Chapter Seven – Arms of Love

*6 weeks later*

William Riker slowly walked into the Enterprise Wing holding little Ayashe in his arms and entered through the quarantine seal. He smiled at the sight of Aimee curled up on one of the nurse's stations counters, her small body curled in a small ball on a stack of papers of probably important notices.

Walking over to the counter he shifted Ayashe to his left side and scratched the kitten on the back of the head. "Hey Aimee, where's mummy?" he asked as the kitten uncurled herself and stretched, yawning.

He smiled as the nurse looked up, he smiled "Either one will do"

Aimee sat up and blinked, cocking her head to one side. She carefully pawed at his arms, before climbing up on his precious little bundle before curling up in a ball at the edge of his arms.

Ayashe giggled and gently touched the kitten.

Will smiled at the little boy's curiosity. Since he's health had skyrocketed and he'd improved, his lungs getting stronger, growing healthier and healthier with both his mother and his godmother caring for his every need.

Beverly and Deanna had both healed in their own ways. Physical wounds had healed and all that was left was faint scars or sore muscles. Mentally was a different problem, Beverly's nightmares had subsided slightly, no more would she scream but she's retreated into herself ever since the Captain had left , no more emotions came out and Deanna who had just started using her empathic ability again, found it frustrating that her mental blocks were so good.

Deanna had healed as well, she now could stand being in the same room as him for more than a couple of minutes and now seemed to find his comfort helping her heal from the wounds. She still was a bit hesitant on the romantic side but she was healing.

Looking around at the wing that had become their home for the past 8 weeks, he smiled at the homey touches that had been added. Flowers and presents from well wishes adorned the walls and the coffee table in the waiting area, pictures drawn by the children from the Enterprise school and the local school that Deanna and Beverly had been helping out in over the weeks.

Each of the girls had added their own touches to their rooms. As he walked through the door to Beverly's room, he smiled at her 'touches' to the room. Her Nana's quilt lay on the end of the bed, a stack of books adorning the bedside table, Aimee's toys and bed on the ground and countless cosmetics, hairbrushes and other female stuff that Will was sure was half of Deanna's since he knew Beverly didn't own most of the stuff that was in there.

Photo frames sat on the side table, some of Wesley and Jack and some of the whole senior as well as some candid photos taken in moments of surprise.

Smiling Will dropped Aimee off on the bed and watched as the little kitten that had grown in the past couple of weeks sit on the quilt and looked up at him expectantly.

"What?" he asked the kitten

He shifted Ayashe in his arms as the little boy giggled at his dad. Aimee just cocked her head again and meowed.

Turning around he smiled at Beverly who had walked in behind him, smiling before picking his precious little boy up and cuddling him to her chest.

"Heya Elmo how's my favourite boy today?" she cooed cuddling him softly. She turned around and giggled at Will expression. "Don't worry your my second favourite" he wrapped his arms around her and smiled as she giggled again.

"Where's Deanna?" asked Will

"She's asleep" said Beverly looking up at him "Don't you dare wake her William Riker"

"Alright Blue eyes relax, I won't wake her" said Will smiling "Second favourite huh?"

"Keep it up like that and you might lose your place" said Beverly as she ducked under his arms and across the room to escape his hold.

She sat on her bed gently cradling Ayashe in her arms and stroking Aimee as she climbed on her lap; Will sat next to her as he watched her look adoringly at his son. He knew that she'd make a great mother again, and he hoped that Jean-Luc would let her have that chance.

He looked up through the window and smiled as he noticed that Deanna had started waking up from her nap.

"Come on I've got a surprise for the both of you" he said, gently taking her hand and leading her towards Deanna's room.

Entering he smiled at the sleepy sight of Deanna, her hair all tousled and her eyes blinking sleep away. Noticing that she had an audience she smiled as Beverly deposited Elmo in her arms, and sat down next to her best friend.

"Hey Little one, how was your walk?" she asked him smiling as he flailed his arms around, giggling.

"He enjoyed it" said Will smiling, he reached over a pulled at the chair that was sitting in the corner of the room. "I have a surprise for you, both of you have been cleared for light duty, with the exception of having counselling sessions three times a week till you are ready for duty"

Both women smiled and Beverly opened her mouth to ask when Will silenced her "There are conditions though, Beverly you are to shadow Doctor Selar for the first week, and are not to do any reports or paperwork, after that if you are cleared by the counsellor you are to go on light duty though still have a counselling session once a week, till you are cleared" he smirked at Beverly's face as she groaned "and Deanna you will be on maternity leave and seeing a counsellor till further notice" he smiled at her grimaced face.

"You two ready to re-join the ship" said Will as both girls looked at him smiling


Beverly Crusher stood by her makeshift bookshelf, carefully picking up the old leather bound books and packing them into a traveling crate designated for Captain Picard's quarters. Reaching out and picking up an old volume of Shakespeare's work she ran her hand over the well-worn spine with the gold lettering peeling off.

Opening it she slowly read the inscription that was written on the first page.


Have fun at Starfleet Medical and don't let them, make you push to much paper.

I promise to take care of Wesley

Till you return

Love Jean-Luc

Beverly snapped the book shut and lay it down on the other books set to go to Picard's quarters, she didn't need it anymore.

A soft cough behind her startled her and she dropped the book that she'd been holding. Spinning around she saw Deanna standing there watching her with a peculiar look on her face. Beverly smiled at her before picking up the dropped book and placing into with the others.

"What's this for?" asked Deanna looked down at the books in the box.

"They're for Jean-Luc, they're the books he let me borrow while I was here" said Beverly grabbing the lid from her bed.

Deanna looked at her once again with a funny look and picked up the Shakespearean Complete works that she had discarded earlier. "Don't you have one of these?" asked Deanna

"I do, but Jean-Luc leant his to me to read while I was here, since he couldn't find mine in my messy quarters" said Beverly shrugging. "His words not mine"

Deanna just nodded but watched as Beverly went to grab some more books from the lounge room before opening the book and searching for the written letter that it held. Running her fingers across the inked handwriting, she knew this was going to be harder than she originally thought.

Just as Beverly started walking back she grabbed the book and placed it in her carry bag that was hanging round her shoulder. Smiling to her friend as she walked back in, Deanna faked a look of surprise before lying that she had left something in her room and quickly exited, the Complete Works of Shakespeare tucked safely away in her bag. She'd keep it till Beverly needed it again.

She hoped it was soon.


William Riker smiled at the familiar feeling of the transporter tingle. Closing his eyes he opened them and grinned at the interior of the USS Enterprise Transporter room, it was good to be back 2 months was too long. Grinning at Miles O'Brien he stepped off the transporter pad and headed towards the bustling corridors.

Many crew members smiled and waved at him as the hurried passed to finish preparations for the CMO and Counsellor's welcome home party and their everyday duties. Commander Riker greeted each one of them as he headed towards the bridge.

He nodded to the Ensign that was in the turbo lift before calling out the computer to go to the bridge. As lift moved, Riker felt a feeling of apprehension as the headed up to the Bridge of the ship.

The lift stopped at the door opened revealing to the commander the bridge he had missed so much as he been stationed planet side. He stood there staring out to the Bridge before the Ensign that accompanied him on the turbolift spoke.

"Commander Riker are you okay?" asked the Ensign

He looked over at her and smiled "Fine Ensign"

He took a deep breath before stepping out on the bridge and smiling at the hustle and bustle of the alpha sift. Nodding to Commander Data who sat in the captain's chair he headed towards the Ready room and pressed the chime.

"Come in" came Captain Picard's voice from behind the door.

Riker stepped through the door and grinned "Commander Riker reporting for duty"