Notes during Annabeth's lecture

The Animorphs are bored and pass notes during an Annabeth lecture.

Do I look like a man? Do I look like a have really light blonde hair?

RachelJake Cassie Ax Arista Marco Vistitor ANNABETH TALKING Leo (Me)

I'm bored! :(

Shut up Marco.

Rachel. Don't tell Marco to shut up!

Ick I went into the Apollo cabin and you know what? MUSIC WAS BEING PLAYED MY EARS! :O


What the question mark?


... guys relax it's just me!

Who's me?

I'll give you a hint. I hate O^O

What in the question mark?

You people are dense.

Yeah well you are the one stalking us!

One of the things I can do. :(

Just tell us who you are! Or I will find out and beat you up!

Who are you and what have you done with Cassie?

I agree. Tell us or Cassie will beat you up!

It's Tobias! :( I feel so loved by you people!

Ohhhhh!...this is awkward...

Ax. Your father is actally a nice guy to be around, and your brother! ;)

Elfangor's alive? :O

How should I know? I was talking about his godly brother! Gods Jake, and I thought you would be a good leader. GODS!

...Sorry I've been OOC for awhile!

Hey Rach. You me fireworks?

Are you flirting with me?


RACHEL STOP TRYING TO KILL MARCO! (P.S look up Kony 2012 on Youtube)

Now Marco, what have we learned?

Flirting with Piper, and Rachel, and Drew, and Clarrsie, and Cassie, and Lacy, and Rachel is painful?

You have Rachel twice.

I flirted with the orical too. OH I JUST REMEMBERED! I also ended up in the imformity after flirting with Thalia.

It was a little awkward when Liz said her friend lost her verginity in Elsewhere...:?

Okay who may this vistor be?

It's NICO!

Oh hey Nico.

You know I've never met you...

Yeah I don't go to the camps often. I'm an alone person, and I live in the Underworld.


My dad's HADES! Plus people call me emo...why? I just like wearing black...?

(Me too. My sister asked me if I was going emo on her.)


(Yeah I'm one of those authers that put themselves in their stories! :D)