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George was released from the hospital two days later. Hermione, on the other hand, wasn't released until a week later. The Healers were puzzled about her condition and tried to find a cure. Hermione was sick of being in the hospital, she just wanted to get out. After not coming up with an answer, the Healers decided to let Hermione go. They would call back if there was any news.

Hermione was currently working a shift at Frozen Treats. There were hardly any customers but that was just fine with her. "So Hermione I haven't seen you in quite a while. Everything alright?" Jack asked while wiping down the counter. Jack was the new employee that Maya hired back in the beginning of December. He was a sixteen year old boy with gold curls and blue eyes. He was tall, towering over Hermione a bit and had quite bit of muscle from playing football. Jack was also a muggle. "Oh nothing, just a bad stomach flu that's been going around. I'm all better now." Jack smiled in relief and ruffled Hermione's hair. "Good, can't have my favorite co-worker out." Hermione swatted his hand away, laughing. "I'm your only co-worker Jack." She returned to the cash register.

With the lack of customers, Hermione let her mind wonder from the task at hand. She and George were suppose to be married last week. Hermione absentmindly twirled her engagement ring. Kingsley had agreed to let them wait another month or two for the ceremony. This gave them time to heal and for the Healers to concoct a cure for Hermione. "Hermione? You got a customer." Hermione snapped out of her thoughts to notice a certain red head standing in front of the counter. "George? What are you doing here?" She gave him a quick peck to the lips and brought him behind the counter, Maya wouldn't mind. "Well I had a craving for some ice cream." Hermione gave him a skeptical look. "Okay, I wanted to see if you were free this evening."

Hermione smiled, "Yeah I'm free. Why?" George made a zipping movement across his lips. " It's a secret. I'm going to pick you up around six. Wear something semi-formal." Hermione wanted to know what George had in store but she knew he would never give up anything about his plans. "Hermione have you seen the...Hello!" Jack came into Hermione's and especially George's view. His eyes narrowed slightly at Jack.

Jack was oblivious to the glare George was giving and Hermione silently laughed at the two. "Hello I'm Jack, I work Hermione here." George's eyes followed as Jack rest his arm around Hermione's shoulders. "Hello Jack I'm George, Hermione's fiancé." He held out his hand and Jack grasped George's hand firmly. Hermione could tell that both were seeing who had a stronger grip. She'd seen it many times when she used to introduce Ron to other men. Hermione rolled her eyes and chuckled. Jack was the first to let go and George smiled, knowing he had won. "Nice meeting you George. I've heard so many things from 'Mione over here." Their gazes now turned to Hermione who had a sprinkle of red in her cheeks from Jack's comment.

George raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Did she know? All good things I hope." Hermione was so going to kill Jack later. Hermione took this as her cue to intervene. She grabbed George by the arm and stirred him towards the door. " Well we've got to get back to work," She gave George a quick peck," see you tonight." They stopped in front of the door. "Are you sure you don't want to tell me what's going on?" George shook his head. "Can you t least tell me what shoes to wear?" George didn't answer and left the store waving good bye at his fiancé.

Hermione went back to her station behind the cashier and crossed her arms in front of her chest, glaring at Jack. He smiled innocently back. Her glare didn't cease. "You have a big mouth you know that." Jack laughed, "The better to embarrass you with. Now come on we got to get back to work."

"Hermione, Jack! Can you two come back here?" Maya's voice could be heard from the backroom. The two employees made their way to the back where they saw a smiling Maya checking over the mail. "Since hardly anyone's here I think I'll close the store early. You guys can leave." Jack didn't question Maya and gave both women a quick hug before leaving the shop. Hermione on the other hand stayed behind. "Are you sure Maya? I could always stay and help with the bills and.." But Maya smiled and grabbed Hermione's hand. "It's alright dear, go. You have a date to get ready for.

Hermione stood shocked, "How did you know about my date with George?" Maya chuckled, "Hermione dear, I know everything. Now go!" Hermione gave Maya a tight hug. "Thank you!" she whispered before she left out the door.

"Hermione, I'm coming in." Hermione looked as George walked into her room, his eyes covered by his hand but he was peaking through his fingers. "George! I could have been naked for all you know." George laughed, "Why do you think I came in love?" Her reply was smacking him with a pillow. "I'm almost done anyways, just need to find my shoes." Hermione rummaged through her closet looking for her shoes and finally found black flats.

George took the opportunity to take in her appearance. Hermione wore a spaghetti strap emerald dress that went down just an inch below her knees. A thin belt was wrapped around her waist and her hair was but into a bun with a few stands framing her face. George though she was breathe taking. Hermione also had a chance to look at George when he first walked in. He wore a blue button down shirt along with black slacks. it looked like he tried to manage his hair with a comb but it had seem like the hair won. Hermione didn't care, he looked better that way. Hermione stood up straight and George held out his arm. "Shall we love." Hermione smiled and grabbed his arm, "We shall." Hermione held tight as she felt the familiar squeeze of apparition.

Both landed safely on their feet and Hermione looked around. "George, why are we in Paris?" He guided Hermione down a busy street, " Well, I remember once when you mentioned you trip with your parents. Does the National Museum of Modern Art ring a bell?" Hermione eyes widen," You were actually listening when I was talking about my trip during the summer before third year?" George nodded and lead her to the entrance.

George couldn't help but smile at Hermione when she pointed out some of the paintings. Her eyes lit up as she told George about some painting she saw with her parents back they went to Hogwarts. George surprised Hermione when they were observing the newest exhibit. He was telling Hermione facts about paintings she didn't know that he knew. Hermione thought back to when she first told Harry and Ron about her trip. They were at the Burrow and the twins were about, talking in the corner of the den. She couldn't believe George had remembered when Harry and Ron had stopped listening after a while.

"Hermione? Are you alright?" Hermione snapped out of her thoughts to see George waving a hand in front of her face, concern etched on his face. She giggled and playfully swatted his hand away. "Yes I'm fine George. No need to worry." George nodded but still kept a close watch. Every since Hermione was released from the hospital, George had kept an eye out for any more symptoms or anything out the ordinary. "Okay, come on I've got something else to show you!" He grabbed arm and started pulling her towards the exit. Hermione was glad she decided to wear flats.

"George slow down! Where are we going?" George flashed a smile back and continued down a street corner, Hermione in tow. "Spoilers Hermione, don't want to ruin the surprise." They had finally reached a dark alley, and George grabbed her arm. "Ready?" Hermione nodded and they disappeared.

Hermione tripped during the landing and took George down with her. The rolled through the grass and finally stopped by a tree. Hermione had landed on top of George. "Sorry," she whispered but she didn't make any movement to get up. George had wrapped an arm around her waist. He placed a loose curl behind her ear. "Did I tell you that you looked beautiful tonight? Cause you do and every other day." Hermione felt the blood rush to her cheeks. "No , but did I tell you that you looked handsome tonight?" He rolled around so that now he was hovering over Hermione, using his arms to hold himself up.

"No, but I could get use to hearing it more. I mean you aren't wrong." Hermione laugh and playfully swatted his chest. "Oh shut up, keeping going like this and your head is going to swell up like a balloon." George laughed, "That gives me an idea for a new product but come on. I still have a surprise for you." He swooped down and stole a kiss before getting up onto his feet. Hermione took the hand he offered and pulled herself up. She looked up at the tree, it was their favorite oak tree.

George took out his wand and whispered "Accio basket." A few seconds later a flying picnic basket flee right into George's hands. Hermione raised an eyebrow, "Did Molly make us a picnic again?" George faked an offended look , " I'm offended Ms. Granger that you would think that. I assure you that I am an excellent cook, thank you very much." Hermione crossed her arms and frowned at George. "Okay fine, Mum did packed it, but I really did cook this. We all had to learn for when we left the Burrow."

Hermione and George spent the rest of the time talking, eating, and laughing. Hermione was having a great time and could finally relax. Everything that had happen these past few months had really put a toll on Hermione. "So then me and Fred ended up meeting this strange man and traveling in this big blue box. He wore a bowtie for some reason." Hermione smiled, "That's nice George." George sighed a waved his wand. All the picnic was backed back in the basket.

"Is everything okay? You were spacing out again. I just said a random thing and you completely ignored it. Not to mention I said 'me and Fred' and you didn't correct me." Hermione rested against the tree. "No, just thinking about how much has changed since the summer started." George straightened up from his spot, he looked down at his hands. " Do you regret any of it?"

Hermione realized how her words must had sounded to George. She grabbed his hand and brought his eyes to meet hers. "I don't regret being paired with you George. I do regret all the pain we've gone through, but not falling in love with you." George stared at her, which was a little unnerving for Hermione. "George, what are you" The rest of her words were forgotten as she felt George's lips on hers.

He wrapped his arm around her and gently lowered her to the ground. This kiss was different then any other. it was like they were pouring every single emotion into the kiss. Hermione could feel George asking for entrance to her closed lips and she gladly let him. He heard a moan come from Hermione and smiled into the kiss. Both separated desperately needing air. He didn't let go of her. "Come on love, we should get home." Hermione nodded still dazed from the kiss.

Back at the flat they changed into pajamas and watched a few episodes of an old television show. Hermione yawned and rest her head against George shoulder. "Thank you George. Tonight was wonderful, and I really needed it." George kissed the top of her head while absentmindedly playing his her hair. "Your welcome Mya. I just thought since.." George stopped talking upon hearing Hermione's even breathing. She had fallen asleep. George silently chuckled and picked Hermione up, careful not to wake her.

He placed her carefully on the bed. George tried to leave but Hermione had a firm grip on his shirt. Her eyes were semi-opened and she seemed half conscious, "Stay." George laid down next to Hermione and she rolled onto him. Her head and arm landed on his chest softly. He wrapped his arm around her torso tightly and it seemed as though she had fallen asleep again. "Goodnight Hermione," George whispered before his eye slowly closed themselves.

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