Hey guys. So this is my first more than one chapter story. Hope u guys like it. Please review. Almost everything is like the books except Fred is alive and Ron is with Luna. I wanted it like that because most stories of how they got together was how George got over Fred. I think Fred would want to see his twin being married to Hermione so I came up with this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter sadly, J.K. Rowling does but I'm hoping I'll get the rights for my birthday but probably won't.

Hermione woke up to a beam of sunlight coming through her window. She stretched her arms above her head and walked across the room. There slept the youngest red head in the house in her bed. Hermione gave Ginny's shoulders a nudge but all she did was stir. Leaving Ginny to her sleep, Hermione walked down the stairs into the kitchen.

Mrs. Weasley warmly greeted Hermione as walked in and set a plate of warm pancakes and bacon in front of her as she sat down. Hermione smiled her thanks and started eating her breakfast. Ever since the war ended Hermione has been living at the Burrow, helping Mrs. Weasley whenever she could. Sometimes she missed being in her own house but since her parents are in Australia with no memory of her, that couldn't happen. She didn't mind most times though, the burrow was her second home.

Two pops startled Hermione out of her train of thought. She looked up to see the infamous Weasley Twins. Fred and George walked in, giving their mother pecks on her cheeks, and sat on the table to enjoy the breakfast waiting for them. George was the first to notice Hermione. "Well hello there Granger!" George began. "How's our favorite bookworm?" Fred finished. Hermione scowled at their nickname. She never did like that name. "Fine." was all she replied to them. George gave a puzzling look before turning to Fred to talk about their newest invention.

After about a couple of minutes later Ron, Harry, and Ginny came downstairs to eat their breakfast. Mrs. Weasley served them their food and were about to dig in when Mr. Weasley apparated into the room with a worried expression. "Arthur, what's wrong?" Arthur turned to his wife. "The Ministry has added a new law. It is-" Mr. Weasley was interrupted by an owl dropping off five letters on to the dinner table. "Oh dear, the letters are already here." They all just stared at the pile of letters until Ginny finally spoke up. "Dad what is the new law about exactly?" Arthur looked at his daughter for a moment before answering. "It's a marriage law sweetie. A marriage law."

"WHAT?" Fred bellowed. "What do you mean a marriage law?" George asked right after. "Well you will be married to the wizard or witch that the Ministry of Magic has decided to be the best match. The letters are to tell you who you have been match with and explain all this nonsense." Mr. Weasley sighed. He couldn't believe the Ministry was actually going through with this. When he first heard about the marriage law, he laughed it off. The Ministry had to be bonkers to think that this would actually pass. Apparently they are bonkers.

"But why do we need this stupid marriage law? It just seems like we're losing something else." Everyone looked down at Ginny's words. The war had cost many people things such as their homes, their families, and their lives. The Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione had all experienced that first hand.

Mrs. Weasley quickly wiped her eyes and grabbed the letters. She handed them to each of their owners. "Well don't just stand there, read your letters now."