Victory Dance

 By: ZellyBaby


2:00 am


Xu: The following SeeDs report to the bridge Squall, Selphie, Zell, Irvine, Quistis and Rinoa. This is an emergency!


Squall: Dammit Xu, I was asleep, hey were is rinoa?


Rinoa walked in hanging on to Irvine, with her shirt half off.


Squall: care to explain?! Come on Rinoa, Irvine. Hey rinoa are you bow legged! Ah fuck it all! The life I live is sad.


Irvine: umm... I found her the ummmmmmmmm hall, her a shirt...was already off, I mean half off.


Selphie: bwa hahahahahahahah, bwahahahahahahahah


Cackled selphie, as she ran toward Irvine with a flower pot and knocked him unconscious with it.

Selphie: bwahahahahahahahahah, that will teach you to cheat on me with that 2 cent whor..... I mean rinoa.


Xu: is everyone here yet, no wait were missing Quistis, Zell and Seifer.


Right then Seifer walked in carrying Quistis, who was mumbling something about whip cream and strawberries.


Rinoa: looks like you two were doing what me and Irvine... nevermind.


Then finally Zell, walks in wearing a leopard skin thong and a Britney Spears t-shirt,


Zell: hey guys what's wrong. I heard your announcement, hey what are you guys staring at?


Realizing what he was wearing, he ripped an unconscious Irvine's coat off and wraps it around him.


Squall: I'm going to pretend that I didn't see that.


Xu: now that everyone is here, let me explain our situation, a new TRANSVANSITE sorceress named sorceress beniot. It is powerful sorceress that is trying to take over the world. And I need you all to fight her in a head to head battle.


Zell: don't worry about it Xu, we can do it, come on lets go kick some transvestite ass!


Squall: don't get so excited Zell.




Everyone looks over and notices that Selphie has an empty coffee pot.


Squall: put down the pot Selphie, come on we don't want you to hurt any one, please put down the coffee pot, you've all ready almost killed Irvine.


At that instant a flying squirrel monkey comes down out of the ceiling and knocks Selphie unconscious. Zell walks over and prys the coffee pot from and unconscious Selphie.


Zell: thank the lord for that flying squirrel-monkey, wait a second a squirrel monkey, AHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHH SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A FLYING SQUIRREL-MONKEY IS GOING TO KILL US!


Squall grabs the coffee pot from him and knocks the Flying Squirrel-monkey out.


Squall: SHUT THE HELL UP! The flying squirrel-monkey is unconscious.


Zell: thank you Squall, you saved my life, again, here let me repay you.


He starts to take off Irvine's coat.


Squall: god, please no, Zell!!!!!!!!!!


Zell: What's wrong I was going to give you Irvine's coat, geese you don't have you bite my head off.


Squall: please Zell, you keep it you need it.


Zell: no I don't I have on some pants.


Everyone noticed that Irvine didn't have any pants on and that Zell did.


Squall: Zell I'm not even going to ask how you got Irvine's pants off so quickly.


*eerie silence*


speaking for the first time


Seifer: Well exactly how do we find this "sorceress" ?


Xu: I'm glad you asked, see she smells like the inside of squalls sweaty leather pants, so squall, will you kindly take off your pants and let everyone have a whiff so that they will know what she smells like, please quickly.


Squall: What!? I'm not taking off my pants!


Zell: Squall, I told you so, I knew you would need this coat.


Squall: Fine give me the coat and hurry.


Squall took off his pants and wrapped Irvine's coat around him.


While everyone was happily sniffing squall pants Irvine just happened to wake up and suddenly felt a draft.


Selphie: Hey guys look Irvys up!


Apparently the caffeine rush had worn off.


Irvine: What the hell! Why is everyone sniffing squall's pants, and why do I have no pants, and were did Zell get thos.. Hey those are mine! Hey Squall has my coat! What the Hell is going on?


Selphie: What are you talking about Irvy, you look the same as usual.


Irvine: Oh really, ok, there for a second I thought that I was going crazy. Man what a relief. Oh and Zell nice pants, and nice coat too squall.


While all this was going on seifer was giggling all girly to himself thinking about how stupid Irvine really was.

Seifer: Hey cowboy, your so stupid, those are your pants on Zell and that's your coat that squall has around him. I thought that you were smarter than that.


Irvine: Seifer you big meanie, I don't know what your talking about, I look perfectly fine, ohhh and so do you big boy, come here!


Suddenly Quistis wakes up and realizes what's going on.


Quistis: Stay away Irvine he's mine!


Jumping out of Seifer's arms and defending him with her whip.


Irvine: What are you talking about? Seifer, what about the "other" night? Huh I thought you said you loved me and only me!


Quistis: What's he talkin' bout' Seifer, I thought you said that you loved me, and now I find out that you are a fudge packer, get the hell away from me.


Thinking for a moment Seifer looked at a fuming Quistis shrugs and joins Irvine in a victory dance.



Irvine: go Seifer! Its your Birthday!


Seifer: *shaking his butt* yeah I'm the man.


Quistis: oh what the hell*joins Seifer and Irvine in their "dance"*


Everyone except squall joins in and "dances" the "victory" dance with Irvine and seifer.


Squall: Man, the life I live is sad.

As the scene fades we see Squall knock him self out with the side of his gun blade.