AN: Sometimes I get a little fed up when Bruce acts so high and mighty like he knows everything just cuz he's the goddamn Batman, so I thought someone ought to put him in his place, and who better to than Owlet? This would be set in that last week of Mona's recovery from the beating from Fincher. Please read and review.

Expect the Unexpected

It was a dark and cold night in Gotham, like almost all the other nights it had. Thick clouds of smog drifted across the sky thanks to various contributors of pollution the city had though no one seemed to care about the wear it was doing on our planet. I pulled my eyes away from the starless sky to see the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder standing before me. Batman scowled in greeting while Robin gave a little knowing smirk. It had been about a week since my encounter with Fincher and his escape from police custody. Bruce had promised to train me up so I'd be ready not only for patrol in the city but for the next time I met up with Fincher though he wouldn't let me even get into my new owl suit until I'd healed up properly. I supposed it was a fair trade but I couldn't help but be grumbly. I had started to think of the suit as an extension of myself, like it was actually my wings and not just some magic suit that allowed me to fly over my hometown. Without the suit I felt awkward and clumsy, naked and incomplete as if the suit was part of what made me Mona.

"This may be your first lesson, but don't expect me to go easy on you, Owlet." Batman's deep voice resonated throughout the night, echoing over the empty rooftops. "And on the topic of expectations, this one thing you always need to keep in mind: Expect the unexpected."

"Sounds easy enough," I said idly, sitting on the wall of the roof, kicking my feet. "What's next?"

"It's not as simple as saying ok and going on with life, you need to be trained to handle situations in which you are not anticipating the events but able to bend the outcome to your will." Batman's voice was a growl now; it didn't take an idiot to tell I'd annoyed him.

"I beg to differ, Batman. You can't train for everything, sometimes you have to improvise, right?" I asked sincerely. I stood, brushing the legs of my suit off.

"Only if you have to. It's better to analyze the situation and take advantage of it."

"So do you always expect the unexpected, Batman?" My voice took on an innocent tone though my intentions were anything but. I wanted to make the big bad bat slip up, to admit that he wasn't right. I'd seen Bruce Wayne under that cowl so I knew he was human like those he protected; I just had to get him to act like it.

"Do you think I'd be telling you what to do if I didn't already do it myself?" he said roughly as if I'd questioned his authority as Batman.

"It was just an innocent question, Bats." I rocked back and forth on my heels waiting for a straight answer.

"Yes, Owlet. I always expect the unexpected," he sighed tiredly, rubbing his temples through his cowl.

"You ever tested that?" I asked, flapping my wings so I'd glide a few feet towards the Dynamic Duo. I faced Batman with Robin standing next to me, giving me a strange look.

"There's no need," he answered. "Are you going to stop fooling around anytime soon or can we just forget this?" He gave me the infamous Batglare and it took all I had not to shrink under its power (you might think it's just a look, but you've never been on its receiving end, now have you?)

"If the Batman can't even prove that he follows his own rule why should I let him teach me? I'm sure I can find some other ninja warrior in a costume to learn from." I crossed my arms over my chest, cocking an eyebrow though it wasn't seen through my cowl.

"Owlet…" Robin said his voice low and warning. He put a hand on my forearm.

"Do you always expect the unexpected?" I rounded on him. "Because I don't think it's possible. That's the whole thing about the unexpected; you're not supposed to expect it, so telling anyone to is relatively pointless. Watch." I grabbed Robin by the shoulders, pulling him into an impromptu kiss, holding it there for a moment before breaking away. I looked victoriously at Batman who seemed shocked for a moment before wiping the look off his face in an instant. "See? Neither of you expected that. I rest my case."

The two were completely silent for a moment before Batman cleared his throat. "Point taken. Let's continue." The Dark Knight took ahold of his cape, swinging it around him. He practically went invisible for a moment, blending in completely with the night as he jumped over the side of the building. He shot his grappling gun line and swung to grab onto the side of another building's edifice, waiting expectantly for us. I made my way to the edge of the roof, about to jump off when Robin grabbed my arm.

I turned to look at him, somehow assuming I'd see Dick's beautiful blue eyes but was only met with the opaque lenses of the domino mask. "Yes, Batboy?" I asked playfully.

"I'm not opposed to you catching me off guard, but the next time you do, please don't do it in front of the Boss." He gave a serious yet kidding half-smirk and made his way off the rooftop with a jump, flipping expertly in the air before deploying his own grappling line.

"Just gotta love how he expects there's a next time," I allowed myself a smug look before hopping off the building, following the bat and the bird with my own set of wings.