Ok, this is going to be actually mild in the beginning, but there WILL be blood later on. AND Teen Titans. But for now, just read this story with Danny(As he is the main character of this story). This could be considered a songfic with "Monster" by Skillet. (That song rocks, seriously!)

Before you continue, this story is post-Phantom Planet. Dash wasn't in the crowd of people who saw Danny transform, so that's why he's calling Danny "Fenton" and being a jerk. As usual.

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Monster by TAA

Chapter One: Deep Within

"Am I a true hero? Am I really good?"

These were the very questions young Danny Fenton had been asking himself ever since he gained his ghost powers. Something deep inside of him told him that a ghost could never be good. Others thought so as well. Danny tried all he could to disprove himself and them, and he had succeeded. He'd saved the city more times than he could remember. He was the good ghost. And yet, there were times he could be considered evil. One example is when he was being controlled by Freakshow. When Danny had had the crystal ball, no one was forcing him to be evil. And yet, something in him caused him to remain so until the thing broke into pieces.

Then, when he had battled his evil older self, Dan Phantom. Danny would sometimes wonder what would have become of him if Clockwork hadn't saved his family and given him a second chance. Would he have become that ultimate enemy?

After he had saved earth from the "disasteroid", Danny had almost completely shaken these dark thoughts away. But one day, Danny began noticing something... different about himself. He found himself becoming more irascible, more short-tempered. He had also begun developing a larger appetite, and his behavior was getting slightly animal-like. It wasn't long before his close friends Sam and Tucker, and even his family, began to notice something different in Danny.

Jazz, Danny's own sister, was the first person to actually mention anything about her brother's strange behavior. It started one night at dinner, a night the Fentons were having hamburgers. Danny ate his food quickly and noisily, attracting strange glances from his family.

Jazz had tapped him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Danny, please stop eating like that. Honestly, it's starting to scare me." That only served to irk Danny, and he'd said he could eat that way if he wanted to.

Jazz leaked these things to Sam and Tucker, who also admitted they'd noticed Danny's weird behavior. He was quite snappish when things didn't go his way, and a fly would get him so angry it wasn't even funny. He would frequently lose his temper, and now, in the present, Danny felt he was dangerous.

He would often lock himself in his room, and snap at anyone who knocked. He would even head out into the ghost zone just to let his anger loose on some floating piece of rock. He would spend hours there, only leaving when he got hungry or bored.

As strange and bad as it already was, it only seemed to get worse. His ghost battles could get extremely violent, and Danny would sometimes beat his opponent up so badly that the ghost would pulse ectoplasm from some wound inflicted by the halfa.

But no one, not even Danny, would have ever thought it would get as bad as it did...


Danny had chosen to avoid everyone at school today, including his friends. He was afraid someone might tick him off, and he might end up hurting somebody. It was one thing to make a ghost bleed, but the boy didn't even want to think about hurting innocent human beings!

That's when Danny saw him. Dash. Danny had a grudge on the bully, and, in the halfa's eyes, there was nothing wrong with hurting him. After all, Dash was hardly innocent.

Feeling bitter and mean, Danny walked right up next to Dash and jabbed his shoulder into the bully's side. "Oops, was that me?" Danny said in a cheerful, sarcastic way. Dash turned and angrily stared at the younger boy, who was smirking, arms folded.

"Watch it, Fenton," the jock spat, "You're just asking for trouble." Danny just laughed. Dash shoved him down. "You think that was a joke, punk?"

"I'm not a punk!" Danny exclaimed, sitting back up. He started to feel quite angry, his laugh having lasted for just a second.

"Oh yeah, you are! And you're a stupid little freak to deny it!"

Now Dash was the one with a smirk on his face, and Danny was getting horribly agitated. "Moronic creep," Danny growled under his breath, glowering at the jock. Unfortunately, Dash had heard the comment.

"Pig!" the bully yelled back. After a series of name-calls between the two(of which we won't go into), Danny was seething, his anger boiling within him.

"Dash," Danny growled, lifting himself from the floor, fighting to keep himself under control. "I'm going to hurt you."

"What can you do, Fenton? You're weak and worthless! And that Goth freak that follows you around..."

Danny froze and clenched his teeth at that. How dare Dash call her that! Danny felt his last bit of control become consumed by the indwelling rage...

"She's even more worthless than you are!"

That was it. All sanity had been driven from Danny's mind. Before he even knew what he was doing, his fist had planted itsself in Dash's face with superhuman speed and power. Dash was surprised, to say the least. He fell over from the strength in the punch, his nose bleeding. Before a sound was even uttered from his lips, the furious Danny Fenton was pinning the jock down with his foot.

"Who's weak now?" Danny hissed. He still wasn't out of his fury, and was blind to everything happening around him. He didn't see his friends' frightened expressions, neither did he know they were there.

"Danny! What are you doing?"

That was Sam, and she sounded utterly shocked. Danny snapped out of his rage. He looked around him, and found the whole school was staring at him, truly terrified at what they had all just witnessed. The students shot glances back at each other. None of them had ever seen the freshman punch anyone, much less Dash.

Danny stepped away from Dash, and felt himself redden. He took off down the halls of the school as the others began muttering amongst themselves. The boy's irrational behavior had cost him more than he had bargained. He was being driven by his emotions instead of his head!

What on earth am I becoming? Something terrible, he was sure. He was violent, angry, and, in a way, depressed.

Danny decided to skip school all together today. He would only be stared at by shocked teens the whole day anyway.

I should have known I would hurt somebody! Small tears ran down Danny's cheeks as he ran out the doors of Casper High. He didn't know or care where he was going, just anywhere but the school.

"Danny, wait!" Sam followed him out, trying to catch up to her friend. Danny ran faster, as panic began to set in on him. What would Sam say about his act of carelessness? He didn't really want to find out. The boy ran faster and faster, darting into various alleys, until finally stopping in the one behind the Nasty Burger. He sat down next to a crate and hugged his knees. He breathed heavily, hoping his friend was off his trail.

Who am I kidding? Danny thought, laying his face in his open palm. He was tired, sweaty, and upset. He couldn't go on like this. He now wished he did have Sam with him...

"Danny?" came Sam's voice. Danny panicked again.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I... I don't...!"

"What's gotten into you?" Sam asked. She didn't sound angry, just worried. She kneeled down next to the ghost boy.

"I don't know," Danny managed, a sob choking his voice. He embraced Sam and began silently crying on her shoulder. Sam uncharacteristically let him stay there, returning the hug.

"What's happening to me, Sam?" Danny asked once he had regained his composure. "I'm sorry for avoiding you and Tucker, sorry for being such a self-infatuated jerk."

"Don't say that, Danny..."

"Don't deny it, Sam! You know it's true!" Danny spat. He slapped himself on the side of his head. "Stupid temper," he muttered before sorrowfully adding, "I don't know what to do."

"Sometimes it's best to talk things over," Sam said, placing her hand on Danny's shoulder. Danny smiled.


And so Sam came through for Danny. After all, that's what friends do. But... will this story have a happy ending... or a not-so-pleasant one? That, reader, is what you should decide.

Mm-hm. This chapter turned out longer than I thought it would.

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