All of the greatest stories are built on tragedy, dating back to when Greece was at the zenith of its influence even they understood this very basic fact. Shown with whimsy the Greek provided the basis for story telling that every great writer from Austin to Shakespeare has followed in the shadow of the mask's. Masks that show joy and sorrow hiding comedy in tragedy and tragedy in comedy. However our story has greater relevance and relatability in a modern setting preferring cold steel and rough concrete over ancient porcelain and smooth stone. Our story tales place in a sprawling super city where neon signs that advertise strip clubs only serve to highlight the blooming steel flowers that billion dollar companies use as office space, sixty stories in the air. Known to the world as the for front of both crime and enterprise the city never sleeps so long as the world turns. Downtown you have Gotham where the rich gather paving over the grime and squalor of the streets with expensive marble. Uptown provides a beautifully dark contrast with its shining steel and idyllic park's coming to be known as metropolis. Surrounding these major financial districts you will find country life made metro in the burrows of Smallville standing next to the murderous alleys of Bludheaven. In a city so expansive, so lost unto its own desires it isn't hard for one or two people to slip through the cracks.

Timothy Drake is as of yet unknown to this city, and as such unscarred by it. New in town the tender child of sixteen summers tries to adapt to the change, but it is not the only "new" addition to his life as of late. Now sixteen Tim has not known the safety of a family home for almost a decade. Barley a half dozen years into his life the little family Tim knew until that point was harshly ripped away. With a mother who had shown less care for her son than most wild animals it was the sole responsibility of Tim's father to care for the child. As fate has her way however even the unbridled affection and boundless love Jack Drake felt for his son was not enough to prevent his untimely death. At that point the life of Tim drake changed forever, and since then no change had been for the better. Months in foster programs blended to years for a young Tim Drake and when he turned thirteen the young boy gave up hope. While he was small for his age with a lithe build and ebony locks that sat upon smooth milk white skin no one wanted to adopt a surely teen, or so Tim had thought. When potential Parents come to choose their children the homes always told their charges to act as "natural" as possible, for Tim this meant as an avid reader curling up in a small quite corner with a good book. When a couple did happen to choose his orphanage to select from he was doing just that when Tim Drake felt fear run icy hands through his obsidian locks. Not an hour later and young Timothy Drake was being sighed off to a new family, a family that stared down at him with warm, caring and entirely false smiles. Smiles that in Tim's head were just screaming "you belong to us now", as of this moment you are the property of Dr Harleen Quinzel and Joe Ker.

Before long Tim new a new kind of grief, not one of loss as he had felt when his father was taken from him, no this was an entirely new. This was grief so pure its source was unattainable, after all how does one classify the grief one feels as they are beaten by the people they are supposed to call their parents.