Well, I'm new here and I decided to share my "talent" with others. I'm going to make every chapter different, like one from Stella's point of view, the other from Shannon's..maybe it is a good idea. I don't know yet. I know it is short and a little casual, but where I live is like 2am. Enjoy!

Grace's death was hard for everyone. She was our friend, our sister and for Josh she was more than that, she was his 'person'. Moving forward after something like this isn't easy like jumping a fence or crying or getting angry at everyone around you. It isn't that simple, it remains in your head forever.

For some of us it was a casualty to say 'I'm fine' when they are not or to hide their feelings. Even if I didn't get along very well with her, what happened affected me in a way I didn't expect and I don't want to admit it. Now, I'm the only girl in the team and it's hard because I can't go and tell Michael or Josh or anyone else about whatever silly thing.

After a month or so, Kerry and Lawson told us that a new member will come to the team. A new member. That is the non painful way to say what is in everybody's head: Grace's replacement. Josh wasn't happy about this, like not happy at all. But you have to move on, not to forget, just to move on and see what is going to happen.

It was about noun when we came back to base to pick her up. I enter the locker room with a vest in my right hand looking for Shannon and I find her putting on the uniform. And then I saw the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, blue eyes like the sky in a sunny day. Yeah, shitty comparison!

"You will need this" I say as I hand her the vest.

"Thanks! By the way, I'm Shannon..."

I look at her for a moment and then I answer, trying not to be mean.

"I know" and I throw a little smile in her direction. "I'm Stella."

Michael is already saying way too many things than he should and I know he just wants to be welcoming, but sometimes he just exaggerates. Josh doesn't seem really keen to the new girl and he doesn't bother to hide it. I hope it will be over soon, I mean he should at least try to be nice to her because she seems a nice person and it's not her fault what happened.

This was going to be a really long day..