Craving Caramel

Chapter: III

One Year Later.

"I reckon if we offer them a minimum of fifty cases a month, they'll take it."

I was sprawled out on the weathered sofa with my head on the armrest and one leg bent at the knee. We were holed up in Bella's dark, dank office. I had offered to do up Nessie's for Bella – many times, but each time she had declined in ways that ranged from politely to… well, not so politely. I soon learned she wanted to fix up Nessie's on her own. It wasn't about sexism or anything along those lines; it was all about a personal sense of accomplishment.

It was her ship; I was just along for the ride.

We had been in the small room for over an hour, and for the last few minutes, I had been holding a royal-blue card between my fingers, turning it over and over with a flick. Looking beyond the card, I could see Bella watching me. Her forehead crinkled with worry, and I waited for her to argue against my point. It's what she did best, and while she sometimes had valid points, I knew I was right about this one - simply because I had done my homework.

"Edward, you heard them! If we don't offer them eighty, they'll walk. That stupid posh Twilight Bar offered them seventy; we need to up the stakes here. I just think... Why are you smiling? There's no smiling in this office!" She was trying exceedingly hard to keep a serious expression; however, she was biting her bottom lip to stop herself from smiling.

"Wanna make a bet? Come here, baby, I'll make you smile." I held my arms out to her, but she managed to regain control, and she glared at me. I sighed and stared at her seriously. "Bella, please, just come here, Trust me."

Sighing heavily, she put her pen down. She got up from her chair, walked around her small desk, and then stood beside me. I reached up and pulled her down - hard. She squealed as she toppled into my lap.

"Here, you have to sit like this for me to make you smile." I began to move her legs to straddle my hips, and she scowled at me. "I promise, baby. It's nothing sexual - much, but it helps…, right?" I pushed up and ground into her. She gasped in pleasure, but caught herself and then resumed her death glare.

I reached up to cup her face and looked at her earnestly, demanding her full attention. "Have I ever led you astray in the last year?" She shook her head. "Would I ever do anything to hurt you or the livelihood of Nessie's?" Her response was another shake of the head. "Precisely, so just relax and hear me out."

I smiled at her deviously and then, placing my hands on her hips, held her down on me and rocked her hips back and forth. She threw her head back and gasped loudly. "I- I hate you… ah- so much."

"I love you too," I replied, as I moved a hand up to her neck, feeling the taut skin there and her rapid pulse beneath my fingertips. "That's why I contacted the Twilight bar, and I discovered they only offered to buy sixty cases with no guarantee of any future purchases. They said it wasn't particularly suited for their market, and they were only buying it for certain patrons who might find it appealing." My hand roamed her body before making a beeline down her cleavage to the top of her jeans. Enjoying the electric buzz that touching her created, I dragged my hand around her hip and then up her back to rest my palm between her shoulder blades. In one swift motion, I rolled us over.

She wrapped her legs around me, and I moved in order to claim her mouth with my own. We moaned in unison when I thrust against her. I pushed my hand under her shirt, and the touch of her warm skin made me ache within the confines of my jeans. I broke the kiss and moved down to nip the skin of her neck. It was somewhat awkward as the sofa was quite small. Bella began to shift, giving me the space I needed to taste more of her.

"What makes you so sure he'll take fifty?" Bella gasped when I sucked on her collarbone.

"Because I rang him and made him an offer he couldn't refuse," I replied, momentarily taking my lips off her.

"What did you-" Bella was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

I groaned into her neck but rapidly lifted myself off her. I extended my hand to help her up. She took my hand, stood, and then adjusted herself before unlocking the top drawer of her desk. She pulled out her Beretta .22 hand gun and placed it in the back of her jeans, before pulling her shirt down to conceal it.

I held the door open for her. "This isn't finished," she warned as she shot past me. I wasn't sure if I should be excited or worried. I knew she'd chew me out for contacting New Moon Enterprises behind her back, but I also hoped she was referring to our activities on the sofa.

Six months ago, a member of the local motorcycle gang opened a tattoo parlor around the corner, bringing with it some undesirables. The owner wasn't the problem, and most of the patrons were okay, but for a while there, we had one or two bikers a week coming in to cause trouble. With the help of the enthusiastic new bouncer (our old friend Emmett) and Bella's personal links to the local police precinct, there hadn't been an issue in over a month. However, after a six-week reprieve, there was a glassing incident, and then one guy had threatened another with a knife. Everything had quickly been brought under control, but weeks later we were still on high alert; especially since the parlor's owner, Vlad, told us there was talk of a rival gang making its way to town. Vlad was a great guy, plus, he was the one who sold Bella the gun.

She was pretty badass for a police chief's daughter.

She had also spoken to her dad about the troubles she had been experiencing, and he had promised to keep some guys on patrol near the premises and the surrounding areas. Bella had taken every possible precaution to protect her bar and her staff, which included installing the doorbell. If there was trouble brewing, and Bella was in the office, they were to press the button under the bar.

We made our way to the top of the stairs, and I was surprised to see the place was quite busy. Looking towards the bar area, I saw Carol serving a couple of guys. She glanced at us and then nodded her head sideways towards the pool tables. I was hopeful as she seemed more amused than angry. It took a lot to fire up the crew here, especially Carol and Kyndall, the full-time bar staff. Those two were scary; I know I wouldn't want to fuck with them. Thankfully, Wendall was fired not long after I pointed out Bella's rhyming disease. She claimed he'd spent more time smoking outside than cooking, anyway.

I followed Bella to the pool table area and took in the scene before us. Unsurprisingly, Kat was in the middle of it all. Kat, the local adult store owner, had come across Nessie's when she had gone to Vlad for her latest ink. She had become great friends with all the staff, and she visited often. The problem with Kat was she had this weird magnetic vibe about her. Men - more-so undesirable men - would fall at her feet like flies without wings.

Kat is beautiful and curvaceous, and she has an attitude that simply says, 'Don't fuck with me.' She also wears a staggering amount of jewelry. I wouldn't be at all surprised if most of it came from her admirers. One thing we soon learned, in the early days of knowing Kat, was that she wasn't afraid to throw a punch. With the types of rings she wears, her punches can bust people up, which is handy, but nonetheless, troublesome. Thankfully, she'd only done it once at Nessie's… thus far.

There were two burly guys squaring off, and Kat was between them, yelling at one… or both. With all the commotion, I couldn't quite tell. I could see both guys had about three friends each, and it was a situation that could quickly become ugly. Being daytime, Emmett was off, but I stood back and watched as Bella walked up to the arguing men.

"What the fuck is going on?" Bella's voice demanded attention, and everyone turned to look at her.

Scoping the scene, I was surprised to see Kyndall there, too. She was obviously hanging with Kat as she wasn't rostered on today, and she was in her street clothes. Kyndall was keeping a close eye on the crowd of friends, ready to pounce if any of them made a motion to help the two arguing men.

"Like I said to that one over there," the largest man pointed at Kyndall, "it's none of your business is what it is, bitch," he growled at Bella.

I began to step forward, but Bella, with her back to me, held a hand out, palm up. I stopped and waited. The guy looked over at me and laughed.

"I see now. She's not the bitch; you're the little bitch. Got you on a tight leash, has she, buddy?"

I put my hands in my pockets, shrugged and then leaned casually against a nearby pillar. "I just don't have a death wish, buddy," I replied with a smug smile.

Plus it would take me all of five seconds to grab her gun and blow your brains out if you dared to touch my girl, I internally added.

The guy began to answer, but suddenly yelled in pain when Kat's pointy heel stabbed into the top of his boot. A sickening crunch sound was heard, and I winced. Simultaneously, as if choreographed, Bella moved and kneed the other guy in the groin. Both men were hobbling around and groaning as their friends, and the other patrons, looked on in various states of shock and amusement.

"Well, looky here… you're both a pair of bitches. Now get the fuck out of my bar before I call the cops!" Bella demanded.

I stiffened when one of the friends of the smaller guy made a move towards Bella, but he stopped when Kyndall warned him against it. He took one look at her, looked at his friend, and then decided to move on.

After a few taunts and threats, the guys and their friends left the bar. Bella then turned to Kat.

"What the fuck, Kat?"

"Hey! I did nothing!"

"Exactly! Why didn't you just punch him or something? Anything?"

"I fight better with words, you know that! They just weren't the listening kind. Besides which," Kat brought her hand up to her face and inspected her rings, "I punched that idiot in my store yesterday, and I think my emerald came a little loose. The claw is broken; it could have done some serious damage, and it would have spilled blood on your beautiful carpet." She looked back to Bella and smiled.

"Not as much blood as I would have spilled had things gone wayward," Bella replied.

Kat knew about our troubles, and she was one of the few who knew Bella had a gun. "True," Kat admitted. She then cocked her head and pouted a little. "I've missed you. Every time I come here you're holed up with lover-boy." She nodded toward me. "Tell me, did you use that bag of goodies I gave you?" She winked, and without even seeing Bella's face, I knew she was blushing.

"Maybe… Now, if you're done terrorizing the place, I was… busy. I'll see you guys later."

"I'll take that as a 'yes'," Kat replied. She looked over at me and winked. "You're welcome."

I gave her a smile, and she looked back to Bella.

Cryptically, she said, "Vlad called me yesterday, and said they're not expecting any out of town visitors."

Bella nodded and said thanks before turning to walk away. I gave Kat and Kyndall one more nod of silent thanks before following Bella back to the office.

Bella put the gun back in the top drawer and locked it, and then sat at her desk. I stood by the sofa, and waited for her to begin the discussion I knew was coming.

"You called Mike?" She was curious, more than upset, and I was thankful. It showed she trusted me.

I nodded and moved toward her desk. Picking up the blue card I had left behind, I looked it over for the hundredth time. The whole thing was burned into my memory, but I didn't want to observe Bella's reaction when I told her what I'd said to Mike.

The blue card had a black, jagged border and a blue moon in the left corner. In distinctive black printing, it said 'New Moon Enterprises' and 'New Moon - New You.' Then it detailed Mike's name and contact numbers. In the bottom, left-hand corner, there was a picture of their product. It was a bottle of deep-red liquid. It was designed to look like a bottle of blood, cashing in on the current vampire craze.

Along with the plans Bella had for Nessie's, I knew it could easily be something that changed the outlook of the bar and the type of patrons it would attract.

I picked up the promotional bottle from the desk and read the back label out loud.

"A drink that will truly satisfy all of your urges.

Now available in red, yellow, purple, black and white."

I looked up at Bella with a raised brow. "Do you think they're being racist? You know… blood from a red, yellow, purple, black, or white person?" Delivering the worst Dracula impersonation ever, as I held the bottle up to Bella, I asked, "Care to taste the blood of a delicious white person?"

She laughed softly before making her face serious again. "Quit stalling!"

I slammed the rim of the cap on the edge of the desk. The cap flew off, and I skulled about half of the warm liquid before taking a breath. I looked at Bella and licked my lips.

"Vanilla." I grimaced as the taste finally hit me.

Bella's eyes grew dark, and I looked at her in alarm as her face suddenly became stormy. In one swift movement, she was out of her chair. She swiped a few papers from her desk, and suddenly she was on her knees atop of it, right in front of me. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me to her quickly before yanking the alcohol out of my hand. She downed the rest of the bottle and looked at me with a devious smile. Her lips, tongue, and teeth were a slight tinge of red. She appeared animalistic. She looked fucking hot.

Then it hit me. This was precisely what she had seen in me, and she was turned on by it. I had a brief moment to revel in the knowledge before her grip on my shirt tightened, and she pulled me towards her again. Our lips met violently. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand on her ass while the other cradled her head, keeping her right where I wanted her.

I explored her mouth with my tongue, and the sweetest combination of vanilla and caramel washed over my taste buds as I moved my hands down to her hips. I held her tightly against me by gripping onto her ass. Slipping my fingers down the inside of her thighs, I encouraged her to wrap her legs around me. I held her to me with her legs around my waist, and then I roughly lowered her onto the desk.

Our lips never left each other's as I placed my hands under her shirt. Moving the hem up purposefully, I moved to cup her breasts over her bra. My fingers caressed the lace, but my movements were slightly restricted by her shirt. I became impatient, so I grabbed the bottom hem of her white Nessie's tee and violently pulled it up. She sat up slightly and helped me pull it over her head; I flicked open the clasp of her bra and pulled it off before laying her down again.

My hands roamed up along her sides, starting at her hips, lightly tracing the skin until they were cupping the sides of her delectable breasts. Then I slowly moved her arms above her head, running my fingers along them until I felt her hands were near the edge of the desk.

"Hold on tight," I growled into her ear, before nipping it. She gave out a little moan, and egotistically, I smiled into her neck.

I kissed my way down until I reached her hard nipples. I alternated - tasting and teasing, enjoying the way I made her whimper my name.

As I kissed around her navel, I unbuttoned her jeans. Backing up reluctantly, I yanked the denim away from her hips when she shifted in an attempt to help me. Her hands still gripped the edge of the desk, and I drank in the sight of her for a moment before lifting her legs straight into the air. I moved the denim up along her graceful legs until it stopped at her feet. Problem. She had on some fuck-hot black heels, and I tried to figure out a way for her to keep them on, while also stripping off her jeans. I was taking too long, and Bella became restless. Suddenly, her heel was under my chin, forcing me to look up at the ceiling, lest I get a spike through the throat.

"So help me God, Edward! If you don't take these off now and fuck me, I will not blow you for a week," she growled.

I had her shoes off quicker than you could say 'pineapple', and her jeans followed a split second later. I was aggressive in my movements; the way she had spoken to me had turned me into an animal. Wrapping her legs around me, I looked down at her lacy, red underwear. I could see she was about to object the second I held onto them. They didn't stand a chance, as I tore them from her body.

"For fuck sake! Do you have any idea how much I spent on those things? Stop ripping my clothes!"

"Don't wear any then," I replied breathlessly as I took my shirt off. Once it was off, I looked up and saw Bella moving her hands down. "I said hold on." My voice was deep, husky and demanding. She complied. I grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her down, making sure she was holding on tight. She moaned as my fingertips dug into her flesh.

I continued to undress, undoing my belt buckle and unzipping my pants. I toed off my shoes and socks, then simultaneously took off my pants and boxers. I ran a hand along her inner thigh until I touched her. I teased her and watched her writhe under my thumb as I made her ready for me.

The moment she screamed out my name, I pushed myself inside her, all the way, until her body forced me to stop. It was home; it was the sweet divine. I kept still and pushed my thumb down, reveling in the feeling of her contracting around me. When she started to rock her hips back and forth, I picked up on her rhythm and then sped it up. Grabbing hold of her ankles, I held her legs straight up until her feet rested on my shoulder.

Because of my constant craving to feel complete within her, it was rough and needy. We raced to the finish line with Bella winning first place, and panting, I collapsed on top of her. We lay there for a while, desperately trying to catch our breath. When I felt I could stand without falling over, I pulled back and gazed down to where we were still joined. I was hard again; it was what she did to me.

I lifted her, and then wrapping her legs around me, I made my way to the sofa. Sitting down with Bella straddling me, I ran my hands up and down her smooth legs.

"Okay, fine. You win. We'll buy eighty cases, heck; I think we should make it an extra eighty, just for the office."

She laughed at me and then grabbed my hair, something she did a lot. She pulled my head back and kissed me.

"Quit stalling and tell me what happened," she said teasingly.

I laughed at her, took in a deep breath and then spilled my guts.

"I offered to buy out some of the company; it's an offer he can't refuse. Not only that, I promised him Nessie's would host a promotional launch party on the proviso that…" I looked up at her to gauge her reaction; so far, she was just shocked, "on the proviso that when my fiancée called him, he'd agree to Nessie's having the product exclusively for sixty days." I breathed out shakily. I could feel the sheen of sweat that suddenly began to cover me.

"So you're buying a company, organizing a party in my bar, and then you bully him… wait… fiancée? Was that- I- ah…" It was the first time in a long time I had seen Bella flustered. I secretly enjoyed it for a moment before I reached down under the sofa cushion to pull out the black box I had hidden there hours earlier.

I opened it and looked up at Bella, smiling at the pure look of shock on her face.

"Yeah, fiancée," I stated, hoping the tremor in my voice didn't ruin the moment.

"Is this a proposal?" she asked, with her mouth agape.

"Yes." I couldn't push any other words out. My throat constricted, and my mouth suddenly became dry. My heartbeat was erratic and abnormally fast.

She smiled, and my heart nearly leapt out of my chest, even though it was only a half-smile.

"So you're buying a company-"

"Not all of it. I bought fifty-one percent." I stopped when she quirked an eyebrow at me.

"So you're buying fifty-one percent of a company, you're organizing a party in my bar, and you're taking over the ordering of my stock?" I tried to interject to say I had left the main part of that up to her, but I quickly shut up when she held a finger out to quiet me. She was smiling the whole time, and it calmed my rapid heart rate a little to know she was just taking a dig at me. "And now you're asking me to marry you? So, no getting on your knees and asking me like a gentleman?" She shook her head at me slightly. "What made you think I'd say yes; that you'd already presume to call me your fiancée?"

The answer was easy, and I suddenly found my voice.

"For one thing, I figured you'd rather be on top of me than have me at your feet. And secondly, I don't know for sure you will say yes, but I can only hope that you, seeing me naked, will be enough to persuade you. And if not, I can only reason it would be because of this, and this." I pointed at her heart and then at mine. "They belong together. Always have, always will. Lastly, I'm not demanding; I'm asking. Bella, will you marry me?"

She bit her bottom lip, but it didn't prevent the bright smile from spreading across her face.

"Yes," she whispered. It was then I realized tears had begun to spill over her cheeks.

We both giggled like school kids as I tried to take out the ring with my shaking hands. I placed it on her finger and then kissed the back of her knuckles.

"I know it's not much. I didn't think you'd want anything too big. But if you want to change it, we can-"

She cut me off. "It's perfect."

I pulled her into me, and we held each other for a while, enjoying the feeling of our turbulent hearts as they beat against each other.

"I love you," she whispered into my neck.

"I have always loved you, Bella. I promise I'll never stop loving you - even our arguments make me happy."

She pulled away and then looked at me as if she thought I was delusional. I laughed and pushed her hair from her face as I spoke.

"Ten years apart from you was too long. At least if we're arguing, I know you're here, what with the nagging and all." I tried to duck away from her as she playfully hit me, then I grabbed her hands in mine. "Knowing that you're here is good enough for me, and I know there's nothing we won't ever work through. Nothing is worth losing you over. I'd rather a life of lipstick and guns over a life of luxury any day," I joked.

I barely finished my words when her lips were on mine. I opened up to her. It was slow and sensual. It was love and adoration.

Right there on the sofa, I worshiped her, and she worshiped me - with her on top and my ring on her finger.

She was as sweet as caramel, and she was all mine.


The End.

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