I'm sorry that I've taken SO LONG to update any of my stories. Sometimes I like to think that God himself is trying to keep me from writing. And since I've had time to look back at my work... I've decided...

...to pull all three fics. That's right: it's back to the drawing board for Stardust Revelation, Subject 151, and To Troll a God (The latter of which I was planning to re-write entirely under the new name Heart of a Flower, focusing more on the OC's connection to Yuka and romance options).

My reasoning for each story is as follows:

Stardust Revelation: the intended main character, OC Melissa Kirisame, has faded into the background, overshadowed by Yukari and her history. The way I see it now, she was a complete and total ass-pull to give Yukari a reason to sneak into the UNSC, and thus cross paths with Mokou. My re-write will more than likely drop her entirely to focus on Yukari and Mokou, as my story has led to. Rtas 'Vadum and Sesa 'Refumee's arc will likely remain, as I think they were written fine up to this point.
(I was also thinking of throwing in Yuugi as a main character, to make the Sangheili question Truth's will. What do you guys think I should do? Some reader input would be much appreciated.)

Subject 151: I hit a brick wall immediately after I started work on the second chapter. I couldn't think up a feasible manner by which Mew could spread her sentience to the other pokemon. A shame, too; I wanted to put Eevee in so badly...

To Troll a God: Where. Do. I. START? The inherent futility of trying to fight Yukari has finally struck me, for one. That bitch is, for all intents and purposes, untouchable. In addition, getting on Yukari's bad side means no favors, which means no way to get Patchy the books she wanted in exchange for modding a copyrighted sword(also a bad move in hindsight). Then there's the most recent chapter, in which the OC overdoes it with Aya's sexual harassment.
Finally, there's the "splitty-splitty gender-bendy" idea, as one of my reviewers affectionately called it. I had originally planned for the OC to be transformed into a girl outright by Eirin's medicine, but couldn't find a good way to put that subplot in context. As stated above, I plan to scrap this fic entirely and start over, with more emphasis on the OC's relationship with Yuka.

Whereas I can find a way to fix the other two, Subject 151 is beyond my expertise. If you think you can succeed where I failed, and make something noteworthy of it, PM me.

In it's place, I have a new crossover Idea: a Touhou/Mass Effect story delving into the history of the enigmatic Lunarians, how they avoided the Reapers (if they truly are as old as they claim) and their role in the final battle for Earth. If you think it's a good idea, PM me, and perhaps leave some plot ideas for me to work with.

Working with a square peg and a round hole here, people. I'm just bashing stuff in, seeing if it fits. Savato93 signing out.