Title: All at Once

Author: starjenni

Disclaimer: Don't own anyone.

Pairings: Sherlock/John epic friendship, though you could see it as slash if you wanted.

Warnings: Fluff!

Rating: TS

poilers: For both series.

Word Count: 221.

Summary: A 221b drabble - post-Great Hiatus. John finds out why Sherlock came back.

"Why are you back?" John asks, when Moran has been arrested and they are once more back in the now rather dusty confines of 221b.

Sherlock glances at him. "Sorry?"

"Why did you come back?" John asks again, and he can feel the rage inside him. "Why back to London? You could have sorted Moran by yourself and vanished again. You could have gone anywhere - India, Tibet, anywhere. You could have changed your name, you could have started again. Instead you came back to a city where everyone remembers you and where your reputation is ruined. Why, Sherlock?"

Sherlock looks at him for a long moment. The fire is lit, chasing away some of the cobwebs, and in the light Sherlock suddenly looks tired, pained, as if he has been struggling under an enormous weight for too long.

He clears his throat, looks awkward, and suddenly he isn't the great detective anymore, he's just a man.

"For you, John," he says.

And all at once John forgives him. And all at once, its okay again. Because he really was needed after all, Sherlock really did need him after all, it wasn't all manipulation and mind tricks on his end, Sherlock needed John because he just…did.

He smiles and Sherlock smiles too, and at last the detective is really, truly, back.

A/N: My first 221b drabble. Prepare for more - I really enjoyed this. And they're easy to write in my hectic schedule that is Real Life!