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It was late at night and they were driving to Mystic Falls in her black '67 Chevy Impala. They had been on the road for the last 5 hours and were finally close. "Are you sure you want to go back there?" the teenaged female in the drivers seat glanced over at her friend. "Leilani," she called her name when she didn't respond. Stopping at a red light, she looked at her friend curiously. She had short black hair, with purple streaks, that went to her shoulders and was wearing a blue halter top and a tan skirt.

"Hm?" Leilani replied lazily. She yawned at looked at her friend. "I'm sure, Sakura. Besides I already told Elena and Zack that were coming back," Leilani smiled lightly and looked at Sakura. Elena was their old friend and Zack was a friend of the family, like an Uncle. She had brown hair, her bangs went down to just below her head and the rest went down to mid-back. She was wearing a black, sleeveless shirt that showed her mid-section, with a black trench coat that reached her knees, along with black cargo pants. "It's been 4 years since we've seen them, or been back at Mystic Falls. Not since…" Leilani trailed off as she thought back.

"Not since the fire, I know. Quiet frankly, we haven't had the chance to come back. Now that you have your inheritance, and Zack put the house in his name, we can live there again. It might be hard though. You know, being there when it's so close to where our families died…" Sakura sighed.

"We can't think of it that way! It's a new beginning, with old friends. This is the only place that feels like home. It's not live we're going to live in our old house, not that we could anyways, with all the damage. We're only going to be a few houses away from Elena," Leilani smiled. "Maybe you should let me drive though, you need to take a power nap," Leilani giggled.

"No need, there's an open coffee shop right here," Sakura said as she pulled into the parking lot. She parked up close to the shop, since the lot was fairly vacant. As it should have been, at 1 in the morning. They went inside and were hit with the scent of coffee and donuts. Sakura looked around and only saw 1 customer, and the employee in there. "I'll take a medium sized mocha," Sakura ordered.

"A large coffee and a donut with sprinkles for me," Leilani giggled. As they waited, Leilani couldn't help but stare at the only other customer in the place. He was wearing a leather jacket, had soft blue eyes and short, black hair. Sakura paid for their items and they went to sit down at a booth. Sakura noticed that Leilani didn't follow; she turned to see her talking with the other customer. Sakura walked up to Leilani and dragged her away to their booth. The man winked at them and smiled coyly.

Sakura glared at him as she got a chill down her spine. Her instincts were telling her that something was wrong with this guy. "Let's just take it with us," Sakura suggested as she got up to leave. Leilani just smiled and complied.

"Goodbye Leilani," the man smiled at her.

"Bye Damon, maybe we'll see each other in Mystic Falls," Leilani replied before she was dragged out of the shop. They got into the Impala quickly, but Sakura didn't start it up right away. "Is something wrong?" Leilani asked as she took a giant bite out of her donut.

"Why would we see him in Mystic Falls?" Sakura asked seriously. Leilani looked at her confused. "Why?" she asked again.

"Well, he's from there, that's why," Leilani laughed.

Sakura sighed and started up the Impala. She reversed out of the parking spot to leave and saw Damon standing at the door, smiling. They drove off and enter a very green area, lots of trees, but also a lot of fog. Sakura hit on the breaks hard when she almost crashed into a cop car. There were a bunch of cop cars, along with news television reporters. Sakura rolled down the window and heard the reporter start.

"Darren Malloy, age 24 and Brooke Fenton, age 22 were found dead, early this morning. It has been concluded that they were brutally mauled by a wild animal. Based on the evidence, it seems as though they hit the animal and left their vehicle to see, but they were attack by what must have been a large animal. The police are urging people to be careful when it comes to animals. While they may see harmless, I assure you they're not," the reporter said.

"Hey, move along now. Just go around, okay," a police officer approached their rolled down window. Sakura nodded politely and they continued on their way.

They saw the bodies being covered up as they drove by. It didn't make any sense though. How could an animal do that to them. It was horrible, there was so much blood. With how brutal it was, Sakura was thinking of only one thing. Vampires, there were vampires back in Mystic Falls. What other explanation could there be?

"Where to first anyways? Our new home, or Elena's?" Sakura asked, as they passed by the Mystic Falls welcoming sign.

"Well, considering it's past 1 in the morning, I suggest our new home," Leilani giggled. "What kind of house do you think it is?" Leilani asked.

"You don't know? I thought you set it up," Sakura growled.

"Well, no. I gave Zack the money! It was his choice," Leilani laughed.

"This is it," Sakura pulled the Impala into the driveway of their new home. To their surprise, there was already a car parked in their driveway. They got out of the car and approached the front door. Leilani pulled out the keys Zack had sent her and opened the door. They walked inside and they heard voices in the living room.

"Welcome back," Elena came up to them and hugged them both. "It's been so long, I can't believe you're here," Elena exclaimed.

"You didn't have to do this," Sakura told her.

"Nonsense, once I told everyone you were coming back they were thrilled to come. Even though you're late. Quite a few hours late," Elena yawned.

They walked into the living room to see a bunch of their old classmates. Also Jenna and Zack were there. "Welcome home kiddies, I hope you like the place," Zack came up to them and gave them a loving hug. "Hope you don't mind I kept a set of keys to the house. You guys are only teenagers after all, shouldn't really be home alone all the time!" he laughed. Zack trusted them, they were a capable set of girls. But truth be told, he was a little unsettled about them being on their own. "If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask," Zack said before heading to the kitchen.

"I'm just a few doors down, so come to me first," Jenna whispered to them, making them laugh quietly. She went into the kitchen to hang out with Zack.

"You guys look great," Tyler said as he came up to them. Sakura twitched slightly, hearing his voice. They didn't really get along, Tyler was a big time prick in her book. He had dated Leilani in the past, you wouldn't think 13 year olds could be so cruel.

"Thanks Ty," Leilani leaned in and gave him a hug. "You look great too," Leilani giggled.

"It must be the football," Tyler laughed and then he noticed Sakura glaring at him. "I'd like to stay, but it's late. I'll see you guys at school right?" Tyler asked.

"Yup," Leilani replied and Tyler left.

"Alright, say your hello's and goodbyes and get going. It's too late for a house of teenagers," Zack came back into the living room.

"We have tons to catch up on," Caroline happily approached Leilani and gave her a hug. Bonnie came up beside her, only seconds after. "This is going to be an epic year!" she cheered.

"That's for sure!" Leilani squealed. Leilani felt live she was in heaven, with all her friends around. The last few years had been rough, and this was just what they needed.

Bonnie touched Sakura's shoulder, noticing that something was on her mind. When she did she felt a burst of energy and an image flashed in her mind. A raven crowing appeared. Bonnie quickly retracted her hand. "I think we'll have a lot to talk about," she told Sakura seriously. Sakura looked at her questioningly, but somehow new that something was going on.

"Alright, get going. Shoo!" Zack started pushing the adolescences out of the living room.

Most of them left. Only Elena, Jenna and Zack were still in the house. "I'll see you guys in school," Elena left with Jenna.

"Alright, I should get going. Unless you need me for the first night," Zack laughed. "Anyways, once you're settled in, you can come by the boarding house. I still have your bike Sakura," he pulled out the keys to her motorcycle. "I don't know if you've learned to ride a motorcycle yet, but it was your brothers, so I kept it. Still in good shape," Zack explained.

"Thanks," Sakura took the keys from them, and gripped them tightly. That motorcycle was one of the few things she still had from her family.

"Goodnight girls, and don't forget about school. Tomorrow, bright and early," Zack gave them hugs and left. Before he closed the door, Sakura saw a raven fly by. They had only arrived, but something was off already.

"By the way Leilani, when did you register us for school?" Sakura asked. She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

Leilani laughed and rubbed the back of her head. "I got Zack to enroll us, a little while back," Leilani explained.

"School already," Sakura sighed and headed upstairs to the master bedroom, claiming it. She threw her coat the chair at her desk. Apparently Leilani got Zack to fill it with furniture and other objects. Some of the items were theirs, which they had left at the boarding house, since they stayed there so long. Sakura laughed because Zack figured out which room she would pick. She laid down on the bed and she saw the raven pass her window. She sighed and fell asleep. She knew things were going to be interesting this year. And for some reason, it felt like there was something supernatural watching them.

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