araragi Karen my imouto is currently looking at me in the living room.

"Karen-chan what's wrong?" Karen started to talk and

"nii-chan..." BLUSH!

Oioi Karen-chan why are you blushing like that while looking at onii-San...!

It's true that we did thing normal siblings would never do but even so...nothing did really change!

I just found out my little little sister is actually a Phoenix, I just want to sleep for now...

"what is it Karen-chan?


What about tsukihi...and why now of all times...

"she is not really our sister, is she?"


Eh...h-how does Karen knows about it...?

"w-what are you saying Karen-chan. Hahaha"


Karen is enraged. Wow it's been a while since I saw her like that...I guess there is no use lying to her


"I see, so it's really true..."

"But Karen-chan why are you asking me this in the first place?"

Is not like Karen would change her relationship with tsukihi, at least I don't think my imouto, one of my prides would do something like that.

"nii-chan answer me honestly" hmm? "did you Also make tsuki-chan fall in love with you?" how do I answer say that tuskihi fell for me...what kinda of things did she say to make Karen think abou this extreme possibility ?

I mean, I wont deny that tsukihi is indeed more gentle with me but I think that the only reason is the fact that she is still confused about the. Whole Phoenix story.

"tsukihi-chan saíd that nii-chan kissed her while she was sleeping.

Oi, tsukihi why would you say something like that to the big one...!

"she also said she would like to be able to change the law so she could be with nii-chan legally..."

UWAAA,i really was not expecting tsukihi to say something like that! But wait why is that even important again? I mean it's not like she loves me or anything she even has a boyfriend but is better to get out of this trouble while I still can

"if we did in fact kiss...what would you do Karen-chan?

"I would be really mad." weird, not even a single joke about it huh..she is serious .

"why would you be mad karen-chan? I mean are you maybe angry due to the fact that she has a boyfriend and I should not kiss my little moe sister?" even I have to admit, what I just said is enough proof to other people to call me a criminal...but again i'am only being honest with myself although I understand that if senjougahara knew about it she would kill me merciless. still won't lie to myself. Plus there isn't a real problem since tsukihi is not even human in the first place (I...made out with a kaii..I'm impressive...

"karen-chan, I wont even try to think of a excuse, yes I did in fact make out with tsukihi but don't matter what you say j won't change my relation with the little one, she,s been alone for enough time..."

I can see karen's eyes watering...

"nii-chan you are a said all of that stuff about how I am a fake, but you yourself is not able to keep up with your ow words."

Now I am mad.

Who does this brat think she is! She has no fucking idea of how hard it was to tsukihi to accept the fact that the damn family she lived for her 14 years were not her true family more over the fact that she isn't even a HUMAN the big one deserves a punch in the face!

I stood up and looked at Karen she did the same I guess she can feel my killing Intent because she is now in fight pose her ponytail did grow back and she was wearing the yellow jacket she loved I would compliment her looks if I were not so pissed right now.

"Karen-chan retire what you just said you have no idea of how tsukihi feels at all you should just go back to your damn nise game."

My voice is serious and cold. I know I just said a horrible thing. But She just crossed the line with her last commentary.