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A clash of frightening thunder revealed a furious silhouette in the door way. The figure slammed the door as it made its way angrily to it's desk. A white Persian scampered across the floor in fear and ran underneath an oak desk, where the silhouette was sitting down at.

"It would've been perfect- Daniel would've passed out, Samantha would've believed he had DIED, leaving her tragic and heartbroken, Daniel would've become my heir, my son! But NO!" The silhouette fell beneath the dim moonlight, revealing who it was. Vlad Masters gently picked up a picture of Danny, and sighed sadly.

"Oh Maddie, if only TUCKER didn't get in the way! If the brat had only left his friend to perish, then it would've worked!" His face lit up as an evil grin fell upon his face.

"Maddie, it's brilliant! All I have to do is..."


Liney: What?

Me: Heya!

Liney: *facepalms* You called me just to say THAT?

Me: Uh huh!

"Dude...are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" I laughed. "You've only asked me six times a day since last week!" Tucker made a face as he picked up a piece of salad.

"What is this garbage?"

"It's called lunch." growled my girlfriend as she sat down to eat. Tucker gulped and smiled.

"Did I say garbage? I meant delicious food?"

No you didn't...I commented in his head. He helped and looked over at me.

"Dude! Not now!"

"Not now what?" asked Sam, confuzzled to the scene.

I'm tormenting him through thought...wish to join me? I asked. Sam grinned evilly as she nodded.

Tucker... Tucker!

"AH! STOP IT! STOP IIIIT!" he begged. I laughed.

No can do.


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