Antarctica: 04-24-84

Norwegian base location: 20 mi from Alpha base

Norwegian base time: 1930 hr

Norwegian base personnel: 22

Norwegian base destroyed: 2050 hr

Norwegian base personnel: 02

A lone Norwegian survivor wanders the abandoned base, calling for his

friend Larson. A security camera follows his movement as he spots Larson

laying against the wall. As the survivor goes over to Larson a giant thing attacks

him. He tries fighting back, but is killed, and all Larson can do is scream before

the thing attacks him, too.

Antarctica: 04-26-84

Alpha base location: 10 mi from US outpost North 31

Alpha base time: 0600 hr

Alpha base military personnel: 10

Alpha base non-military personnel: 26

List of personnel: In progress

Cap. J.F. Blake: First in command of Alpha base.

Speaks Norwegian. Expert in firearms. Age 25.

D.M. Pierce: Second-in-command of Alpha base.

Expert in flamethrowers. Age 31.

K.T. Carter: Expert in engineering. Age 36.

G.A. Burrows: Second class engineer. Age 29.

C.A. Collins: Security engineer. Age 28.

J.T. Cruz: Delta force troop.

Expert in explosives. Age 20.

N.B. North: US army rangers.

Expert in heavy weapons. Age 34.

T.S. Pace: Power engineer. Age 24.

F.R. Weldon: Medic. Age 22.

R.L. Williams: Military medic. Age 27.

Mission start: US outpost North 31.