"Run, Clarissa! Run!" Valentine screamed, fighting against the arms restraining her.


"Run!" Valentine was straining against the people holding her, gasping in shock as one of her attackers punched her in the stomach, making her double over. Val's body tried to double over, but blows kept coming, and for once Valentine Aldrin was at the mercy of Purple Dragon scum. Clarissa...did she get away? She had to have...where will she go? How can she-

"AHHH!" She screamed as a knife was sliced into her.

Clarissa was running, running, running. She was going as fast as she could, and suddenly she tripped, and found herself falling, and falling fast. This is going to hurt. She thought, and then slammed into a watery concrete world.

Melody was in a panic. She had seen it, they were after her, and Zee too.

"Mel, hurry up!" Zee shouted, and they were rushing up a ladder to get to the roof high above them. "Hurry, we don't have that much time, they're right there!" Zee gasped, and they locked the ladder shut behind them and hurried to the roof. "You hide, Mel, got that? Don't you dare even show your face. Stay hidden, stay safe, and I'll draw them off. Got it? Good." Zee said forcefully, daring her sister to argue. Melody's green eyes were wide, shocked and terrified, as Zee pushed her down into a crevice hidden in shadows. "Stay put, Mel. Sides, guys like those Dragons would only go after someone pretty like moi." Zee smirked, trying to make her younger sister smile.

Melody only looked panicked.

"I can't believe they're doing this, what could've made them go on the defensive? Val's always kicked their butts, why the heck have they started kicking Val's butt? Sheesh, what's going on with the world?" Zee muttered, standing out in the open, and ready to jump the next rooftop when the thugs appeared. They crashed onto the roof, and then smirked at the lone girl there.

"Lookie at what we got here." One of them whistled, and Zee just glared at him.

Melody watched in horror as Zee jumped to the next rooftop, the Purple Dragon's right behind her.

"Get 'er!" One of them called out, and when they were gone Mel crawled out of her hidey-hole. What's going on? And where's Val?

"Knew there was one more up here." A voice smirked, and Mel turned to find a new Dragon who had crawled out of his own hidey-hole.


"We gotta get that chick. She's ruining our run." A spiky haired guy had grumbled.

"Taking our cred." Another grumbled.

"Spoiled my deal."

"Ruinin' my life, man!"

"We gotta get that chick...and soon." The first voice spoke up, louder than the rest of them.

"Take 'er down?" One of them questioned, a sadistic smile on his face.

"Permanently?" A second grinned.

"Dudes, she's a fighter. She stuck me in the hospital for days. You can't just 'take 'er down', she's to good." A guy said, shaking his head.

"Exactly, so we need to level the playing field." The original speaker smiled.

"And how you plannin' on doin' that?"

"Blood's thicker than water." He smirked.

"Huh?" Came a chorus of blank stares.

"Family, dude, take down her family."

A sea of smirks returned to the mastermind, and the purple dragon tattoos seemed to glow as they made their plan.


Val was lying on the ground, a pool of blood slowly forming. Well, I didn't expect to go this way. She thought, slightly amused. She looked toward the guy smirking over her. Hey, I kicked his butt last week...'Bout time he fought back. Val thought, wanting to snort.

"Thought you were so great, didn't ya? Well, look at ya now, ya stupid broad." He sneered, and Val wanted to glare, but a wave of pain swept over her, so she simply closed her eyes. When she opened them, her taunter was gone and some creature was above her. He scooped her up, trying to keep pressure on the wound, and red mask tails mixed in Valentine's red hair.

"Hang on, just hang on." His voice rumbled, and even though Val was probably dying, she smiled. It felt great to be in his arms...whoever he was.


"Sometimes you can't see what's right in front of you.
And however hard you try, you can't always say adieu.
Sometimes what you look to isn't always a break through,
That what you want has always been there,
and what you needed was just the same.
We take chances and see our world shatter,
Smashing, Clashing, it's all clatter.
Sometimes all goes black, and drips out like pancake batter.
Slip, drip, slow and torpid its fall.
Sometimes the world kaleidoscopes.
Colors burst and love swarms,
There's no alarms, all the world is well.
Sometimes we can't see what's right in front of us.
We grasp for what we know,
whether it's right, or if it's wrong, that we do not know.
We take our chances, ploughing on ahead.
We can't be afraid, we do what we must.
But whether it's right, or if it's not, that we do not know."

Silence descended upon the room, and then people clapped. Clarissa smiled brightly, and felt Vallie's guiding hand help her off the stage. It was an amateur oral poetry contest, and the fact she was blind was definitely psyching her fellow competitors out. Clarissa smiled in her disarming way, proclaiming 'I'm just a sweetie pie, aren't I?' as she was led back to her seat.

"Beautiful as ever, Clare." Valentine whispered, and Clarissa smiled at the floor.

"Thanks, Val. It was terrible though, wasn't it?" She sighed.


"I knew it!" Clare exclaimed in a whisper. "Oh well, I did my best, and that's all you can ask for, right?"

"Sure." Valentine replied softly, and Clare knew her sister was trying to focus her attention in two places at once: The orator on the stage and the blind girl beside her. Clarissa folded her hands in her lap and did what her sister was doing: Listen to poetry. Clarissa sighed, she wished the other half of her family was here. Her father and brothers were out camping, and Zee would never be caught dead at a poetry festival. Melody had a 6,000 word report due tomorrow on the influence of the Byzantine Empire on Kiev Russia, and she had to read the rest of Crime and Punishment. Suffice to say, her sisters' were much too busy to come to her poetry festival. Her Mama was busy planning a Humble Harvest giveaway, and as hard as she tried she hadn't been able to carve out time for her blind daughter.

"The snake stretched out,
and prepared to strike."

The poet spoke, and Clarissa could detect a smirk in his voice as the poet said, "Thank you." The audience clapped, and the poetry festival continued. Today was an amazing day for Clarissa, filled with words and words, and words on top of words, and even words beside words, and Clarissa was excited. To be a blind girl in a world of sounds? It was thrilling. With Valentine at her side, Clarissa traversed the poet's world, as energetic as any five year old with a new experience laid out in front of her. Clare mourned the absence of Marcah, her German Shepard who was at a boarding place because the vet needed to run 'some tests'. It was ominous, and Clare was slightly nervous about the outcome.

Her heart clenched in her chest, and Clare winced.

Not again...Why is this happening? She wondered confused. All today, it was like something was clenching her heart, causing her immediate pain. But, she'd never had any problems before...

"You okay, Clare?" Val asked concerned.

"Yes, of course." She blinked, smiling brightly in her sister's direction. "Sensory over-load is all." She laughed.

"I'd imagine." Val replied shortly. "Look, we gotta head home soon. It's getting late and Mama's going to freak if we're not there before nightfall."

"But they haven't even decided the winner of my contest!" Clare gaped.

"Clare, Clarissa, Clare-Clare, we gotta go home." Valentine repeated forcefully, and Clare sighed, nodding in reluctance.

"Alright, then let's go." Clarissa agreed.

"Ugh..." Clarissa groaned, snapping out of her flashback. Yeah, that's what had been going on, the poetry festival...her terrible poem...And the attack...The flash of blond...Had Mellie seen her? Had she seen the blind girl fall? Where was she? It was wet wherever 'here' was, and it smelled disgusting...Clarissa let out a disgusted sound, and then groaned in pain, curling up in the water. Everything hurt, she had probably smacked into pure concrete... "Help me, someone...please." She whispered, her voice echoing around her. A tunnel... She thought. Clarissa had an inkling of where she was, an underground tunnel. The sewers... She realized. I fell from the street into the sewers...

The slosh of water alerted her to someone's presence, and she tried to raise her head, only to grimace in pain. She laid her head back on the ground, wondering if she had broken anything.

"Please...please help me." She whispered out again. "I'm blind." She said softly. "I can't see you, but please, please, be the Good Samaritan I know you are."

The footsteps came closer, and Clarissa closed her eyes in agony. Yep, something's broken. She decided, and gasped as she felt herself be lifted up.

"Sh, it'll be okay." A calm voice told her, and Clarissa listened to the voice, and a questioning look came over her face for a second before pain graced her features again. That voice...I know it...Somewhere..

Leo looked down at the girl in his arms, horrified that she was hurt. For some reason, he felt protective of her, and having this stranger in his arms made him feel complete. He wondered, just for a second, if they had ever crossed paths before. But he shook his head, he would've remembered someone like her...He was sure of it.


She wasn't even supposed to be outside the house. She hadn't even finished Crime and Punishment! But she had wanted some fresh air, and Zee had said she'd just eaten a bag of chips and needed to burn the calories off...And now? Now she was trapped on a roof top, staring fearfully at a Purple Dragon who may or may not be carrying a gun. Then again, Purple Dragons are notorious for their personal forms of assault. They like using their hands, more intimate that way. No, they use baseball bats, and chains, and we can't forget hammers...Then, we get to guns... Melody tried to rationalize...But all that did was freak her out more. This is going to be the worst day EVER!

The Dragon advanced, and Mel flinched, shying away and closing her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, it was to an astounding sight. Some creature had come barreling onto the roof, knocking the Purple Dragon down and was pummeling him into submission. Mel was pretty sure she saw a turtle shell on his back, but then again...something about the swirls on the shell seemed slightly familiar...The thing turned, and Melody gasped, taking a step back.

It was a turtle.

A mutant turtle.

"Dudette, please don't scream." The thing pleaded, stretching out a three fingered hand in a stay calm gesture. Melody didn't make a sound, she couldn't, but stood trembling before him in fear. Purple Dragons were one thing, but this? "We gotta get you outta here, there'll be others coming. Dudette, you gotta trust me." He pleaded, and Melody took one hesitant step forward. That was all the confirmation the turtle needed to spring forward and spirit her away.


Zee was annoyed. Why the heck am I bait? For crying out loud! She huffed, jumping to another roof, and then skidding to a halt on the other side. Some jumps were okay, she had been on the track team after all, but there was no way she could jump the gorge.

"Looks like you got no where to run." The Dragon smirked behind her. A lot of words came to mind, some not so nice, but she held her tongue. I am a good Christian girl, I am a good Christian girl..I want to beat them senseless, I want to beat them senseless! She shouted mentally. And I ruined my hair...and please tell me I didn't chip my nails...I just did them!

The Dragons were suddenly on the defensive as a vigilante came swooping to Zee's rescue. He didn't look that normal, with bright red hair and a weird looking mask, but he came and saved her, which is all a girl can ask for really.

"Um, thanks?" She tried, completely confused as to what the heck had just happened. Zee made a mental checklist: Save sister, Run for life, Jump rooftop, Get cornered, Get saved?

Okay then.

She mentally the two looked at each other carefully. There was something familiar about him...what was it? He definitely did not go to Zee's school, he'd have stuck out like a neon sign. Then where...?

"Have we met before?" The two blurted in unison, and then both chuckled lightly. Something was definitely familiar, but Zee just couldn't remember. Then again, she might've just met her soul mate. Guys didn't go around saving every damsel in distress after all...


"Don? Don?! Need your help down here!" Raph shouted, bursting into the lair.

"What the- Whoa, not you too." Don gaped, looking up from his surgical table. A girl was strapped down to it, her face pale, brunette hair plastered to her face with sewer water, and Leo was beside the girl, holding her hand.

"You gotta help her." Raph urged, and Don came quickly to the red masked brother.

"What happened?" Don demanded, looking aghast.

"Purple Dragons." Raph bit out. "Knives."

"I can see that." Don nodded absently.

"D-Dragons?" The girl on the table gasped. "I-Is that Val?" She struggled to sit up, but with a cry of pain Leo forced her back down.

"Val." Raph repeated, looking at the battle weary girl in his arms. Val, it's pretty. He thought.

"Put her down, I need to assess her injuries." Don continued authoritatively, and Don quickly went to get more medical supplied.

"Yo, my bros, what's up in here?" Mikey's cheerful voice called out. "Look who I found!" He grinned. The three other brother's didn't blink when the Ultimate Ninja walked in, but they took half a second to gawk at two new girls who walked in with them.

"You gotta be kidding me." Don groaned.

"Val? Val?!" The raven haired girl exclaimed, running to the red head's side and taking her hand. "Oh my gosh, this is terrible. You'll be okay, you will. You're tough, and amazing, and..." The girl suddenly let out a quiet laugh. "What am I saying? You can't hear me."

"Don't talk like that." Don snapped, pushing the raven haired girl out of the way. "She'll be fine."

"You don't get it." The girl shook her head. "Val's deaf."

"Z-Zee?" The girl on the table stuttered, and Zee regretfully left the red head's side to go to the brunette.

"It's me, Clare. Girl, you look awful."

"T-Thank you, I love you too." Clarissa whispered out.

"No duh she looks awful." Don muttered to Raph. "She fell from the street into the sewer, breaking a rib or three, her arm, dislocating her shoulder from impact...Actually, she looks pretty good given the circumstances."

"Don't tell her that." Mikey whispered to his brother. "She'd think it'd be inconsiderate."

"Oh wow, look at the clown using big words." Raph snorted, trying to lighten his darkened mood. The girl he had saved...She was at death's door, and even though he didn't even know her, he was terrified by what would happen if she did pass on.

Mikey just shrugged, and looked around the room. The girl he had saved was sitting beside Don, already stitching the red head together after Don had gone back into his medical supplies. Her fingers were swift and nimble, and she quickly closed the wound up. Her face was concerned the whole while, and when she was done she simple bowed her head quietly. Don looked over the stitching once, nodding his approval, before going and resetting Clarissa's bones. Falling into the sewers in nothing it's cracked up to be...


The next day came, and things started to settle out slowly. Clarissa and Val were going to be okay, much to everyone's relief, and the whole group felt something different in the air. It was just a sense of something off, something that had happened, or would've happened, or could've...but it was something everyone could sense. Three brothers felt protective over three sisters, and one brother felt regret, not fully understanding why he felt a pang in his chest when his brother spent time with the mute girl...The raven haired girl and the Ultimate Ninja seemed to be flirting back and forth, but never really coming out with it. And Splinter took one look at Valentine, a shocked breath escaping him, and he knew then and there of their lineage, even if the sisters' themselves hadn't a clue. The sun was rising over New York City, and on the people underneath it.

The End

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