Chapter 3

The Storm

Days passed and Danu was extrodianrily glad to have a friend aboard the ship. She and Yvaine could, and often did, talk through all hours of the night and day. It turned out that had different circumstances arisen, they would have likely been lifelong friends.

As it was, it was highly likely that they would only see each other for a few more days before parting ways forever. Yvaine knew that Danu knew that she was a star. If everything went according to plan, A or B, she would probably be back home in the sky soon.

But Danu could see that Yvaine's plan was crumbling to peices before her very eyes. Yvaine just didn't realize it. She just couldn't see that she was head over heals in love with a boy called Tristain Thorn.

And it was Danu's ears that listened when Yvaine prattled on and on about him. Sometimes without even realizing it. It was rather obvious to her friend that she had given him her heart. If only Yvaine would realize it.

But giving her heart away would keep her safer than anyone person could on thier own. It would keep her safe from anyone who wanted to cut out her heart and eat it. When her heart truly belonged to another, she no longer kept that transfer of immortality. He would live as long as she did.

Danu shook her head. She seriously needed to stop being overly philosophical at times like these. It was almost as bad as the times when she stated thinking about a edguy, one she had never met before, and started daydreaming about him. She had better things to do, but being alone hardly improved her focus.

The ship lurched to the left as lightning struck for the fifth time that hour. Danu held on to her chair for dear life. Thunder rumbled in the air. For the millionth time Danu wished that she could be on deck.

Not because she liked storms. In all honesty, she was terrified of the flashing lights and crashing sounds that accompanied the summer storms. But she was even more afraid of them when she was all alone. She was scared enough to face the lightning and the chance of dying if someone else would be around her.

Tristain and Yvaine were on deck helping. Tristain was because he was supposidly the captain's nephew and heeded to learn tricks of the trade. Yvaine, she was up there because Tristain was.

Yvaine hardly let Tristain out of her sight. If he was practicing with a sword, she had to be watching to make sure that he didn't wind up hurting himself. If he was doing something where she might be able to help him, then she was going to be there ready.

Danu envied Yvaine. While bothe she and Tristain were compleatly oblivious, the clearly loved each other. And Yvain was truly lucky to have the love and devotion of a man like Tristain.

Fingering the heavy chain of the necklace about her throat, Danu sighed softly. She desperately longed to be loved in the same way that Yvaine was loved by Tristain. But, with her being shut away from anyone and everyone, it hardly seemed likely.

How could anyone love her if they didn't even know that she existed? If they had never met her let alone talked to her. It was impossible.

The ship lurched again, and Danu decided that it was high time for her to go to sleep. Even with the lingering doubt in her mind that she would not be able to achieve a respite from her fears, the blankets looked warm and inviting.

Danu climbed into her bed and tried to drift off. Just as she was about to enter the world of dreams, ligtning flashed. She sat bolt upright and opened her mouth, but her screams were swallowed bu the sound of thunder.

Clamping her mouth shut, thakfully no one had come running at her screams, she tried to calm herself down. Her whole body shook with the effort it took her to be quiet when ligtning struck again.

Tears streamed down Danu's face as she struggled to keep from screaming. She hugged her blankets as close to her as physically possible. Her arms and legs burned as she curled in upon herself. Shaking from the thunder still ringing in her ears, Danu beganto sob.

Her body shook with each heaving sob. No longer trying to be quiet, the fear had overcome her, her crying grew in volume. Someone should have heard, apart from the fact that the pelting rain disquised any and all noise.

Clinging on to her beadclothes for all she was worth, danu's musscels relaxedone by one. Softly, gently, she fell asleep and into dreams about a tall man with dark peircing eyes.

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