Chapter One: The Bet

"Man, where is Koizumi?" Otani cried out as he looks at his cell phone.

"The concert's about to start." Otani looks around for his tall girlfriend, Koizumi Risa. Just as he starts to head back to the concert, he sees Koizumi, running towards him, out of breath.

"I-I'm sorry" Koizumi manages to say "I forgot my purse"

"You idiot, how many times are you gonna forget your purse?" Otani yells

"Well I wouldn't have forgotten it if Takato hadn't taken so long with dropping his friend off." Koizumi replied looking down to the ground.

"What kind of an excuse is that? You should know better, after all we've been going out for two years now!" Otani yells out in frustration.

"Well whatever it's my treat today, come on let's go." Otani mumbles as he grabs Koizumi's hand and leads her to the concert stadium, where Umibozu, their favorite artist would be playing.

Otani and Koizumi always enjoyed the Umibozu concerts together and it's not often that they get to hang out. With Otani learning to be a teacher in college and Koizumi being in fashion school, it's rare for them to be together like this.

Otani and Koizumi are just leaving the stadium, and they are talking about the concert as they usually do.

"Man, that concert was the best!" Otani exclaims in excitement.

"Yeah it was! I loved the first song he played, the chorus was awesome!" Koizumi chimes in happily.

"I'm sorry Otani." Koizumi mutters.

"Huh? For what?" Otani asks.

"For forgetting my purse, and for being late." Koizumi stutters out as tears start rolling off of her cheeks.

"Koizumi…. here take this." Otani mutters as he hands her a napkin.

Koizumi accepts the napkin and rubs her eyes with it.

"Thank you Otani" Koizumi says.

"Hey do you want to do some Karaoke now that the concert is over with?" Otani asks happily.

"I'm sorry, Otani but I have to study for a test on Monday. I need all the time I can get." Koizumi replies sadly.

"Huh? I thought you were free tonight, you amazon!" Otani yells as he points at Koizumi.

"Well excuse me for having a test on Monday!" Koizumi yells back as she smacks him on the head.

"Ow! You wanna start something, you idiot?" Otani angrily yells as he rubs his head.

"I sure do, after all I could probably beat you anyway, because you're such a shrimp!" Koizumi retaliates.

"What'd you say? Alright let's have a bet- whoever gets the best score on their next test the loser gets to do whatever the winner wants, no questions asked. Well are you up for it, amazon?" Otani explains.

"Alright, it's a bet, but don't be sad when you see that I win!" Koizumi says confidently.

"Yeah right, I'll be the one that wins this bet and then you'll have to buy me anything I want!" Otani yells out in confidence.

With the bet now made, Otani and Koizumi both go to their dorms and study for their tests.

"Well my test is on Thursday, so I'll have more time than Koizumi will, I got this in the bag." Otani mutters sleepily.

End of Chapter 1

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