After what happened in the living room Karen and I decided that we should resolve our problems like always in other words, using our fists. For that we went outside of the house

I can see karen's fist shaking this time if I don't try seriously I'll be doomed that much I understand, but I must at least try to make her understand that what she just said is a serious offense not only for me but also tsukihi.

"Karen-chan, you really want to do this? This time I won't hold myself."

Karen started to run She is coming this way. under normal conditions I would have let she hit me, but, not this time.

Karen aim for my stomach like last time. I dodge it and catch her fist.

She is surprised, well That's to be expected but rapidly goes back Into fight mode and try to strike me with the same move as before lifting me after holding my arm, she plans on making me fell for the same trick two times.

Too naive. When she lifts me up I use the strength in my arm to stay in control of my body weight. It's a good thing I got to fight guillotine cutter and the other vampire hunters

thanks to that I learned how to truly fight

although that at that time I was in my full vampire form, any kind of damage I took would be nothing since I would regenerate In 1 second just like tsukihi's Phoenix regeneration.

Now I'm only 10% of a full vampire but i'm confident that this much is enough to teach Karen a lesson I stepped onto karen's shoulders and steped back grabbing her arm reversing her attack but...I stopped in the middle...

mad or not this girl is still my hurt her would hurt me as well


Now that I'm calm I realized the weight of the horrible thing I just said to my pride my imouto araragi karen one of the fire sisters the one that almost killed herself In Elementary due to my heartless words at elementary school

When I looked at Karen I realized that she was crying

Man what the fuck have I done. At the time Karen was about to hit the ground I used the vampire speed and catched her and like the time when she didn't want to go home...

I hugged my sister. she hit my back many times but still I didn't let go of her

"Karen-chan, i'm sorry I said a horrible thing in the heat of the moment I really regret it...I truly am a idiot! If you want to punch me go ahead I wont even try to dodge it!"


Hit my manhood with so much force if I were not a vampire I would lost the most important part of my body, even so I endured the pain, she did not hit me as a joke to make a come-back here would be a bad thing

" idiot!"

Karen kept hitting my back but I could fell my shirt getting warm around my shoulder. I haven't seen her cry since we were little, especially since she is not the kinda of person that likes to show her pain to others

"karen-chan, you can do whatever you want with me but please don't talk bad about tsukihi."

"will you start to go out with tsukihi now that you know she is not your sister and...forget

um? Come again? Karen just said forget about me, wait a second there, is that the reason she was so mad, jealous, the big one is jealous of the little one, for real...?

"ka-Karen-chan what do you mean? You have a boyfriend remember? And I do too remember I said I had a girlfriend, I was not joking!

"than why did you kiss me, why did you almost did it with me why you were smiling while pushing me down onto your bed, why did you totally ignore your so called girlfriend when we were playing our 'little game'!"

That, is true. But if so I could say the same thing about you

"You immobilized me so you could kiss me you bastard!"


"at that time it was necessary for me to do that!"

"LIAR! What would be the reason for you to kiss your sister while she is only o. Her underwear!"

"because you are damn Cute so cute that sometimes I want to rape you!"

as hachikuji said...i cannot put my sisters in the whole supernatural story going on and i didn't really lie, that's how i feel some times after all.



"If I'm so damn cute why do you only fight with me and ignore like I were a kid!"


This not a kissXsis chapter it's real life!"

"you say that but did you forget that tsukihi is not your true sister!"

Oh shi-

"So you're saying that since you two are not blood related you will go for the 'little sister route'! "

Ultra miss-!

"Ka-Karen-chan what if I really go to the imouto route? That is none of your business!"


that was the sound Karen's fist did when it hit my face

The only thing I can see right now is Karen's fingers

"Th-...Than go to MY route instead...!



Araragi Karen, my imouto, pretty much just confessed to me her onii-San which she lived with since she was born.