That's a record for me," Blaine chuckled, looking a little uneasy. "I'm going to Harvard in the fall, Jeffy, and…Oh, God, I don't know how to say this." Both spoke at the same time:

"I do," Jeff said.

"It's over," Blaine said.

"Wait, w-what?" Jeff's eyes began to fill with tears.

"It's over, Jeffy. My future's been planning out since day one. My parents want me to go to Harvard and get a law degree. I have to focus on my future. It has to be over, Jeff. I'm sorry," Blaine sighed, putting a hand on Jeff's shoulder. Jeff brushed him off and wiped his eyes.

"So those eighteen months were nothing to you?" he asked, gritting his teeth for the truthful answer.

"I love you, Jeff, but…I don't know, dude. It's not just that, it's just…I need someone serious," he continued, struggling with the wording.

"I'm not serious? Are you kidding? I'm the one who helped you become a better person, so now you're gonna go throw yourself around at Harvard? Because that is not what I expected of you, Blaine Anderson!" Jeff stood up and patrons were looking over at them.

"Jeff, please don't make a scene," Blaine whispered.

"Make a…? Oh my God, what was I thinking? Believing you of all people could change? Oh, I know what this really is. It's because I'm…I'm…blond, isn't it? So I'm an idiot and because I'm gay, fashion means everything to me, is that it? Am I a girl to you, Blaine?" he yelled.

"Jeff, I…," Blaine started but Jeff had slapped him across the face.

"Just go. Go to your fancy law school, become a big, impressive lawyer, and maybe your dad will finally accept you," Jeff snapped before turning on his heel and storming out. Everyone was looking at Blaine now.

"What are you all looking at?" he snarled.

"Where's Jeff?" Trent asked one day as the Warblers were gathering for rehearsal.

"I don't know. I think he's still holed up in his room," Thad said. He, David, and Flint went over to Jeff's room. Jeff had kicked out his roommate so he could have his alone time. It's been a week since Blaine broke up with him.

Jeff was lying on the bed picking chocolates out of a Valentine's box and watching sappy romance films.

"I love you," came from the TV.

"Shut up, you liar!" Jeff yelled, tossing a few candies at the guy on the screen. The door opened and Jeff's head snapped around. "Who is it? What do you want?" he demanded.

"Jeff, it's just us," Thad sighed. "Oh my God, this room is a damn mess. Have you gotten up at all in the past week?"

"Only to change underwear," he mumbled, sinking back into the pillows.

"Jeff, you have to move on," Flint said, pulling Jeff up.

"I love him," Jeff whined, struggling against Flint's grip.

"He obviously didn't love you if he broke up with you," David reasoned.

"What is he doing now?" Jeff asked.

"By the looks of it, he's practicing for his S.A.T.'s," Thad reported, looking out Jeff's door into Blaine's, which was across the hall; Blaine had left the door open.

"You can't let him win, Jeff. If you pine over him, it just means that he wins, and you lose, and we love you too damn much to let that Hobbit win," Louis said, walking into the room.

"I just got an idea," Jeff announced, looking excited.

"Oh dear," Thad moaned.

"I'll just go to Harvard and win him back. I'll show him I'm not your typical blonde…or a girl for that matter," Jeff said, pacing his room.

"That does not sound like a good idea, dude," Flint put in.

"Yeah, I'll take the S.A.T.'s and enroll at Harvard," Jeff continued, ignoring everyone's protests.

Thad heaved a huge sigh and started to walk out of the room. "You guys get him settled down and I'll get the S.A.T. books," he said.

"Jeff, you see here, you need at least a 174 on your S.A.T.s, and not to be a douche, but you're not that academically…I don't know how to finish that sentence," David explained.

"That's not the only thing, Jeff," Thad added. "If you're gonna study for this, being a Warbler is going to be a huge burden. Are you willing to give up the Warblers for Harvard?" Jeff looked hesitant for a second, and then nodded.

"Yes, I resign my post as a Warbler to study for my S.A.T.s," he agreed. David and Thad sighed and left the room, leaving Louis and Flint to help Jeff.

Two weeks and three underscoring tests later, Jeff got a red envelope in the mail. All the Warblers huddled around, waiting to see the results. Jeff took a breath and opened the envelope and read it over.

"'Mr. Jeffrey Sterling, you have achieved a 176 on your S.A.T.s.' I'm going to Harvard, bitches!" he announced, getting hugs from his friends. "Now we just need an essay."

Meanwhile, at the Harvard Admissions Office, John McCluskey, Mark Atwater, and Harry Kaplan were reviewing applications.

"So, gentlemen, Harvard Law grants admission to Blaine Anderson, Ella Tandon, and Fletcher McDonnell, and now Jeffrey Sterling, who was kind enough to send us a headshot," Atwater said, flipping through the books.

"Wow, you don't see many young men dressed like that nowadays," Kaplan remarked.

"Oh, look, a recommendation from Adam Levine," McCluskey said.

"Where is his personal essay?" Atwater asked.

A huge thud from outside was enough of an answer; the three men hurried outside to see a band and almost three dozen young people harmonizing, one Jeffrey Sterling standing in front of them.

"This is the best personal essay I could think of," he said.

"I'm what you want, Harvard

I'm the guy for you

And to prove it's true

We all flew here on Jet Blue

(This is what Jeff Sterling inspires

Everyone admires him

And Harvard should too)"

"This is not a personal essay!" McCluskey said.

"Nope, a personal essay's so boring

And so much does not fit

So we're appearing live, right here

Making clear, that you must admit

That Jeffrey Sterling

Should join the chosen few

Harvard, what you want

Is right in front of…"

The groups broke into an amazing dance routine. The men watched multiple boys in blazers twirled around Jeff as a blonde girl and an Asian boy did flips in the background.

"May I approach?" Jeff asked, walking towards the men.

McCluskey grabbed a whistle and blew it. "Now, see here, Mr. Sterling, you can't just barge in here with singing and dancing and…ethnic movement. This is a very flashy presentation, but I still don't see one reason to admit you," he said. Jeff swallowed and waved everyone else to settle down.

"How about love?

You ever been in love?

'Cause if you have, you'll know

That love never accepts a defeat

No challenge it can't meet

No place it cannot go

Don't say no to a young man in love

Don't laugh when I say I'm in love

Don't think that I'm naïve

Because even a person who's smart

Can listen to their heart

Can listen and believe

So believe in what love can achieve

Do you believe?"

"I do!" Atwater shouted.

"Do you believe?"

"Me too," Kaplan agreed.

"Yes, we believe in love. How about you?" Everyone looked at McCluskey, who smiled.

"Welcome to Harvard!" he announced, setting off cheers. Jeff grabbed his stuff and walked towards the school, but before he entered, he turned and gave his friends a salute.