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Chapter 2

Meeting the Dragon

"Jean! Storm!" Scott shouted relieved when the two women appeared from the building and Yami looked around warily following them his scythe once again poised to strike.

"What happened?" Logan asked and Jean started to explain as Storm gently held a hand out to Yami who was still holding his now sleeping younger brother protectively. He flinched back from her growling but she just smiled and kept her hand outstretched.

"You have nothing to fear from me little one." She said gently knowing almost exactly why this mutant was so angry and distrustful of grown-ups. Jean deftly distracted the two males as Storm managed to coax a wary Yami closer and she opened the bag on her back pulling out a sandwich and ripping it in half. Yami snatched both sniffing at it before moving back slightly and waking Harry placing him on the ground. Yami took a small bite testing before nodding and handing Harry half. He purred as Harry ate. When he had finished the half than Yami gave him the other, picking his little brother up again. "So you'll come?" Storm asked and Yami looked at her before nodding once.

"Storm he needs to eat too." Jean said quietly having saw the way Yami gave everything to Harry first and she figured he probably hadn't eaten yet. Ears perked up at that and Yami looked at her.

"I know Jean." Storm said having witnessed the same thing both women ignoring the men who were confused by the exchange.

"Follow us child we'll take you to the school." Jean said and Yami blinked before shifting onto all fours and he felt himself change becoming the sable completely. Harry giggled climbing on as they stared dumbfounded at the huge cat-like body. The head easily reaching Logan's elbow maybe higher. Harry clutched the collar around his older brother's neck as Yami stretched extending his claws with a yawn before cocking the huge cathead as if asking what?

"Let's go." Logan said gruffly and they all snapped out of their shock quietly murmuring as Yami followed them back to the X-Jet with Harry laughing on his back.

When they reached the X-Jet, Yami shifted again with a simple shake of his body before picking harry up as he looked at the huge jet.

"This is the X-Jet." Scott said and his ears went back slightly, he didn't like the smell coming from the open hatch. The four adults smelled of honesty and trust but there was something aboard that plane that was pure hatred and it was directed at him.

Scott watched warily as Yami started growling. It wasn't at any of them though but at the X-Jet. What was going on?

"Yami what's the matter?" Storm asked as he started to back off his eyes narrowed to slits and his ears were plastered flat against his head. He still smelled the pure hatred but it had dimmed somewhat and it was making him very edgy.

"You brought a sable back." Came the angry hiss and yami growled. It was a Dragon, the race that was an annoying bane to the sables and vice versa.

"Phoenix what is the matter?" Storm asked as a girl with beautiful auburn hair and deadly chocolate brown eyes appeared snarling at him but he wasn't cowed.

"Dragon. Sable. No mix well." Harry said following Yami's direction to back off.

"You are not welcome here sable." The girl spat only to have Storm practically stalk up to her, grab her elbow and drag Phoenix off into the surrounding woods. Yami never once took his eyes off of her until she was out of sight and Jean sighed before motioning for him to follow her.

"What is wrong with you?" Storm snapped at Phoenix who growled in return.

"He's a sable! Stupid high and mighty motherfucker!" Storm suddenly felt a need to slap Phoenix silly and barely restrained herself from doing just that.

"Do you know anything?" She hissed in return and Phoenix looked taken aback at her viciousness. "You want to know how we came to know about him?"

"His parents probably sent you a fucking resume!" Phoenix said snappishly getting over her shock and storm bristled.

"No the police sent us his file because they found him chained to a wall, beaten within an inch of his life." She smiled grimly in dark satisfaction at Phoenix's shocked look. "Doesn't that sound familiar Phoenix?"