The room was damp and the only light filtered through the gaps in the door. In the corner huddled a silent figure, her clothes ripped and torn from continuous beatings and torture, stained in blood and sweat. Her red hair was dull and hung over her haggard face; her usually bright blue eyes were bloodshot and tired.

"GET UP" came a harsh voice from the door, it swung opened and rattled on its hinges.

The bright light made the figure shield her eyes and curl tighter into a ball, as the large figure closed the distance between them and pulled her up from the ground. "I said GET UP"

The loud shout made the figure jump and jerk her arm out of his grasp. A gasp of pain followed as her captor punched her in the stomach and watched as she dropped to the floor.

"Nal, we need her alive" came a voice from the door way

"You think you're so tough don't you Doctor" said Nal as he crouched down in front of her, "I wonder what Jean-Luc would say when he sees his precious Beverly like this"

Beverly glared up at him, but was too weak to move. Every muscle in her body was sore and protesting to every movement. Her doctor side told her she had internal bleeding, fevers and more than a few infections in various wounds.

"Now, now my dear doctor we don't want to return your dead body back to our favourite captain do we" came a voice that made her feel sick in the bottom of her stomach "I don't think he'd enjoy that very much" the figure walked towards her and knelt down as Nal left the room, blue eye fixed on her damaged face, blue eyes that she knew so well, yet this time they weren't full of laughter or mischief. They were filled with hatred and distain.

Beverly moved to hit him as he ran his hand over her face. His left hand caught hers and pulled it down to her lap "Don't even think about it, or I'll be sending our lovely counsellor home in a matchbox"

"What did you do to her you bastard?" growled Beverly

"Nothing much, though I doubt that she'll ever look my dear brother in the eyes again"

Thomas Riker stood up and brushed off his pants "Sleep well, doctor, you'll need it and don't worry your friend will be returned to you" he turned and smiled "when I'm finished with her"

Beverly glared at him as the door slammed behind him. Pulling the tattered blanket closer to her body, she curled up back in her corner staring at the door, waiting for it to open to reveal the broken body of her best friend.

She hadn't seen her in what she thought was two days. They'd taken her away and split them up for their own sick games.

She didn't even want to think about what had happened to Lt Bailey or Ensign Hallaway who'd come down on the shuttle with them. Shuddering she looked away as tears resurfaced in her eyes, they were probably dead.

Closing off the word around her, Beverly curled up tighter and slowly drifted off into a pitiful sleep, full of nightmares.


Beverly jerked awake at the sound of the door opening and something or someone being thrown in.

Shaking her head to wake herself up more, Beverly uncurled herself groaning in pain at her protesting muscles and crawled over to the silent figure in the middle of the room.

The figures long curly hair was thrown over her face and matted in a dark substance that certainly seemed like blood. Cuts and lacerations marred her petite frame making it seem smaller than usual. Her uniform was gone, instead replaced by a once white nightgown that was now mattered in blood and sweat.

As Beverly reached to move her hair away from her face, the figure whimpered. Beverly stilled for a moment before moving it away. A gasp came from her lips as her eyes searched for a part of her face that wasn't covered in bruises or blood.

Dark eyes opened slowly and Deanna whimpered as she realised who was there. Beverly gently ran her hand over face and checked for any broken bones.

"Oh Dee, what did they do to you?" she asked

"She got what she deserved, she choose him" came Thomas's cold voice

"You bastard, you can't just hurt her because she choose Will!" yelled Beverly as she jumped up

Thomas grabbed her shoulders "Watch your mouth Crusher, she choose him because he was here first, she choose him cause he's perfect!"

He pushed her into the wall and smirked as her body slumped down "Sweet dreams"

Beverly looked up just as the doors slammed and crawled over to Deanna, she hadn't moved since she'd been thrown in and the doctor in her was extremely worried about her.

"Deanna, Deanna" she gently touched her shoulder

Unblinking dark eyes meet hers and the small Betazoid curled up tighter.

"Deanna its Beverly"

Looking into her eyes all Beverly could see was fear, fear of her and the world around her.

3 weeks for her body to heal, over 8 months for her to fully recover emotionally and mentally. Even then Deanna would never be the same.

Realising that Deanna wasn't going to be speaking anytime soon, Beverly began checking her body for any other injuries. Looking around to make sure no one was looking, Beverly carefully checked her abdomen, as far as she could tell the growing child inside Deanna was safe.

As soon as she was finished, Beverly leaned against the back wall and watched her best friend barely breathing, her body marred with scars physically and mentally, right in front of her, her best friend was dying and the only thing she could do about it was sit and wait for the Enterprise to come.

"Oh Jean-Luc where are you?" asked Beverly to the empty room.

Deanna moved slightly and turned her head towards her "Hang in there Deanna, helps coming for you and your baby" said Beverly "I hope"