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Gale's POV






"Ready or not hear I come!" I call out to the seemingly empty meadow. But I know it's not empty at all. There are animals and insects, but I there are also four people hiding themselves from me. Waiting for me to use my hunting instincts in the safest way thinkable-in a game of hide and seek. I silently tread among the grass, looking and listening for any sign of my targets. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something out of place- a tiny pair of black shoes peeking out from beneath a blueberry bush. Smiling, I decide to draw them out of their hiding place.

"Where are you? I can't find anyone." I declare loudly, sneaking quietly to the bush.

"Hmm well while I'm stumped, I might as well eat some of these delicious blueberries." I claim as I come to the hiding place. I pick a few berries off the bush and hear a giggling. I pretend to pick a few more berries off when I suddenly grab the giggler from the tree, causing them to burst out laughing.

"Daddy, you found me!" laughs my four year old daughter Holly as I spin her around.

"Yes I did! Do you know where anyone else is?" I ask her as I stop spinning and hold her on my hip.

"Maybe…but it's a secret." she tells me, putting her tiny finger to her lips and looking me seriously with her shocking blue eyes, just like Prim's. I tug on one of her little black braids and smile at her.

"I promise I'll keep it. Why don't you go and find them for me?"

"Okay." She replies, and wiggles free of my grasp. She skips over to a tree and attacks her five year old brother Aiden with a hug.

"Hey, you're not it! Mama, she's cheating!" he calls up the tree where he was hiding. Katniss, realizing that she's been ousted, swings down from a low branch and gives him a grin.

"And you gave me away too silly!" she exclaims, and pats his cheek. I smile at the exchange and walk over when I hear something to my left.

"I win!" eight-year-old Sage declares. "And now I'm it! I'm gonna get you!" she warns, and her brother and sister shriek and take off, running away giggling from their older sister.

I put my arm around Katniss's waist and kiss her. It's times like these that make me realize how incredibly lucky I am. This beautiful day is almost my dream from so many years ago, that day when Katniss came back into my life after the war. When she found me at the lake house and told me she loved me for the first time. Then I didn't believe my life could be any better, but I was wrong. This life is perfect, and I couldn't ask for more. I don't work in the mines-I work in the safety of an office during the day, ever since about six years ago when I became head of the engineering in 12, which is much like what I was doing for District 2 all those years. My family is happy and safe, and there are no Hunger Games, and a President who actually cares for the country. Best of all, I've been married to the love of my life, who I know loves me back just as much. And we have three beautiful children together, which is more than I ever thought to ask for. They are happy, healthy, and most of all, safe. We teach them to hunt not for survival like we learned for, but just for the sheer joy of it. They don't understand yet the roles that their parents played in the war, but one day they will learn in school. They teach about the Hunger Games and the rebellion that we won. Perhaps we will even personally tell them our own accounts one day, but we will come to that when it's time. For now, they can be children, with no worries and full bellies. If this is a dream, then I hope to never wake up-sometimes I pinch myself to make sure. Then I smile when I confirm that this is real. This is my perfect life, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

The End

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